FAQ/Walkthrough by Kouli

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-- Grandia 3 --
-- FAQ/Walkthrough --
-- By Ken "Kouli/Ice" Zhao (kenzhao99@yahoo.com) --
-- Version 0.3 --


<Beforehand Words>

~What Is It
This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on the Japanese version of "Grandia 3" that is
released on August 4th, 2005. The game itself is made by GameArts and published
by Square Enix.

If there is an US version and you are playing it, read this FAQ/Walkthrough at
your own risk. However, do not whine to me about this and that being different,
as comparing to the US version. This is still based on the Japanese version
solely, localized version will always/mostly share different names, and you
should have an understanding on such simple concept. Ultimately, it is your
choice that you pick the US version over the Japanese version, so it is not my
concern, thus don't whine to me about difference you see.

~What Will Be Covered
This FAQ/Walkthrough in general, will only cover the main game, thus just from
the beginning to the end. Optional and secret are often not included. However,
sometimes I will talk about it vaguely or in point form. If you are playing a
Japanese version game, I would take it that you at least know some Japanese
"kouryaku" sites or just use 2ch. Some sites are often as COMPLETE as it gets
and 2ch usually have real nice info. Thus, you should know where to look for
sites that have coverage on the particular game.

This is essentially a speedy main walkthrough guide, so the format/layout will
be simple, nothing fancy. Also, this is likely depend on my first playthrough,
it might lacks detail for parts, or those usual things that you won't see/
easily missed on your first time. A first time is never perfect, right? Unless
you have some sort of COMPLETE guide to hold your hands.

~Why Not Complete
The reason that I do not make this a COMPLETE FAQ/Walkthrough(that covers
everything, including lists, data, optional and secret things...etc) is because
I lack time. The market for Japanese RPG genre is very active and I have a
great taste/interest with the genre, hence, I will try to buy and play all
these RPGs ASAP. Since making a COMPLETE FAQ/Walkthrough will take a while, and
if I do that for each RPG I buy and play, that will slow me down a lot. So, it
would make sense that I only make a FAQ/Walkthrough that covers the main game
only. I write my FAQ/Walkthrough in real time, as in playing the game and write
at the same time. Unless there is an RPG rush, otherwise, this main game FAQ/
Walkthrough should be done shortly after the Japanese release. I tend to get
things done FAST and move on to another RPG, of course, write another one. The
cycle goes on and on. I am busy and can get very busy, so please try to have
an understanding on the fact that I don't usually write COMPLETE FAQ/
Walkthrough. I am more than willing to put in effort, but just not to one or
two FAQ/Walkthrough. Instead, I aim for as many PS2 RPGs as possible.

As said above, COMPLETE FAQ/Walkthrough takes quite some time, even for some
sites. Because we have to figure things out on our own, and you guessed it,
there is no Official COMPLETE Strategy Guide or the sort by the Japanese
release. Those often come out months later. This is how it works in Japan. We
don't have the time because we are the ones created the games. Often, the
strategy guide writers are against the time. However, for US version, due to
the fact that Americans have to go through the localization period, that
means US strategy guide writters have plenty of time to write a COMPLETE
guide. Thus, lots of dedicated FAQ writers that play US version games can
easily pull off a COMPLETE FAQ/Walkthrough with the help of the COMPLETE guide
that's released around the US release of the particular game. As compared to
JP gamers, we often figure things out or check sites, instead of having a
COMPLETE guide by our hand. This is the difference. So in the future, don't
be surprised that US Contributors can pull off a COMPLETE FAQ/Walkthrough
fast, because chances are, they are getting lots of help from the Official
COMPLETE Guide, where as for JP Contributors, pulling out a main walkthrough
FAQ/Walkthrough fast is more than enough.

~Hosting This FAQ/Walkthrough & E-Mails
In general, just IGN.com and GameFAQs/Gamespot. If you are from Cheatcc, then
don't bother. And I warn you Cheatcc people, mainly Dave, DO NOT host ANY of
my stuff on your site. I have been saying this for nth time, and if you still
don't listen, face the consequences! Anyway, if you are another general site,
probably not but do ask, I might, depending on the site. If you are a fan site
of this specific game/series, do ask and I will mostly give you the permission.
As to E-Mail me, do have a clear title. If it's about the game's story or game
play stuff, make your question clear as well. Do remember, if you are the type
that can't even read kana, please refrain from asking, with questions due to
the fact that you can't read kana. I WILL ignore you. Another thing I want is
that you play the Japanese version and ask questions around the JP release
date. If you ask me stuff on a game, like 3 months after the release, chances
are, I won't remember and probably not going to bother. I move on from games
to games fast, so keep yourself updated. Finally, NEVER EVER rush me. I am
writting this as I play the game(literally the same time), there is no FASTER
than that. If you are seeing no update or big gap between updates, chances are,
this game was among a RPG rush, and I am probably playing something else. And
just one more thing, if you see this at Cheatcc.com, please do inform me.

