FAQ/Walkthrough by subnaut

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Grandia 3
Story FAQ and Walkthrough
Updated: August 14, 2005

Added skills section to Game Basics


I've decided to make a FAQ covering a basic walkthrough and story
explanation.  The story, characters, and game world in this game is
exceptionally developed and as many importers know little or no
Japanese I wanted to get some of the story out there so they can enjoy
the game as much as I do.

The basic flow of the FAQ will be short spoiler-free walkthrough
sections followed by spoiler story explanation sections.

Disclaimers/Apologies.  I don't mean to suggest (by any means) that my
Japanese is great or even decent.  If you do understand the game well
and find plot errors or gameplay errors in my FAQ please email me at
subnaut@hotmail.com and I will correct them.  Also, as I'm doing the
first bit from memory, it might not be *as* detailed as later

Also, if you have better romanizations send 'em my way!  (as they are
always tricky)


00.  Game Basics

01.  Anfog
02.  Sabatall Coast
03.  Landort Island
04.  Mendy City
05.  Argriff
06.  Flying Dragon Valley
07.  Baccura

(End of Disc 1)

08.  Terrarium
09.  Surmania Zero
10.  Vedgas
11.  Melk
12.  Rafride
13.  Surmania

00.  Game Basics

   Use Magic (i.e. heal/cure)
   Character Status
   Use Item
   View Items (sorted by categories: (equippable, usable/consumable,
important, mana egg, skill book, magic, skill)
   Combat Settings (at the bottom of this screem shows your battle
statistics: most damage, hits, highest air combo)
     SAS        ON/OFF   (combat advice system)
     AI setting A   B
       char1     *   *   (set two types of AI for each char, if you
don't want to use manual combat)
     Sound Mono/Stereo
     Right Stick Camera  Normal/Reverse
     Scene Skip  OFF/On (turn on to skip scenes with the select button)

Dungeon Map
O  - activate, open chest
X  - swing sword (break items, stun enemies)
[] - use radar to highlight nearby interactive items
^  - menu

Battle Commands
O  - select
X  - cancel sub menu, turn off AI
[] - switch camera mode
^  - turn on AI, switch AI

Flight Commands
O  - land
X  - accel
[] - decel
^  - map
L1 - listen to cb radio (when available)
R1 - detailed info (when available)

Combo is basic attack, Critical resets enemies initiative.  Combine a
critical with another character's combo or critical is do an air
combo.  All characters can participate in the same air combo.

Skills are always active.  Buy them or release them from books; set
them in shops, equip skill books to increase their efficiency.

Magic can be selected in combat, it costs MP.  Buy, release from eggs;
set in shops, equip mana eggs to increase efficiency.  Later in the
game you can combine eggs to make more powerful eggs for equipping or
making magic from.

Specials can be selected in combat.  Each character has one to start,
more can be learned by combos after you've leveled your special skill.
 You can increase your ability in a given special through usage, each
special has 5 levels P-S-P-R-P.  Specials cost SP which is gradually
gained through combat (increased by some skills) and you can get 10%
recovery (for each party member) by receiving an excellent in battle,
which is winning without taking damage.

1.  Pick how much you want to bet
2.  Arrange the cards in the order you want and substitute in the 3 or
the 11 if you wish.
3.  Roll the dice 5 times
4.  Collect winnings

Basic Winnings
 x2  : 3 in a row
 x15 : 4 in a row
 x100: 5 in a row

 x10 : each time snake eyes is rolled
 x2  : if your row contains 3 or 11 (x4 for both)

Coolest part of the game: cards get titles as dice are rolled showing
how great it would be to roll that ala Lucky Card, Fever Card,
Absolute Lucky Card.

Skills (JIS)
Spiritual Skills
1 Skill Cost

導師の心得 (doushi no kokoroe)
  Magic Power and Magic Defense UP
  Buy: Sabatall, Mendy, Baccura

  Magic Up
  Buy: Terrarium
  Book: Sorcerer

戦術眼 (senjutsugan)
  Battle Insight
  First combat turn comes sooner
  Book: Guardian

  Mana Charge
  Take magical damage and restore MP
  Buy: Mendy, Rafride

2 Skill Cost

硬気功 (koukikou)
  Rigid Breath
  All damage (taken) above a certain amount becomes 0.
  Buy: Baccura

火の呪法 (hi no juhou)
  Fire Mastery
  Lessens MP cost for fire spells.
  Buy: Rafride
  Book: Ninja

土の呪法 (chi no juhou)
  Earth Mastery
  Lessens MP cost for earth spells.
  Buy: Rafride
  Book: Palladin

水の呪法 (mizu no juhou)
  Water Mastery
  Lessens MP cost for water spells.
  Buy: Baccura
  Book: Priest

風の呪法 (fune no juhou)
  Wind Mastery
  Lessens MP cost for wind spells.
  Buy: Baccura
  Book: Wizard

3 Skill Cost

奇跡の天秤 (kiseki no tenbin)
  Wonder of Libra
  Increase money for defeating enemy if killing blow is delivered by this char
  Book: Lucky

祈願 (kigan)
  Restore HP when you defend
  Buy: Terrarium
  Book: Bishop

精神統一 (seishintouitsu)
  Restore MP when you defend
  Buy: Terrarium
  Book: Shaman

4 Skill Cost

おとり (otori)
  Become enemy target more easily
  Book: Divine, General

5 Skill Cost

魔法の奥義 (mahou no ougi)
  All attack magic has added Cancel effect
  Hect comes with it equipped, when she leaves it remains in your inventory

Technique Skills
1 Skill Cost

見切り (mikiri)
  Increases chances of dodging
  Buy: Sabatall, Mendy, Baccura

反撃 (hangeki)
  Increases chances of attacking after dodging
  Buy: Sabatall, Mendy, Baccura  

  Jolt Counter
  Increases counter damage
  Buy: Rafride
  Book: Hunter

道具使い (doguzukai)
  Item User
  Decreases the time it takes to use items
  Book: Ranger

2 Skill Cost

神速の心得 (shinsoku no kokore)
  Turn Speed and Move UP
  Book: Ninja

  Lizard Hunter
  Deal additional damage to monsters of type lizard
  Buy: Sabatall

  Beast Hunter
  Deal additional damage to monsters of type beast
  Buy: Mendy

  Demon Hunter
  Deal additional damage to monsters of type demon
  Buy: Baccura

  Verse Hunter
  Deal additional damage to monsters of type verse
  Book: Battler

3 Skill Cost

  Item Master
  Increase effect of items
  Book: Shaman

伝説の盗技 (densetsu no tougi)
  Legendary Thievery
  Increase item drop rate if killing blow is delivered by this char
  Book: Lucky

英雄の資質 (eiyuu no shishitsu)
  Heroic Nature
  Increases experience gain
  Book: Lucky

4 Skill Cost

修羅の魂 (shura no tamashi)
  Carnal Spirit
  Increase number of attacks per Combo attack
  Book: Scout, Divine, Slayer

