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                           Neopets: The Darkest Faerie
			  exclusively avaialble for PS2
                            Release Date: November 2005
                       Version 4.3 (Last Updated August 2008)
                         Copyright (c) 2007-2008 prinisse

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* find your way around                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS *
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[sec1]                              SECTION 1: IMPORTANT NON-GAME RELATED STUFF

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Version History
1.3 Contact Info
1.4 Legal Stuff/Credits

[sec2]                                                    SECTION 2: THE BASICS

2.1 True Story
2.2 Controls
2.3 Characters
	2.3a Major Characters
	2.3b Minor Characters
	2.3c Altador Characters
2.4 Money Making
2.5 Hints & Tips

[sec3]					             SECTION 3: THE WALKTHROUGH

3.1 Tormund's Story
3.2 Roberta's Story
3.3 Heroes United
3.4 Legends of Altador
3.5 Side Quests
	3.5a Act 1
	3.5b Act 2
	3.5c Act 3
	3.5d Act 4

[sec4]							    SECTION 4: BESTIARY

4.1 Monsters
	4.1a Air
	4.1b Earth
	4.1c Dark
 	4.1d Fire
	4.1e Water
	4.1f Light
4.2 Bosses
	4.2a Juppie Monster (Act 1)
    	4.2b Ixi Chieftan (Act 1)
    	4.2c Gnarfas
    	4.2d Plauge Serpent
    	4.2e Werelupe King
    	4.2f Juppie Monster (Act 3)
    	4.2g Ixi Chieftan (Act 3)
    	4.2h Black Knight
    	4.2i Gelert Assassin
    	4.2j Undead Draik Skeleton
	4.2k Dark Faerie Sisters
	4.2l The Darkest Faerie
4.3 Petpets

[sec5]					 		 SECTION 5: EXTRAS/MISC

5.1 Items
	5.1a Menu Items
    	5.1b Quest Items
   	5.1c Motes
5.2 Shops
	5.2a Altador
	5.2b Bogshot Village
	5.2c Brightvale
	5.2d Cogham Village
	5.2e Drackon Ridge
	5.2f Faerieland
	5.2g Gord the Merchant
	5.2h Illusen's Glade
	5.2i Market Town
	5.2j Meridell
	5.2k Sophie the Swamp Witch
5.3 Equipment
    	5.3a Tormund's
    	5.3a Roberta's
5.4 Treasure Maps
5.5 Books
	5.5a Magic Related
	5.5b Different Volumes
	5.5c Informational
	5.5d Stories/Other
	5.5e Altadorian

[sec6]                                                           SECTION 6: FAQ

6.1 In-Game Questions
6.2 Stuck/Bug/Glitches

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* [sec1]                          SECTION 1: IMPORTANT NON-GAME RELATED STUFF *
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As the title says, all legal junk, updates, and such that seems important go
here, the first thing in the guide to "catch your attention", or just more
space for you to scroll down. All the stuff yeah need to know [:

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* welcome!				                     1.1 Introduction *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello there and welcome to my first ever guide written and submitted to
GameFAQS! Being my first and only guide, so far, I plan to making this a huge
success (it already is with over 37,000 hits :) I realized that since there
aren't sufficient guides out there dedicated to Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, I
decided to make my own. Besides all that, there is just a whole bunch of time
to waste!

For those of you new to neopets, I suggest checking out the site, neopets.com.
This game is based on the already done plot (although you can still finish it)
on the site, and as mentioned above in the heading, exclusively available for
the PS2. If you have it, great job buying an excellent game, and I hope that my
guide helps you! If you don't, get up and buy it (:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* the changes made				          1.2 Version History *
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4.3 - August 2008
>> Hello all! Just to let you know, the guide will no longer be updated 	   :(
		The guide will be continued to be updated on
	neopets.com/prinsweetsy, and introducing my maps site too!
neopets.com/herjeedmouladen. Keep those pages bookmarked, I'll be updating
from there from now on!

