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Fire Pro Returns Match Maker Mode Guide
Version 1.0 (W/ SPAM BUSTER~!)

Written by Fire Pro Crunk AKA Carl Wilson
Copyright September 7th, 2006
Knowledge to the Masses

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. What is Match Maker Mode?
III. Match Maker vs Management of The Ring
IV. What To Do
V. Shouts

Introduction (To The Addiction)

If you're anything like me, which I know you are, Fire Pro is a lingering
addiction. The moment you play it, you can't come off it because you realize
that you're not only playing something special; but that you're also playing
the greatest wrestling game known to man. For all the graphical capabilities of
a game like Smackdown vs RAW; Fire Pro has the moveset, personality, and out
right GOODNESS~! to make it a game of legendary status. It figures that you
would have to import this game to enjoy everything it has to offer. No knock
against the GBA games, but it's not this.

After seeing a hype video on Youtube featuring this new Fire Pro (which I had
no idea was even out), I went through great lengths to get a copy of this game
and properly mod my PS2 for this incredible game and I'm thankful I did, it
indeed is worth it. I especially was pleased when I heard they had a booking
mode a'la Final Fire Pro for GBA (in Japan). My only problem...NO TRANSLATIONS.
It seems no one had yet to or could not come up with translations for the mode
and it left me hanging. Fortunately, I was able to decipher some options and
features given my time playing Management of The Ring on FFPW.

So after some extensive play time (none of it a chore as I'm sure fans of the
series will agree.), I have the V1 Match Maker Mode FAQ for all you Fire Pro
Returns fans out there. As always, I reserve the right to be wrong about what I
post here and that's what they make updates for, but I'm quite sure what you'll
get here will at lest be 95% correct and you'll be enjoying the mode in no time.

Keep it crunk,


What is Match Maker Mode? (Or, WTF Is This 7th Option?)

Match Maker Mode is Fire Pro's version of the Smackdown vs RAW '06 GM Mode.
Final Fire Pro had been doing it first however with Final Fire Pro's Management
of The Ring, which will be discussed coming up. Match Maker Mode is here for us
to put on our dream cards featuring the extensive roster of the game.

I would like to assume that if you use edit packs and they're not recognized as
CAW's, but as "natural wrestlers" in the game (already pre-loaded in), you can
use them in MMMode. Long story about what you can and can't do in this mode and
CAWs are a not-so-funny subject.

In Match Maker's season play, you play promoter and you go 12 months trying to
book the best cards possible with the money and wrestlers at your disposal. As
you book successful, money-making cards; new federations and wrestlers will
come available to you. Each federation has their own style you'll have to
adjust to when you book and a successful card will be a combination of matches
the people want to see, booking the correct venues, and not overspending.

Competition play is where you book a one night only card with the aim of
drawing the most money possible or just booking for your leisure. Your score
will be recorded for the Match Maker Mode rankings, for comparison to your
other escapades or if you're into that sort of thing; showing who's boss if you
book against a friend. Match Maker is Fire Pro Returns' way of encouraging the
fantasy booker in all of us and is a welcome addition to the series for those
who enjoy booking matches as much as playing them.

Match Maker Mode vs. Managment Of The Ring (Or How Does It Stack Up?)

Management of The Ring was Fire Pro's first attempt at a "be your own booker"
mode in the Fire Pro series. This mode was exclusive to the Japan-only version
of Final Fire Pro Wrestling for GBA, allowing you to be the owner/booker of the
federation of your choice. You would go on to build up your image, negotiate
federation relationships, scout talent, book shows all over the world, handle
contracts, and all the other micro-managing that comes with running a fed. It
was like a graphically able version of Adam Ryland's EWR or TEW games.

Unfortunately, for those looking for the whole experience of being a virtual
owner, Match Maker Mode does not provide that. It's MoTR Lite. No contract
systems, talent scouting, defendable titles, or other heavy menu based options
that balanced office work with hammerlocks. Also, CAWs are omitted from the
proceedings in Match Maker. Even in competition play, CAWs are excluded and
unless there is some way to tweak with the core roster included in the game;
you're stuck with what Spike gave you.