5 Skill Cost

  Wide Attack
  Critical attack becomes fan-shaped area of effect
  Book: Expert

Body Skills
1 Skill Cost

戦士の心得 (senshi no kokoroe)
  Attack and Defense UP
  Buy: Sabatall, Mendy, Baccura

  Life Up
  Buy: Terrarium
  Book: Fighter
  Also, if you return to Anfog right after leaving it the very first time and
   speak with the old man by the gate, you can get it

渾身の一撃 (konshin no ichigeki)
  Mighty Blow
  Cancel (Critical, Special, or mahou no ougi) effect UP
  Buy: Mendy, Rafride

受け身 (ukemi)
  Decreases initiative loss for taking damage
  Buy: Sabatall, Mendy

2 Skill Cost

金剛力 (kongouriki)
  Increases initiative damage given via Combo attacks
  Book: Soldier

合気 (gouki)
  Return 10% of the damage you take to your enemy
  Buy: Terrarium, Rafride

闘魂 (toukon)
  Fighting Spirit
  Receive SP more quickly
  Buy: Rafride

  Activated by taking damage.  Return damage with special attacks.
  Book: Warrior

  Restart Up
  Decreases time between combo and critical attacks.
  Book: Battler

超反射神経 (chou hansha shinkei)
  Hightened Reflexes
  Automatically switch to defense verse powerful attacks
  Book: Guardian

3 Skill Cost

不動の型 (fudou no kata)
  Unmoving Stance
  Does not falter from taking damage--ie IP loss or miss action.
  Book: Paladin

  Mighty Guard
  Decreases damage taken while defending
  Book: Bishop

4 Skill Cost

  Auto Cancel
  Automatically cancel specials and magic aimed at this char
  Book: General

5 Skill Cost

  Force Attack
  Increases number of critical attacks
 Book: Master
01.  Anfog

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

Retrieve the Flight Unit from Yuuki's house in the SW corner of the
village.  There's also a healing herb in the house.  Return to Rotz to
trigger event.  Dungeon.  When you get back to the village, get the
herb from the garage.  Save.  Talk to Miranda.  Gear up.  Talk to

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

Yuuki's lifelong (or 16 years' worth) hero is the great Flight King
Schmidt.  Despite being a child of Anfog and possibly destined for a
life and love of pottery, Yuuki and his friend Rotz dream of exploring
the world beyond the island.  And, if all the calcuations are correct,
tonight that dream will come true.  ...All that remains is to grab the
Flight Unit without Miranda suspecting anything.

Before take off Yuuki asks Rotz to double-check the calculations, but
Rotz assures him if anything is wrong it's his piloting.  Off he goes!
 All is well at first, but then the guages seem to be a little faulty.
 He's losing altitude, not enough lift, the plane's too heavy.  A
not-so-helpful voice comforts him from inside his head--Oi!  Wait a
minute!  This is why he's losing altitude!  Miranda's in the back

The plane falls and collides with a wagon.  While only getting a brief
glance, Yuuki's confident he saw a cute blonde-haired girl on it,
being chased.  Miranda is suspicious~~~  Ah!  But be it Cupid's arrow
that pierced Yuuki's heart or merely the common decency to help
someone in need, the two head after the girl.

(back at Anfog) Yuuki returns to the garage to get the herb and Rotz
is gone.  Rotz, too, flew after his dream and we can all hope his
adventure is exciting as the one in store for Yuuki.  If you climb the
clubhouse, you can talk to the ingrateful brother who Rotz left the
garage to and thinks flying is stupid.  You cannot smack him however,
a flaw, perhaps.

Returning to the house, Alfina lays her feminine wiles on Yuuki
(innocenetly tripping, AS IF!) and Miranda flaunts another motherly
smirk.  Alas, we will have to explore this budding relationship later
for there is a great noise outside.  The big blue DUNDERHEAD, Kornell,
has [been essentially wrongfully accused, but more importantly] done
TERRIBLE THINGS for no other reason than his VILENESS and STUPIDITY
(for, current reasons aside, we already knows he wants Yuuki's
precious Alfina which makes him enemy number ONE au currant).

(into the forest, story up to Sabatall) Midway through the forest, the
trio sets up camp.  Yuuki breifly explains the traps and Alfina asks
how she can help, which lands her with dinner detail.  Not much of an
outdoor-person, she takes Yuuki's suggestion to gather some nearby
ingredients (like the TASTY TASTY mushrooms, some of which are
posioned and she doesn't know the difference, ToR anyone?) and makes a
delicious dinner which causes Yuuki nearly to throw up sick and
Miranda to swear ever again to stay Alfina's delicate hands from any
kitchen.  The morning scene's easy to understand (do not call Kornell
a DUNDERHEAD! [even though he is]) and soon the three are on a
peaceful beach rescuing a...ahem...honorable and well-repsected ship
captain from inside a barrel.  Well, being stuffed in a barrel you
can't escape on your own is fairly common treatment of the
much-revered and seeing as how we are in need of sea passage to get
Alfina back to Argriff anyway, we let him in our party to swing his
silly lance beside us until we reach Sabatall.

02.  Sabatall Coast

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

Enter the beautiful and morally upstanding Bianca's tent.  Head to the
ship's cabain for the night.  Return to Bianca's tent.  (note: after
Alonso gives you a Medal you can sneak out and start gambling)

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

And he was a bloody thief!  I knew there had to more to this
being-stuck-in-a-barrel business!  How could our far from gullible
heroes fall for such a ploy.  But wait, there's still a chance he
won't gamble away Alfina's family heirloom... ... ...DEATH BY BOX
CARS!  *sweat drop*  And what's more, he doesn't even have a ship.
His weapons, armor, ship, money, all gambled away.  Bianca has even
put a huge lock on his boat.  But of course there's more to the story,
Bianca's been cheating the entire town and now that Alonso has
companions, he's got a way to get her back ;)

(there are 5 times to talk to people in Sabatall: before tent, after
tent, middle of night, before tent, after tent) each person has an
interesting story.  I highly recommend sneaking out at night.  The
gambling is useful and if you do it for a bit you can get a nice wand
for Alfina and some +5 attack/magic crystals.  Furthermore you can
listen to tent's old owners daughters talk about how Alonso is such a
dreamboat!  The guy outside the tent will give you the standard
greeting and explain how he's gambled his way into 300 years of
servitude welcoming guests to the gambling tent.  The guy at the table
reveals his MAYBE-NEXT-TIME compulsion which is a nice prelude to
another joke.

The next day it seems everyone left without Yuuki, but take your time
regardless.  Alonso's "brother" will tell you how awesome Alonso is,
the guy who's been on the cliff watching the sea the entire time will
once again decline your invitations to do something other than wait
for his boat he lost, and the creepy guy in the 2nd tent won't pester
you nearly as much without your female accompaniments (or actually,
he's still friggin CREEPY!).  Enter the tent again.