~Your Prerequisite
Playing a Japanese version game, especially RPG genre, means you at least know
all kana. Knowing how to read katakana and hiragana help a lot with gameplay
related things, especially with katakana which is foreign to begin with.
Hiragana, you can take your time to understand, same with grammar, particle
and of course, our beloved kanji. If you playing a Japanese version, I will
assume you at least know the basic of the basic, such as reading kana. I don't
mind if you use a game to learn more of the language even though that's not a
good way. My point is, you should be between getting the hang of the language
to around half fluent. If you are fluent, this paragraph is not for you. If you
are just a beginner, I don't mind to help you if you got questions. However,
you MUST know how to read kana. If you are the type that can't even read kana,
then why bother? No matter how eager you are, I seriously don't know why you
bother with a game, esepcially the RPG genre, without being able to read kana.
That is just absurd, period. Learn some kana, please!

For the Chinese, please don't act like you know all or OWN kanji just because
you know Chinese. They can be very similar but they are still different. Lots
of readings and meanings are quite different. I can easily pull off dozen
examples, and if you apply your Chinese there, I can tell you, you will be
wrong. So, please, for some of you, don't act so arrogant and think you OWN
kanji. You merely have a slight edge on kanji than others, you are FAR FAR FAR
from owning kanji. "I know Chinese so I know kanji" is the typical annoying &
ignorant thing to say.

Also, this is quite the common sense. Don't even hope that a Japanese version
game, especially the RPG genre, would have English related things. Yes, there
are some Japanese version games that have that, such as the Devil May Cry
series will always feature English voices in both JP and US version. However,
rest assured that this is never going to happen with the RPG genre, aka the
text heavy genre, 99% of the time. The 1% is for those one million to one
examples, such as Koudelka. But, whether that 1% has English related or not are
often known before the game comes out in Japan, so there is your homework.
Thus, in the future, refrain from asking such question, because chances are,
a 'NO' for 99% of the time. It's VERY UNLIKELY to happen with the RPG genre.
For other genre games, unless the previous games in the series often have
English related, otherwise, probably not. All of these things, they are nothing
but common sense. You can re-think a bit and ask yourself: Why would a Japanese
version game that is meant for the Japanese have English related things?

~My General Goal
GameFAQs has something called "Most Wanted FAQs" and "FAQ Bounty Contest", my
goal is to take off as many PS2(this generation at this point) RPGs off those
lists as possible. I am not looking for the money in "FAQ Bounty Contest"
however. Some people are probably going to say I am "Quantity Over Quality",
but, I rather cover on as many PS2 RPGs as possible than just spending lots of
time on just few FAQ/Walkthrough. Given, I am not the only Contributor, there
are others and their works. If you don't like my style that much, refrain from
reading my stuff. My stuff are usually for the JP versions anyway, and there
are next to no Contributor that write things for Japanese versions frequently,
so in the end, most of you will get the US version, play it and write your own
FAQ/Walkthrough based on the US version. That's good and remember, you guys are
the majority, ones for JP versions are really the minority, so I want to do my
part for them, as an Importer/Japanese gamer.


<Update Log>

\August 05, 2005/
- Version 0.1, beginning to write the full walkthrough

\August 06~07, 2005/
- Version 0.2, continue the walkthrough, completed Disc 1

\August 08~09, 2005/
- Version 0.3, wrapping up the walkthrough

Disc 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------


After some long intro scenes, you will get to control Yuuki, our protagonist.
You can check around and once you are done, exit out the garage.

<Anfog Village>

You are free to explore around. Once you are done, head to Miranda's House at
around the SE of the map.

<Miranda's House>

There is a Light Sphere here, you can use it to heal or save your game. Check
the herbs to the right for a "Herb". Then go to the left part which is the
kitchen for the "Flight Unit". Now, back to Lotz in the garage.

<Anfog Forest>

After scenes, you will enter your first battle of the game. Miranda will start
to explain things to you. Just follow her instructions: Combo, Critical, then
one of those two, then Magic, and Deathblow. The rest is just defeating that
Mysterious Mercenary.

After, continue down the path. On the way, you will find an item box. Continue
down a bit and there will be more scenes. After, continue down a bit to spot
the Light Sphere, as well as an Egg near it. After, continue to the south for
more scenes.

<Anfog Village>

Exit out the house. Head to the garage for more scene. Get the herb at NW then
back to Miranda's house for more scene. After, enter Miranda's Room for more
scenes. After, save your game then exit out the house. You will end up fighting
Kornell. However, Miranda is still doing the tutorial: Critical, Critical,
Critical, Deathblow, Critical or Deathblow. Kornell will flee in the end.