Match Maker is a lot more accessible than MoTR for those looking to skip past
all the clerical work and get to the matches faster. Also, you're allowed a
wider variety of matches to book when it comes down to it, with more wrestlers
involved if you choose. You also don't have to get stuck with a fed if you're
not feeling it. With Match Maker, you can move to a different federation every
month if you choose to, as opposed to running a federation for the allotted
amount of time in MoTR.

So it's a question of how deep do you want to be involved? If you're meticulous
to the point where you want to control how much advertising your company gets
and if you want one of your wrestlers to learn a new style, chances are you'll
find Match Maker lacking. If you just like to book and want to forget about
keeping wrestlers happy, contract management, and other stuff you'd require a
secretary for; you'll find Match Maker a breath of fresh air and enjoy
everything it has to offer. In the end, I think it's a mode worth playing
multiple times and is incredibly engaging. Give it a shot and draw your own
conclusion, but my opinion places it firmly in the "crunk in its own right"

What To Do (To Start Cracking Heads)

Accessing Match Maker

1. Select option 1 AKA "Matches" from the initial four options (Matches, Edit,
Options, & Save/Load) when you first start the game.

2. From there, pick option 7 to access Match Maker.

The Options Of Match Maker

You'll have 3 options when you access the mode. Your options are...

1. Season Play - Book 12 months of cards in hopes of having a successful career
as a promoter.

2. Competition Play - The sandbox mode of Match Maker. Book the card of your
dreams using the full roster of the game with the aim of creating the highest
scores and drawing as many as possible.

3. Rankings - View the top 5 rankings for both Season Play and Competition mode.

Season Play

If you're first starting Season Play, you'll only have two options. If you have
a saved game, there will be three.

1. New Game - Self explanatory. Want to start a new 12 months of booking, you
do it here.

Continue a previously saved Season Play game.

3. Return - Sends you back to the original menu with Season Play, Competition
Play, and Rankings. Second option if you have no saved game.

Starting A New Game

Once you select New Game, you'll be asked to input a name for your file. For
those who don't know, press SQUARE to bring up language options, and pick
option 4 for English and option 5 for general characters.

After selecting a name, press start. You also get three options here.

1. Accept - Confirm the name and move on

2. Quit - Gets you out of name input and backs you up all the way to the Match
Maker Mode menu

3. Back - Lets you go back and edit what you have input.

When you're good with your name, press start, and the ACCEPT option and you're
ready to get into the game.

Selecting a Federation

You will be introduced to month one. I gather the initial screen with the empty
ring welcomes you to the mode and tells you about having 12 months to book and
what not. After this screen, you will be taken to your fed selection screen.

In the top right corner of your screen, you'll see "10000" FP. FP is the money
of the game. Anytime you see a numerical amount with "FP" at the end, it's how
much you'll be paying or how much you've earned depending on the circumstances.

When you first start, your options are slim. Your federation choices are...

Michinoku Pro
Big Japan Pro Wrestling
DDT (Dynamic Dream Team)
Osaka Pro

Each federation has it's own operation cost, which is listed for you for each
fed you cycle to. The least expensive to start with is Osaka Pro, while M-Pro
and DDT are the most expensive when you start out. As you book cards
successfully, other federations will open up with more prestige. Higher
prestige means more wrestlers willing to work under that banner and also higher
operation costs so keep an eye out.

Each fed also has their own style of wrestling the fans will come to expect. So
if you're looking to book a hardcore dominated card, book a BJPW show.
Workrate-based, M-Pro or the like. That's not to say you can't hardcore matches
on an M-Pro show or vice-versa, but it's a matter of who's wrestling in it and
how good it is, given the fanbase will initially be against it.

Picking An Arena

Under the federation selection option is the arena selection option. There are
a wide array of arenas to book from small gyms with merely the press, to the
Tokyo Dome itself with seating for 65,000. Proper arena booking is a major key
to success in this mode. You don't want to pick an arena too small or you will
lose out on the maximum profitability of your card. At the same time, you don't
want to book an arena too large or else you stand to take a loss. Be smart,
think about the type of talent and matches on your card, then make a sound
decision from there.

