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Bad PS2 noise?

Whenever I play SWB2 in my PS2, it makes this really bad grinding noise mainly whenever it's loading somethig.
But the strange thing is, the only effect that seems to happen is the the music skips more often, as well as the person updating the battle ("Enemy reinforcements falling", "we've captured a command post" etc.). And it only happens with this game. Whats going on with it?


HUNGRY04 answered:

It's a glitch.
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jamieeng answered:

No, it's just your PS2, probably. or maybe the game. It's certainly not a glitch.
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Gamer-900 answered:

There is a problem with your disk you should clean it
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gfred4 answered:

I had the same problem with a different game and It is the disk so you might need to get another disk.If the game starts to glitch out or freezing up then you need to get another disk.
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ike730 answered:

It could be the fan on your ps2 is dying. Try taking a high power fan and placing it up in front of the ps2. I found that the game is a lot less glitchy when the console is at its normal temperature.
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hydromitad answered:

Same problem, your PS2 is probably not the problem. Your game is dieing. What I did (take this advice at your own risk) was cleaned the disk with some toothpaste. Then, the game worked, for a while....

I haven't played in a while, it's dead now. The toothpaste added an extra 6 months to the life of the game though.

Directions to clean your disk. First, run the disk under some warm water (not too hot, or you'll melt the disk) then, put some toothpaste (I used the kind without chips of any kind, you know, the clean, white paste type) onto a wet washcloth. I used the washcloth because any paper I used fell apart. Lather the toothpaste onto the disk, scrub LIGHTLY in small circles around the clean part of the disk (the back side, the part the ultra-sonic eye reads). After scrubbing for 5 minutes, rinse off in warm water, DO NOT TOUCH THE DISK AS YOUR DOING THIS!!! Let the water do the work, otherwise you will scratch the disk. Dry off in a clean towel, or use a glasses towel (the softer, the better) but no paper of any kind. Pat dry or rub, but don't rub too hard. That's it, your game should be good to use. Unless you need a new game, of course.
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Silvenar answered:

When you are cleaning the disc, don't go in circles around the disc, that will scratch it up even more. What you want to do is go from the inside edge of the disc to the outside. Going in a circle is what they used to do for records. The disc burning pattern when they made the disc goes from the inside to the outside. A good disc cleaner to use is Novus, it's not very expensive. Also you might want to get a PS2 laser cleaning disc. Hope this helps!!
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