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Xianghua in-depth character FAQ, version 1.2
Copyright 2006 by John Payment
E-mail at John_Rool@yahoo.ca
also,please refer to this site (http://kh2forum.proboards62.com/index.cgi) and
use the private message feature to contact me as Chaos Nexus as I don't have
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0100 Introduction

This fAQ, if you couldn't guess from the Title, is about the Soul Caliber 3
character Xianghua. For those who are new to the series (or clueless) here are
a few things to sum her up. . .ahem. . .she was the first weilder of Soul
Calibur in the series, she uses the chinese sword, (I think) her sister,
father, and mother all went to the same temple as Kilik at one point or
another, and she is Kilik's girlfriend (although Kilik does not know this . .
. . . .lol.)

On a different note this is my first FAQ and any help in pointing out errors
or filling in missing messages will be much appreciated and full credit will
be givin (however E-mails will immediatly be deleted if it's title does not 
in some way reflect this FAQ and don't expect a response ether.)

Contributing to this FAQ - somethings you can do to contribute FAQ are kindly
pionting out errors in info and spelling, Providing Attack Damage Values,
Helping build my Tales of Souls Route/Map, as well as other missing info. . .
(especially info I Request)

0200 Version History

version 1.0 - whats there to say? it's the first version, EVERYTHING HERE IS
              PART OF THIS VERSION

version 1.1 - added finished stategy section and have some stratagies for it
            - replaced combo section with a "Best Of" section for attacks
            - corrected several spelling errors
            - Added a more complete ToS Paths Section (still not done though)

Version 1.2 - Added a Large amount to the 'Best of' section
            - Fixed the Table of Contents
            - Corrected spelling and naming errors
            - added Counter-Hits (Guard Impacts)
            - Still no throws >_>
            - Added to the Stratagy section

0300 Table of Contents

(Note: This FAQ has been written to facilitate use of the “Find” function in
browsers; to use the Find function enter Ctrl+F. to locate the section you
want simply input the number before that section ex: 0300=Table of Contents)

//// - Contact info and copyright

0100 - Introduction

0200 - Version History

0300 - Table of Contents

0400 - Control Key

0500 - Profile
     - 0510 - Player Profile
     - 0520 - Tales of Souls Paths

0600 - Move List
     - 0610 - Horizontal Attacks
     - 0620 - Vertical Attacks
     - 0630 - Kicks
     - 0640 - Simultaneous Attacks
     - 0650 - Best Of
0700 - Weapons

0800 - Stratagies
     - 0810 - Verses CPU
     - 0820 - Verses Human Players

and more to come (hopefully) in later updates

0400 Control Key

a - Horizontal Attack button             b - Vertical Attack Button

k - Kick Button               a+b,a+k, ect - those buttons pressed to together

Capital letter - hold button             g - Guard


   7 8 9
   4 N 6
   1 2 3

       7 - Left-Up  8 - Up  9 - Right-Up

       4 - Left  N - Neutral  6 - Right

       1 - Left-Down  2 - Down  3 - Right-Down

for hold on directions look for (HOLD)

------ Termology ------

Delayable - an attack which can be delayed by imputing the buttons slower

Knockdown - and attack that knocks an opponent to the ground

S.Low - a low attack which can be blocked in a standing Guard

Stun-Knockdown - a knockdown that stuns the opponent

Launcher - an attack that launches the opponent hi enough to hit in the air

Tech Crouch - an attack that counts your player as in a crouching position

Forced Crouch - This is a state that you force on your opponent,resulting
                when your opponent blocks an attack that temporarily forces
                him into a crouching position.

(direction) Dodge - a special movement in the named direction

Counter-Hit - An attack that connects on the opponent which interrupts his
              attack/sidestep/backdash or one that connects after a stun or 
              one that connects after a just impact.

Cancellable - an attack that can be stopped part-way threw

Stun - an attack that stuns the opponent but doesn't send them strait to the

(hight) hit - a hit in the hight area of the hight shown

(slide) - this is used when there is a slide-imput

0500 Profile

0510 Tales of Souls Profile

Note - This profile was made entirely by Base Al-Shehab in his (or her)
profile FAQ all Copyright is reserved to him (or her.)