There are three attributes next to the highlighted area where you select an
arena. They are defined in order....

1. Attendance - How many people this arena can fit. Of course, the more people,
the more profit.

2. Gimmick Support - Can it support gimmick matches like steel cages,
deathmatches and the like? Generally, smaller arenas cannot. If you see a large
amount of kanji in this area, the arena will not support gimmick matches. A
smaller amount means you can run any match you'd like.

3. Booking Cost - How much it's going to cost you to rent the building.

And because I'm such a nice guy, just in case you don't understand the
difference between "larger kanji means no gimmick matches, smaller means yes",
I've got a less of the arenas in order from far left to far right and if they
support or not.

50 Seater - NO

350 Seater- NO

2100 Seater- YES

17000 Seater- YES

65000 Seater- YES

400 Seater- NO

1800 Seater- YES

50 Seater B- NO

400 Seater B- NO

1650 Seater- YES

8000 Seater- YES

55000 Seater- YES

350 Seater- NO

2800 Seater- YES

The Bottom Line

The bottom area of the screen lists two vital numbers for you, the booker.

1. Total Operation Cost - The cost of the federation and the arena you're
booking totaled.

2. Remaining Funds - The amount of money you'll have left to spend on talent if
you decide to agree to the total operation cost.

If the numbers look right to you, press start or CIRCLE and select "OK" from
the two options and you're ready to book. The option that's pre-highlighted
when you start merely takes you back to the fed/arena booking screen.

Setting Up The Card

Upon agreeing with the arena and federation booked, you'll get a quick picture
montage of the top wrestlers of the promotion along with a quick hype of the
federation I'd assume in kanji.

Later in the game, you may get one or both of two screens. Watch for these....

Wrestler With Arms Raised Against A Gold Background - The fans wish to see a
certain wrestler on the card you're booking. Book said wrestler and an
attendance upswing is bound to come.

Ring With Streamers Being Thrown Inside - A new wrestler has come unlocked for
you to use, in most cases, a legend of some sort.

A seven match card will be laid out before you with a confirm option at the
very bottom. When you press CIRCLE, 4 options should appear.

1, Book A New Match - Self-explanatory.

2. Move Match Up - Move match up on the card.

3. Move Match Down - Move match down on the card.

4. Delete - Self explanatory

If you're booking a match slot that doesn't already have something in it,
Options 2-4 are greyed out. If you're selecting a match, they're very useable.

Once you've selected that you want to book a new match, you've got six options.

1. Normal Match

2. Steel Cage Deathmatch

3. Barbed Wire Rope Exploding Deathmatch

4. Lighttube/Barbwire Landmine Deathmatch

5. BATTLEArts Rules

6. K-1 Rules

Options 2-4 are grayed out if you booked an arena that doesn't support gimmicks
of any kind. Pick your match, set your options for the match (among them
including if you wanna play the match or not) and then select your wrestlers.

Booking Talent

The general rule of thumb to remember is, whatever federation you picked to
book under, you get two perks.

A. Complete access to their roster. Everyone from main eventer to jobber is
yours to use.

B. Discounted rates. Every wrestler under the banner you've chosen sets their
lowest price for you to book them at.

Now unlike Management of The Ring in FFPW, you're not stuck to booking just
who've you got under contract. You can book anyone else who offers themselves
to your fed from another federation. It's possible to book an entire M-Pro card
for instance with NOTHING but outside talent! Of course, outside workers rates
will be higher, but sometimes they add an added boost to your federation via
popularity, charisma, or just their ring style.

When you first start off, other federations will only offer their lower card
workers for you to book. Some federations won't offer you any workers at all.
As you book for other federations, book larger arenas, and turn cards into
box-office successes; more workers will offer themselves to you. By the time
your year ends, it is possible to book everyone in the Fire Pro universe for
any promotion you want if you play your cards right :)

Also, watch for the last three statistics listed for every wrestler.

First Letter (S-E) - The popularity of the wrestler. S is best, E is worst.
This is important if you want fans coming to the shows, because it shows how
much of a draw they are.

