Question from superpy

How do people get the 'Star Rifle(500 bullets per second)'?

Ive seen it on youtube. is it a hack, or do you need like 300 frenzy awrds???

Mandaferret asked for clarification:

Can you post the link to the video? It is probably a pc mod, but I have never seen it.

superpy provided additional details:

I think it was ps2

I cant find it on youtube

spiderboy98 asked for clarification:

I've never heard or seen it before if you can get the video link for it i might be able too help.


ike730 answered:

Well, considering I have about 450 frenzy awards right now, no. It's probably a hack.
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bubbel174 answered:

I think you have to have legendery whith all medals
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

Bro its a hack. I have like 582 frenzy awards and I've heard NOTHING about the "star rifle'
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Clone_Archangel answered:

Yeah dude I've got everything legendary and idk how many frenzies.
Someone probably hacked it or got all awards on Elite mode or something.
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