Age: 20
Birthplace: Ming Empire/Peking
Height: 5'0'
Weight: 101lbs.
Birth Date: April 2
Blood Type: B
Weapon: Chinese Sword
Weapon Name: No name
Discipline: Sword play passed down from her mother

Family: Mother/Deceased
        Father/Deceased, according to her mother

  "I couldn't do anything..." The pain of defeat clutched at Xianghua's heart.

  After reuniting with Kilik, she had faced off with him against the man with
the scythe and lost. No, in actuality, that fight had been entirely between
Kilik and the man. The man had shown no interest in Xianghua. The only thing
she was able to do was carry the unconscious Kilik and run away.

  Xianghua went to see Kilik's teacher, Edgemaster. She relaxed when the sword
master assured her that Kilik would recover. Entrusting the old man with a 
letter for Kilik, she left the hermitage.

  Upon returning to her country, Xianghua went to stay with an old general, 
suggested and arranged by Edgemaster.

  There, Xianghua dedicated herself to her training with the sole goal of 
growing stronger, and her skills improved notably in a short time. However,
she could not get rid of the shadow of the uneasiness that had fallen over her

  "I mustn't fear" she tried to convince herself. Noticing her anxiety, the 
general's instructor spoke to her one day.

  "Sometimes, the path of the warrior requires letting in dark feelings, 
weighing them, then letting them go."

  After this day, she began training her mind. Her heart would be like water,
letting all flow through her without breaking. After several months, he felt 
that she was now ready. She politely bid farewell and once again set out on her

  When she met with Kilik, she would proudly say, "Sorry to keep you waiting!
I've caught up to you!"

0520 Tales of Souls Paths

Note: Left is equal to the bottom choice and right is equal to the left choice

                         \/                            \/
                \/<Zasalamel>>\/                 \/<<<Tira>>>Unknown
    \/<<<<<<<Kilik            \/               Thief
   Asteroth   \/       Unknown<>>Relovent      Thief
         \/  ShopGirls              \/         Voldo
         \/<<<<                \/<<<\/           \/>>>\/
Unknown<<<>>>>\/        Dopleganger \/           \/  Willothewisp
             Maxi              \/   \/           \/   \/
              \/                >>>>\/           \/<<<<
           Setsuka                Rapheal         >>>>>>>>\/
            \/                         \/                Unknown
           Talim               \/<<Seong Mina>>\/
      \/<<<<\/               Cervontes       Unknown
  Lizardman \/        \/<<<<<\/            
      \/    \/ UnknownSoul   \/     
       >>>>>\/        \/>>>>>\/
        Cervantes     \/     \/
          \/     Olcadan     \/
      Nightmare        >>>>>>\/
          \/             Zasalamel
          \/                 \/

0600 Move List

A Note: All Runnina Attacks I put into the setion present which was most 
        apropriate for them.


Name - Beautiful Rhythm
Buttons - a a b
description - 2 high hits followed by a mid. hit
effects - 

Name - Beautiful Rhythm-Bea Her Hua
Buttons - a a 8 or 2 k b+k
description - 2 hi hits then a side dodge
effects - Guard Impact

Name - Beautiful Rhythm-Laughing Bea Her Hua
Buttons - a a b 4
description - 2 high hits, then a mid. hit, then a back dodge
effects - Guard Impact

Name - False Tzao Lan Hua Rhythm
Buttons - a a 4 b b (g)
description - 2 high hits then 2 mid hits then another high hit
effects - (cancellable), delayable
comment - good for mind games

Name - Chai Hua
Buttons - 1 a
description - low hit
effects - Tech Crouch

Name - Rhythm Halt
Buttons - 2 a
description - S.Low hit
effects - Tech Crouch

Name - Angry Shui Shian
Buttons - 3 a k
description - low hit then high hit
effects - Tech Crouch

