Kilik by Silver Wing

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                                         -NN/              `:+`            
                                         hM:               hMs`            
         .sd+         /y+        `      :My        `      -Ms              
         yMo        /hs:        hN+    `mm`      `mN:    `mh               
        -Md      `+h+                  yM:               yN`               
        dN.    `oy:          ./+      /Ms      .//      +M:       `.       
       oM+   .sy-           -MM/     `mm`     /MN-     .Ny      -hms       
      -Nh :oh+`             oMo      sM-      yM/      hm`    :yo.         
      dm/mMMo              -My      -Mo      /Mo      /M:  .+o-            
     sM- -oNMd:            dd`     `md      `my      .No.os/               
    :M+     +NMd:         +N.      sN.      sm`      hd-dMd/`              
   .Ny       `+mMd/      -No      /M+      :M:      +M-  -yNNo.            
  -mN.          +NMmy-  .mM`     :Nm      -Nm      :My     `+mMdy:         
 -dd/            .hh+  .NNd     .NNy     :NNy     `hy-        +Mh:         
                        `                 `                    `           
                   " sould rages with strength!"   

Kilik Character Guide
Game Title: Soul Calibur III                                                
Written By: Alex Cleland
Platform: PlayStation 2
Version: 1
Last Update: 7/1/07
Copyright 2004-2005 Alex Cleland

This guide was written whilst playing the PAL version 
The most recent version of this guide can always be found at 

Table of Contents
1.   Version History 
2.   Legal Info
3.   Character Profile
4.   Controls
5.   Moves List
          5a. A Button
          5b. B Button
          5c. K Button
          5d. Simultaneous Attacks
          5e. 8-Way Run Attacks
          5f. Throws
          5g. Miscellaneous Moves
6. Combos
7. Tactics/Strategies
8. Weapons
9. Acknowledgements

1. Version History
2/1/08 - Started guide
7/1/07 - Finished guide

2. Legal Info
This guide is copyrighted to me, Alex Cleland and may not be posted on
any webpage, magazine ect. without my permission. If you email me and I
do allow you to post this guide on your site then you must agree to
not tamper with it, keep it updated and have my name on it as the author. 
If you wish to reproduce this guide for private use then it may not be
edited or altered in any way. If I find that you have stolen my work 
expect legal action....theft is bad people. 

Character Profile

*Taken from the SCIII Museum


Age: 23
Birthplace: Unknown (Raised in Ling-Sheng Su Temple, Ming Empire)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 139 lbs.
Birthdate: February 9
Blood Type: A
Weapon: Rod
Weapon Name: Kali-Yuga
Discipline: Secret Art of Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod

Raised in Ling-Sheng Su Temple, but he murdered everyone, including Xianglian,
who was like his sister.

On his journey to purify the cursed sword, Kilik ran into Xianghua, and the two
of them once again travelled together.

One day, the two of them arrived at a city that was enveloped in an evil 
energy that was not Sould Edge. Kilik did not know its source, but he and 
Xianghua worked together using the power of the fragment Dvapara-Yuga to purify
the crazed citizens. 

A man bearing a large scythe appeared before them, however, and warned them to 
leave. Kilik did not back down and lost in a battle to the man.

"I see that you possess arts for purifying evil, but do not underestimate the
cursed sword...". That was the last thing Kilik remembered hearing before he 
lost consciousness. 

Kilik awoke to find himself in the hermitage of his teacher, Edgemaster. He had
spent a month in a comatose state since Xianghua carried him here. In addition,
he had lost the fragment of Dvapara-Yuga. 

Kilik realised his lack of skill. He had to strengthen not only his purifying
arts, but also himself...

Sensing what lay in Kilik's heart, his teacher ordered rigorous training. Kilik
faced off against his teacher, who deliberately infused himself with the evil
power of the cursed sword. It was Kilik's most difficult challenge. He trained
with the aim of striking at only the evil energy which had dwelled in his
teachers's body. 

After three months, Kilik finally succeeded in landing a purifying strike on
his teacher. Seeing that the training was complete, Edgemaster handed to Kilik
a letter from Xianghua and a new fragment of Dvapara-Yuga. 

"I will work on my skills, grow stronger, and regain my courage...I'm sure that
we'll meet again. And next time, let's put an end to all of this. I believe in

With her words in his heart, Kilik once again set off for the western lands. 

Special Stage  [Proving Grounds]

Deep in the Himalayan Mountains, upstream of a cold mountain river, lives a 
legendary sword master. It was quite some time ago that this old man chose to 
spend the remainder of this life in this old cave temple. He continues to live

And now, in order to control the power of he evil sword that he had absorbed, a
young apprentice devotes himself to training in this place. Once the 
apprentice's fierce training is complete, he will set out once again to 
challenge the cursed sword. What thoughts will go through the mind of the old 
man as he sends Kilik on his way?

The flowing water that has watched the old man for so long offers up no words,
merely continuing to flow as it always has. 