4.2 - January 31, 2007
	>> Updated walkthrough up to saving the Rogue Legend (until I find my
	   PS2, which might be never, the guide will have to stay at this =(
	>> Fixed a couple of minor errors in the sidequests and equipment

4.1 - January 15, 2007 (sorry about the long wait!)
	>> Updated walkthrough up to saving 3 of the legends in act 4
	>> ALOT More books, equipment, shops, items, side quests, etc.
	>> NOTE: I have just recently cancelled my Premium service, losing my
	   email address. If you have sent any email from about 3-4 days ago,
	   please send to PINKPOODL3@YAHOO.COM

4.0 - January 1, 2007
	>> New Year, New Look. More organized basically, easier to navigate,
	   sections look "cleaner". Also added a bunch of more information on
	   basically every section.
        >> Cleared out old Version History. Ehh I felt like it!
	>> This a FAQ/Walkthrough, right? New FAQs section!
	>> Added a Books section for fun.
	>> Expect the next update by Friday or so (finish up walkthrough, side
	   quests, books, shops, equipment, etc.)

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* have a question?                                           1.3 Contact Info *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have a question, querry, concern, or problem with the walkthrough? Or, maybe
some missing information? More importantly, a suggestion for the guide?? Never
worry, with one of the listed emails you will have an answer!

You should first email PINKPOODL3@YAHOO.COM --
If you do not get a response within 2 weeks proceed to...
PRINISSE@yahoo.com (my other email)

If I still do not respond, feel free to neomail me on neopets.com with the
username princisee.

If your email is NOT related to this walkthrough or the game, then it will
automatically be deleted. For example, if your subject is something like "HELP"
or "Im stuck" then how would I know exactly what you're intending to say? So,
please, for yours and my sake, please make an appropriate subject!

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* and for the lawyerbots...                           1.4 Legal Stuff/Credits *
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Here we go...have a dictionary, thesaurus, or a pillow ready.

This walkthrough/faq is copyrighted by me, prinisse. This means you can not
copy, redistribute, republish in any form for commercial use. This also means
that this can be used by yourself for private, non-commercial use. Any means of
public or commercial use is against my terms, as well as any sites listed below
(and gamefaqs.com, of course). Violating these terms will cause me to take
action, and just to put it plan and simple, I'm not going to be nice about it.

If you do wish to somehow copy/use a portion of this guide on your site (and
sites only!) please contact me, as long as you COPYRIGHT my name on every page
that contains information from this guide.

Well, even I cannot sound so professional and legal, so just to sum it all up..
                       DO NOT COPY WITHOUT MY CONSENT.

The following sites can use my FAQ on their pages, or they just have some nice
info related to the game (:

	>> neopets.com
	>> gamefaqs.com
	>> neoseeker.com
	>> playstation.com
	>> honestgamers.com

I'd like to give credit to...

-Neopets, for starting all this
-Sony for "hosting" the game
-Idol Minds for developing the game
-Myself, for buying the game
-A number of random people that contributed to this guide
-The Offical Neopets Magazine Issue #12 for a few pieces of info
-The listed sites that host my guide

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* [sec2]                                                SECTION 2: THE BASICS *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Everyone starts somewhere, whether you're a newbie lost or an old pro needing
to brush up on their Neopian knowledge. In this section, I will explain the
basics on the game, and a little bit of "this and that" you need to know before

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* what's behind it all                                         2.1 True Story *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(copied from Neopets: The Official Magazine, Issue 12)

Long ago, a beautiful and prosperous city called Altador graced the Neopian
landscape. Within its walls, scholars studied the ways of the world and created
marvelous inventions. One of the reasons for the kingdom's prosperity was that
it was ruled by a group of honourable leaders, known as the Five Legends. By
equally combining their efforts, they wisely led the peaceful people of

As time wore on though, the Faerie retained the immortal youth and beauty of
her kind, while the other Neopets continued to age. Though the other rulers
could hardly be considered elderly, the Faerie began to believe that, because
of her immortality, she should be the sole ruler of the land. Without
consideration for how her actions would destroy the balance of power of Altador
she began to plot...

Jerdana, an Aisha sorceress and one of the noble protectors of the great city
of Altador, discovered the Faerie's darkest plan. As punishment for her
treachery, the Faerie was banished from the empire of Altador. Enranged by the
thought of being subject to the laws of mere Neopets, the Faerie stewed in her
anger, allowing her hatred to grow and fester like a wound. When she returned
for revenge, she was no longer the Faerie who had once helped rule Altador...
she was now the Darkest Faerie.