Name - Storming Lian Hua
Buttons - 4 a
description - mid. hit
effects - 
comment - good for throws

Name - Cross Lian Hua
Buttons - 6 a
description - high hit
effects - 

Name - Lan Hua Slice
Buttons - 4(hold) a (or A)
description - mid. hit (hold A for second, high hit)
effects - Stun-Knockdown

Name - Striking Lian Hua
Buttons - 6(hold) a
description - high hit
effects - knockdown

Name - Spinning Lian Hua
Buttons - 8(hold) or 2(hold) a
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - 

Name - Li
Buttons - 9(hold) or 3(hold) a
description - mid. hit
effects - 

Name - Ing Hua
Buttons - 7(hold) or 1(hold) a
description - high hit
effects - Knockdown

Name - Swallows Blade
Buttons - 9(hold) or 3(hold) k a
description - mid. hit then a high hit
effects - Knockdown

Name - Swallows Blade - Bea Her hua
Buttons - 9(hold) or 3(hold) k a b+k
description - mid. hit then a high hit then a standing-Dodge
effects - Knock Down, Guard Impact

Name - Lian Hua Twist Left
Buttons - ab(slide)
description - mid. hit
effects - Knockdown
comment - good for mind games

Name - Feng Yun Feint
Buttons - ak(slide) (8 or 2) b
description - 2 mid. hits then a low hit
effects - Knockdown (8 or 2 for side dodge)

Name - Double Feng Yen
Buttons - ak(slide) k
description - 3 mid. hits
effects - 

Name - Chai Hua Slice
Buttons - Crouching a
description - S.low hit
effects - 

Name - Muu Jiann Rhythm
Buttons - rising a a
description - 2 mid hits
effects - Tech Crouch

Name - Spinning Jiann Slice
Buttons - facing away a
description - high hit (crouch for low hit)
effects - 

Name - Sparrow Spin Blade
Buttons - Jump a
description - high hit (delay a for low hit)
effects - 

0620 Vertical Attacks

Name - Elegant Rhythm
Buttons - b b
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - 

Name - twin Rhythm
Buttons - 1 b b
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - Stun-Knockdown

Name - Rhythm Break
Buttons - 2 b
description - mid. hit
effects - Tech Crouch

Name - Lia Hua Upper
Buttons - 3 b
description - mid hit
effects - Launcher

Name - Tzau Lan Hua
Buttons - 4 b b (g)
description - 3 mid hits
effects - (Cancellable)

Name - Tzao Lan Hua Feint
Buttons - 4 b 6 b
description - 2 mid hits that a high hit
effects - Stun-Knockdown

Name - Feint Wheel Kick
Buttons - 6 bk(slide) (2 or 8)
description - Low hit then Middle Hit
effects - Knockdown (Canllable)
Comments - If first hit hits the second hit will

Name - Vengful Lian Hua
Buttons - 4(hold) b (4)
description - mid. hit
effects - Knockdown, (Back Dodge, Guard Impact)

Name - Playful Rhythm
Buttons - 6(hold) (b or 4 or b 4)
description - mid. hit (b for second mid. hit, 4 for Back Dodge, B4 for both)
effects - Stun-Knockdown (second B only)
comments - Good for mind games

Name - San Jaan
Buttons - 9(hold) or 3(hold) b (g)
description - 3 mid. hits
effects - Stun-Knockdown, (Cancellable)

Name - Lian Hua Cannon
Buttons - 8(hold) or 2(hold) b
description - mid. hit
effects - Launch

Name - Shan Ji Illusion
Buttons - 7(hold) or 9(hold) b (2) a (g)
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - Guard Impact, (2 for low hit instead of second mid. hit),
Comments - Great for mind games

Name - Cresent Flow
Buttons - bk(slide)
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - 

Name - Playful Slice
Buttons - 8 or 2 N b
description - mid. hit
effects - side dodge, launch

Name - Rhythm break
Buttons - crouching b
description - mid hit
effects - 

Name - Mei Guei Hua
Buttons - crouching 3 b(b slide)
description - mid. hit (slide B for low hit instead of mid. hit)
effects - Launch (Stun)

