Question from cimarronboy

My game got set to 480p, how do I reset and set itback to standard?

Controller was messing up, I tried to ge it working and a screen talking about a camera of some sort and the options "standard" and "480p/490p" came up and not paying attention I checked the buttons. The x button worked and unfortuantely when pressed changed my setting to make my tv blurry when playing the ps2. How do I get back to this screen and reset the options to the original setting?

cimarronboy provided additional details:

The 4 something option is "480p"

thenerdfrom1996 asked for clarification:

Is this a problem within your game or within your TV?

cimarronboy provided additional details:

The menu came up on the game, but it affected either the tv or the ps2 itsef because I switched games and the screen stayed blurry


ike730 answered:

Well, try hooking up other hardware. If it's still blurry, then it would be a problem with the TV. If it's clear, then the problem would be with the Ps2. Try going through all the menu options again, and try the system menu. (Make sure there's no disk in the Ps2, and then turn the Ps2 on. You'll come to the system screen. See if there's anything about that on there.
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DeRaza360 answered:

on the ps2 boot screen (no disc inside) u can press triangle to bring up advanced system info and options. There's an option, something about textures, that you can choose smooth or normal. Default is normal, try that.
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