Speak with Miranda then you will exit out the village. Enter back to the
village and speak with the oldman near the exit for the "Life Up" skill. Magic
and Item Shops are also available now. And remember, Alfina joins your party

<Animal Trail>

Pretty big area, and your destination is at SW. Continue down and by the scene,
use G-Search to spot that item box. After, move on and cut down the mushrooms
with X. As you notice already, you can slash object as well as enemies, so you
can stun them. The enemies here can be pretty tough when they come in great
number, but if you got the maigc "Gragin", you would be fine. Explore around
the area for all kinds of items. By the river, you will need to jump by using
Circle. SE part of this map is another Light Sphere. Once you are done checking
around, advance at SW path.


Continue on and there will be more scenes. There will be a meal taking place.
Any fan of the series should know this "Meal System" of the Grandia series.
Just speak around and after, more scenes. There is another Light Sphere here,
and this one, you can heal. Continue down a bit and a REAL fight:

Enemies: Kornell, Kornell's Subordinate*2, Sturdy Iron Armor Hand
Comment: Alright, this can get a bit tricky. Use Keroma frequently here and if
         you can Critical/Cancel an enemy, especially Kornell, do it. Clear the
         two Subordinates, then aim for Kornell's Sturdy Iron Armor Hand and
         finally, that Kornell. If you need extra defense for this battle, use
         Digan to do so. Kornell alone shouldn't give you much trouble

After, heal and save your game again.

<Anfog Forest - Southern Part>

Another big area as you can see. It's pretty straightforward, however. By the
first few mushrooms you see, cut them and you can take that path for more
mushrooms, as well as an item box at the end of the ramp. Then back track and
move on. Eventually, you will need to take the ladder down, then jump. After
that, check another ladder for an item box as well as the Light Sphere. The
rest is just make your way to SE.

<Sabatal Beach>

Continue up for more scenes. Alonso will join the party. Check out the beach
if you wish. After, go left of the map for a Light Sphere.

<Sabatal Beach - Shore>

More big area. Continue on and by the intersection, go right/down for an item
box at the end. After, back track and take the left/upper path to move on.
Eventually, you will get to another Light Sphere. From where the Light Sphere
is on the map, go left all the way for another item box. The rest is just exit
out at south end.

<Sabatal Port>

Go up for more scene. After, enter the "Gambling House - Beauty Bianca" for
more scenes. A game of "Arrange Dice" will take place. After, exit out for more
scene. Now, head toward Alonso's Ship at NW. Then head inside the Cabin. Speak
with Alonso for 1 Medal. Before speaking with Miranda, you can explore the town
a bit. Within the Inn, there is a Skill Shop, and a man will offer you to buy
"Vaan Strike". Behind this Inn, check with a person outside to buy Mikeroma.
Also, within "Gambling House - Beauty Bianca", you can play the game "Arrange
Dice", as well as getting more Medals using your Gold. You can also trade your
Medals for prizes. Once you are ready, go speak with Miranda. After, head back
to "Gambling House - Beauty Bianca". After scenes, you will obtain various
items. Back toward Alonso's Ship.

<Alonso's Ship>

After scenes, speak with Alonso and Alfina on the deck, then back to the Cabin
to speak with Miranda. After, save your game and get back to the deck. By the
front of the ship, you get another scene. You will fight 2 groups of 8 Funaqui
Birds. Afterward, speak with Shiba few times. Then back to the Cabin and speak
with Ull. Again, the funny "Meal System", ^_^! Just keep talking til it ends.
After, get up the stairs then exit out to the deck for more scenes.

<Landote Island>

After, head toward the Light Sphere and save your game. Once you are ready,
enter the cave.

Beware of the objects here, once you slash it, run away from it, otherwise, it
will blow up and stun you. Continue on to the right and jump across. There will
be a scene eventually, and enemies will show up. After, continue to the right.
Just use the map to explore around. There are objects you can hit near walls,
blowing those up will also blow up the walls, making back tracking easier. To
move on, head out from the north.

Once you are out, here we got another big area. There is a Light Sphere near,
use it to save your game. Continue on and a scene. Here, you have objects and
rocks near them. If the object blows up, it will create a boulder rolling down
in the end. You will need to use this to get item. Some rock just hides an item
box where you get after blowing up the rocks. Around the center of the map, you
can fall down if you walk by the edges. Eventually, this can lead you to east
part of the map. From east, make your way to upper north.

Next area, use the Light Sphere to heal and save your game. Continue on and
you will get to the boss fight.

Enemies: Duram Taurus, Fish-Being Strategist, Fish-Being Personal Guard*4
Comment: Alright, Cancel the Personal Guard's Munya when you can and MUST try
         to Cancel Duram Taurus' Grand Rush. Because there are quite a few
         targets here, let's try to avoid using single target moves, unless you
         need to use a Deathblow to Cancel. Duram Taurus is not hard, but the
         side enemies can be annoying since they can keep making you fall
         asleep. Once you took out the side enemies, Duram Taurus is not much
         of a threat as long as you time it right to Cancel its attacks

After, check near the tree for the "Rem Seed". Now attempt to back track for
more scenes.

