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Why won't the enemy use heros?

Every time I play even in glatic conquest when they use the leader bonus power or have enough points they never use.

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AssultTank answered:

As I said before it is an error.
1)Yes they do make it through testing it happens hence why it is called an error.
2)There is no switch to turn it on for the AI
3)They have it in the other versions therefore it is not because the designers thought people would get frustrated.
4)Only humans play as heroes online not AI, except in ME assault.
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Chickenman77 answered:

I don't know. I played the Xbox version and they used even in instant action. Must be because it is the PS2 version i don't know 100% though
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AssultTank answered:

It's just an error with this version. From what I've seen and heard all the other versions allow it.
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InfernoSD answered:

It's not an error, of course. That would never make it through the testing.

Either they had some problem implementing them in the normal matches, or they found that they were sadly ineffective to throw in.
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slythr answered:

yes and that method is to get a certain number of points or timer (pre-designated) and then confirm that you wish to use that specific hero. Unfortunatly, the game designers figured that it would make battles lopsided and frustrate players (i.e. newbs). So, however awesome it would be to gun down Han Solo, the only chance you'll get to kill an opposing hero is to either assault on Tatooine OR splitscreen with a friend (heros on of course)...
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Razor_Nik answered:

i agree with Allurade_Dendra she/he was right there is a method you missed out probably in the options where hero was set to off thats just my geuss
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DJ183 answered:

I am not sure. Same thing happens on my game. However if you go to instant action and go to Mos Eisley there is an option to do assault. Every person in the battle (including CPU) will use heroes.
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bruinfamer answered:

In the PS2 version, the enemy do not use Heroes. In the Xbox version, they do. Not sure why.
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