Name - Shang Ryh Kwea
Buttons - rising b
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - Launch

Name - Spinning Hua Bann
Buttons - Facing Away (Crouching) b
description - mid. hit
effects - (crouching for forced crouch)

Name - Sparrow Flutter Blade
Buttons - Jump (Delay) b
description - mid hit
effects - (delay for extra mid. hit and Launch)

0630 Kicks

Name - Yung Kick
Buttons - k
description - high hit
effects - 

Name - Circle Breaker
Buttons - 1 k
description - low hit
effects - 

Name - Circle Breaker Feint Divide
Buttons - 1 ka(slide) a (8 or 2) b (or k)
description - 3 mid. hits then a low hit (sub B with K for mid. hit instead of
              low hit)
effects - Tech Crouch (2 or 8 for side dodge, does not work if K is subbed)

Name - Woan Shyong Nibble
Buttons - 2 k
description - low hit
effects - Tech Crouch

Name - Chicken Kick
Buttons - 3 k
description - mid. hit
effects - 

Name - Shan Kick
Buttons - 4 or 6 k
description - high hit
effects - Knockdown

Name - Advancing Tiger Thrust
Buttons - 4(hold) k b
description - 2 mid hits
effects - (both) Stun-Knockdown

Name - Woan Shyong Swing
Buttons - 6(hold) k
description - mid. hit
effects - 

Name - Sliding
Buttons - 6(Hold) k
description - low hit 
effects - Knockdown, Need running start to preform

Name - Mei Hua Kick
Buttons - 8(hold) or 2(hold) k
description - mid. hit
effects - Knockdown

Name - Horizontal Kick
Buttons - 7(hold) or 1(hold) k
description - low hit
effects - Stun

Name - woan Shyong Nible
Buttons - Crouching k
description - mid. hit
effects - 

Name - Raising Shui Shian
Buttons - Raising k
description - mid. hit
effects - Knockdown, Tech Crouch

Name - Spinning Yuen Kick
Buttons - Turning (crouching) k
description - mid hit
effects - (crouch for low hit instead of mid. hit and knockdown)

Name - Latus Sweep
Buttons - Jump (Delay) k
description - mid. hit (Delay for Low Hit)
effects - Knockdown, (Tech Crouch)

0640 Simaltanious Attacks

Name - Muu Jiann
Buttons - a+b or A+B
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - Launch, (Hold) for Guard Break

Name - Reverse Shui Shian
Buttons - 1 a+b or A+B
description - mid. hit
effects - Tech crouch or fall to ground respectively
comments - Good for mind game (and hilarious)

Name - Guei
Buttons - a+b while laying on ground
description - low hit
effects - 
Comments - works well with above move

Name - Yann Divide
Buttons - 2 or 3 a+b
description - low hit
effects - Tech Crouch, Knockdown

Name - Muu Jiann Retreat
Buttons - 4 a+b
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - Knockdown, Guard Impact

Name - Twin Mei Hua
Buttons - 6 a+b
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - Stun-Knockdown

Name - Ma Chiueh
Buttons - 4(hold) a+b
description - high hit
effects - 

Name - Great Wall
Buttons - 6(hold) a+b
description - mid. hit
effects - Knockdown

Name - Shian Gyh Kwei Feint
Buttons - Crouching a+b
description - low hit
effects - 

Name - Mei Hua Divide
Buttons - a+b (2) b
description - low hit then 2 high hits (2 for low last hit instead of high)
effects - Stun-Knockdown, (2 for Knock Down instead of Stun-Kock Down)

Name - Wild Spin
Buttons - b+k
description - low hit
effects - Tech Crouch

Name - Hwu Dye
Buttons - 1 b+k
description - mid. hit
effects - 

Name - Quake Step
Buttons - 2 b+k
description - mid. hit (Shockwave low hit)
effects - Knockdown

Name - Lower Great Wall
Buttons - 3 b+k
description - mid. hit
effects - Knockdown