<Unknown Wasteland>

It's just you and Alfina. Continue down the path and you will get to a Light
Sphere. Near the Light Sphere, you can take a stone platform up. Walk up a bit
and more scene. Move on and take another platform up. Continue on and for more
scenes. You will return back and take into a mysterious battle to help Miranda
and Alonso.

Enemies: Exythe Sigma, Pico*4
Comment: Exythe Sigma here is pretty fast, don't bother to Cancel his attacks
         other than "Anode". The other 4 Pico here are rather easy to beat.
         After you got it down to Exythe Sigma, just keep attacking and only
         Cancel its "Anode" attack

After, just save your game. Now, unequip Alonso and Miranda's Skill, Magic, as
well as their Equipment. As for their weapons, just set them back to their
default/initial ones. Then get back to the ship for more scenes. Afterward, get
back to the Cabin for the Meal System. Keep talking til it ends then more scene
to go.


Make your way through and another quick scene. Make your way through at north
to the next area. Head to the right for more scene. After, check the near
flower house for another scene. After, continue to the right to the next area.
There are Item, Skill and Magic Shops here. Once you are ready, move to the
place at upper north for more scene then enter "Schmidt's Garage". Afterward,
speak with Schmidt then repeat 3 more times. After, exit out. Then head back to
the ship's cabin. Again, another meal. Repeat the talkings til it ends. After,
get out to the deck for more scene. Now, go to speak with Schmidt.

<Arcliff Forest>

After some long scenes, save your game by the near Light Sphere. Take some time
to explore this first area, then move on from the bridge at NE. Then make your
wway to north from the left part of the map. After, take the long road to move

<Arcliff Temple>

There are Item and Magic Shops here. Once you are ready, make your way to the
north. Head into the Cathedral and speak with the Bishop. After, take the right
door from here and go up the stairs. On 2F, enter the near room. Read the diary
on the right desk. After, back to 1F and make your way to the eastern hallway.
There is a Priest at north part.

The next day, go back to 2F again. Enter the second room which leads to the
stands. After scenes, save your game by the near Light Sphere. There are two
item boxes to the right then move on from the right. You will enter another

Enemies: Exythe Sigma, Pico*2
Comment: Pretty much the same fight from before, except you only have Alfina
         and Yuuki this time. Cast Digan to increase your Def and Res. The two
         Pico can be taken care off here easily, but do remember to Cancel
         Exythe Sigma's "Anode"

After, take the right path then head up to 2F. Continue your way down to south
part of the map. Take the stairs to the Northern Tower.

Here, save your game by the Light Sphere. There are also 4 item boxes near.
Anyway, as you move on, a scene and 2 enemies show up. After, move your way to
the SW part of the map for another scene. Take the stairs up to move on. Your
goal is the north part of the map.

After the scene, do save your game by the near Light Sphere. Then explore
around if you wish, after, go south of the map.

Back to the Forest. Go check out your airship.


Take the path and back to the town. Enter the Inn for a scene. After, exit out
for another scene. Ull will join the party. Once you are ready, speak with
Shiba and you can get to Landote Island.

<Landote Island>

Save your game and make your way up to north. Eventually, you will get to the
top and blow up the object there to move on. Save your game first then go check
out that tree. Of course, another fight awaits you.

Enemies: Duram Taurus*2
Comment: Put up Digan to increase your Def and Res, then be sure to Cancel when
         you can. Focus on one then when you are down to one, just keep Cancel

After, get another "Rem Seed". Now back track to where Shiba is.


After the scene, walk down a bit for another scene. After, head to the Inn.
After Alfina joins back, go back to that new airship. Now, you can free to
control the airship and fly to various locations. Anyway, get a move on. Open
up the Map with Triangle while flying. Head to the location at north.

<Flying Dragon Valley>

After scenes, use the near Light Sphere to save your game. Continue your way
up and push a rock down. Back track and you can now cross. The area is not too
big and you can once again, use the map. There are lots of item boxes around,
besure to pick them up. Eventually, you will get to a second rock. Once again,
push it down. Once you are down exploring around, move on at north.

Next area, straight forward but watch out for the Dragon Knights that are
riding on the Thunder Dragons. If you can, try to blow up the objects near to
stun them. Continue your way up and eventually, you will get to another Light
Sphere. Do save your game before you move on.

Next, this is a much bigger area than the previous two. And to get across, you
are going to cut the tree here, as well as pushing a wooden log. Sometimes you
can just jump. Watch out for some flower buds here, they can be a tough enemy
called Green Man. Just explore each area and push whatever wooden log and cut
down tree if applicable. You will get to the north part by going from the lower
left part of the map. Before you enter that cave, there is a Light Sphere
there, so be sure to save your game. Next area, continue on for more scenes.
Continue down the path and speak with Drag at the end. After, obtain that "Drag
Orb". After, back track. You will be back to the first area of Flying Dragon
Valley. Make your way to the airship. Open up the map, and you can see a new
area at NE part of the map. Go there.

