• Non-Secret Command Method Of Unlocking Games

    For Metal Black, Syvalion, and Cameltry, play the specified games each for a total of one hour or more. For Kiki Kaikai and Bubble Bobble, just do what's said. Turn on Auto Save in the Options menu to keep your work as you complete the tasks.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bubble BobblePlay all the games that don't need to be unlocked once each.
    CameltryLunar Rescue, Ah Eikou no Koshien, Alpine Ski, Cleopatra Fortune, Puchi Carat, and Flipull
    Kiki KaikaiMake the total play time reach a total of five hours or more.
    Metal BlackSpace Invaders Color, Space Invaders DX, Darius Gaiden, Grid Seeker, and Majestic Twelve
    SyvalionElevator Action Returns, Kuri Kinton, Jigoku Meguri, Don Doko Don, Rastan Saga, Fairyland Story, Pulirula, Lightbringer, and Runark

    Contributed By: Bubblun_Z.

  • Unlock all games

    Enter the sequence L1, R1, R2, L2, Select and Start on the title screen

    Contributed By: jamesorton.

Bubble Bobble Cheats


  • Cheats

    Enter these cheats on the title screen, before the Demo appears.

    Magic Doors can be accessed even if you lose a life or a continue.Fire, Jump, Fire, Jump, Fire, Jump, Right, 1P
    The title screen will display "POWER UP" along the bottom. You will play through the game with the effects of the blue and yellow candy, as well as thLeft, Jump, Left, 1P, Left, Fire, Left, 1P

    Contributed By: Retro and Apalapan.

  • Mode

    Hard modeOn the title screen enter; 1P,Jump,Bubble,Left,Right,Jump,1P,Right

    Contributed By: Lanerobertlane.

  • Super mode

    Enter the following at the title screen. The word ''super'' will appear above the title

    Super modefire, jump, fire, jump, fire, jump, right, start(2p side)

    Contributed By: nitemare74.


  • Enter these as initials at the high score table

    beer-turns bubbles into pizzas at end of levelKTT
    coke can-flying sunflowers across the screen, turn enemies into 6k diamondsMTJ
    coke can-flying sunflowers across the screen, turn enemies into 6k diamondsYSH
    coke can-flying sunflowers across the screen, turn enemies into 6k diamondsKIM
    coke can-flying sunflowers across the screen, turn enemies into 6k diamondsNSO
    coke can-flying sunflowers across the screen, turn enemies into 6k diamondsI.F
    flamingo-turns bubbles into smiling turds at end of levelSTR
    knife-flying cakes/vegetables/etc across the screen, turns enemy into 6k diamonds...
    octopus-turns bubbles into X's at end of levelTAK
    pitch fork-flying cakes/turn enemies into 6k diamondsSEX

    Contributed By: Lanerobertlane.


  • Secret Warp

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Door to level 70Get to level 50 without dying

    Contributed By: Retro.

  • Unlock The Endings

    The game has 3 endings, depending on the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bad EndingBeat the last boss in 1 Player normal Bubble Bobble mode.
    Good Ending 1Beat the last boss in 2 Players normal Bubble Bobble mode.
    Good Ending 2Beat the last boss in 2 Players Super Bubble Bobble mode.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.


  • Secret Rooms & Secret Messages

    If you can make it to Level 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 without dying ONCE along the way, a secret door will appear. The Secret Rooms found in Level 20, 30 & 40 contain large amounts of bonus items as well as a SECRET ENCODED MESSAGE on the lower half of the screen.

    The first line of the secret message is THE ALPHABET (ABCDE...) that you must use to decode the message. The code is the same for every room & will be needed to decode the secret message at the end of the game (to open up Super Bubble Bobble). You may want to take a screenshot of these rooms so you can decode the secret messages later as the game may force you to proceed through the game.

    The Secret Door in level 50 is actually a 20-level warp, taking you directly to level 70.

    Contributed By: TStodden.

  • Secret Tomb

    Get all the way to Level 20 without dying, and a door will appear on the screen. Enter the door and you'll be taken to a secret tomb, which is a level full of diamonds.

    Contributed By: Retro.

Cameltry Cheats


  • Ball select

    During game select screen hold the start button while selecting the level.

    Contributed By: Cassady99.

Don Doko Don Cheats


  • Reverse Round Password

    In round 1, jump and swing on the top ledge to find a shimmering circle. Keep hitting it until a key appears, then go in the door (kill the mushrooms in your way but don't finish the round). In the hidden room, find another key in the top left corner (but try not to die getting there), and go in the next door to enter the password by breaking the jars.

    Go to round 51heart, spade, diamond, club, diamond, heart, spade, club

    Contributed By: straytoasters.


  • Hidden Rooms

    There are 5 hidden rounds in Don Doko Don. They are found by swinging at certain spots to reveal a key (this spot will shimmer as you hit it). When you defeat all the enemies in a hidden room, a chest will fall that you can hit to open. Be sure to grab the crystal ball. If you have all 4 crystal balls after beating the last hidden room, you'll learn the password to access the Reverse Rounds. Beating a hidden room also lets you skip several rounds, a fast way to finish the normal game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Round 1In the middle of the top ledge, jump a bit and swing at the air
    Round 12Swing a bit over the upper right platform
    Round 23The key is on the highest platform
    Round 32Hammer at the middle left of the face. The key won't disappear quickly, if at all, so you don't have to rush for it.
    Round 43Lower right corner of the floor

    Contributed By: straytoasters.

Puchi Carat Cheats


  • Play as Patoraco

    PatoracoAfter inserting coin when C-Mond is teaching you how to play press A, A, A, Start

    Contributed By: spinel.


  • Choose 3rd costume

    Simply choose your character by pressing ''A'' button and ''Start'' at the same time to get a different outfit.

    Contributed By: spinel.

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