Name - Muu Ling
Buttons - 4 b+k (g)
description - mid. hit
effects - Unblockable, Knockdown, (Cancellable)

Name - Muu Jiann Advance
Buttons - 6 b+k
description - 2 mid. hits
effects - 

Name - Retreating Bea Her Hua
Buttons - 4(hold) b+k
description - 
effects - Back Dodge, Guard Impact

Name - Hou Lee Her
Buttons - 6(hold) b+k
description - mid. hit
effects - Knockdown

Name - Water Fall
Buttons - 9(hold) or 3(hold) b+k
description - mid. hit
effects - Launch

Name - Bea Her Hua
Buttons - 8(hold) or 2(hold) b+k
description - 
effects - Standing Dodge, Guard Impact

Name - Hwu Dye
Buttons - 7(hold) or 9(hold) b+k
description - mid. hit
effects - 

Name - Reverse Chicken Kick
Buttons - Facing Away b+k
description - mid. hit
effects - Stun-Knockdown

Name - (unknown)
Buttons - a+k (b+k or (B+K))
description - (for mid. hit)
effects - Forward Dodge, (Knockdown, (Guard Break))

Name - Lian Hua Kicks
Buttons - 2 a+k k
description - low hit then 2 mid. hits
effects - Launch

Name - LianHua Sweeps
Buttons - 2 a+k 2 k
description - 2 low hits
effects - Knockdown

Name - Sweet harmony
Buttons - 4 a+k a
description - mid. hit then low hit
effects - Delayable, Guard Impact

Name - Taunt
Buttons - k+g
description - 
effects - 

0650 Best Of

Name - Shan Kick
Buttons - 6 k
description - high hit
effects - Knockdown
Description2 - a fast Kick strait across the Face
How to Use - do to its speed this move is perfect for knocking a player out of
             their routine/combo. when you see a chance to do so; also, as an
             added bonus this knocks them down preventing any hope of saving
             their combo unless they can pull of a GI which again is unlikely
             do to the speed of this move. (this move can Ring-out)

Name - (unknown)
Buttons - a+k (b+k or (B+K))
description - (for mid. hit)
effects - Forward Dodge, (Knockdown, (Guard Break))
Description2 - Enters Forced-Crouch position and spins on ground moving toward
               Opponent (Hits With a GreatWall-Type Attack (Spins longer while
               charging for above move with GB))
How to Use - one way to use this is with its stratagy in that section;
             otherwise, don't start this attack unless opponent isn't 
             attack, and never charge it unless your oppnent is on the ground
             already or you absolutly KNOW they wont hit you in exicution.
             (This move can Ring-out)

(Note: all things in this section beond this note do note apply to Capital
letters equal hold the button)
Buttons: AAB
Description: 2 highs followed by a mid jab
How to use: You just do. Seriously. Xianghua's A is her fastest move
and the single fastest non-stance move in the game. If your opponent
does not realize A is high and is using any character other than
Xianghua, Taki, or Talim, it is completely possible to spam single A
pokes indefinitely. Even if your opponent blocks, nothing he can do
will interrupt your next A attack. A will also break you out of many,
many traps.
AAB is a natural combo on counterhit (NCC). That means, if you
interrupt your opponent's attack/backdash/sidestep (the sidestep is
difficult to do), the third hit of AAB cannot be blocked. This gives
you 50 damage (The lifebar for normal vs. mode is 240 hp.) That's 20%
life off of the fastest basic attack in the game! Note that AAB is not
completely safe; however, most people can train their reflexes enough
so that they only hit B if they see the red spark signifying
counterhit. It does take a good deal of practice though.
Moreover, AA4BB(BBBBBBBB I mash to make things easier on myself)~G
will very temporarily place Xianghua in a state of back-turn (BT). By
the way, holding [4] or [1] after the cancel will increase the
duration Xianghua remains BT making execution of BT moves much easier.
One of Xianghua's most damaging combos is off of BT B+K:
BT B+K, (1A+B), A+B, 3B+K - 1A+B adds a measly 6 points of damage and
will whiff on certain characters, notably Cassandra. This combo
damages in excess of 40% life regardless. So to try this combo off of
AA4BB~G you would execute the commands as
AA[4]BB~G (continue holding 4) [4]~B+K, A+B, 3B+K
This is made even more useful by Xianghua's BT 2K. BT 2K will knock
your opponent down right at Xianghua's feet allowing you to execute an
immediate full crouch 3B (FC 3B) for around 25% damage. FC 3B keeps
your opponent at your feet allowing you to continue beating on his
prone body with options such as 6B+K/66K/another FC 3B/ 2A+B followed
by FC 3B/ bK (will ringout only if it hits grounded opponent/ 3B/
***A+K~[B+K]*** so on and so forth. If your opponent tries to get up
he opens himself to even more punishment (throws in particular).
AA4BB by itself cannot be stepped or interrupted and especially if
your opponent tries to interrupt your BT options before the last hit,
the last hit will knock down anyway.

