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Secrets? Sidequests?

It seems there are no secrets in this game. Are there? I think maybe the only secret/side quest I have found is getting all skills/magic abilities and making all the eggs in the game.

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BloodPuppetX answered:

There isn't a single side quest in this game-far as I can tell.There is a game called Arrange Dice that you can play,and there are a few optional monsters you can fight-such as the Hydra or the desert lord...but that's about it.
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Bull422 answered:

It's not exactly a big secret but if you can defeat a lucky minx not only will you get a lot of EXP but more importantly you might get the Lucky Book. With this book you can then get the legendary thief skill which greatly increases your chances of getting items after a battle.

Unfortunately there are no side quest or any game+ features after you beat the game.
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MatangBaka answered:

There Are'nt sidequests in the game but there are secrets. There is a secret boss outside baccula settlement and that is the desert king he is hard but I managed to beat it though I Beat it around level 90+
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