BTW, now you have an Orb, you can use it in battle. A new command should appear
when your Orb Gauge is full. You refill the Orb Gauge by defeating enemies. The
Orb Gauge is located at the upper right corner. You can only use the "Drag Orb"
at the moment.

<Bakula Village>

Continue your way to the town and eventually, more scene. There are Item, Magic
and Skill Shops here, as well as an Inn. At this point, the Magic Shop will now
offer the "Mana Egg Combine" option to you. Once you are ready, head to the
Village Chief's Tent that's located at left part of the map. After you spoke
with Dahna, exit out and to the inn. Speak with the owner and you can take
another meal. Afterward, exit out the inn for more scene. Dahna will join the
party. Exit out the Inn, and head to the NE path within the village.

<Bakulan Desert - West>

A pretty big area here. Explore around and fight enemies if you wish. After,
advance from the north path. There is an enemy called "Master Of The Desert"
which is quite a scary monster. It hangs around the western part of the desert
so be sure to avoid it.

<Bakulan Desert - North>

Once again, another big area. Make your way to north. Save your game and enter
the cave.

<Bakula Ruins>

Alright, first area here is quite big. The map isn't too confusing here so use
it to explore around. To move on, take the door at NW. There is also a Light
Sphere there.

Here, at the Valley Of Sand. Pretty straight forward, so just move along the
path to the next door.

Yet again another big area. The right path leads to another area of the Valley
Of Sand which got few item boxes in there. At the northern part, use the statue
to lower the path to right or left. For the right path, you will get a scene
where few "Great Divine Soldier" will gang up on you. They aren't exactly easy
to beat, so avoid them or Escape the battle. Once you are done exploring, take
the door at north. Don't forget to save your game before that.

Finally, at the Holy Valley. Continue your way to north. Of course, another
boss fight.

Enemies: Kornell, Sturdy Iron Armor Hand, Violetta, Demon Scythe
Comment: Each of them got a weapon, so, that makes 4 targets. Start the battle
         up by using "Drag Orb". Take care of them one by one takes forever
         and risky, use range/line/all based Deathblow, Magic, or even Items.
         Doing Cancel here is a bit tricky, pick the most important move from
         them then Cancel it. With a bit of Healing frequently, you should be
         fine with this battle. The two weapons have a combo called "Rumbling&
         Shaking Of The Heaven&Earth Slash", MUST Cancel that. If you plan on
         using Magic with Alfina and Dahna, try to have Mana Eggs with 2+ Boost
         for them. When they are low on HPs, then go put the final blows to
         finish off that Kornell first then that Violetta. Because that combo
         "Rumbling&Shaking Of The Heaven&Earth Slash" can cause lots of damage,
         killing off one weapon ASAP is not a bad idea, however

After, walk up to Yout then pick up the "Yout Orb". Back track and make your
way back to the Bakula Village.

<Bakula Village>

Back to the Village Chief's Tent. Within, check the altar for "Proof Of The
Village Chief". Now exit out the tent and head to the central north path which
is the one with the nets/seal.

<Bakulan Desert - South>

Another big desert part. Just head to south of the map.


Save your game. Go up and put the "Proof Of The Village Chief" into the floor.
Head toward the Black Swirl and examine it. Afterward, that ends this DVD. The
game will promt you to save the game. Do so.

Disc 2-------------------------------------------------------------------------

<Birth Realm>

Alright, save yuor game and use the map to explore around. There aren't that
many items around though. After, take the path at north.

Next, the Glass Forest. Save your game again and continue your way down. Then
go around at the base level to collect few items, after that, move up from the
other ramp. Eventually, you will get to a lift. Take it to move on.


Continue up and more scene. There are Item, Skill and Magic Shops here. After,
check the house at east. Within, go inside the room and out to the garden.
Now back track and exit out this house. Head to the central area for more
scene. Then speak with Hect that's near the statue. Now back to Hect's House.
Another meal after. Next day, exit out the house and take the lift at SE part
of the map.

Next area, the Silver River. Pretty short and straight forward area. But there
are few items around. After, head to north to the next area.

Save yuor game and enter the house. Speak with Femt within. After, exit out and
take the left path.

<Surmania Zero>

Just continue your way and more scene. After, continue your way down and more
scene. Afterward, go back to Terrarium.


Back to Hect's House. Next day, go in Hect's Room then to the garden. Speak
with Hect for more scene. After, exit out the house and this time, take the
lift at SW. Cross another small section of the Silver River, save your game
ad enter the cave.