The D-Pad can easily be converted to numerical figures so that moves can be 
read and used across multiple gaming platforms.  

7 8 9        
4 5 6        
1 2 3        

Each numbers represents a direction on the D-Pad. For example, 4 is always 
backward and 2 is always down. If you character is on the right hand side of
the screen then 6 is still forward and 4 is still back. 

In this game, kick is not described as circle or square as attack, instead
they are each given they're own in game keys, this way moves sets can be read
across any platform. Here is a list. 

A = Horizontal Attack 
B = Vertical Attack 
K = Kick 
G = Guard 

In this game, many notations and expressions are used in order to explain 
either how to do a move, or what its effects are. A list of notations used to 
explain how to do a move correctly are:

[ ] - Hold button down, for example [A] means hold down A.
{ } - Delayed input, input buttons slower. 
 +  - And, meaning press buttons together, e.g A+B means press A and B at the 
      same time.
 _  - Or, meaning two sets of buttons can be pressed, giving the same effect,
      e.g A+B_B+G. But those two dont give the same effect. 
 xY - Slide input, the upper case letter must be pressed directly after the 
      lower case one. E.g bK or kA. 
 J  - Jump, this can be executed by pressing G and then pressing up.
 JD - Jump Delay, means jump in the air, then input other commands right before
      you land. 
 WC - While crouching, this can be executed by pressing G and holding down. 
 WR - While rising, when a character is getting up from crouch position.
 WJ - While jumping in the air. 
 TA - Turning around.
 FA - Facing away from opponent.
 DS - Down state, when Kilik is lying on the ground.   
 *  - Neutral, represented as a star, means any directional button can be put
      in. i.e 6 * A. Could be 66A or 62A. 

Now the notations that can be used when describing the effect a move has. 

 H  - High attack, an attack striking the head usually.
 M  - Mid attack, an attack usually in the chest area.
 SM - Special mid attack.
 SL - Special low attack.
 L  - Low attack, usuall around the legs, feet.
 T  - Throw.
 U  - Unblockable attack, cannot be blocked in any way. 
 AT - Attack throw, move turns into a throw if it lands correctly. 
 SP - Special Movement.
 GB - Guard break properties, guard of opponent is broken.
 GI - Guard impact properties.
 ST - Switch to stance. 
And now that thats out of the way, the movelist; 

5. Movelist

In this section each move that Kilik has in his command menu will be listed
here, as well as a few combos that I have found myself. However, please note
that the damage column is for reference only and is not 100% accurate, as 
damage rates change based on distance ect. Also the signature section will
be skipped as it takes moves from other parts of the list. The combos from
the signature section, however will be put in part 6. 

5a. A Button

Bo Rush: A A                  Properties: HH          Damage: 25
Just your standard 2 hit combo. Good if your opponent is a few steps away from
you. Commonly used to start combos. A good part of an arsenal, but easily
blocked at higher difficulty levels. 

Bo Rush ~Step: A A 8_2        Properties: HH SP       Damage: 25
A very good move to have in your arsenal, even if the first AA's miss, you can
easily follow up with another combo or throw to finish it off, and because of
the sidestep, it can be hard to block. 

Bo Rush Combo: A A B          Properties: HHM         Damage: 55
Good damage, simple starting combo, be warned though, each strike can easily be
blocked, use sparingly. 

Lower Bo Slice: 1 A           Properties: L           Damage: 20
Simple lower, horizontal attack, pretty basic but can be good if you 
immediately follow up with a K whilst he is getting up.

Inner Peace: 2 A              Properties: L           Damage: 25
Another standard lower attack, again pretty simple but if you follow up with a
K while he is getting up a good combo will ensure. 

Ling Su Upper: 3 A B          Properties: MM          Damage: 45
Pretty decent attack up close, tends to be interupted because of the slight 
puase on the A, still a fairly decent combo though.

Escaping Bo: 4 A              Properties: H           Damage: 27
Learn to love this move, seriously. A great move if you have been blocking for
a while. The great thing about this move is it that Kilik will take a step 
around the opponent. Dodging most vertical attacks. Also, the opponent is 
knocked down and pushed back. 

Raging Pheonix Combo: 6+A A A Properties: HHH         Damage: 65
Another great move, links perfectly with the Bo Rush ~Step. Use whenever you
are close to an opponent. It also has a good ring out capacity. 

Cross Tide: 4 [4] A A         Properties: ML          Damage: 49
A good move, but lacks the range to make it deadly. Best used with a side step
or after the Bo Rush ~Step/Rushing Waterfall ~Step.

Yin and Yang: 4 [4] aB        Properties: M U         Damage: 79
One of the better unblockables in the game. A slow sidestep is taken,
offering some form of dodge. More importantly, it hits the ground. Meaning
it can be used while the opponent is down or whilst they are waking up. Also
makes a good opening move if you are feeling lucky. 

