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"Thank you very little for this game"

Thank you very little for this game

This is possibly the worst Naruto game ever. I have the Japanese version and the English version. I wish to review the English version, however. Since many people will not be willing to read about the Japanese version I will base my review off of the English version instead.

This game has the worst gameplay ever. You control Naruto Uzumaki in a fantasy world, as I like to call it. The Chuunin exams never happened, Gaara is still insane, and the Rasengan is called the Power Strike. This game has a really bad combat system. You can not pull off awesome combinations. If you miss the beginning hit of the Rasengan, it will do nothing to the enemy. On the other hand, when you start to fight Sasuke Uchiha he is able to do a Lion Combo two times in a row. Each dealing more than 120 damage. You can not even heal during this time also. That is not very exciting, especially when you were just exploring in places and then you just happened to encounter Sasuke. There are special attacks in this game. The Rasengan (Power Strike) and the Naruto Rendan (Naruto Uzumaki Barrage). If you get a power up for the Rasengan Naruto will be able to create clones to power the Rasengan. Everyone thinks Naruto needs the clones to create the Rasengan, well you all are WRONG. Naruto is able to use the Rasengan without the clones but Tsunade clearly states that "It may look like it, but it is not as powerful as it should be." Also, the Naruto Rendan can be used with certain power ups. When you hold the R1 button to a certain extent than let it go, you will summon four clones that will kick the enemy into the air and the original Naruto will finish them off with a heel to the head. The horrible graphics when this happen is laughable at.

Also there are mini-games when you are not taking a mission. If you exit the village whilst not in a mission you can go to mini-games and fight bosses you have fought before (if you have completed the game once.) Those bosses include, Nara Shikamaru, Chouji, Uchiha Sasuke, and Gaara. It is really fun to fight these allies/enemies again, it just brings thrill through you veins. This is one of the best things that the producers added into the game. The mini-games, on the other hand, is probably the worst feature in the game. One of the mini-games is the hand sign game. You hit any of the buttons on the controller to match the ones on the screen. You want to help Konohamaru train. Get ready a spare controller, because you will throw your controller in frustration when you find out your finger stumbled and you lost. This game is frustrating and there is nothing more to say about it. Another mini-game is the Jiraiya challenge. Jiraiya will ask you to fight enemies in a certain amount of time and see how many kills you can obtain in that time. Again, get ready a spare controller, because the enemies do amazing damage and are extremely annoying. They can take out your whole health bar if you are not careful. For the most part, it can be the easiest thinig you have done, or the hardest thing you have done. It all depends on how much your Naruto has been trained.

The cool thing about this game is a customizable Naruto. You can have a Taijutsu (Hand-to-Hand combat) Naruto, and a Ninjutsu Naruto (Chakra related actions). You can balance the two and have a balanced Naruto. You can also just add more things to the skill plate for your Naruto. The skill plate is a plate that allows chips to be added to it. You can buy chips from the menu when you push start. The chips give you special abilities, increase Ninjutsu or Taijutsu, health, or stamina (Chakra). The best skill plate is the Shuriken skill plate, or it could be another skill plate. It all depends on the user. There are things called "Virtue" that you obtain from enemies or for completing a mission successfully. This allows you to buy skill chips and add more health and stamina. Stamina is your chakra, if your chakra reduces to zero then you can not perform the Rasengan or produce clones anymore. The more you increase the Stamina skill the more often you will be able to use those special abilities. If you increase your health it increases your chance of not dieing. When it is all the way gone, you will obtain a game over and you will have to reload the last save. Make sure you save often, this screen is very troublesome to go through.

The graphics in this game are good. The character models are nearly perfected, but some things like the giant praying mantis's are really unreal. A big praying mantis? Couldn't the creators come up with something more original and not an oversized bug? That's what we have Pokemon for. They should have decided against the thought of the bugs. The Chidori and the Rasengan look unreal. The Rasengan is supposed to be in your palm, but when he creates it in this game, the Chakra comes from the grass and from the skies and then it goes into his palm. Yeah, that does not even go with the storyline and it is really unrealistic. The Chidori is Sasuke jumping in the air and slamming it into the ground? What the? Luckily they recovered with that with Kakashi's Chidori. Also, if the American's were so concerned about Naruto being filled with spoilers, then why is Kabuto able to walk on water? Isn't that a spoiler also? They need to take things like that out if they don't want something that spoils. Maybe they need to rethink some things, then come out with a new copy of this game.

The sound effects are okay. Naruto still sounds whiney, he has that annoying catch phrase, and everyone's voice, except for Hinata and Kakashi, are bad. What kind of catch phrase is "believe it?" Some people say that Naruto's catch phrase is Dattebayo in Japan, but he says that because it can mean a lot of things. If you see in dubs he can sometimes say "sure" or "yup" when he says "Dattebayo." "Believe it" is just another annoying thing the American's thought was cool. Butcher the catch phrase, get a better voice actor, and keep some names from the Japanese version. Maybe, and just maybe, the Americans who watch the Japanese version (English subs) might appreciate the voices of the American actors. Make everyone happier and change the voice actors! Besides the voice actors, the sounds in this game are the same as the anime. There is no arguing that the Naruto sound effects and music are great. It is just the voice actors that ruin this whole game. I can not even play the English version without turning it off every time I hear "BELIEVE IT!" Wow, guess what, no one really wants to if you do not be quite. The word was cool for the first two minutes, then you abused it. Either come up with a better catch phrase people will not get sick of in a minute or two, or do not come up with one (PERIOD).

Replay Value?
None whatsoever. I found no will to play this game again after the first time. Sure, I played the Japanese version through two or three more times, but this takes the cake for the worst game ever. I have played Naruto: Gektiou Ninja Taisen 4 and it is way more better than this game. I recommend you get that game instead of this game. It has better action, better voice actors, better game play, and a fun mission system. It may be in Japanese, but that is why the internet is here. To help everyone in one way or another!

Rent or buy? (RENT)
Rent this if you are a Naruto fan. If you really like this game after you have played it, then it is a must buy. I strongly suggest you do not buy this game, because it only takes five hours to beat and it has no replay value. It does cost a lot of money for something that takes five hours to beat and it is awfully easy to beat. The second time around is easy also.

+ Great Music
+ Good Character Models
+ Good Emotion

- Bad Voice Actors
- Believe it
- Mispronunciation of attacks
- Horrible game play
- Bad Enemies
- Horrible storyline
- Bad in general

Originally Posted On: Saturday, May 19, 2007

Reviewer's Score: 2/10 | Originally Posted: 05/18/07

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