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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get past chronicle 20?

I try my best, but i cant through this level

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I just beat it today and hopefully this can help you too. DO NOT enter any battles, only do field skirmishes since they are quicker. Select the person that has the highest HP and assign them to the Knight position. Make everyone else in your party an Infantry. When the Chronicle begins, have your knight rush towards an enemy, but DO NOT battle any of the enemies before Strife. At the moment your Knight gets attacked, move all of your Infantry characters to the enemy your Knight is fighting. If you do this correctly, all of your Infantry members will have perfect health all the way up to Strife and the enemies before Strife will die much quicker.

And for Strife, I dont know what job you are, but I was a Barbarian. All I did was repeatedly spam A+B.

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Here's my....
I recommend this job if U want to finish it easily
Samurai-Katana(B+K with all necessary)
Pirate-chinese sword(B+K too><)
Knight-soul of siegfried(if U have it)-Iron sword(back back triangle)
or if U have swordmaster, it won't be so difficult

that's just my opinion, because this game needs skills too...(I'm not trying to insult u)
yups, that's it

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mine is really simple, get a max level barbarian, equip a great sword that can break through armor easily, and just spam L2

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