After the event, which justifies Alonso as the modern-day (not really
the best choice of expressions) Robin Hood that he is, he'll
redistribute Bianca's spoils among the people who all profess their
undying devotion to him.  The owner is delighted his daughters no
longer have to run around in those bunny costumes working for Bianca,
but after a little more discussion decides that it would be a lot of
work to return the tent to its original use and decides to keep it as
a gambling tent (without the cheating).  Our compulsive gambler friend
thanks Alonso for his share of the spoils and proceeds straight to the
table to gamble again.  Yuuki questions this, considering all that's
happened and Alonso shares his wise words: such is the way of the

Outside, everyone's troubles are now solved -- except the CREEPY man
is still CREEPY -- and it is with some disbelief that the party
convinces the greeter he is once again a free man.  So, with spirits
emboldened by the goodness and charity of the GREAT MASTER OF THE SKY
COMBO ALONSO, the party sets out for...the rest of the world.

03.  Landort Island

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

The events are really linear and easy to follow all the way up to Mendy City.

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

Here we begin to grasp the more ominous picture.  After successfully
stopping Alfina from making dinner, and a night's rest, there's a
disturbance of monsters on deck.  After the monsters Ull appears and
talks to Alonso about the Versesphere (I'm going with Verse over Birth
unless someone knows for sure) occurences.  The appearance of these
Versespheres is occompaniend by earthquakes and results in the
mysterious dissappearances of people, villages, or even entire
portions of geography.  It's said they're taken away to the Verseworld
which is Hell (a hypothesis with upsets Alfina immensely).

Ull comes from a tribe of people, each with their own dragon, and upon
discovering Yuuki's obsession with the sky, invites him to ride Shiva.
 Yuuki asks how and Ull laughs: Ask him of course.  First Yuuki tries
half-heartedly, sort of under his breath.  Next he tries in a very
serious manner (like binding a summon).  Finally he resolves Shiva is
making fun of him and scolds him, culminating in a bombastic avowal
that should they ever again cross paths in the sky Shiva would regret
it!  Shiva seemed less than perturbed by this threat.

The third thing Ull brings to the conversation is a second opinion
regrading the great FLIGHT KING SCHMIDT (namely that he's just a crazy
old man).  Yuuki has no room for second opinions regarding his
lifetime hero, but does take heart to Ull's knowledge of Schmidt's
whereabouts (in Mendy City) and an item which would put in Schmidt's
favour: a nut from a tree which only grows on Landort Island.  Yuuki's
future is much clearer now--and he barely manages even to ask
permission to take this extravagant side trip.

At Landort Island there is a bit of an unexpected event which you
should probably play to before reading this.  ...  Yuuki and Alfina
follow the sound to the girl with cold hands who talks about releasing
the bonds.  Alfina asks her to come with and doesn't understand why
she can't.  Back on the ship this event causes a bit of an emotional
outburst (yet another wiley ploy as she works her way into Yuuki's
heart of course) and Yuuki and Alfina make plans to travel off
together after getting a new plane from Schmidt.  Miranda overhears
and comes face to face with the universal yet far from easy task of
letting her child go.  A bit heavy she pays a visit to the GREAT
MASTER OF THE SKY COMBO ALONSO, who offers her, not wise words, but
sympathy, company, and a few drinks (and IS THIS NOT TRUE WISDOM WE

miscellaneous note: the map in Alonso's cabin is unfinished because it
only covers the territory his verified with his own eyes.  What a guy!
 Ya'know, I bet he can probably hold his own in an air combo too.

04.  Mendy City

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

First city you can release magic from eggs, and skills from books.
You might want to buy a couple poison removal items, but you will get
some later too.

Visit Schmidt, return to ship, visit Schmidt again.

After you first visit Schmidt go to the detective, he's in the upper
left corner of the map from Schmidt's garage.  There is a terrible
mystery to be solved.  Someone STOLE the winekeeper's alcohol!  His
own wife has reported the problem and asked the town's child genius
detective to unravel it.  This is the first of a series of cases you
can solve throughout the game, but this is the only one you can do
right now.  The answer is: [The winekeeper (2)] -> [Because he wanted
to drink (3)] -> [something about his gut (1)].

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

Everyone's hilarious here as usual.  There's a guy at the docks who
gives you a secret phrase to use on the fruit seller who's a bitter
old lady who refuses to sell fruit to anyone for various reasons.  She
also will only sell fruit that reminds of her of the purchaser and
says Yuuki reminds of her of a Watermellon and Alfina an Apple.
There's a Butcher who sells meat but refuses to say which kind; he
says it's a mix and people shouldn't pay attention to the little
things.  At the lighthouse by the docks is a sailor who's left behind
his love for the song of the whale and the smell of the sea.  Alonso
also knows the song and they share a few knowing phrases which are
cryptic and cause Miranda to stamp her feet (which might have been the
only purpose :)

If you visit the flower shop before Schmidt's, Alfina will talk about
the flower and Yuuki will respond rather insensitively and stumble for
an apology.  He's of course concerned about Schmidt and promises to
visit the flower shop later.  If you come back later things will go
much better and if you visit a third time (before visiting Schmidt the
second time) Alfina will say goodbye to her good friend the flower and
look forward to flowers at Argriff.

At the bridge of beginnings a couple of 3 years is breaking up, all
starting over the guy being late for their date.  If you follow the
conversation through and come back with Alonso, the fallen beau's
complaint of "Bridge of begginings!--What a farce!" will be met with
Alonso's wisedom: "one thing's end is another's beginning!"  Well, we
just don't keep score because Alonso always has the right thing to say

Inside the item/weapon shop two adventurers each give their valuable
opinions regarding poison defense.  The bold female suggests EXPLODING
and the scaredy-cat male tries to convince you of the merits of taking
some poison curing items "just-in-case".

Schmidt on the whole is somewhere between Yuuki's description and
Ull's, which I loved.  He lacks some people skills but when it comes
to planes and flying, you can see he really does love it deep down and
sees a bit of himself in the young Yuuki.  He doesn't charge Yuuki
anything, and we get the impression this is just how he does business.
 He chooses his customers, not vice-versa, and if he likes you, it's
free!  So, Alonso and Miranda bid Yuuki and Alfina adieu for now, and
the two set off into the cut scene from the preview movie #2.  You see
a huge white serpent type thing in the sky, Alfina recognizes her
brother she hasn't seen in 3 years, and you crash, yet again.

05.  Argriff

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

Visit high priest, read Emelious' diary on 2F, return to bedrooms, go
to balcony to watch the ceremony.

You can buy magic and items here (including rez items for the first time).