Buttons: 2A
Description: Special low horizontal slash
How to use: EVERYWHERE. Xianghua's second fastest move also gives
copious advantage on hit and very minor disadvantage on block. If you
hit an opponent with this, and you frequently will, you can almost use
FC 3B/throw mix-ups with impunity. Whenever you find yourself
pressured hard, block and immediately go for either 2A (repeat as
necessary because some step happy opponents tend to eat repeated 2As -
actually, I do too) or AAB.

Buttons: 66K
Description: mid kick, turns opponent slightly on hit.
How to use: 66K is faster than 6K and should definitely be exploited
since 66K on hit makes a second 66K uninterruptible. Thus, an
excellent way to completely defeat mashers (besides repeated A pokes)
is to use repeated 66K. If your opponent becomes wary of 66K and
begins to block everytime after you use it, you can easily slip in an
A+K~[B+K] after it. 66K also sets up for throws very nicely. All told,
I think it's safe to say that 66K is probably Xianghua's third fastest
move (even though it appears slow and inputting 66K from every
possible situation also takes some practice).

Buttons: 6B+K
Description: 2 mid slashes (hits grounded opponents)
How to use: I think this may be tied for third fastest move. This move
should replace your BB completely. It's just better. It is definitely
a good interrupter, especially against TC happy opponents.

Buttons: FC 3B
Description: mid launcher
How to use: Personally, I believe FC 3B is superior to 3B, and 3B is
definitely one of Xianghua's top moves, being a fast, safe, mid-range
launcher. FC 3B is not often used because most people do not know how
to execute it quickly.
To do FC 3B:
press guard, tap 3 before letting go of guard, let go of guard while
holding 3, tap B
This, needless to say, should be done very quickly. The input would
look like G~3B
Both FC 3B and 3B combo into 33_77K,A which not only gives you good
damage, but leaves the opponent at your feet for further punishment.
Mix-up between 2A+B, FC 3B, 2B+K, A+K[B+K] and throws on your hapless
opponent and you can easily wipe out half his life bar off a fast
launcher. By the way, 2B+K quake stun combos into A+B, 3B+K whereas
2B+K guard crush (GC) combos into 3B, 33_77K,A for more fun. As
mentioned before, 2A+B should be followed with FC 3B. Or maybe I
didn't mention it before. Whatever.

Buttons: 66A+B(G)
Description: Mid tech crouch stepping attack that tracks rather 
decently to boot
How to use: 66A+B by itself is very good, but also very risky, being
punishable with a launcher by almost every character. 66A+B becomes
much more formidable because of the cancel, the leading cause of
whining in human competition. Learn to cancel into FC 3B/throws and
your opponent will fear 66A+B G. Fear is good.