Yin and Yang (C): 4 [4] aB G  Properties: None        Damage: None
Its good that you can cancel this, incase you have a mental brainfreeze and use
it at the wrong time. Still by the time you cancel it it is usually too late. 

Dragon Glide Bo: 6 [6] A A    Properties: HL          Damage: 54
A key weapon to have in your arsenal. Use it at long/mid-range to push your 
opponent back and put them on the ground. A very good move when used properly.
But does leave you in a bit of a hole if blocked. Avoid using it at close
ranges, as the first hit requires a bit of a wind up. 

Twin Phoenix: aA B            Properties: HHM         Damage: 64
An average move at best. Very hard to execute and easily becomes A A B. Leaves
you open if blocked also. On the upside damage is good. Avoid using 

Phoenix Fient: aB             Properties: M           Damage: 20
Pretty average move, offers some push back though, but does little damage
and doesnt knock down. Can be followed up with Dragon Glide. 

Lower Bo Slice: WC A          Properties: L           Damage: 13
Average move that comes up rarely. However, if you crouch block this move can
be linked to K whilst rising. 

Ling Sheng Slash: WR A        Properties: M           Damage: 27
Not a bad move, good if you can link it with Escaping Bo or Raging Phoenix

Reverse Bo Tap: TA A          Properties: H           Damage: 15
Average, rarely comes up in actual gameplay. 

Reverse Lower Bo Slice: WC TA A
                              Properties: L           Damage: 13
If I were ever facing away from and opponent and crouching this would make
a good combo starter. But again, this situation rarely occurs. Still it can be
followed up with a WR K. 

Scattering Bo: J A            Properties: M           Damage: 24
Average, can be used directly after blocking and followed up with something
like a Raging Phoenix Combo.

Divising Bo Slice: JD A       Properties: L           Damage: 26
Another average move, although it does knock the opponent down it takes time
before it can be executed and cant be followed up with a decent combo. 
5b. B Button

Splitting Water Fall: B A     Properties: MH          Damage: 46
A fairly decent combo, I remember in SCII when the second hit would actually
knock the opponent down. Not in this case, so after the second hit you might
want to follow up with another attack such as Escaping Bo. 

Waterfall Divide: B 2 A (holding 2 makes it easier)      
                              Properties: ML          Damage: 44
A good attack if you want to ground your opponent. The 2 A takes a little time 
to charge and is often blocked. Still not bad for a change up.

Rushing Waterfall: B B        Properties: MM          Damage: 48
Just a stock standard combo. Its of average speed but is incredibly narrow, 
making it easily dodged. Using it on its own won't do much good. 

Rushing Waterfall ~Step: BB 8_2
                              Properties: MM SP       Damage: 48
This, with the sidestep becomes a much better move because it can be linked 
with just about everything. Using a throw or Raging Phoenix Combo after the 
step gives a decent amount of damage. 

Advancing Bo: 1 B             Properties: M           Damage: 24
Not very useful as it doesnt link with any decent combos, its also pretty slow
as Kilik will tend to spin before contact. Still you could follow it up with
a 6+K or a throw. 

Waterfall: 2 B                Properties: M           Damage: 20
Not to different from the standard B. With the exception it ends in a crouching
position. Not very usefull, unless you add a WR K or WR B afterward.  

Twin Bo Upper: 3 B B          Properties: MM          Damage: 36
A good combo if your are up close to an opponent. Although the second hit is
more often that not blocked by the computer, it is still pretty quick and does
knock the opponent on they're ass. 

Twin Bo Upper Delay: 3 B {B}  Properties: MM          Damage: 36
Pretty Useless, I dont see any advantage that this move has over its quicker
counter part. 

Phoenix Thrust:  4 B          Properties: M           Damage: 45
Not a bad move if your opponent is mid range from you. The main thing I like
about this move is its ring out capability. Use frequently if an opponent is 
near the edge. 

Phoenix Rage Thrust: 4 [B]    Properties: M           Damage: 58
Same as above, just hold down B if you either want more power of have a little
more time to execute the attack. 

Bo Thrust: 6 B                Properties: M           Damage: 24
Useless, doesnt lead into anything, or knock the opponent down. The identical
Phoenix thrust is better in every way. 

Retreating Thrust: 6 B 8      Properties: H           Damage: 16
You must slide the 8 in order to get this useless move to work, does nothing

Phoenix Claw: 6 B 2           Properties: L           Damage: 22
Same as above, slide the 2. Still pretty crappy, unless you want to lead into
some sort of combo. 

Tip Shock: 4 [4] B            Properties: H           Damage: 16
Also pretty useless, it does stun the opponent slightly. So you could link into
something else. But really not worth using. 

Heavy Bo: 6 [6] B             Properties: M           Damage: 22
Without the counter, this move is pretty much usless, its narrow, lacks range
and does little damage.