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

First off, there's a library here, and reading the books provides some
insight into the mythos.  Essentially, from the darkness before time
came Verseworld, where the Holy Beasts and winged people lived
together in happiness and harmony.  The happiness they shared rose up
like a ball into the sky above them.  However, one day the ball went
mad, sucking up everything into it (this we know as the Versesphere).
In a battle which lasted 7 days and 7 nights, Griff along with 4 other
Holy Beasts finally managed to seal the Versesphere, but in the
process of the tragedy and war, the people lost their ability to
communicate with the Holy Beasts (it also seems they lost their wings
in leaving the Verseworld, though the chronology of this is a little
shaky).  One among them, a woman, became the first Commute and learned
that in order to hold the cursed seal of the Versesphere the Holy
Beasts needed to spread out across the Verseworld, and appear only
when the Commute's called them.  It was with this seperation and
dawning of the Commute that the people began to accept the Holy Beasts
as gods and Argriff was settled as a Holy land and temple.  Note:  At
the beginning of the story Yuuki and Alfina mention how different the
Verseworld of the stories is from the one they visited and at the end
they remark on how the story doesn't make a lot of sense, but Holy
verses are written more importantly to stimulate action and feeling
than understanding of history.

There are a few other interesting characters here, but the area is
much more serious in tone.  There's a globe which legend holds was
carried up the mountain by ancestors, a never-sent tragic love letter
hidden in the book shelves, a guard who puts his foot in his mouth
speaking badly of Emelious before Alfina, and a [over-zealous] guard
who doesn't recognize her because she hasn't been there since she was

The diary scene shows Emelious and his teacher, (who to me looks like
Grau, though I'm not 100% certain of this connection).  Emelious
questions his responsibilities as a Commute and asks why he doesn't
have wings.  This is an interesting question because we're to believe
there's a single tribe the Commutes descend from -- the original Verse
people -- and all other tribes were here in this world all along or
came later (sort of after Eden sort of thing).  Grau explains to
Emelious things must be done in life, tradition's followed, religion
adhered to, such is the nature of fate.  Emelious rejects this and
vows to change it all one day.  After the scene, the maids upstairs
confess they always thought Grau to be a pretty shady guy.

Return to your SEPERATE bedrooms, which the wiley Alfina protests to
the guard/priests noticable discomfort, and view a scene regarding
Alfina's childhood and love for her brother.  Afterwards head to watch
the ceremony.  Here we hear first mention of the strange orb Emelious
is using (Zone) and evil which has overcome him.  Despite this Griff
can tell Alfina still loves him and instructs her to keep doing so,
that in the end her love would be the most important thing.  Emelious
appears as Alfina Commuting and kills Griff.  Afterwards he turns
around and declares how: [With this hand, I have killed your god]
(with the hand of but a man, in meaning).  He further repeats his vow
to change fate and uses the orb to turn Argriff to glass.  The scene
switches to Grau with Law Lim.  Grau cackles, seemingly aware of
something even Emelious doesn't know: the end of the world has begun.
Finally, Dunkel watches from a distance.  "I'm too late", he murmers
to himself.

Proceed through the dungeon to the momentary conclusion to the
omninous main plot.  [This is the world you chose, Alfina]

06.  Flying Dragon Valley

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

Stop at the Inn to let Alfina rest and wrestle with all that has
happened.  Exit to meet Ull and head to Landort again.  Return to the
inn, then go meet Schmidt again.  Take the plane to Flying Dragon
Valley, and follow the chain of events.

Once you meet Ull you can do the second detective case, a highly
serious problem of a little girl's stolen doll.

After you get free airplane control, you can gamble again at Sabatall
with new stock including: level 6 fire egg, nice armor for each
character, warp shoes (i.e. no movement time), and a gambler's sword
which receives random attack bonuses every turn.

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

Much to Yuuki's embarassment, he must once again call upon the FLIGHT
KING SCHMIDT for help as he's wrecked the plane he was given for free.
 Despite Yuuki's concern about the careless impression his news might
bring his childhood hero, Ull sees no reason for worry.  He suggests
they take Shiva who finally capitulates to an earnest apology and plea
from his once-sworn ARCH-ENEMY-IN-THE-SKY Yuuki.  Note: if you return
to Shiva's location once you have the airplane you can get a
conversation where Yuuki tries to learn how to talk like Shiva.  Most
things he says make Shiva angry, but if you choose the last choice
twice Shiva will respond.  Ull and Yuuki have different
interpretations of what Shiva says though...neither exactly
complimentary of each other =p

Before you leave, the fruit vendor matches Ull's face to a Kiwi, our
young genius detective seems to have gained a Watson-hopeful, a
middle-aged man trying to become his assistant, and Ull mistakes the
lover of our broken-hearted Bridge of Beginning's man for another guy
on his new bridge.  Furthermore, Yuuki makes an attempt at becoming
the first Emo-kid in Mendy, pining in the flower shop that the flowers
are meaningless to look at without Alfina.  As for the lighthouse
couple, if you followed the story through last time, you would have
seen Jerry and Nina meet at the docks.  Nina declared she'd always
wait for him, but he told her not to waste her time he was already
given to the song of the whale and the breeze of the sea.  Now, Jerry
is gone and where he once mourned having to leave her, Nina now stands
waiting for him to return.  As for the young fisherman who tried to
trick us into upsetting the fruit seller (no difficult task as we
know), he has become a reknowned teller of fortunes as the day of the
Argriff incedent he had predicted misfortune.  Talking with him
reveals he's clearly an imposter content to make vague fortunes which
a little interpretation can also make true.

The second detective case is solved: [The detective did it (2)] ->
[Because there were no cases (2)] -> [So he wore a wig and stole it
(2)]  At last, Milly, you can sleep well tonight--your doll is
returned to you!

After you get back from Landort for the second time, you finally get
free reign of an airplane.  This is the perfect excuse to visit old
friends!  Returning to Sabatall reveals a tragedy WITHOUT PAR!  Horror
of horrors, one of the daughters reveals her father has, overcome with
greed, become nearly as nasty as Bianca herself once was, and most the
town has already gambled away the money they got from Alonso (our
addict friend in less than a day).  Perhaps there is a lesson to be
learned here, as one of them reflects, was Biance the monster or, was
it the people's desires and vices which turned her into one?  Even
Alonso's benevolence could not save the gambling populace from itself.
 Well, there is indeed a lesson to be learned -- you can get cool
stuff by gambling -- so save in a nearby tent and get some new gear.

At Anfog, Gladdys' underwear were stolen.  Yuuki suggests the wind
might have blown them away, but she assures him that they were stolen.
 Furthermore she suspects it's because she has the fanciest underwear
in the village.  If she could tone down her taste maybe she could live
beneath the radar, but to be the POP STAR she intends to be, she can't
live without her fancy panties.  Rotz's brother has moved into the
garage and seems genuinely impressed that Yuuki actually succeeded.
Yuuki offers some encouragement, and it seems the sky might not be out
of the young tike's reach just yet.  The village hot pot smasher who
wisely told us that it's [not a broken pot, but a mountain of pot
pieces], tells Ull the similarly zen [i haven't smashed the jar, now I
have two half-jars].

(at Flying Dragon Valley)  Way earlier in the story, when Ull and
Yuuki first met, Yuuki asked to visit and Ull mentioned that it was
forbidden.  We haven't heard much about it since, and Ull has resolved
to himself that it is a stupid rule especially considering the world's
at stake and Alfina is a Commute who needs to see the resident Holy
Beast.  Unfortunately, Ull does not speak for the entire tribe in this
regard and they are attacked through his attempts at explaining.  When
you reach the Holy Beast, he mentions (again in passing only) the
"Zone" Emelious is using, that Alfina should believe in the flow of
time, and that Ull should lead them to the next Holy Beast.

