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                      Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (For PS2)
                                  Boss FAQ
                                Final Version
                          FAQ (c) Aurora Gandillion

Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. Quick Introduction
3. Boss List
       - Juppie Monster (Act 1)
       - Ixi Chieftan (Act 1)
       - Gnarfas
       - Plague Serphant
       - Werelupe King
       - Juppie Monster (Act 3)
       - Ixi Chieftan (Act 3)
       - Gelert Assasin
       - Black Knight
       - Undead Draik
       - Dark Faerie Sisters
       - The Darkest Faerie
4. FAQ
5. Credits
6. Contact me
7. Copyright


~*~ 1. Version History ~*~

1.0 on January 1st, 2006
Strategies on most, if not all, bosses in the game added. If I get any of the 
information (such as names or best motes to use) wrong, please contact me. 
Contact information can be found at the end of this FAQ.

1.5 on January 4th, 2006
Noticed a lot of spelling & gramatical errors, so those have been fixed. Also 
forgot about mentioning a glitch that occurs while fighting the Werelupe King. 
Please send in any questions you might have. :)

2.0 on January 5th, 2006
Sean Seiden ( notified me about the Plague Serphant's 
mote alignment. Much thanks goes out to him for this info that I can't believe 
I didn't notice before. Not only that, Kayla Covey ( 
reminded me to specify on some things more clearly.

2.5 on January 10th, 2006
THREE new glitches discovered, one by myself and two by chinchilliagrl (AIM).
I've been bombarded with stupid e-mails lately, some of which can be answered 
by READING THE INFO IN THIS GUIDE! So from now on, if it's not a problem you 
can't eventually solve on your own (most are solvable if you use your brain) I 
will not respond. Sorry, but this is starting to get out of hand & I'm usually 
busy anyway. -_-; I'll use the FAQ for unrelated questions now. If you spot 
any errors in this FAQ or Boss glitches I encourage you to let me know ASAP.

Semi Final on January 17th, 2006
ALL contact information has been REMOVED. I tried to warn you guys before; I'm 
normally a pretty busy gal & I don't have time to answer dumb questions. Yet 
you guys STILL send in a barage of junk. I really did not want to do this, but 
I really don't have a choice anymore. Besides, thanks to FireFox, I learned 
that a few people were using my e-mail address on Neopets! If you need help, 
either use your brain or go to the forums. Goodbye.

Final on July 5th, 2006
Yes, it's been a while. This guide badly needed some renovations. Information 
in this FAQ has now been corrected.
Contact info has also returned. Please follow the rules or else I'll kill you.


~*~ 2. Introduction ~*~

Welcome to my Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Boss FAQ! Obviously, you need a bit
of advice on how to defeat certain bosses in this game, so... I guess I'm here
to help you out? While lurking through the message boards, I've come across
several threads asking how to beat certain bosses, since the main Walkthrough
FAQ only goes so far at the moment. I hope to clear up some of the confusion & 
maybe even get several of those topics out of there.

Many bosses on Neopets: The Darkest Faerie are surprisingly easy... It's just
figuring out how to hurt them that's challenging. But enough of my ramblings; 
Let's get this FAQ started!

Oh, & this FAQ may contain spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk.


~*~ 3. Boss List ~*~

First of all, this is the diagram I'll be using for each boss in this FAQ.

   NAME (Boss Name)

Location: (Where the boss arena is.)
Story: (Story behind the boss, & why to have to kick his/her butt in the first
Character to use: (Tor, Roberta, or either one)
Alignment: (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, or Darkness)
Mote to use: (See above)
Difficult?: (This is self explainitory. I tell you whether or not this boss is 
hard or not.)
(Also self explainitory. Information on how to beat the boss is put here.)

   Juppie Monster

Location: Shadowglen Woods
Story: Tor's sister (Lucy) wanted to go on her own adventure, so she decides 
to enter the forbidden Shadowglen Woods. She ends up getting her little butt 
captured by the Juppie Monster, & Tor has to play hero & rescue her.
Character to use: Tor
Alignment: Earth
Mote to use: Air on sword, Earth on armor.
Difficult?: Not at all. It's your first boss battle.
First of all, get rid of the tentacles/vines that this thing sends after you. 
After killing it, a large juppie should fall to the ground, & the main boss 
should appear. Stand on top of the fallen juppie, & the monster will attempt a 
head slam on you. Get out of the way right before it hits you. The Juppie 
Monster should have smashed the fallen juppie, & will now be stunned. Attack 
it with your sword while he's down. Rinse and repeat the process. It'll start
sending more vines at a time at you. For every vine killed, a juppie falls. 
It also starts to get faster, so watch out for that as well. If you need 
health, cut down plants that are growing in the arena. Keep killing the vines 
& keep making the monster smash the juppies, until that weed becomes a 
delicious Juppie Salad.
Chinchilliagrl reports that there is a rare glitch that can occur during this 
fight. The Juppie Monster can dissapear during the first fight & leave you 
stuck in the arena. Hopefully you saved before the fight?