Heavy Bo (Counter): 6 [6] B   Properties: M AT        Damage: 46
Still even with the counter its still pretty weak, I would have expected the
damage to be a little higher. And the counter doesn't come up often enough
to use frequently.

Double Blow: 8_2 * B B        Properties: MH          Damage: 42
Not a bad move, slight dodge on the approach, decent damage, stick it in the 
up close combo file. 

Waterfall: WC B, same as normal waterfall move.

River Thrust: WC 1 B          Properties: L           Damage: 19
Meh, standard crouching move, nothing unique, follow up with a WR K if you
want to add something to it.

Stream Thrust: WC 3 B         Properties: M           Damage: 36
Good if you have just finished a crouch block, knocks the opponent down and 
has good damage. 

Reverse Bow Thrust: WR B      Properties: M           Damage: 31
Good, but by no means great. Since this attack ends with the opponent on the
ground right in front of you a B B could be linked nicely. 

Reverse Waterfall: TA B       Properties: M           Damage: 22
Meh, TA A works better. 

Reverse Waterfall: WC TA B    Properties: M           Damage: 22
This position would seldom come up in actual gameplay, and if it did you would
just turn around normally. 

Great Waterfall: J B          Properties: M           Damage: 36
Good only if you opponent is on the ground or waking up. Bad choice for 
standard close range combat.

Raining Bo Upper: JD D        Properties: M           Damage: 24
Pretty useless since 3 B B is the same thing but with more damage. 

5c. K Button

Sheng Front Kick: K           Properties: H           Damage: 15
Basic standard kick, dont use it on its own too often.

Mountain Sweep: 1 K           Properties: L           Damage: 22
On its own, a weak kick that leaves you open to get smacked in the face.

Sheng Su Low Kick: 2 K        Properties: L           Damage: 13
Same as above. 

Sheng Side Kick: 3 K          Properties: M           Damage: 25
Crummy, doesnt lead to anything, often blocked.

Sheng Lung Kick Combo: 3 kB   Properties: MH          Damage: 50
Good damage, knocks over opponents and pushes them back. 

Hawk Claw: 4 K B              Properties: HL          Damage: 51
Good close range move to use as it hits twice for good damage. Not really 
blocked all that much by the computer either. 

Hawk Claw (Delay): 4 K {B}    Properties: HL          Damage: 51
Exact same as above, you cant even pick the slow down.

Sheng Lung Kick: 6 K          Properties: M           Damage: 30
Very good offensive kick, decent damage and knocks opponent back. Use a close
to mid range. 

Sheng Heh Kick: 4 [4] K       Properties: M           Damage: 30
Good kick, but is pretty narrow and easily blocked. Doesnt lead to anything
and doesnt knock the enemy down. 

Rising Phoenix: 6 [6] K K B   Properties: MMMM        Damage: 93
A very good combo with great damage. However, against the computer nearly 
everything is blocked, the starting kick is also a bit narrow and often dodged.
Against novice players though, this combo cleans up. 

Sheng Illusion Kick: kB       Properties: HL          Damage: 30
Average, narrow kick, can be followed up with Escaping Bo. 
Sunrise Kick: WR K            Properties: MH          Damage: 37
One of my favourite moves, its good because it can be linked with several B 
attacks, good damage too, not to mention how cool it looks, but beware of the
lack of range. 

Reverse Sheng Su Kick: TA K   Properties: H           Damage: 15
Probably the best TA move Kilik has in his move list, quick and effective.

Reverse Sheng Su Low Kick: WC TA K
                              PropertiesL L           Damage: 25
A very good attack that knocks the opponent down, with good damage. But, TA WC
comes up very rarely. 

Phoenix Splits: J K           Properties: H           Damage: 26
Apart from looking funny, it doesnt really lead to anything, use sparingly. 

Divising Sheng Su Sweep: JD K Properties: L           Damage: 18
Meh, if you ever end up using this move, a 6+K goes along well with it. 

5d. Simultaneous Attacks

Bo Smack Down: A+B            Properties: HHHHHH      Damage: 67
A good move that takes a good amount of damage. Hard to block also as this 
attack is quick to execute, use a mid range. 

Dirty Bo: 1 A+B               Properties: L AT        Damage: 50
A very amusing and painful to look at move. This, however, is not a very 
effective move for two reasons. The first being that you have to be very close
for Kilik to flip the opponent and the damage itself isnt't as high as it
could have been. 

Lower Bo Smackdown: 2 A+B     Properties: LLLL        Damage: 60
A very effective move to use when someone is on the ground. It can also be used
at normal mid range for good damage. 

Trick Bo: 3 A+B               Properties: L AT        Damage: 45
Same as Dirty Bo

Phoenix Flare ~Raven Slaughter Thrust: 4 A+B B B
                              Properties: MMMMMM      Damage: 90
With a name as long as that you would expect a 25 hit combo that knocks the 
opponet throught the wall. And while it is good it depends on the opponent 
being close by and not blocking. If it is dodged, however then Kilik is left
wide open. 