<Corridor Of Eternity>

Alright, back to the typical big area. Continue on and eventually you will get
to an intersection, whether go on to north or take the boulder to the left.
Both of paths meet in the end, so it doesn't really matter. The boulder path
is faster but no items and the other path is long but got items around. There
is one thing to keep in mind for this cave, an enemy called "Exythe Psi" which
is another one of those scary enemies. Thus, avoid it.

Next, the deepest part. More scene and you will get into another boss fight.

Enemies: Mother Breed, Aton Delta, Piko Gamma*2
Comment: Start it up by using "Drag Orb". Of course, that leaves down to that
         Mother Breed. From now on, it's beyond easy. Keep doing Cancel so she
         can't do anything. If she does get a turn, she will mostly be getting
         another enemy out, like Piko Gamma. Keep her actions next to none and
         you won't even need to heal at all. If she does use an attack, it
         would be earth based attack-all magic. Use some healing after and you
         should be fine

After, save your game and head into the Black Swirl.

<Nautica Plateau>

Continue on to the next area. Pretty big area here, lots of enemies and items
tend to be at the edges. When you are done exploring around, go north part of
the map.

Relatively smaller area, but a bit more complex. It's an easy area to explore,
except for the SE part where you will need to push down a wall in order to get
there. Anyway, once you are done, save your game and continue up to north. More
scene and of course, another boss fight.

Enemies: Law Llim, Undead Dragon
Comment: Cancel their attacks, mainly. 4 on 2 isn't so bad. Be sure to use the
         "Drag Orb" if the Orb Gauge fills up already. Your goal here should be
         focus on on Law Llim. Because once he's low on HPs, he will flee. That
         means it's just the Undead Dragon which is really slow and makes your
         Cancelling more efficient. Of course, this one is similar, once it's
         low on HPs, it will flee as well

After, continue to north and save your game then take the near right path to
move on.

Next, another relatively small area. Take some time to explore around and then
head to the east part of the map.

<Bakulan Desert - West>

We are back to the desert. Make your way to lower right of the map to get back
to the Bakula Village.

<Bakula Village>

Back to the Village Chief's Tent. Speak with Luiri within the tent. After, go
to the Inn and speak with the owner there. Another meal. Keep talking around
til you can end it. After, go to your airship. Just go south from where you are
to get to the next location.

<Vejas Forest>

Save your game at the near Light Sphere. Make your way into the forest. Another
small area, but do explore around then go to the right to move on.

Within the jungle, it gets more complex. It might look like a maze, but, the
rocks that you can move here, it doesn't really matter which side you push it
from. In the end, you can get to the other side with another path. After, head
to the most right to move on.

Easier area than the last one. Save your game and move on with the map. It
doesn't matter which path you take, you will eventually get to the right.

<Vejas Ruins>

Continue up to enter the Green Temple. Continue up and save your game. Go left
and make your way to the north. The NE area here has a Mana Egg and 2 Item
Boxes. Nothing really tricky, just remember which one is lowered and which one
is raised up. The Left one has a Mana Egg and the Middle one leads to two Item
Boxes. There is also another Item at the East part of map. Anyway, once you
are done, get a move on. Eventually, you will be locked in a room with 4
enemies around. Defeat these "Forest Guardian" if you wish. There is a switch
at NW and an Item Box at SE. After, continue up and hit the switch. That opens
up the gate above. Now, you know what to do. Just back track and enter through
that gate. Take the lift at the center. Go up for more scene. After, pick up
the "Seiba Orb". Then back track and exit out this temple. After, more scenes.

You will be controlling Alfina. Check the middle door for more scene. Then the
right door for more scene and finally, the left door. Afterward, take the left
path. After, more scenes. Then take the airship and there should be a new
location appear onthe World Map, just to the left of Vejas Forest. It is the
Sky Castle that's been around all along. Now you can finally get there.

<Merck Ruins>

Save your game and enter. Continue up and take the lift. You will get into a
boss fight.

Enemies: Merck Crystal A, B and C
Comment: Start it up with the Yout Orb. Aside from attacking, be sure to do
         some Cancel, especially against attack like "Giga Spark". Not only
         this will take a long time, but, it is also fairy hard. Soon, one will
         do a "Cluster Change", to a bird form that makes them to move so fast.
         You will NOT believe how many turns they get before you can even move.
         Doing "Yout Orb" before saves you from revivings, and even with it,
         you can barely hang in there, so you will also need to heal. It's
         better you just defend or heal when it's in bird form. When it's back
         to normal, Cancel and attack like usual. This will put a test to how
         well you have trained your Deathblows, as well as how good your
         Equipment, Mana Eggs and Skill Books. Anyway, back to the battle. The
         Merck Crystals take so much damage, so don't hesitate to use "Digan"
         to raise your Def and Res. Also, casr Ranna/Runner to increase your

After, take the near lift to get to the central area. Be sure to save your game
by the near Light Sphere. Afterall, you did just went through a very hard
battle. Anyway, the area here isn't so big. Explore around then take the door
at NE. You will be outside again. Take the south door for more items and the
west door to more on.

