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How to lower my car heat???

How to lower my car heat???my car have heat and the cops always looking for me...


shadow_ninja122 answered:

Change the color of your car, use your other car and let your car with heat sit for a bit
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thenerdfrom1996 answered:

If that's your only car, consider changing the body and visual options. The cops won't recognize your car (because the license plate always says NFSMW), and therefore you have a lot less heat.
If not, just use another car.
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LJYA1298 answered:

The fastest way is to change your parts (body kits, rims, etc.) and visuals (paint, vinyls, etc.) or if you have another car use that especially in races... I had a lvl 4 heat SS and when i used Kaze's Mercedes for 2 races the heat of SS lowered to half of lvl 3 heat.

Hope this helps!

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tejaskesharwani answered:

if you want to lower you cars heat, then there are two opitions..
ONE-park one of your car in safe house and use another car, the parked car will lose heat.
TWO-go to one stop shop then go to visuals(in right side of performance) , then paint or change vinyls of your car or anything there, the the level of heat will be lowered
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gazman14 answered:

And its not like in carbon as in you press a certain button and it lowers a bit of your heat level. and when you get you M3 back you'll have to change stuff because its already on heat level 5.
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ManOfDarkDesire answered:

There are two ways to do t.

1. As previously mentioned, you can lower the heat of your car by changing the look of it from the rims, body, body paint, etc.

2. If your car has too muh heat, like level four or five, don't use the car. Instead, race with a different type of car and once you go back to the safehouse, your heat on the previous car should be lowered.

You should pay attention to the texts you get from Mia and Rog. They really give you helpful hints.
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Steven295965 answered:

There are 3-4 ways that I know of that lessen your car's heat level.

1- Sometimes, if you don't play the game for a while or reset the console, it glitches, and it goes back to level 1.

2- If you have another car that has lower heat, then use that one to do your races. Since the car the cops are looking for has vanished off the streets (temporarily; which they don't know), they'll gradually stop looking for that car.

3- (Use this if you are desperate to lose heat.)Go to the One-Stop Shop and change its visual (and physical) appearance. You have paint, vinyls, window tint, body kits, spoilers,etc.

4- While you are trying to earning race wins, doing milestones, and raising bounty to run against Kaze, Blacklist #7, Mia will send you a voicemail. Don't skip this voicemail, because if you sit through the entire thing, you'll see your car drop to heat level 1.
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TheHoff011 answered:

If one car you can go to the shop and change your body kit spoiler rims hood roof top and also your paint color viyals rim paint window color and if you have another car use that until the car you like heat is down
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Claude_Johnson answered:

You Can Try To Change Your Body Kit,Rims,Color,Windows Color
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