Biting Phoenix: 6 A+B         Properties: MMMMM       Damage: 75
One of the moves I like to use on occasion. The good thing about this attack 
is that up close it is hard to block. However, using this attack at a distance
makes is easy to dodge and/or block, and if it is Kilik will be left poking at 
air for a second or two, assuming his head hasn't already been kicked in. 

Pounding Stones: WC A+B       Properties: MMM         Damage: 43
Very unusual and ineffective attack. Easily blocked with little damage. Doesnt
link in with anything either. 

Heaven Monument: DS A+B       Properties: A+B         Damage: 45
A very good attack when Kilik has been knocked down at long range, this attack
homes slightly so as to track the opponent. However, it is pretty narrow, 
which means the opponent has to stay still or move slightly. 

Heaven Monument (Cancel)      Properties: None        Damage: None
Unlike other cancelable moves, this one actually is useful. If you pull out 
as the last second Kilik will thrust himself back away from any, or rather
most danger.

Heaven Monument Fall: During Heaven Monument K
                              Properties: L           Damage: 37
A good, low, sliding attack that does good damage, nice and quick with a little
homing ability as well. 

Asura Dance: B+K 6 B 4 1 2 3 6 B
                              Properties: MMM GI      Damage: 78
A very good looking combo that does good damage. But the half circle forward
takes a bit of practice to get down every time, still not bad if you can 
remember it in a fight. 

Playeful Phoenix: 2 B+K       Properties: L           Damage: 30
Crummy attack that takes time and does little damage. 

Playeful Phoenix ~Down: 2 [B+K] 2_8
                              Properties: None        Damage: None
A good attack if you like to see Kilik face plant. No real use, if your not 
attacked during the fall you will be when you hit the ground.

Phoenix Lunge: 4 B+K          Properties: L           Damage: 35
A reasonable attack that surprisingly lacks range. It can be used for dodging
attacks and then coming back for the attack. But the timing would have to be
exceptional for that to work. 

Yin Rising: 6 B+K             Properties: MM          Damage: 35
A good kick combo that can be linked on to many other moves. Average damage,
and easy to block/dodge. 

Asura Clairvoyance: FA B+K 6 B 4 1 2 3 6 B        
                              Properties: MMM         Damage: 90
Same as the slaughter thrust but back facing the opponent, rarely comes up in 

Phoenix Cross: A+K            Properties: MM          Damage: 45
A nice little attack that finishes with the opponents back facing you, meaning
a free hold or combo, on the down side the first hit is a little slow. 

Wave Divide: 2 A+K            Properties: L           Damage: 40
A good sweep that can be used on wake up or after moving around. However, I
prefer using the B 2 A version. 

Phoenix Tail: 4 A+K           Properties: LL          Damage: 40
A decent attack good for catching an opponent off guard, knock down enemy so
a B B or something similar can follow. A little slow though. 

Mountain Breaker: 6 A+K       Properties: LH          Damage: 55
A very fancy and powerful combination. Although blocked often, it is good at 
close/mid range. If the first hit is blocked, chances are the second will hit.

Rising Flare: DS A+K          Properties: L           Damage: 30
A very sneaky and effective attack that can be used when knocked down. I like
to use it because it is rarely expected. 

Taunt: K+G                    Properties: SP          Damage: None
Haha...funny. I get this all the time on the dance floor ;p. 

5e. 8-Way Run Attacks

Dragon Glide Bo: [6] A A      Properties: HL          Damage: 60
Same as above, I prefer the 66 version though. Running into this attack is to
hard to time.

Heavy Bo: [9_6_3] B           Properties: B           Damage: 24
The only use I see for this attack is roaming around your opponent and then
waiting for a counter to get thr rest of the move. Still, hard to time.

Heavy Bo Counter: [9_6_3] B   Properties: M AT        Damage: 49
Read above

Sliding: [6] K                Properties: L           Damage: 33
I actually don't mind this attack, its good for a surprise. Usually the enemy
guards for a higher attack so a slider could very well catch them by surprise.
Use it sparingly however, to avoid becoming predictable. 

Ying Rising: [9_6_3] B+K      Properties: MM          Damage: 42
A good attack as well, this version manages to ground to opponent with alot
more force, leaving them open for a B B. 

Roundhouse Bo: [9_3] A        Properties: H           Damage: 41
The 8-way run version of this attack has the ability to knock the opponent 
down. I dont mind this attack either, use it with good timing though. As a 
block can leave Kilik open. 

Rising Phoenix: [9_3] K K B   Properties: MMMM        Damage: 102
Same as standard version. I prefer this one though, as the 8-way run can put
you behind the opponent, meaning more connected hits and the less chance of a

Wind Divide Flare: [8_2] A A A  
                              Properties: MLL         Damage: 76
Learn to love this move, I will come in handy alot of the time. The great thing
is that most people don't pick the low attacks after the first mid one. Good
damage too and can be used after dodging. 

