Question from blitter123

Asked: 4 years ago

A list of all blacklist members cars?

and What #

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From: alastor945 4 years ago

15. Sonny - Volkswagon Golf GTi
14. Taz - Lexus IS300
13. Vic - Toyota Supra
12. Izzy - Mazda RX8
11. Big Lou - Mitsubishi Eclipse
10. Baron - Porsche Cayman S
9. Earl - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII
8. Jewels - Ford Mustang GT
7. Kaze - Mercedes Benz CLK 500
6. Ming - Lamborghini Gallardo
5. Webster - Corvette C6
4. JV - Dodge Viper SRT10
3. Ronnie - Aston Martin DB9
2. Bull - Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
1. Razor - BMW M3 GTR

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