Question from mjskra

Why dosent it accsept my codes and still makes the beep?

Everytime I Enter A Code It Makes The Beep But Dosent Accsept It?

DaBigBear asked for clarification:

What code are you putting in?

biofire123 asked for clarification:

Like DaBigBear said, what code(s) are you using?

Top Voted Answer

lil_literalist answered:

Make sure that you are entering the code correctly--no spaces or caps.
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AMPED_88 answered:

U puting the right thing
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Excalibur7896 answered:

Maybe that happens because u typed the password again and it disables.
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DaBigBear answered:

When I put in the infinate ammo code the first time I put it in it doesn't make the "Beep" but if I put it in a second time quick enough it works and makes the so called "Beep" noise.
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