Mountain Carve [2_8] A B      Properties: MM          Damage: 59
A good variation to the above move. Easy to execute and does decent damage, 
just hope that it isn't blocked to often. 

Raven Slaughter: [2_8] B      Properties: M           Damage: 41
A good laucher that can lead to a good air combo, such as 3 B B. Good damage 
as well, again leaves Kilik open if blocked. 

Sheng Su Thrust: [2_8] K B    Properties: LM          Damage: 61
A good alternative to some of the above combos. it doesnt knock them down
either, so you can follow up with a Raging Phoenix or something of the nature.

Asura Dance: [2_8] B+K 6 B 4 1 2 3 6 B
                              Properties: MMM GI       Damage: 87
Not a bad attack, the only thing about this one is that the button combination
takes a while to get down pat. Use is rarely, cause chances are you will rarely
pull it off all the time. 

Ling Sheng Slice: [7_1] A     Properties: L            Damage: 26
Don't read to much into this attack, its slow, does little damage and has a
big recovery time. 

Stream Thrust: [7_9] B        Properties: L            Damage: 26
Can be effective at long ranges, but other that that not all that great, 
slight recovery time makes it hard to link with anything else, except maybe
a 4 B. 

Sheng Heh Kick: [7_4_1] K     Properties: M            Damage: 35
Not the best of kicks, lacks good range, but because it grounds the opponent
a B B or 3 A+B could be used afterward.  

Phoenix Lunge: [7_4_1] B+K    Properties: L            Damage: 40
Good attack that leaves the opponent on the floor, still rather narrow and
Kilik takes a step backward.

Cross Tide: [4] A A           Properties: M L          Damage: 54
Same as the 4 4 A A version. Stick with that one as it wont push you back.

Yin And Yang: [4] aB         Properties: M U          Damage: 82
Again stick with the 4 4 version.

Yin and Yang (Cancel): [4] aB G
                              Properties: None         Damage: None
Read the Yin and Yang move above. 

Tip Shock: [4] B              Properties: H            Damage: 18
Useless move on its own, but can be linked with many other combos as the 
opponent is left stunned. 

5f. Throws

Light Breeze: A+G            Properties: T             Damage: 55
One of the better looking throws in the game. can be used after a Bo Rush ~Step
or a Rushing Waterfall ~Step.

Heaven Dance: B+G            Properties: T             Damage: 55
Another good looking throw, same as above.

Cutting Sadness (Left Side Throw): A+G_B+G on opponents left side.
                             Properties: T             Damage: 60
Good throw, puts enemy at a distance also, can be followed up with a [4] B.

Summer Gale (Right Side Throw): A+G_B_G on opponents right side.
                             Properties: T             Damage: 65
High damage combo that leaves enemy right at your feet, any ground combo can
work here. 

Phoenix Pounce (Back Throw): A+G_B+H on opponents back.
                             Properties: T             Damage: 68
Good damage back attack that leaves opponent at a distance. 

5g. Miscellaneous Moves
Monument: 2 3 6              Properties: GI            Damage: None
A very important stance that can be linked to a sea of moves. Also very 
special as it automatically guard impacts some high/medium attacks.

Monument ~Step: 2 3 6 * 8_2  Properties: SP            Damage: None
Don't use unless you see an attack coming, dont know why the * is there 

Triumphal Arch Dance: 2 3 6 A B K
                             Properties: MLHH          Damage: 68
Cool looking combo. But the monument at the start takes time to complete, 
lacking damage too. However, can still be used effectively. 

Triumphal Arch Dance ~Heaven Monument (Version 1): 2 3 6 A A+B
                             Properties: MM U          Damage: 70
Average combo, simply because the monument at the start takes up too much time,
as does the massive wind up on the unblockable, which is also very narrow.

Triumphal Arch Dance ~Heaven Monument (Version 2): 2 3 6 A B A+B
                             Properties: MLM U         Damage: 84
Same as above, after the second strike, their is just too long to wait 
before the unblockable comes in, gives the opponent too much time to dodge.

Triumphal Arch Dance ~Heaven Monument (Version 3): 2 3 6 A B K A+B
                             Properties: MLHHM U       Damage: 106
I don't mind this attack, its a long, good damage combo. Because the third 
strike knows the opponent down it becomes slightly easier to land the
unblockable. That is if you can remember the button combination in the heat of
a battle. 

Triumphal Mist Thrust: 2 3 6 A K 
                             Properties: MHH           Damage: 47
A nice simple little combo, bar the waiting time at the beginning. A simple 
little combo that can bring in nice damage. 

Triumphal Mist Thrust ~Heaven Monument
                             Properties: MHHM          Damage: 89
Same as above.

Triumphal White Fang: 2 3 6 B K
                             Properties: LMM           Damage: 46
A nice simple little combo that can be used any time. This particular combo
is good against human players because it starts with a low attack and then
finishes with two high ones, making it hard to guard. 