Buttons: 1A
Description: Low slash
How to use: Use against turtle-y opponents. 1A on hit gives
considerable advantage allowing you to mix-up between 11K, FC 3B, and
throws. 1A on block leaves you at very, very minor disadvantage so
your 2A can interrupt most retaliation attempts. If they choose not to
retaliate and instead block low, hoping to punish a 11K follow-up, you
can use 2B+G or 2A+G to punish them. I'll touch upon crouch throws
- Andrew Liu

0700 Weapons

NAME           // Abilities                             // Cost
No Name (P1)   // -None-                                // -None-
               \\                                       \\
No Name (P2)   // -None-                                // -None-
               \\                                       \\
Kard           // 1: Increased Attack Power             // 12400
               \\ 2: Increased Push Back Force          \\
               //                                       //
Northern Star  \\ 1: Damage Penetrates Guard            \\ 26800
               // 2: Auto-Guard Break Some Attacks      //
               \\                                       \\
Kopis          // 1: Auto-Guard Break Some Attacks      // 39000
               \\ 2: Guard Impact Damages Opponent      \\
               //                                       //
Soul Calibur   \\ 1: Increased Attack Power             \\ -Unknown-
               // 2: Health Slowly Recovers             //
               \\ 3: Some attacks Become Counters       \\
               // 4: Some Counters Will Have No Effect  //
               \\                                       \\
Calligraphy Brush 1: Changes Normal Weapon Sound to     //
               \\    Special Weapon Sound               \\
               // 2: Decreases Attack Power             //

0800 Stratagies

For this section please send in stratagies to John_Rool@yahoo.ca you will
recieve full credit for you stratagies and they will be put in on my next
update (if they aren't all ready there or someone else didn't think of them

0810 Verses CPU's

- The computer has no clue how to block (Great Wall) 6(hold) a+b
I Beat Night Terror on Hard in 18 seconds spamming this move.
- anonymous

- a+k b+k if they are knocked down use a+k B+K they usally get up right when 
you would hit them.
- Me

- Name: Great wall of Cheese
- use and abuse great wall
- the great wall ( 6(hold) a+b) does moderate damage, knockdown, it looks like
it tech crouches and it side steps before connecting, and has ring out
capabilities. this is simple yet quiet effective as well.
- Against AI, this will work around 80-90% of the time. against players, this
drops to around 50% (still depending on which type of player you're agains).
Aginst pitbulls/mashers, this could kill them (or ring them out) quiet nicely.
You're going to have difficult time agains heavy blockers thou. A nice way of
countering blockers is that as your char sidesteps, before accutally
connecting the move, cancel it (press guard) and do a grab.
- Marc
(Note: the attack in questing may be Twin Mei Hua (6 a+b))

0820 Verses Human Players

- after hitting the opponent ito the air hit them with a b then b untill they
are on the ground. (don't use b b as the second hit will be a low one 
resulting in them hitting the ground because you didn't hit them.
- Me

AA(B), 66A, A+K[B+K], 44A+B, 44[A], 3A to contain step. Once you've
limited their lateral movement you can begin exploiting Xianghua's
powerful vertical tools, namely FC 3B, 6B+K, 66K, 1BB, 3B, so on and
so forth.
If you can lock your opponent down so that he freezes up and holds
block, definitely try for AA4BB~G into BT mix-ups (since BT mix-ups
cannot be blocked on reaction, this is a useful tactic). Use 1A and
11K to train your opponent to block low so that you can land more
launchers. I can't count the number of times I've stun combo'ed my
cousin and had him complain "Why am I blocking low?!"
2B+K after a juggle can be a very effective tactic against opponents
who like to roll-stand immediately after hitting the ground. Combo the
quake stun into A+B, 3B+K.
Opponents on the ground can be attacked with FC3B. Rolling opponents
are susceptible to both 2A+B and A+K[B+K]
On defense Xianghua has a formidable set of evasive tools such as
66A+B G, 1B+K, B+K, 8_9K (jump over those 2As!!!), and on top of all
those, AAB of course. If she is ever knocked to the ground, definitely
exploit on-the-ground A+B, which, surprisingly enough, is her fastest
- Andrew Liu

Ending Note: Please thank Andrew Liu who in turn would like to thank the
            members of Soulcalibur.com's forum as a large portion of the 
            material added in version 1.2 was contributed be him.
(and note just the things labled his as he pointed of many spelling and phrase
errors in this FAQ)