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Asked: 4 years ago

Legendary Status?

I've been trying to get Legendary Status on the Demolition award for quite a while now, and I was wondering how many medals of that one award do you have to get to Legendary? I have (I think) around 57-59 Demolition medals. (I'm Vetran right now)

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you need to get over 64 medals to get legendary status to keep the award forever.It's really cool to use the remote rocket launcher in wide open levels.You don't lose your regular rocket launcher(I think...).You'll just have an extra weapon with you.Only if your demolition class...

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Its 64 medal of 1 type for legendary

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The number of your award you posted is actually Elite.My advice is go to Hoth and be the Rebellion and you shoot the AT-ATs in the NECK (not shouting at any1) but blow it after you get your awards and you'll need bout 5-7 more for legendary status

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Yeah dude right in the neck (or in an AT-ST's rear end :p if you feel daring enough)

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You need 300 medals to get general status and control 4 people, if thats what you mean.

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Get over 64 medals

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@ Spartan_jedi117 you can also go to geonosis and be the droids and hit the circle part of the close comand base and it will give u demolition

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