Second Letter (S-E) - Letters work as listed above. The charisma of the
wrestler. This controls how much they can engage the crowd in a match. Helps
the match ratings, which are important if you want to PLEASE the fans that show
up. They can have no charisma and still put on a good match, but they just have
to work harder :p

Booking Cost - How much it will cost to book the worker.

Follow the steps and repeat as necessary until you have as little or as much of
the card booked as you want. You can have a one match show if you want,
although I wouldn't recommend it. Also, you don't necessarily have to book
EVERY match on the card. It's all up to you and what you see as profitable and
able to draw.

When you have completed your card, pick the confirm option at the very bottom
or press start and select "OK".


Your card will now run for you. If you put COM SKIP on, the match will fly by
at the pace you set. If not, sit back and watch or play the matches as you have
chosen when you selected them for the card.

Also, if you pause during any of the matches in progress, you only get two
options. Resume the game or quit. IF YOU QUIT, YOU GO ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE

When The Smoke Clears

After your main event has finished, you're congratulated on running the show
and taken to the data of the show. The data shows the ratings of each match as
well as the winners and losers.

At the bottom are the most important three stats.

Card Rating - The percentage out of 100% that your card received. Generally 70%
and above is positive. Anything lower needs work in the future.

Profit - How much money your card made.

Total Funds - How much money you have now. If it's more than what you booked
the card with, congrats. Less, your card bombed financially.

What Now?

You are given three very important options before you advance to the next
month. These options are.

1. Advance - Continue to the next month.

2. SAVE(!!) - It's in all caps because it's mad important. Select this option,
then select OK. You card will be quick saved. You will need to do a system save
after you quit your game to insure it makes it to your memory card. DO NOT
reset or cut off your system in the middle of Season Play if you know you made
a quick save.

3. Quit - Quit Season Play.

If you're advancing to the next month, save or don't save then select "Advance"
and you continue you trek to become master booker.

Other Notes

Competition play handles the same way, so what I've listed for you as far as
options is just as good. In competition, the only difference is you have one
month, virtually unlimited resources, and every wrestler available to book your
dream card in an attempt for the highest score.

Also, this is merely my opinion so I deserve the right to be wrong. I have
beaten Match Maker and what follows is a list of the best ways to please the
audience according to the federation you're booking. Feel free to do your own
thing, because they can and do respond to some of the weirdest things while
crapping on what you THINK will work....just like real wrestling.

NJPW - Strong Style matches, big stars
AJPW- Matches with workrate that entertain at least mildly
NOAH- King's Road style
NEO-1 MIX- The most varied fed. Also the most tolerant of booking MMA matches.
M-PRO- Fast paced, junior matches
Dragon Gate-Junior matches and sports entertainment
DDT- Sports Entertainment
Osaka Pro-Sports Entertainment and workrate

Have fun you bastards!

Shouts(To Mah PEEPS~!)

Just a few people I want to recognize that were a big help in the writing of
this FAQ for you guys.

Billwood - Best Fire Pro Returns FAQ I've downloaded. Every piece of
information is accurate and complete BUT Match Maker Mode, which encouraged me
to trudge through it and try it. However, without your translations for the
actual matches, edit modes, and such; I would have been lost. Excellent work
and you're a credit to those who play the game.

The Senator/Puro Geek - For your Fire Pro Returns favorite finisher/moves
guide. I found an inaccurate rename guide and it was through your guide, which
had the wrestlers in correct order via how they're listed in edit mode, that I
was able to rename all my workers to American. That saved me a ton of trouble
man. Big ups.

Sean "Swills/Seymour Almasy/Big Whitebread" Williams - For listening to my
commentary on the matches via AIM as I ran them. You marked, laughed, and
suggested things for my run through the mode which would lead to this FAQ. You
made it a blast to chronicle.

The Creators of Fire Pro - Thank you for even giving me another game. It rules.
I bow to you.

Those Who Read And Use This Guide - It makes all the work worth it. Glad to do
a service for ya.

Anyway, enjoy the guide and enjoy a mode that should give you back hours of
fun. Holla at ya.

-FireProCrunk/Carl Wilson

E-Mail -
MySpace - captaincrunkcarlwilson