   Ixi Chieftan

Location: Cogham Steppes
Story: This guy decided to have his henchman raid Cogham Village. As Tor, you 
need to stop him. Simple enough.
Character to use: Tor
Alignment: It's either fire or earth. Doesn't matter though.
Mote to use: It doesn't matter with this guy.
Difficult?: Hah hah! This guy is a pushover.
He sends two henchman after you at the beginning of the battle. Should be easy 
to take them out. After all, you've been fighting them enough already. :P
Then the bad boy himself comes after you. I prefer to keep on the move and 
watch what he's doing, then rush in & attack when he's open. Just keep doing 
that throughout the battle & you'll be fine. Halfway through, he summons Ixi 
Archers to cover him from the rocks, so be sure to watch out for arrows when 
that point comes. And to think the people at Cogham said he would be 
Chinchilliagrl also reports a glitch during this fight. The Ixi Chieftain 
might jump through the wall and dissappear, leaving you stuck in the arena. So 
you DID save, right?


Location: Illusen's Glade
Story: The Werelupe King sicks this freak on you when you go to save Illusen 
the first time... That's about it.
Character to use: Tor
Alignment: Fire
Mote to use: Water on sword, Fire on armour.
Difficult?: Hrm... Not easy, but not too hard. I'll go with Medium.
Let this guy beat you up a little bit at the beginning in order to get a 
cutscene. After that, keep your butt on the move. Sometimes he'll get tired 
from swinging his chains around too much, so use that opportunity to try 
getting a two hit combo in there. That's about it, really... What's the deal 
with this guy anyway?


Location: Bogshot Swamp
Story: The Darkest Faerie revived this ancient snake, & he's the one causing 
the sickness going around in the village. Take him out in order to save the 
town & get those black bogberries!
Character to use: Tor mostly, but Roberta comes in handy if it lands in the 
middle/outter rim of the arena & out of reach.
Alignment: Water
Mote to use: Fire on weapon, water on armour
Difficult?: Not hard... just really annoying.
Holy CRAP this thing can take forever to kill! 
Well anyway, you'll need to get onto one of the platforms surrounding the 
arena. He'll appear on either side of it & attack. He has three attacks that 
can be avoided by jumping to other platfroms: poison breath, hypnosis (freezes 
you), & a headbutt. Right before he does a headbutt, lift your shield up with 
IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!) He'll knock into it & fall to the ground, giving you 
the chance to attack. That's basically how it goes. 
Throughout the fight he'll destroy some of the platforms, making it harder to 
avoid his attacks. Another problem with this boss is that he doesn't seem to 
use his headbutt too oftain, so make sure you keep an eye out for it so you 
can knock him out. I should also say that, if you're quick, if you avoid his 
hypnosis attack he still comes after you & you can get him with your shield. 
One year later, you'll kill him...

   Werelupe King

Location: Werelupe Burrows
Story: You had to come here in order to get Illusen's Charm back, but Roberta 
gets captured by the Werelupes in the process & Tor ends up having to rescue 
her & the charm.
Character to use: Tor obviously, since I just told you Roberta was captured.
Alignment: Fire
Mote to use: Water on sword, Fire on armour
Difficult?: Like the Ixi Chieftan, this guy is a pushover.
Meh, what's to say? Use the same strategy I gave you on how to beat the Ixi 
Chieftan & you'll be fine. Sometimes he stomps onto the ground & sends out 
shockwaves, so jump to avoid that. Other than that, you should have no problem 
here as long as you block other attacks & heal when you need to. Kill him & 
rescue your girlfr- *cough* I mean... Roberta...
Also, there is a rare glitch where Kingy jumps out of the arena & dissapears 
out of battle, leaving you stuck in the boss arena. (Yes, I got this glitch 
once) You'll have to reset the game & try again if this happens. If you didn't 
save at the save point that wasn't too far away from the arena entrance, then, 
well... you're screwed.