Back to the Central Area. You will be at the NW part of the map. You have two
paths to go, in the end, they are connected. The one with the Item Box, that
moves down the hallway as soon as you get near, it is actually a Mimick. Aside
from it, there are also "Red Beast" around, a good number of them as well.
Unless you are prepared, otherwise, avoid them. Once you are done checking
around for items, take the path at north to move on.

Within the Room Of Time, go around for Items. Then make your way to the center
from the south part of the map. At the center part, there are an object at the
center, two rooms to items. One room is guarded by a 3 headed Hyudra. Anyway,
check the center object. The place will spin around and from where you are, you
can head to the north room. Before that, there is another room with guarded by
another 3 headed Hyudra. Afterward, head to the north area and you can make
your way to the Sky Tower from there.

It's like a maze here but we got the map, so no worries. There is a small enemy
here, called Lucky Mink. The damage you inflict to it is either 0 or 1. So be
sure to use multi-hit based attacks. It has around 18 HPs. And if you do manage
to kill one, you get 16384 Exp. Once you are done exploring here, move yourself
up from the left. Besure to save your game as well. Continue on and you will
be at above where you were. Collect some items around and go on.

Next area, continue along the path and you will get to another Light Sphere.
Open the door and take the lift up. After scenes, you will obtain the "Unama
Orb". After, just back track out and head back to your airship. Back to the
World Map, from where you are, just fly up to the cloud, and you would be able
to get to Surmania.


Save your game and head in the cave. This area is already big and fuzzy. To
start off, it doesn't really matter which path you take. They both meet at the
end. However, both paths got items, so you might want to check out both paths.
Continue on and you will get to another Light Sphere. From there, move on to
the left. You can take the lower path for anothe item and the upper path to
move on. Eventually, you get to NW part of the map. Take the lift there to go

Within the Church, go heal and save your game. Then get a move on. Of course,
it's boss time.

Enemies: Violetta, Demon Scythe
Comment: Start the battle with "Unama Orb". Violetta has less HPs, so go after
         her. With all your best attacks, you should have enough time to kill
         that Violetta before she can move. Yup, that ends the battle

After, might as well go back, heal and save your game. Now, get a move on to
the next area. Explore around for items, and there is another Light Sphere at
the center of the map. Once you are done, head to the north part of the map.

Next, the Courtyard. Head up and time for more scenes. After, you will be in
the Entrance. Save your game and go up. Time for another boss fight.

Enemies: Law Llim, Undead Dragon, Crystal Skull
Comment: If you already got the Orb Gauge fills up, do use "Unama Orb" again.
         Use range/line/all based Deathblow, Magic, or even Items to attack
         all of them. Undead Dragon should be killed easily. Then use your best
         Magic or Deathblow(I prefer Magic) just focusing on Law Llim. You
         should be able to do good amount of damage to it before he can move
         again. After, heal more frequent and put up "Digan". As earlier, use
         range/line/all based attacks, so you can damage all targets. Once you
         take out Law Llim, that ends the battle

After, continue up to north then take the lift up. Next, be sure to save your
game and enter the gate. After a scene, go up for another boss fight, much
tougher one.

(If you wish, don't fight Emelious yet, go back and refill your Orb Gauge)

Enemies: Emelious, God Slayer, Maken(Demon Sword), Darkness Orb
Comment: Nothing cheap about it, use "Unama Orb" if you bother to refill the
         Orb Gauge. Again, many targets and lots of HPs for them. So, as usual,
         use range/line/all based attacks against them. The God Slayer will not
         take any damage BTW. Before they can move, besure to cast "Digan". You
         should be able to take out the Darkness Orb easily. Next, work your
         way against that Maken(Demon Sword). I doubt you can take out Emelious
         or that Maken before they can move though. But, you should be able to
         do good amount of damage to them already. Once you got it down to just
         Emelious and the God Slayer, Cancel the more important attacks from
         them. Each time you Cancel God Slayer, use your best attack on
         Emelious. With a bit of frequent healings, you shouldn't have too much
         troubles. Emelious' normal attacks don't damage you all that much,
         even his "Time&Space Slash" is only single target, but that can kill
         off one character easily

After, more scenes. Alfina will be away from the party.


You will be at the Snowy Mountains. Be sure to save your game. Continue up to
the Lahrid Village. Enter and more scenes. There are Item, Magic and Skill
Shops here. Once you are done, head to the house at NW. After, go NE of the map
to spot Lotz. After, from where you are, you should spot the Black Whirl. Now,
head to the eastern part of the map or head left from the Skill Shop. More
scenes. After, continue your way up for more scene. You will obtain a "Pure
White Neckless". After, continue to make your way back to the village. After
more scenes, Hect will join the party. Now, exit out the Inn and go to NE path
of the map.