Her attack on Altador was merciless and cruel. The Four Legends with whom she'd
once served were unprepared, and as a result, were imprisoned. Faced with no
other way of avoiding the destruction of Altador, the powerful Jerdana cast a
mighty spell that encased the entire city in a bubble of slowed time. Now that
Altador was safely out of the reach of her dark powers, the Darkest Faerie
became further enraged, but her anger was short-lived.

Upon hearing of the disaster that had befallen Altador, Fyora the Faerie Queen
set out to stop the menace of the Darkest Faerie. Fyora used her rod, one of
the most powerful artifacts in all Neopia, to contain the deranged faerie's
malice. The might of the Faerie Queen, combined with the power of her magical
rod, was more than even the Darkest Faerie could withstand, imprisoning her as
a stone statue. The Darkest Faerie's stone form fell from the sky and landed in
the ocean near the Kingdom of Maraqua. Sunk into the cold, dark depths of the
sea, the Darkest Faerie was forgotten.

1,000 years later, though, the spell that held her began to weaken. The amulet
around her neck began to dim. The decaying chain broke, and the necklace slowly
slid down, landing in the sand. The eyes of statue glowed red. Her wings
suddenly unfurled, and the stone skin that encased her exploded. For centuries
she had planned her revenge...on Altador, Faerieland, and all of Neopia. She
would lay it all to waste, then reign over its ruins.

Altador still remained trapped in the time bubble, though. Enraged that she
could still not unleash her wrath on the kingdom, the Darkest Faerie turned her
attention to a nearby kingdom. Deciding that Meridell would be an excellent
place to build an army, she created a magical cloud around the castle and began
spreading her corruption over nearby lands. At last, after a thousand years of
waiting, the Darkest Faerie's chance for revenge had finally arrived.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* familiarize yourself                                           2.2 Controls *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Menu Controls
 	>> Start/Pause Game/Access Pause Menu                     Select Button
	>> Highlight Menu Item         Left analog stick or directional buttons
	>> Select Menu Item                                            X button
	>> Previous Menu                                        Triangle button

	>> Move                                               Left analog stick
	>> Camera Rotate/Pan/Tilt                            Right Analog Stick
	>> Jump                                                        X button
	>> Run                                                        R1 (Hold)
	>> Sneak                                         Hold the Square button
        >> Strafe                                                     L2 (Hold)

	>> Attack                                                      O button
 	>> Block with Shield                                          L1 (Hold)
	>> Jump Attack                                                      X,O
	>> Combo Attack                         o,o,o count 1-2-3 when pressing
	>> Rapid Attack                                     o -Press repeatedly
	>> Spin Attack         Rotate left analog in a full circle then press O
	>> Dash Attack    Left analog stick down away from enemy, then up and o
	>> Power-Up Attack      Hold the o button and wait for the flash on the
            weapon before releasing (Uses up the power of the mote if assigned)
	>> Aimed Attack           R2 (Use to fire while looking around with the
                                                            right analog stick)

Other Actions
	>> Use Activated Item                                   Triangle button
	>> Talk/Feed/Use					  Square Button
	>> Switch Heroes      L1+R1 (Both heroes have to be consious or active)
	>> Show Map Info                                Left directional button
	>> View Quest Log			       Right directional button
	>> Quick Inventory                                Up directional button
	>> Mote Inventory                               Down directional button
	>> Show HUD                            L3 (press the left analog stick)
	>> Orient Camera Behind Hero          R3 (press the right analog stick)
	>> Fire RopeGun          R2 (Can only fire at valid RopeGun points, and
                                          ONLY when you recieve from Tor's Dad)

Quick Inventory
	>> Select Item                                   Any directional button
	>> Use Item                                                    X button
	>> Activate Item                                          Square Button
	>> Close Quick Inventory                                Triangle Button

Mote Inventory
	>> Select Mote                                   Any directional Button
	>> Assign Mote to Weapon                                       o button
	>> Assign mote to Armor                                        X button
	>> Assign Mote to Shield                                  Square button
	>> Close Mote Inventory                                 Triangle button

	>> Display inventory                                       Start button
	>> Select/Highlight Inventory Item             Left analog stick or any
                                                             directional button
	>> Cycle Inventory Menu                                       L1 and R1
	>> Use Inventory Item                                          X button
	>> Activate Inventory Item                                     o button
	>> Exit Inventory                                       Triangle button

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* who are you?	                                               2.3 Characters *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A brief description of characters included in the game. (Some descriptions were
taken from the game's instruction booklet, and Neopets: The Official Magazine,
Issue 12).