07.  Baccura

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

After Flying Dragon Valley events, the third detective case is
available.  Do it before going to Baccura if you are doing them.

You can combine eggs here.

Visit village chief, stay at inn, dungeon.

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

When you head to Baccura you can't leave until you do the events there
so do the third detective case first.  The tragedy this time is the
winekeeper's old lady's cat has dissappeared.  Our middle-aged Watson
is now a full-fledge assistant and with a little investigation you can
answer: [It was the Butcher! (3)] --> [In order to make the Winning
Sausege (1)] --> [basically, he traced around the cat with a knife
like a cookie cutter to make a cat-shaped sausege (3)].

While you're in Mendy, there's a funny event where Ull gets the girl
who refuses to talk to strangers to talk by letting her pet his tail.
Also, the two kids who were playing husband and wife are now annoying
the new tenants of a nearby house.  They're just getting settled in
right now, but it's a new kid and his VERY-HAPPY-TO-BE-MOVING-TO-MENDY

Back at Baccura, we have only a couple laughs before more seriousness.
 Dinner conversations here reveal Ull will eat almost anything
(especially if you eat again after Dahna joins), and talking to camels
reveal Ull's fur is not the greatest for dealing with heat.

In the center of the village you witness a scene where Dahna's sister
encourages an old lady to give up her prayers after 2 years of nothing
happening.  It seems Baccura has been in a state of rapid decline
since an event which took place there and Dahna's sister urges her to
wake up before it is too late.  When you visit Dahna all seems well
until Alfina mentions Griff's advice (how her love would be the key to
saving everything) and Dahna closes up, epitomizing: "Love only gives
birth to sadness".  Watch out Yuuki!  Har har.  OH...ahem.

Anyway, the party returns to the tent and Alfina -- who only recently
finished blaming herself over the mass destruction of her childhood
home and the beginning of the end of the world -- suggests it was all
her fault for bringing up Griff's advice.  Night falls and a song is
heard outside.  The party steps out and follows it to the water where
Dahna is signing.  It is the song of burying away the memories you
force yourself to forget.  Dahna explains how she was once in love and
for reasons never explained her lover dissappeared.  As she sings
Dunkel appears, unmasked as Dahna's old love, and urges her to give up
on Baccura, that soon the world will end.  She asks what he could
possibly have seen to turn him this way and he replies (without
answering her question): he wants only for her to live.  After Dunkel
leaves, Dahna's had a change of heart, and agrees to follow Alfina in
her quixotic quest in the name of love--but perhaps more deeply and
similarly, love of those who appear to have turned away from them.

(long dungeon, then at the Holy Beast) after fighting Kornell and
Violetta, the evil power begins again, but the Holy Beast manages to
stop it.  Kornell remarks rhetorically, what is Emelious trying to do,
destroy us?!?  And Violetta thinks he's an idiot if he thinks somehow
he's going to finish destroying the entire world with his life in

The Holy Beast gives Alfina his orb and instructs her to heed the
advice she's received so far and take the door into the lost world.

08.  Terrarium

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

Finish re-visiting any areas and gearing up before leaving Baccura.
You will be gone a little while.

Get book/seal from Dahna's room, leave through web-like gate.  (End of
Disc 1)  You can buy new magic, skills, and weapons here.  Talk to
Hect, go outside to statue area, talk to Hect again, talk to her
butler, stay the night, take the east platform to Surmania.

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

If you get back on your plane before leaving for Terrarium, and head
back to Anfog, Gladdys will have a few words to say about your new
scantily-clad companion, Dahna.  Dahna's snappy rebuttal catches
Gladdys by surprise to which she says: [I had thought only your chest
was large, but it carries through to your attitude: extra-large!]

In Terrarium the party is quickly met with more seriousness and plot
advancement.  In Verseworld people who die turn to glass so you'll see
some glass statues as you come in.  One is a mother of a girl who
won't speak and just mourns watching it, another has an engraver
admiring it's beauty, and he ignores the party's reminders that the
statues are dead, speaking of it irreverentaly and sometimes

Hect is on the terrace playing her violin.  She says the world should
dissappear from memory, that's the one wish of the people there, but
Alfina refuses to give into the addictive sadness all around.  This
does not surprise Hect and she chides: [This is always the way with
the world-above-people; they carry hope for everyone].  Ull remarks
she uses hope as a bad word not a good one.

Outside, Hect announces finally the long Holy Beast war is over...and
they lost.  Only waiting remains.  Hect reminds them they were
prepared to accept this, and now is the time to do so.  After the
people slowly disperse, Hect mentions a mythos story they never taught
us back in Argriff School.  Zone was a Holy Beast who faught against
Griff in the war.  In the end he was killed, but not completely, and
what remains is his curse.  Alfina asks about Emelious and Dahna about
Dunkel, and Hect is surprised to hear they knew them.  She wouldn't
say further, but it's clear something sad happened because of it.  The
butler, who cares dearly for her, echoes this sentiment, admonishing
the party not to think badly of Hect, for it was their people who
stole her smile.

Well, clearly engravers are the morticians of the above world and
before leaving you can catch the morbid man himself admiring yet
another statue, marveling how he could find the guy so appealing as
glass when he couldn't stand him in real life.  An old lady is looking
for her child but a nearby villager makes clear this is her usual
behavior giving you a series of messages to relate to her in order to
pass her through stages of shutting up.  After Surmania we find out
her daughter has been missing for 40 years and even after Ull screams
this in her face she still denies it, saying that can't be, she saw
her daughter but this morning.  Finally there's an old man, his son
and son's wife with a sad story (their children died in an accident
while the old man was supposed to be watching them).  The old man is
dying and think the other two torment him with ceaseless rehab, and
when Yuuki suggests maybe it's for the best, he growls, suspecting him
to be their ally.

09.  Surmania Zero

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

Very linear.  Head to Surmania Zero, return, talk to butler, next day
talk to Hect, take west platform, long dungeon.

Once you have the airplane again, the final prizes are available for
gambling which include ninja shoes and the master (level 10 book).
The master book teaches force attack, but be prepared to gamble for a
while to get it.  It took be about an hour and a half.

