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How high can youset the AI?

I've done 16 but I read someone set it to 32.

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AssultTank answered:

A dedicated server can set up to 32 AI per team. Those battles get really hectic and laggy, The highest you can reasonably set it is 16 but then you will want to set players down to 8.
Always try to keep 20 units using the formula H+(AI/2)=20 when H<12. Where H is human count and AI is total AI. ex: 12 AI and 8 Humans.
Additionally if you have 12 players or more AI can cause lag.
So really the limit is based on how much lag you want.

In ps2 servers you can set it to 8 iirc.
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jg072 answered:

They probably said 32, as in 32 total. That's 16 per side. However, if you can connect to the internet with your Playstation, you can connect, then exit back to the main menu. Now when you go to instant action you will be able to put the AI up to 25 per side.
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Geo_Charger answered:

only on a server you can... also on the PC version of the game you can set it up to 32.... now thats one hell of a battle!
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