Read on to your risk! Some descriptions include plot spoilers.

| 2.3a Major Characters |

	 >> Tormund, The Lupe Knight

A young Lupe farmer from Meridell, Tormund dreams of someday becoming a heroic
knight. When disaster strikes and darkness falls upon his homeland, he is
suddenly presented with the opportunity to prove his worth as a champion by
saving Neopia!

 	>> Roberta, The Acara Sorceress

Roberta is the niece of King Hagan. Though this young Acara has been groomed to
take her place a diplomat in Brightvale's royal court, her true wish is to be a
sorceress. The chance to use her powerful magic skills comes when she teams up
with Tormund to take on the Darkest Faerie.

	>> The Darkest Faerie

1,000 years ago, the Darkest Faerie grew too greedy and attempted to make
Altador submit to her rule. Although she was stopped by Queen Fyora, this
Mistress of Nightmares has now awoken, more powerful than ever and bent on
vengeance. She will stop at nothing to cover Neopia in darkness.

	>> King Skarl

Rough around the edges, King Skarl is the king who would choose brons over
brains, having a superior army to protect Meridell. He rules over the Kingdom
of Meridell with much pride, despite the fact it falls to the Darkest Faerie's

	>> King Hagan

All around knowledge-loving skeith, King Hagan is the king that would choose
brains over brons. It is shown in the game that brains had triumphed over brons
but this is only because of distance. He rules over the Kingdom of Brightvale,
and unlike Skarl, is well liked by his people.

	>> Illusen, The Earth Faerie

This powerful Earth Faerie has made her home in the Lightwater Forest, coming
to Meridell's aid in many a time. She has a long time rivalry with the Werelupe
King, and is a great help in your quest.

	>> Queen Fyora

Ruler of all the Faeries for as long as anyone can remember, she resides in
Faerieland, watching Neopia down below under her benevolent watch and care. An
old threat has returned, though, and this time Queen Fyora's powers may not be

| 2.3b Minor Characters |

	>> Solarin

The Royal White Uni which King Hagan had entrusted into the upmost safety of
Roberta, and if it wasn't for him, Roberta and Tor would've never met.

	>> Gelert Assassin (AKA The Assassin)

Hired by the Darkest Faerie to deal with Tor and Roberta, he does not really
appreciate the fact that she sent him after children. But before he proceeds
to carry out his task, he proves to be a nuisance for our two heroes.

	>> Sophie the Swamp Witch

Found in Werelupe Woods, the Werelupes leave her alone for fear of her creepy
powers. Although a villain in her TCG card, she is actually a big help in
assissting our heroes to defeat the Werelupe King.

	>> Hubert

Tor's hard-working father that assigns our hero on a very important delivery,
which in turn lead the road to greatness!


Tor's mother. Little is known about her, but she keeps her very own Juppie
Patch and is apparently too lazy to fetch her own bucket of water! (:

	>> Lucy

Tor's little sister, she is surprisingly very sweet and looks up to her older
brother. If it wasn't for her, Tor probably would've never started on his road
to heroism.

	>> Heermeedjet and Meerouladen

Yes, our favorite Meerca Thieves are back at it again, stealing packages and
knowing secret locations and roads and such. Bartering a trade with these
brothers will land you a treasure you would never imagine. (The best
characters ever!)

	>> Seradar

The Royal Sorcerer of Brightvale. He is the advisor to the throne-loyal and
honoroable to a fault. He has sensed great magical potential in the King's
niece, Roberta, and has been secretly tutoring her in the mystical arts.

| 2.3c Altadorian Characters |

	>> King Altador

Obviously the King of Altador, since that is his name. He helps our young
heroes along the way in their quest to stop the Darkest Faerie. His true
identity is the Old Knight who had given Tor advice once so many times. Known
as the Knight.