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

On the way we stop and talk to Faymoot, who lives out there as a
researcher of Zone's curse and keeper of history.  He explains that in
the great war, Zone wanted to destroy the balance of things and make
all living things equal--well, equal in the sense of dead and void.
Throughout the war he was pursued and he was finally cornered in
Surmania where we was defeated.  Unfortunately he was not entirely
defeated, and what was not destroyed became a terrible curse.  The
curse spread throughout the land and even into the above-world.  In
order to stop the spread of the curse the Holy Beasts traveled to the
above world and sealed all (or most) the Versespheres.  When they
returned they sealed the scar Zone left on Surmania with a shrine as
memorial to the war.  Then it became known as Surmania Zero.  Faymoot
asures us it has always been thought impossible to resurrect Zone, but
with Griff's death and other occurences, even his own faith is

When you get to the shrine, Hect shows up and explains what happened
in a flashback.  She led Emelious and Dunkel here and a voice, we
assume Zone, charmed/possessed Emelious causing him to take Zone's
Talon.  As soon as he did, he was filled with dark power and
transformed the talon into a huge sword and smashed the altar.  Dunkel
protested: This isn't what we wanted to here!  Emelious only cackled,
Don't you see what I've done here?  With this power, we can return
light to the world.  After the flashback, Hect tells Alfina there's no
way to get her brother back the way it is.  Alfina gets misty with
angst.  The last Holy Beast had told her to come to this world to find
the truth--this couldn't possibly be it!  ...could it?

Return to Terrarium where, though the party feels defeated, the butler
offers encouragement.  Hect had sworn never again to go to Surmania
Zero, so this must mean something.  Indeed it does, after a night of
vigil at the shrine, Hect has had a change of heart.  She puts away
the violin, saying, all this time the Verse people hadn't been sealing
Zone, they had been sealing their own hearts.  She tells the party to
seek out the last Holy Beast (notice how in the center only one of the
statues still had light around it and also how Zone's was broken).

Don't be afraid to check up on the villagers on your way out.  The
engraver accidentally broke his mom's glass statue and questions why
he tragically seeks perfection in the dead (there were a couple more
dialogues leading up to this including a funny one where he confesses
his feelings to one he never had the guts to talk while she was
alive).  Also the girl who wouldn't speak, wishes you luck and her
father sighs:  after 2 years and he's been with her the whole time,
the first time she speaks again is to you--why, O injust life, why?

(after long, long dungeon)  You return to Baccura to find Dahna's
sister, Ruiri, has made some changes.  Bianca's been here, the tribe
chief's tent (Dahna's old tent) is redecorated, there's a new
there's now a crepe vendor.  If you stop by the crepe vendor before
visiting Ruiri one of the village holy men is preventing people from
buying them with judging gazes, claiming they are a violation of
sanctity.  The vendor admits she herself is considering giving up.
After talking with Ruiri return and find the man in tears as he
finally tried one, and cried joyously throughout eating it.  The
vendor commends him for protecting the village by keeping them away
until he tried one himself, but Yuuki suggests he was merely
succumbing to his own invented temptation throughout.

Ruiri gives you the location of the next Holy Beast, in a forest to
the south, and invites you to stay for dinner but Ull jumps in and
refuses.  After many meals of overly healthly tasteless peas in
Terrarium, he's not eating anything but Kebaabs at the inn for a good

A couple other notes here before free airplane control again.  Bianca
left putting the masked CREEPY guy from Sabatall in charge.  Everyone
in the village loved her though no one really ever saw her and assume
she's the beautiful woman on the sign and as charismatic and great as
the rumours (which she herself probably spread) say.  Also, it seems
Dahna and her sister fought a lot growing up and her sister even moved
out to avoid further conflict.  When asked if her sister is a Commute
as well, Dahna scoffs saying she only hears nearby noises--if Ruiri's
a Commute, Dahna might as well be a HOLY BEAST!

10. Vedgas

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

A new detective case is available in Mendy City.  There are new prizes
at the casino including the only Master Book in the game which teaches
Force Attack skill.  Also, ninja shoes are highly recommend for Yuuki
and Ull though you will find 1 pair in a treasure chest soon.

Proceed through forest, then through ruins.

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

Someone has stolen the final drawing from the picture show!  Our first
suspect might as well be the new kid who's already hurt the feelings
of the two kids trying to befriend him with his barbaric island
nose-pushing custom.  However, upon further investigation, it appears
he's not mean spirited and just unaware of the Mendy City handshake
which is considered more appropriate.  The culprit in fact turns out
to be the witness, the rather normal guy who's always at the picture
show.  [The normal guy (1)] --> [Because he likes the stories and
didn't want them to end (2)] --> [So he lied (4)]

Other new developments include more whining from the bridge of
beginnings guy as his old girlfriend is now talking with a new guy,
talks of building an airport by the winekeeper, his old lady, and an
old man near there, and the quack who was tries to sell the GREATEST
KITCHEN KNIFE CALORIE X which could kill anything in one slice is now
selling a water purifier.  When Dahna professes the water in Baccura
is very safe to drink, he assures us all that the common knowledge
that our water is safe to drink is a lie of scripture.

If you visit Schmidt, he'll try to buy one of Shiva's wings for
research which sets Ull off quite nicely.  The prophet who used to be
a fishmonger can now, the shrimp-selling boy as his witness, CALL DOWN
THE WRATH OF HEAVEN as well.  At this rate of power increase he could
easily be the uber secret boss of the game before too long.  And
there's more to the Bianca story to be had here too, as the signmaker
is Mendy was the one who made her sign for Baccura.  He and his wife
both refer to her as looking like a frog, and mention how she kept
insisting on being called MISS B. and wanted a picture which conveyed
the beauty of Venus.  Heh.

Then briefly, in Anfog Rotz has returned but left again when he saw
Yuuki was not back.  The villagers talk a little about how after
Rotz's parents died he lived in various peoples' houses until finally,
5 years ago, the whole village got together to make him his house and
garage.  At Sabatall, another rumour of old acquaintances, Alonso and
Miranda visited after an encounter with a black whirlpool.  The bunny
at the newly renamed CASINO ZA MONEY (the owner has assumed the
nickname THE MONEY) laments he did not visit her and suspects Miranda
had something to do with it.

Returning to the main plot, Saiba instructs Alfina that although she
is a Commute, she's first a person.  And just as a Commute connects
the Holy Beasts with the people of the above world, so also she
maintains an even more powerful bond between all people.  You run
outside to see Dunkel holding Emelious at sword point.  Saiba appears
to say, "Killing a person won't open their eyes".

11. Melk

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

Fly the airplane to the castle in the sky.  Dungeon.

Note:  There's a treasure chest on the outside here which finally
gives high attack cards for Dahna, instead of high magic.  If you've
taken the time to get Force Attack, take a moment to respec Dahna.
You'll want a 3 body 3 waza book, senshi no kokoroe, force attack, and
then evade and counter if you have room.  Now you have a multiple
thousand point (mine was like 5 hits at 350 when I first got set up)
damage CRITICAL attack which never misses.  When you combine this with
the fact that Yuuki and Ull are running around beating stuff
constantly with shura no tamashi, you can basically trigger air combos
whenever you want: just look for whichever monster's getting attack
when it's Dahna's turn and crit it.