   Juppie Monster (Act 3)

Location: Same as before
Story: The Darkest Faerie revived him, & he's uglier than before! This time he 
captures most of the farmers at Meri Acres, & he's the source of the clouds.
Character to use: Both Tor & Roberta
Alignment: Same as before, I think.
Mote to use: Same as before.
Difficult?: Same as before.
Once again, same as before. The only difference is that he still gets up after 
smashing the juppie (although he still becomes stunned). 
Use Tor to kill the vines, then switch to Roberta to deal damage to the main 
boss (shoot into his mouth when he's dazed). Keep going until... Well, I was 
going to say keep going until he becomes a delicious Juppie Salad again... but 
he looks rather nasty now...

   Ixi Chieftan (Act 3)

Location: Meriload Mine
Story: Revived by The Darkest Faerie, he's much more evil than before! He's 
the cloud source this time, & he captured all of the villagers in Cogham! 
... But he's still a pushover.
Character to use: I used Tor again.
Alignment: Dark this time.
Mote to use: Doesn't matter
Difficult?: He may have a new trick or two, but it's the same...
All I can say is use the same strategy as before. I think he's easier than 
before, personally... No problems here, so let's move on to more important 

   Gelert Assasin

Location: Illusen's Glade, in the same arena as Gnarfas.
Story: He's the guy that's been giving our heroes a rough time & was hired by 
The Darkest Faerie to kill them... I pity him very much. If you want to know 
why, there is a book about him you can find in the Gelert Family Crypt's 
Library, if you've been following Prince Tourin's sidequests.
Character to use: Personal choice. I find it easier to use Tor for this fight, 
but other people find it easier using Roberta. Experiment.
Alignment: Dark (Despite what it says on the trading card, HE IS NOT EARTH 
Mote to use: Light on weapon, Dark on armour
Difficult?: I think he's about the same as Gnarfas, if not a bit harder.
It's hard to give a good strategy against him. All I can say is: If you had no 
problems with fighting Gnarfas, you'll be fine here. In fact, I would suggest 
using a similar strategy.
Reflect his throwing knife attack with your shield.
Use Roberta when he clones himself. It's easier.
He'll flee right before you get the chance to kill him though... Coward...

   Black Knight

Location: Knight's Keep
Story: Another guy revived by The Darkest Faerie. He was exhiled from Meridell 
a very long time ago, & built a keep overlooking Market Town to plot his 
revenge. But the citizens of Market Town rose up & murdered him. Now he's back 
& he's making life in Market Town a living nightmare.
Character to use: Both
Alignment: Dark
Mote to use: Light on weapon, Dark on armour.
Difficult?: Average
You can't even touch this guy directly, with all that armour he's got! Luckly, 
he's stupid & not completely invincible.
Sometimes he falls overs & reveals a weak spot (it's purple). Use Tor to whack 
away at that. 
After a while, the Black Knight stops doing that. Run around under the 
chandelier, & if you're lucky, his sword will get caught in the chandelier & 
another weak spot is revealed. Switch to Roberta & get the weak spots in the 
upper region; It's much easier that way. He starts getting faster throughout 
the battle, so watch out! (It might help to use Meerca Speed Potions by that 
point.) Oh, before I forget, he has this attack where he throws his sword at 
you, so be on the lookout for that, because he reveals a weak spot in his neck 
that Roberta can get to (only at the end of the fight). He'll be defeated soon 
& will fade away. Now, go get some new weapons & armour in Market Town! They 
lowered the prices! Yay!

   Undead Draik

Location: Meridell Treasure Vault
Story: I guess he was protecting the treasure...
Character to use: Tor and Roberta
Alignment: Don't know... and it doesn't matter anyway.
Mote to use: I guess Nova on the weapon, & on you armour.
Difficult?: Nah
He'll charge up either fire or ice beams. Make sure your shield has either a 
Nova mote or a Supernova mote, & block the attack: The fire or ice beam should 
bounce back to him & stun him, so get it there & wail on him with your sword. 
During the fight he'll start to fall apart & get faster. When he's nothing but 
a creepy skull, blast him like crazy with Roberta (it's easier). If you need 
supplies, there's healing items & motes scattered all across the vault. Turn 
this thing into a pile of bones, then raid the treasure & get Fyora's Rod.
I got a glitch on my third playthrough of the game. At the very end when I 
started blasting the crap out of him with Roberta, he dissapeared behind the 
wall, leaving me stuck in the arena. Use caution when that point comes... 
Maybe it's not THAT bad being stuck though, with all that treasure...