	>> Jerdana

Once a ruler of Altador, her name was first brought into Neopia in the first
TCG deck. However, it was first known as Talador. She allowed Fyora to use her
powerful orb to keep the Darkest Faerie within it for an eternity. She is seen
as the Old Aisha who had given Roberta the amulet, and to the DF, only a slight
memory. Known as the Sorceress.

	>> Gordos

AKA Gord the Merchant, he is seen on roads between the two kingdoms selling his
goods. Known as the Treasurer.

	>> Fauna

Here we meet Faun the head maid servant lady in Meridell Castle, who is none
mistakly very gentle hearted. This shows in your squire chore, when she says
calls Miamice little darlings. Known as the Protector.

	>> Torakar

It seems Neopets has been planning this for quite sometime now; Torakar AKA
Grarrl Gladiator (TCG) had also first shown up in Neopia in 2003, 4 years ago.
If you haven't guessed by now, he is your Master-At-Arms Torak. Known as the

	>> Kelland

This is the old techo you first come upon in Act 1, or Kell the Beggar. Since
Tor's and Roberta's amulets are "siblings", Kelland and Jerdana must've been
some kind of close aqcuintances, as the two amulets to ward off powerful Dark
magic. Known as the Thief.

	>> Florin

"Cleverly" disguised as Florindil, he is found in Illusen's Glade Negg Shop.
Just like all other "disguised" Altadorians, they all hide when dark clouds
come over the area they were in, explaining why his shop was no longer open
when the dark clouds first appeared.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* being wealthy is healthy				     2.4 Money Making *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's never a good thing to be broke in this game; if you do become, however,
you won't be able to buy your new equipment to keep up with the enemies in that
area! Try out these ways to earn some NP. (Sorry, no NeoMillionaires in this
game, unless you have ALOT of time on your hands)

	>> Meridell

-Meridell Arena
	Defeat the challenger to receive a reward. You cannot use any items,
	except for motes.
	1) Rogue: Wooden Shield
	2) Ixi Henchman: 500 NP
	3) Sludgy: 750 NP
	4) Skeleton Fighter: 1,000 NP
	5) Werelupe Elite: 2,000 NP

-Wheel of Chance
 	Spin the wheel to earn the grand prize of 170 NP! Time your stops. I
	find it much easier to stop the wheel after the first spin.

	>> Brightvale

-Ye Olde Obstacle Course
	Each try costs 50 NP, and the reward increases with every "level"
	completed, but the time allowed decreases. The first time you try out
	here, get the 4 leaf clover, and place the box right next to the wall
	for easier access in future levels.

	1st trial) Reward: 500 NP, 3 min. time
	2nd trial) Reward: 1,000 NP, 1 min. and 30 sec. time
	3rd trial) Reward: 2,000 NP, 45 seconds time

-Wheel of Knowledge
	The somewhat more difficult version of Wheel of Chance? Start out with
	25 NP, and watch it grow to 325 NP!

	>> Altador

-Coliseum (Arena District)
	Just like the Meridell Arena, defeat the challengers to recieve the
	monetary reward. The catch? They come in groups of 6 per challenge.
	1) Saving Torakar: 500 NP
	2) 3 Dark Ixi Archers and 3 Spearmen: 750 NP
	3) 4 Drackonacks, 2 Huge Drackonacks: 1,000 NP
	4) 3 Skeleton Fighters, 3 Skeleton Wizards: 1,500 NP
	5) 2 Werelupe Bone Throwers, 2 Elites, and 2 Bashers: 2,000 NP

-Wheel of Prosperity
	The fastest of the wheels, but with the greatest rewards. Wager 100 NP
	and turn it into 700 NP!

	>> Other methods

-Always open up any treasure chests you can find on your adventures
-Dig up any treasure maps you might have
-Complete the side quests (Refer to the Side Quests section)
-Cut up the regular grass and golden grass

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* i need some help!					     2.5 Hints & Tips *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Just a little bit of this and that to get you going on how to become a regular
at the game.

-When exploring the land, always look for sources of health and magic restorive
items, even if they are not mentioned in the guide (ie. grass, mushrooms,
skeletons, bushes, pots)

-Petpets will always be useful to you. Check the Petpets section to learn more.

-Always buy Treasure Maps. Most of the time, the treasure is always worth your

-Do the side quests. They can result in extra NP, equipment, items, etc

-Talk to everyone you see. Some info may come in handy, and others for just
plain old fun...that's what a RPG video game is about.