Triumphal White Fang ~Heaven Monument: 2 3 6 B A+B
                             Properties: LM U          Damage: 83
Same as above, too long for the unblockable. 

Triumphal White Fang ~Heaven Monument: 2 3 6 B K A+B
                             Properties: LHHM U        Damage: 89
One of the better combos. Simply because it has a low hit, then straight away
two high hits, making it hard to block. Also because the opponent is on the 
ground making it slightly harder to dodge the heaven monument.

Scythe: 2 3 6 K              Properties: HH            Damage: 32
Nice little cheap kick, waiting time isn't too bad, use occasionaly. 

Scythe ~Heaven Monument: 2 3 6 K A+B
                             Properties: HHM U         Damage: 75
Good quick attack that has a good chance of hitting and doing damage, use when 
ever is desperation. 

Heaven Monument: 2 3 6 A+B   Properties: M U           Damage: 45
Don't use this on its own to often. It is very narrow and doesnt home in at 
all. However, Kilik does fly high so using it against novices could prove
interesting and/or funny. 

Heaven Monument (Cancel)     Properties: 2 3 6 A+B G   Damage: None
Good cancelable move, if your ever in doubt Kilik will also jump back meaning 
that he is somewhat safe from counter attacks. 

Heaven Monument Fall: 2 3 6 A+B K
                             Properties: L             Damage: 39
Read above description

Rising Bo Fient: 2 3 6 B+K   Properties: M             Damage: 50
Meh, a decent charge time, but does knock opponent down.

Rising Bo Fient (Cancel): 2 3 6 B+K G
                             Properties: None          Damage: None
Not a good cancelable move, leaves Kilik wide open for attack, might as well
follow through with move. 

Wave Divide: 2 3 6 A+K       Properties: L             Damage: 27
I like this attack for some reason. Against human players its quite effective.
Against the PC on harder levels its useless. But still, good for tripping 
up your opponents. 

Festival of the Damned: 2 3 6 A+G 4 6 A 4 1 2 3 6 B
                             Properties: T             Damage:
If you can do this combo at all then I am impressed. I sat in front of the 
TV trying this move for about ten minutes and couldn't get the timing on the 
4 6 A right. Anyway, the move is useless at harder levels as most blocks at 
rejected anyway.

Festival of the Dead: 2 3 6 B+G 4 6 B
                             Properties: T             Damage: 
Same as above, just cant get the timing right on the 4 6 B.

Back Parry: 2 1 4            Properties: GI            Damage: None
Pretty useless, using 6_4 G for a guard impact works just as well. 

Parry Sweeper: 2 1 4 A       Properties: L             Damage: 30
At a very close range I usually follow this move up with a 6+A A A or [4] B, 
but other than that its not good for much.       

Parry Bolt: 2 1 4 B          Properties: M GB          Damage: 50
Not bad as a wake up attack, but its pretty narrow and can be easily dodged. 

Parry Roundhouse: 2 1 4 K    Properties: H             Damage: 31
Meh, pretty average in my opinion, not much it can link to. Does make a nice
ring out attack though. 

6. Combos

Combos are a very important part of any fighting game. I will give all the 
combos that I use in the whenever I am fighting. But please take note that the 
first three are from the signature section of the command list. While this
section is small, I do plan to expand on it in the near future. 

3 B B (Counter) ~3 kB        Damage: 72
A decent combo against human players. But against the hard PC levels the second
B is almost always blocked. 

WR B~ 6 [6] B                Damage: 73
A good combo that triggers the second sequence of the 6 6 B. However, the [6] B
must come right after the WR B.

2 3 6 K~ 6 B+K               Damage: 56
An average combo that can work, use it sparingly. 

A A 2_8 ~6+A A A             Damage: 93
I use this combo often against weaker opponents, they never react quick enough
to block the 6+A A A, which can also be replaced with a throw. Note that the
A A at the start can also be exchanged for a B B. 

3+B B ~6 A+B                 Damage: 77
The trick with this combo is to use the 6 A+B whilst the opponent is in the air
then juggle them for a few more hits. As a side note the 6 A+B can also be
replaced with a 2 A+B whilst they are on the ground. 

2 A_B WR K                   Damage: 62
I like this combo because it hits the lower part of the opponent, which makes
it hard for less experienced players to block it. I must be done at close
range however. 

2_8 B ~3 B B                 Damage: 65
A nice little juggler, if you can get the first B to hit, the next two are 
close to guarenteed hits.

WR B ~2 A+B                  Damage: 75
A nice little rising combo that repeatedly strikes when they are on the ground.
Won't come up much in actual combat though. 

7. Tactics/Strategies

Kilik is a very unique character in the sense that he is good at all areas, he
is very balanced. However, he is most effective a mid-close range.

I prefer to come into a battle with a 6 6 A A, this is very good at mid range 
as Kilik steps toward the opponent and sends them flying, setting him up for
another mid range move. However, if this is blocked he is left quite open. In 
this case a Guard Impact isn't hard to time as they will more often that
not attack right away. 

