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How do I get to splitscreen at main menu ?

I want to play co-op without going online

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iamnotananimal answered:

You must have two PS2 Dualshock controllers connected to your console. PSOne controllers won't work.
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gbaspfreak answered:

Splitscreen is when you have two or more controllers in the system. when two controllers are plugged in, splitscreen will be lit up. the online feature is on multi-player. they are two different things. hope this helps!
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tendragon10 answered:

first there can only be 2 players offline. second there cant be a multitap plugged into the system. last i think you have to beat the game b4 u can use splitscreen.
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gbaspfreak answered:

No, you don't have to beat the game to use splitscreen.
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Luigi4444 answered:

gbaspfreak is absolutely correct.
(I don't know why everyone has voted his answer down;
trolls, maybe?)
Anyhoo, you must have two PS2 controllers plugged in and turned on (if they're wireless).
I'm 95% sure that you do NOT have to beat the game in order to play splitscreen.
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Logan782 answered:

I agree with all of them
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