Question from Ashriawna

how do I sneak into Meridell Castle dungons?

I have the heros cloak form Cogham village and know I have to use it to sneak into Meridell an I know where the house is to get into Castle dungons I need to know how to get into the house?



Need more info if you can tell me more I will awnsor it
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lanelazerbeam answered:

Are you talking about the house that has the wood all over the door and windows because If thats right I know how to get in it go to it and go to the right and go behind it and go to the left and there's a door there that will let you in.
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richierich1964 answered:

How do i get the cloak from Cogham village? And How do i rescue the Illusen the Earth Faeire from the glade village mountain top?
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