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What is Alternate Soldiers?

About the code Alternate Soldiers what dose it do?

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It just gives the units different skins.

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Ummmm..... Alters the soldiers? =) It makes them look different.

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Yeah, it just makes the units look distorted. Some have long necks and most appear to be flat or boxy. Its really just a cheat to use for funniness. XD

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I think that they were test sodiers first used in the game.. Somthing funny about this that when you use the rebal sniper she will end up having a long neck >.<

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IT shows what soldiers look like in real life like fat ones skinny ones strong ones weak ones. That all

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The Alternate soldiers makes your Imperial troops have snowtrooper armor on Naboo, or makes your droids look like they are about to assault Kashyyk while they are really attacking Mustafar. This works for every race(Republic, Empire, Rebels, CIS). Although it does not grant any bonuses, people use this cheat to mess around with the appearance of their soldiers.

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It just makes mine skinny.

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The Alternate Soldiers cheat makes the units look different. For example the clone trooper helmet's "eyes" look more squinted than normal. So, basically, it make the units look different.

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