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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I beat my friend at galactic conquest?

I've tryed everytime to try and beat him and right now, im loseing. I've tryed tips and they seem to help. U have anything that can help me beat him? I'm republic and he's CIS.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Him and I play it every Friday night at his house so I cant really practice and he's beaten the campain many times so he's pretty much firmilliar with almost every map. I am best at assualt troops because it's easier for me.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Also, when I try to take a checkpoint, or end up killing some droids, he always ends up either killing me, or taking over my checkpoints and then wipes out my army. He's always one step ahead of me.

Accepted Answer

From: cloudstrife1994 3 years ago

Ok wach ur surroundings and if u see an enemy kill them it dosent have to be him just shoot any of ur enemys and head shots are usually one hit kills so try for those just aim a little above there torso and u could hit head shots i get like 20 to 25 head shots a game so

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Ok its not the matter of the game its how good you are and wat u have like if u have every unit and he dose too just use ur best unit and if his level is higher than urs then thats another thing cus im at legedary on everything and non of my friends can beat me its just the matter of how u play and where u play and how he plays hope this helps and good luck

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Ok so try and kill most of his team mates and use everything in ur power i feel that if u can get he award assualt rifle it will be easier

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