Within the mountain, continue on and explore the big empty area. There are Item
Boxes by the edges. After, advance from upper right path. Next area, the
Northern Mountain. Continue to make your way to NW. Save your game and check
the airship. After, head back to the Inn and speak with the owner.

Next day, if you intent to advance the game, go toward that airship and speak
with Schmidt. You will be stuck inside the early parts of the next dungeon,
but you can come back after you finish 2 boss fights. So, speak with Schmidt
when you are done preparing, at least for the two upcoming boss fights.

<Zone Shell>

Just continue on and you will get into a boss fight.

Enemies: Sigma Breed, Zeptol Sigma, Piko Sigma*2
Comment: Start it up with "Unama Orb". You should be able to clear all side
         enemies and defeat Sigma Breed as well. If not, you should be able to
         inflict enough damage before she can move. The rest is just keep doing
         Cancel on her

After, continue on and you will get to a Light Sphere. Do save your game. Now,
get a move on. Explore around for items before you move on to the next area at
upper left. Again, another Light Sphere. After you save your game, continue on.
You will get into another boss fight.

Enemies: Sigma Breed, Aton Sigma, Zeptol Sigma*2
Comment: Again, if you got your Orb Gauge already refilled up, start it up with
         "Unama Orb". Take care all side enemies and try to defeat Sigma Breed
         as well. If not, you should be able to do enough damage before she can
         move. The rest is just keep doing Cancel on her

After, slash that object. After scenes, you can now back track and exit out
this dungeon, if you wish. If not, continue on and more scene.

<Collapsed Surmania>

You will be inside the Underground Maze. Save your game. Relatively big area,
but again, there is the map. You will stepping on switches here but some can
open up cages which leads to more enemies. Collect items as you go on to the
south, then make your to the right then finally toward north. As you get around
the middle part near the north path, the floor will collapse and more scenes.

After, go north and take the lift up. Explore that small NE area indicated on
the map for two Items, after you opened that door. You can continue to the left
and hit anothe switch. This is for back tracking. Then make your way to the
north path.

Next area, just hitting switches around. There is also that small enemy here
called Lucky Mink. After, head to north and save your game. The next small here
is not that confusing but there are quite a few of items here. There are even
hidden areas that are off the map, lol. Once you are done, head to the lift at
the base level. More scenes.

Next, the Calamity Tower. There are lots of strong enemies here. If you don't
wanna fight, be sure to avoid them. But there is a Light Sphere near, you can
always try to level up here, if you haven't had enough from those Lucky Mink.
Anyway, go north and take the lift up. Next, save your game and open that gate.
More scene. Alfina will join back along with a new Deathblow called "The End Of
World" which is really one of the 3 Deathblows from Hect. Hect will leave the
party BTW. Go back and save your game. This shall be your final save before you
go end the game. So, this is your last chance to back track out this dungeon
and do whatever you wish to do.

Once you are ready, go speak with Hect. She will create a path for you to reach
Zone. Continue up and check the sword that's stabbed into the ground. That will
leads you to the last fight of the game.

Last Boss: Zone
Comment: For a last boss, this one sure isn't all that tough. It's just Zone
         alone, so Cancelling here is welcomed. However, Zone can move pretty
         fast, so besure to cast Ranna/Runner to help out your speed. Also,
         cast "Digan" to increase your Def and Res. If you got those Silver,
         Gold or Platinum Feathers, now it's the time to use them to faster
         your characters with the IP Gauge. Zone has tons of HPs, so this will
         take a while. But, as said, it's nothing hard. Dahna and Alfina can
         still attack with Magic, provided they have good Mana Eggs. As for
         Yuuki and Ull, they can attack with Deathblows. Actually, there is one
         Deathblow that Alfina should use, it's her new "The End Of The World".
         Also, don't forget the "Unama Orb". You can do some fine damage before
         Zone can even move. As for Zone's attacks, here are some:
         - Demon Gospel: 2 hits, about 1500 damage to one target. Just besure
                         to heal or revive after
         - Perishing Thunder: Area attack, about 1000 damage. If no one is in
                              danger after this, wait a bit and then use full
                              party heal or items when the time is right
         - Erode: Inflict "Disease" on one target. Again, can be easily healed
                  with items or magic
         - Prelude Of Demise: Creates a black circle. Damages come after some
                              time. Besure to move your characters
         - Inside The Deep Darkness: Attack the full party, about 1500 damage.
                                     Must try to Cancel this or keep your HPs
         - Distant Dimensional Interval: About 2000 damage to one target, you
                                         will mostly be reviving that character
         - Despair: Cause bad status to a character? Seems to just dispell my
                    Digan and Ranna/Runner

After you beat Zone, that ends the game. Sit back and enjoy the ending.


<More Coming Soon>



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