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Asked: 6 years ago

Who is good?

I don't know if the CIS is good or the Republic because the Republic has darth vader

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From: lil_literalist 6 years ago

Taken in context of the movies, the Republic and the Rebels are good, and the CIS and the Empire are bad. From an in-game standpoint, they are all just various units that you can play. Don't hesitate to play a certain faction just because of their good/bad factor.

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the Republic doesn't have Darth Vader thats the Empire and the factions vary in some maps some factions have somewhat of an advantage otherwise it's just prefrence

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The CIS has the best gun-ship which makes
them good for space battles... other than that
they are pretty much all the same

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Depends of your meaning of good.
From the movies you are lead to believe the Republic is good but, if you mean better to play as they are all the same.

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