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

A short jaunt to Baccura on your way to Melk extracts another
confession from the guard at Ruiri's tent.  I don't think I mentioned
it before, but after first returning to Baccura the guard,
dramatically, took all the blame for everything that happened while
Dahna was away.  Everything Ruiri did he blamed on himself, though
Dahna saw through it all knowing her sister.  Now, the guard talks
about how he helped Bianca escape by attacking her pursuers (unaware
they were such, suspecting they were intruders instead).  If only he
hadn't delayed them, Biance would be caught.  Dahna says he was only
doing his job as a guard and not to be so hard on himself, but it's a
funny conversation.

When you reach Melk, he seems relieved you made it before it was too
late.  He takes Saiba's advice a step further saying Alfina's
responsibility as a Commute is now over.  Enigmatically he adds, the
Holy Beasts have been waiting for the time when the above world people
would no longer need them.

The scene switches to the Surmania Emelious summoned at Vedgas, where
Zone pierces Emelious with his roots sending him images of his dream
world made of glass and Emelious murmers reverently about the perfect
future.  We know where we must go!  Fly up up up into the sky...

(at Surmania) Throughout the dungeon are scenes you should probably
watch before reading.  Emelious and Dunkel's quarrels culminate and
Dunkel pierces himself with a sliver of Zone's talon.  Sweet fights
and then Emelious: "Dunkel, you were unable to become a god".  Dahna
arrives for Dunkel's last words.  He laments dirtying his hands with
evil as she holds him.

Back at Zone, Emelious grows angry and impatient that he won't
resurrect, something's incomplete.  Violetta steps up to help and Zone
shows her just how crucial and valuable she is for his purposes.  Then
comes a scene which is easy to understand and I won't spoil...

12. Rafride

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

Head to the ad hoc workshop, talk with Rotz, follow the music, events.
 Take north path to the plane.  Stay the night, talk to Schmidt.

Note: if you return to the spot with the plane later you can get the
Expert Book (the other level 10 book) teaches Wide Attack which allows
you to critical attack multiple enemies at the same time.  The skill
costs a lot to equip and I don't think it's worth giving up the other
skills but it can be a nice combo with Force Attack (though that would
cost 10 skill points to do).

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

Ok, another town with all the great personages that go along with it.
It almost feels like the eye of the storm, because in the midst of our
over-arching drama Rafride is a return to quirky conversations.  There
are four or five times you can talk to everyone here in a short period
of plot and a few stories develop.

First we have our classic tragey of the pilot who took out a 15 year
loan to buy his airplane and was out for his first flight when the
disaster struck.  His plane fell and is destroyed and he's ready to
give up on the world.  There's a village girl nearby who's worried
about him and brings him tea and food (and later Yuuki suggests having
him give her a piggyback ride).  When you talk to him with Hect, he
asks her (as an angel) to take him to the afterworld, he's nothing
left in the world.  Hect asks if he's serious and says she will and
Yuuki has to jump in and explain the pilot's just confused.  As the
story concludes, the pilot begins to feel better though through the
course of caring for him, the girl has come to call him Pochi and
treat him like a dog (in an overly caring way that is).  ^__^

Waiting inside the house near this crestfallen pilot is the GREATEST
LOVE STORY EVER TOLD.  When you first visit there you learn the girl
was to be married and her fiance was flying here before the disaster.
Later when you come back he's there, and is proud to tell the tale.
He goes on and on in a very theatrical way: LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, even
though I fell from the sky I have arrived as promised, and for what
reason, what strength could possess me to carry on against all
adversity.  LOVE, for there is no reason greater and no lesser reason
would have been enough.  The father is beyond bewildered.  He just
sort of stares at Zack (who proclaimed himself Love Sniper to Yuuki in
confidence) and tells Yuuki that he'd never let his daughter marry a
guy like this, so interested in his own manner of describing events
that there's no truth left in them.  Zack turns to Yuuki for help,
introducing him as a Bellerephon who flew in on Pegasus herself and
the father grows more confused: "So, is this my daugheter's suitor?"
"No no no", insists Zack, "that's just a way of introducing friends".

The daughter confides that Zack isn't usually this way, she doesn't
know what's overcome him, but if he doesn't change his manner soon
she'll never be able to marry him.  Dahna wisely perceives it as a
nervous habit.  If you return later you learn from the mother, as if
to add insult to injury, that the village's tradition regarding
marriage proposal was an entire night of silence, stares locked,
between the groom and the father.  The next day the father would end
the vigil, saying but a couple permitting words.  Oh Zack's really
messed it up this time...

But when we return again he's finally begun to speak from his heart
and the father, overcoming his own hardness in tradition, agrees to
let them marry when the sky clears -- from Zone that is -- a win/win
for him, either he keeps his daughter or the world returns to normal.

The third interesting side story here is at the other residence, where
a hunter who lost his leg to a wolf goes on a Captain Ahab-style rant.
 He drinks a bit and is always raving about the wolf and how he can't
do anything now because of his leg (though really it's his obsession
that holds him back not his leg, eh?)  He talks a bit about the wolves
human-like behavior, how he came into town and taunted him outside his
window, only to run away when the villagers tried to kill it, and
finally resolves to go out and kill it-- one-legged or not.

Finally, back to the main story.  Hect tells the party that the symbol
on Alfina and Emelious' hand is all that remains keeping Zone from
resurrecting and Alfina is fighting (psychologically) to prevent this
from happening.  While she fights it's not too late (and quite
frankly, playing as many games we do, we know that means it's not too
late until we arrive =p)

Finding the necklace knocks some sense into Schmidt and gathering
together the pieces of the story you learn that Schmidt was in love
with a girl named Anne who died one night.  That night there was a
terrible storm so he didn't fly to her and he blames himself for not
being there with her (though the old man in the village says there's
nothing he could have done anyway).  Regardless, as a result Schmidt
stopped flying and comes to Rafride once a year to visit her grave
(thus explaining why he's here if he doesn't fly, which is how all the
other pilots got here...for some reason this detail was really
bothering so I was happy to finally get an explanation).

(after Zone shell)  When you get back, the father allows the marriage
true to his word, but asks Yuuki what this pilot Zack could possibly
do for a living.  Zack himself confides in Yuuki that he's a new
person, and somewhere he's lost his old Love Sniper self, he plans to
settle down in Rafride.  Yuuki can't believe it, won't he miss the
sky, but Zack says a vacation here and there is enough.  So Yuuki
answers the father saying that obviously a pilot is useful for tons of
odd jobs (uh huh Yuuki keep telling yourself that) and so the father
agress to teach Zack the ways of hunting.  Zack takes a frightened
gulp at the news: "Hunting is good but...your teaching methods?" /
"WHAT ABOUT MY TEACHING METHODS?" / "Uh...nothing.  (This isn't going
to be fun)"  Well, let's hope if all goes well and Yuuki rescues
Alfina she doesn't indenture him to some strict master at the cost of
his much-loved sky.  Pfft...love.

The one-legged hunter is still not back and his wife is worried, Yuuki
offers to look but she declines, saying if he's going to make it back
he's going to do it on his own.

As for Schmidt, people from Rafride are looking for him but still
haven't found where he crashed.  If you return to workshop, one of the
people there will tell you that Schmidt has wanted to die a martyr
ever since the thing with Anne, and although the engineer knew this
and both he and Schmidt knew the plane would probably have an accident
(after all calcualtions were made) he let Schmidt go.