At close range its hard to beat the 6+A A A. Its very quick and hits for
good damage. But if its blocked expect retribution at higher levels. Linking 
this move with an (A A)_(B B) 2_8 works very well. 

A key in SCIII is making an enemy pay when they are on the ground. I have been
involved in many combos that have left me on the ground, being constantly hit
and taking more that half of my life bar. Kilik's 2 A+B does a good job at 
murdering an opponent on the ground. As well as his B B and if your feeling 
lucky his 4 4 aB. If you are ever in a situation where the opponent is 
pumeling you with ground combos do your best to rock backward or to the side
when you are on the ground. Also, Kilik A+B when he is on the ground can scare
the life out of an opponent. 

Holds are a mixed blessing, although they offer guaranteed damage when they
connect fully, they are blocked at least 95% of the time on the harder PC
difficulties. So don't rely on them to much, instead save them for human 

Ring outs are also a mixed blessing in the SC series. When your getting your 
ass kicked and fluke a ring out you couldn't be happier. But at the same
time when your the one who is getting rung out with a full health bar by
Zasalamel at 5% you want to put your head through the wall, but please don't, 
its expensive to fix and your parents will be really mad at you ;p. Anyway,
the point is to stay away from edges, when you see your self near one quickly
sidestep out of the way before you get put over. Kilik himself has some good 
ring out moves of his own. It's hard to go past his 4_4 B at mid range as 
well as his 6 A+B and even his 6 K.

As we all know, combos suck when they're done on you. Nothing is more 
frustrating then getting up from a combo only to be comboed again. Or just 
being comboed and then, whilst still standing having it done to you again.
This is were combo breakers are effective. Combo breakers will break almost
any standing combo and put you in a position implement one of your own. 
Obviously Guard Impacting is the best solution as it will put you on the 
offensive. But also don't underestimate the 8-Way run, which can dodge 
vertical attacks easily. But sometimes you just need a quick attack to break a 
combo and begin on of your own, in this case Kilik's 2 K works, as well as his 
K. Also, don't forget to use your first line of defence, the standard block,
when being attacked.  

The soul charge is a great way to add a little bit of extra spice to many 
attacks. Unfortunetly, in SCIII you must remain still whilst doing them.
Still, the trick is to get your opponent far awar as possible, then charge.
Kilik's 6 6 A A does this nicely, as well as his 4 4 B. 

Button placement is also a key part to success, pressing B+K on a PS2 
controller requires you to move your entire hand around if you don't use your 
thumb. This is where the shoulder buttons come in, there are four of them and
they are very usefull. Personally, I set my two holds A+G and B+G to R1 and L1.
With A+B as L2 and the Soul Charge (A+B+G) as R2. It just makes life easier.

At the higher PC difficulties you will notice that the enemy blockes ALOT. I'm 
talking almost every attack. This is were varying your attack placement is 
paramount. Don't always go for the high or low attack, vary them AI has 
trouble sensing where your next attack is going (unless your on extremely hard
which is just stupidly insane). Kilik's 2 2 A A A does this perfectly. Also, 
guard impacting can help solve the problem greatly, it really will help you 
beat the harder settings. Also, at higher levels dont ever go past his 4 A, 
its great for sidesteping combos and taking the AI off guard.  

8. Weapons
Here are all the weapons available to Kilik throughout the game, all are in
order. Obviously the best weapons available being Soul Calibur. 

Kali-Yuga (1P or 2P): 
Effects: No special effects
Obtained: Default weapon
Cost: None

Ling Sheng Su Bo:
Effects:  Increases attack power
          Health increases while guarding enemy attacks
Obtained: Buy at weapon shop.
Cost:     13200

Effects:  Increases attack power
          Health increases while guarding enemy attacks
Obtained: Get to stage 4 of tales of souls or partake in 350 fights.
Cost:     23600

Jingu Staff
Effects:  Some attacks become counters
          Decrease pushback force   
Obtained: Get to stage 7 of tales of souls or partake in 450 battles.
Cost:     23600

Soul Calibur
Effects:  Increases attack power
          Increases defence power
          Health gradually recovers
          Guard impacts damage opponent
Obtained: Obtain all above weapons, then clear tales of souls.
Cost:     89400  

Bamboo Staff
Effects:  Decrease attack pushback force
          Weapon hit SE becomes Special hit SE
Obtained: Clear Beloved, hard version in Soul Arena.
Cost:     23500

The Ancient
Effects:  None
Obtained: Defeat Olcadan in tales of souls or clear all practice tutorials.
Cost: 15000
8. Acknowledgements
Thanks to everyone who decided to take a quick look at this guide.
GameFAQs for giving gamers a comfortable online home. for the great banner at the top
My dad for buying me this laptop
Namco for another Soul Calibur, regardless of how many problems it has. 

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