   Dark Faerie Sisters

Location: Meridell Castle
Story: I guess The Darkest Faerie handed Meridell over to them... You need to 
beat them to free Meridell.
Character to use: Roberta
Alignment: Dark
Mote to use: Light on wand, dark on armour
Difficult?: Medium
Finally! A boss battle where using Tor is a horrible idea! Roberta has Fyora's 
Rod now, so she can harm the faeries. Keep shooting them, avoid their magical 
blasts, & heal when you need to. (You should of stocked up in the vault.)
That's all I can really say.

   The Darkest Faerie

Location: Fyora's Castle
Story: ... Do I really need to give a story on her?
Character to use: Tor
Alignment: All of them!
Mote to use: Nova motes on both sword & armour
Difficult?: No, to be honest. For a final boss battle, this is very easy.
You have about two or three minutes to beat her. If you don't make the time 
limit, it's an instant Game Over. Not a problem though. Keep your distance 
from her. She'll send magical blast of a random element at you, so put Nova on 
your shield & send it back. She'll be open for attack now. BUT, you need to 
perform a three hit combo in order to do any significant damage. (You learned 
this at the beginning of the game. If you're not too good at performing one, I 
find it help to count 1-2-3 in my head.) Should you run out of Nova, kill the 
minions she occasionally lets loose in the arena. After a while, you 
automatically switch to Roberta. Ignore the minions and concentrate your fire 
on the Darkest Faerie. When she's on the ground just run up to her... 
Well congrats on beating the game & enjoy the end. :)


~*~ 4. FAQ ~*~

Q: Where are the black bogberries?
A: Kastraliss has them.

Q: Ok then... where is he?
A: Top right hand corner of the map.

Q: How do I escape the endless staircase?
A: Look at the statues on the wall. They point the way...

Q: They point the way? Wow... that was vague...
A: Awww come on now. This is one of the easiest puzzles in the game. THE GAME 
EVEN GIVES YOU THE SOLUTION! IT'S IN A BOOK! Really think about this one; that 
vague statement is all you need to figure it out. (At the second statue)

Q: How do I hide from the Darkest Faerie minions in Meridell?
A: Put on the Cloak of Heroes, then look for the Kacheek near the thieves' 
district (with run down buildings)

Q: How do I get to the Black Knight?
A: Assuming you got over the main gate, scour the wall to your left.

Q: Hey on Neopets can you give me a __________?
A: No

Q: Why won't you give me a __________?
A: Because you're fully capable of getting it yourself. Play games. ;P

Q: Where & when did Chester Chomby die?
A: Last night in my garbage disposal. :)

Q: What's with the gelert obsession?
A: Silence. I like gelerts. ._.;


~*~ 5. Credits ~*~

Credits go to:

Me, Aurora, for writing this guide.

My dad, for getting this great game for me.

Sean Seiden ( for Kastraliss mote alignment.

Kayla Covey ( for additional information.

Chinchilliagrl for notifying me about two glitches.

Neopets, for keeping me entertained for about four years.

Neopets Team & Idol Minds, for making this game.


~*~ 6. Contact Info ~*~

Don't make me regret this guys...

1. I WILL NOT give you game answers. If you ask me how to beat the sewer 
shrine, where the bogberries are located, etc, I will either give you vague 
information or delete the message blindly.
2. I WILL try to answer any mail concerning errors in information or just 
friendly thank you letters (don't be afraid to tell me if I helped you or not, 
it gives me a sense of purpose).
3. I MIGHT give game advice (EX: Best mote combo to use in certain situations)

1. I WILL NOT give you game help through Neomail. That's what my email address 
is for. No exceptions.
2. I WILL NOT give you items or neopoints, as stated above. Get it yourself. 
(you slacker)
3. I WILL NOT join your guild.
4. I WILL NOT be your neofriend UNLESS I've talked to you for a good while & 
you seem to have a decent amount of intelligence. (I know I'm mean)
5. I WILL have a friendly chat. I like to talk. ^_^

Neopets Username: purple_kitsune


~*~ 7. Copyright Info ~*~

This FAQ is (c) Aurora Gandillion. This FAQ may only be used on: 

Do not redistribute information from this FAQ. Do not request permission to 
redistribute information from this FAQ either.