13. Surmania

************ EVENT PROGRESSION **************

This is the last dungeon.  There's no point-of-no-return, and there
are two times when you can leave where events in the world have
changed: the first time Ull mentions the possibility of returning, and
the second time Hect mentions it.

The final detective case is available after Ull's mention.

It's a dungeon with cut scenes, so push on until the end.

************ STORY PROGRESSION **************

The last detective case concerns the authenticity of the
once-fishmonger prophet.  An unknown client has hired Otto to
investigate.  AFter talking to some people you learn, [the shrimp
seller (2)] --> [amused by the fishmonger's merry demeanor (3)] -->
[made his prophecies true (4)].  We then learn that the mystery client
was the fishmonger himself who was wondering how such a thing could be
happening to him.  He knew he wasn't a prophet, but after a few times,
he began to believe it himself.  In the end, because people would no
longer believe he wasn't, he decides to continue on and play the part.

The grandma nearby Otto finally got a letter from her son, who in a
sea accident dissappeared to a place where he couldn't communicate
until now.  The letter was brought by plane and Yuuki sees this as a
sign to laud his noble dream: "See, the sky ties together our
important loved ones".  (I've heard rumours Kodak is looking to hire
Yuuki for some new slogans).

The winekeeper resolves to quit drinking, and the tourist ending up
buying all the cheap door-to-door trinkets the village quack kept
trying to sell you.  In Anfog, Gladdys has dissappeared and no one can
find her; in Sabatall, an old lady found a diary of disaster which
befell a ship written by a sailor named Jerry -- poor Nina :( -- and
in Baccura, the kid by the billboard has resolved to marry Bianca when
he grows up.

The most amusing anectodote at this point is if you go to the pot guy
in Anfog, he will reveal that when he was but a young man he
dissappeared to Verseworld and when he was there he made a promise to
marry one of the girls when she grew up.  He claims this was Hect and
she doesn't deny it but she doesn't precisely remember it either.
She's clearly uncomfortable by the conversation and Yuuki steps in
with quite the diatribe:  "Old man!  I thought you were POTS FOR LIFE.
 Are you betraying this dream, nay CALLING?"  The old man finally
concedes and returns to his pots.

(after Hect mentions you can leave) This is last time, so get all the
skills, magic, rare drops out of the way now.

At Anfog, it turns out Gladdys got lost in the forest and fell into a
Versesphere.  She brought a bird back with her, that she swears was
made of diamond (though we know it was glass) and when she got back it
turned into a real bird.  This whole thing brings up tons of
perplexing issues, but the only ones our party thinks to bring up end
in trite sentimentality and a burning to desire to trade Alfina back
for Hect ^^;

If you stop by Yuuki's room, Ull (who Yuuki's shot down now 10 or so
times on seeing his bedroom) challenges: if Alfina asks can she see
it?  This of course is because even the idiot Ull realizes that Alfina
has Yuuki's heart leash-and-collared despite all our screaming at the
TV for Yuuki to get out while he can.  Yuuki dodges the question
saying it's all been built up too much, there's nothing worth seeing
anyway.  Alfina saves him by not asking because we all know if she did
he'd cave like the ninny boy he is.

POTS-4-LIFE-YO dude has finally made the absolute ultimate pot and you
should stop by to check it out.  Yuuki's untrained eye deceives him
into believing it's the same as any other pot the man has made, but he
assures him it's not.  It's the greatest, the most ultimate,
the...wait...am I dreaming?  This could only be a dream.  What's
this...my body is taking over...SMASH!  And he destroys it.  If you
keep talking he asks Yuuki what the purpose of pots are, and I chose
the *to crumble* or *to be destroyed* option, number 3 I think.  The
he says, correct, I not only make pots but I unmake them and the most
beautiful pot has the most beautiful destruction.

At Rafrido, Pochi is trying to figure out how to leave without hurting
the kind girl's feelings.  Yuuki suggests he, like the FLIGHT KING
SCHMIDT, just look seriously, say nothing, and fly off (!! IF ONLY
YUUKI WOULD TAKE HIS OWN ADVICE !!).  Pochi admits this is the coolest
thing to do, but he wonders if the girl would understand that and
would feel bad doing it.

As for the one-legged hunter, he's returned.  He wounded the wolf with
an arrow and chased it to a cliff where the wolf looked at him,
tauntingly, and leapt off this edge.  Was this his final laugh? asks
the hunter.  So that he couldn't kill him himself.  What sort of
hunter loses his prey to mother nature?  If you talk to his son, you
learn he found his one-legged father lying, face burried crying in the
snow.  The wolf had become his nemesis to such a degree that when he
was gone it was like half of the hunter died as well.

At Baccura, the camel-guy finally earned enough to buy his guitar.  (I
don't know if I mentioned this story before, but after the Supermarket
came he really wanted a guitar and Yuuki confided how hard he'd worked
to buy his first unit and encouraged him not to give up).
Furthermore, at our crepe stand, the newly converted to the gospel
according to Crepe man is trying to marry off his son to the girl
there.  Finally, our masked man reveals that while the changes in
Baccura were started by Bianca for ill intentions, the people were
taken in by the dream -- not simply the glamour -- and that the dream
didn't require more than their belief to survive.  He wants to make
that dream come true and if they ever found out about Bianca's true
nature they would be crushed, so he asks the party to quit insisting
how evil she was to everyone.  Yuuki protests, but Alfina jumps in and
agrees.  Hmm...

Lastly Mendy City, where a final visit to the flower shop (if you did
the earlier ones) will get a nice little compliment from Alfina to
Yuuki.  There's another Shiva-speak scene where Alfina asks him if he
likes tea, and then a little scene with Nina.  Nina's still by the
prophet waiting for his prophecy of Jerry's return -- who we know
probably didn't survive the ship accident -- and she goes on about
waiting for the prophet's words...or even, any words.  At which point
Ull jumps in: Well if you just want words, I can something.  Nina
concedes.  Ull, as if telling a formal joke: "The first time I came to
Mendy City, I mistook the water fountain for a public bath and so I
stripped down stark naked and..."  Nina considers him, continue, she
decides.  "Eh...erm...sorry, can't think of a punch line".  Poor Nina.

Okay, enough fooling around with the fate of the free world resting on
your shoulders.  Back at Zone prepare for a sweet boss fight and
battle song, and then the end.  The ending's easy to understand
whether it makes complete sense or not.  There's little spoken, when
you see Emelious Yuuki reassures Alfina that her brother is happy
considering he always wanted the quiet world of nothing.  Does her
brother then become Griff, or does he shatter and then we see Griff?
I think it's probably the first but any speculation is just opinion
and in some ways we must question whether it matters at all.

The credits play with various pictures of what happens afterwards and
then there's a short scene where we see who the TRUE VICTOR of this
whole story was, the sly, conniving, wiley ALFINA!

(The End)