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Best way to get demolition ledgendary?

I need demolition ledgendary cuz i want the remote rockets.... how do i get it fast?

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game_dude_1990 answered:

this is what i did when i got the bonus (it mite take a while, so be patience is needed)

1. set units to max
2. set all AI units to 0
3. choose hoth
4. play as the missile launcher guy
5. take a snow speeder or taun taun to the AT-ATs
6. aim at the neck of them and keep shooting till you get the reward.
7. wait 30 secs for the reward to wear off.
8. respawn(kill yourself), and and repeat steps 4 through 8.

after i while, you will have permanent use of the guided missile launcher. the trick to this is that with your unit count (at 750 i assume) at MAX, you wont fail, or win the battle. as long as you do not take command posts.
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Mouser05 answered:

Ummmmm.... cheats
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callofducky5 answered:

You can hit a crit on the same type of vehicle over and over
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DaBigBear answered:

Mouser05 mentioned cheats but what one would you use besides invincabilty and infinate ammo.
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gbaspfreak answered:

I agree with game_dude, but if you don't want to pile up deaths, then set the AI to 0, and only 15 troops per side. hit the neck until you get the reward, then capture the nearest enemy command post and the enemy count will go down to zero. It works and it takes more time, but you will not have a lot of deaths on your stats.
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potatoman_637 answered:

Certain levels make it easy
AT-AT's on Hoth
AAT's on polis massa (you have to be droids)
thats about it actually
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dawn60676341 answered:

set AI units to 0 then go to hoth and use the launcher guy and shoot the AT-AT at the neck then when you get the reward respawn and then repeat.
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slythr answered:

I got my demolition award on legendary by playing on kashyyyk (howevr u spell that) with 500% reinforcements.
As soon as the game would start i would grab one of the speeders that that spawn a command post three and attack the droids tanks as soon as the AI get in the tanks. Then I take one of their tanks, go to command post 2 and attack the two enemy tanks that spawn there.
(*I also got my marksman awards here by camping on the sea wall*)
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