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Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Levels? 1

Other Help Answers
Are there anymore servers people play on in this game? 1
Engineer help? 4
Glitchs? 3
Hey is anyone playing online? 2
How do I get critical hits on vehicles? 1
How do i get the Jet Troopers in space battles? 2
How do you download mods? 1
How do you get a Beam Rifle? 7
How do you play as the jedi on order 66? 2
How do you send a buddy request to a person in your game? 2
I need help? 1
Name? 4
Network Adapter? 3
Online help? 2
Should I get this? 1
What is the fourth option on Mos Eisely assualt? 1
Where is the best place to play at? 3
why can't I make my own soldier? 2
Ackley? 6
Battlefront 3? 5
Can any droid clone imperial or rebel use the blaster pistor and blaster rifle? 1
Can fusion cutters be used for killing enemies as well? 1
Can you crawl? 3
Can you replay campaign levels? 1
Can you shut off swearing? 3
Can you turn off award weapons? 7
Can you? 1
Characters unlocked? 1
Characters unlocked?? 4
Dead eye? 2
Does any1 know any glitches? 3
Does this game swear? 1
Engineer? 6
How can I see the name of weapons when I change them? 1
How can my brother and I take 2 same hero? 1
How did the maker of a clone apart make a clone apart using this game? 2
How do I go into First Person Mode? 4
How do i increase my rank? 1
How do you get to the code area? 5
How to set your al units? 1
I wanted to know the order of the ranks and how many guys will follow you? 1
If you are using a non jed character with a baster is there a way to see the full body and not just the aim of the gun? 1
If you don't want to go to the command post and don't will more enemies keep coming? 1
In any mode can you set your allies number to 0? 2
In heroes assault are there any maps besides mos eisley? 1
In heroes assault mode can you pick any hero or villain to play as at any location? 1
In instant action mode when you do the levels from campaign in instant action will they still have a time limit? 3
Is the space assault mode on the ps2 or is it just on the pc? 1
Is there a cheat for infinite jet pack ? 5
Is there a way to blow up star cruisers? 1
Is there a way to slow down force-speed? 4
Is there at least a few levels in heroes mode where the fusioncutter is useful? 1
Jedi creation? 2
Jedi vs. Clones? 3
Jedi vs. Clones??? 4
Landing craft? 1
Long names? 1
Man eating creature? 3
Mos esily little guys? 2
Playing online? 1
Release in Australia? 1
Select? 2
Special charecters? 1
Squad commannds? 2
Unlockable characters? 2
What are all the battlefields? 1
What are all the different character rankings from worst to best? 1
What do you do when it dosent let u play heros? 4
What does the alternate soldiers cheat do? 3
Why can't Jedi use Squad Commands? 5
why cant I play a assault on different levels? 2
Why dosent it accsept my codes and still makes the beep? 4
Why won't the enemy use heros? 8
Will this ever come out on PS3?! 1
Wingmen? 2
With the health and ammo dispenser can you use them on yourself or just other people? 1

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