-If you're running low on money, try your luck at the wheels, compete in areas,
do side quests, and cut up grass. My main income in the game was from digging
up treasure chests, which is way I included the section on where to buy them.

-Never buy food items from stores. Stock up your juppies, because the more you
have, the less you'll have to rely on Ergyfruits and Peachpas.

-Save often. You never know when your game will crash, and trust me, its better
to be on the safe side. You might also want to save your game on a different
memory card if you fear your sibling will mess it all up for you. And also,
because of the dreaded infamous "Boss Coward" glitch.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* [sec3]                                           SECTION 3: THE WALKTHROUGH *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ah, the real juicy part of the whole walkthrough/faq! The cream of the crop, or
the whole point of this guide! From the very beginning, to the very end, this
whole section covers it. This, however, does not include the side quests and

After toggling your options on the opening screen (setting the vibration on
always gives you that whole in-game feeling), select New Game to finally
proceed to Act 1!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* i've heard many a tale about you, tor                   3.1 Tormund's Story *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A short scene shows you and your sister roleplaying as Lord Darigan and a
Meridell knight. Unfortunately, while trying to brag about the SANE possibility
of you, lowly farm boy, being a knight, you accidentally free the Whinnies from
their corral. Your first quest ever! Hooray. It's never a bad thing to practice.
And YES, herding Whinnies does come useful in the future. The on screen tutorial
shows you some basic controls. Follow them, and you're on to our road to
greatness! Heroes all start somewhere, you know, big or small.

Lucy: "Tor! You better get those Whinnies back in the corral or Mum's going to
be mad!"

TUTORIAL: Use the left analog stick to move around. Use the right analog stick
to look about. You can hold down the R1 Button to run faster.

	>> Herding Whinnies

If you press the Right Directional Button, which brings up your Quest Page
(the treasure chest), your very quest will be to'Herd the three Winnies back
into their corral.' Being fickle as they are, they tend to run away from you,
but eventually they go back into the corral. Just chase them around a bit by
walking behind them and they should go into the corral. Round up the rest and
after you are done, your mum calls you for some help.

TUTORIAL: Press the left directional button to see a map of the area and find
your way around.

	>> Drawing Water
	[Items Obtained: Empty Bucket
			 Bucket of Water]
Opening the quest page reveals your mother wants a word with you in the garden.
Walk on over and she says for you to get some water for her plants. You'll
need the bucket, which is found on your house's porch.

Tor: "Push the START Button to see what you're carrying".

After you get the empty bucket, you're going to have to go fill it up. Go up
to the barn and on the left side is the water pump. Pressing the square button
will automatically fill it up. But lucky for you, the pump breaks down..with
smoke? Anyway, you got your water, so head back to mum.

Oh yes I should tell you that everytime you complete a quest that annoying
little treasure chest will light up until you open the quest page. Trust me,
it starts to get to you after you've replayed the game a million times like

	>> Fixing the Water Pump
	[Items Obtained: Pliers]

Giving the water to Mum, she heard the explosion and tells you to tell your
father to fix it for good! (You don't want to let him sleep out in the barn
right?) Your dad is in the barn, so talk to him. The pliers are on top of the
barn (great storage place, eh?) Head over to the box and read the tutorial!

TUTORIAL: Push and pull things by pressing the square button next to them.
Slide this box under the ladder to reach it.

Climb up the ladder, and follow the wood beams to the upper part of the barn.
TUTORIAL: You can jump across gaps by pressing the X button.

Walk over to the weather vane, and on the right side of it is the pliers.
Although it is never a smart idea to jump from a rooftop, go ahead and jump
down to give the pliers to your dad. He'll fix them and mention he has a
"special" job for you. Go into your house, and talk to him. Surely you know
the way to your own house...right?

	>> A Job From Dad?
	[Items Obtained: Hubert's Chest Key
			 Wooden Sword
			 Package to Meridell]

A scene occurs saying your father wants you to deliver a package to Meridell!
He also mentions that the road is long, and not a safe one, either. Tor's dad
gives you the key to the chest up-stairs, and inside is none other then the
wonderful practice temporary wooden sword! Remember, it is NOT a toy.

Tor: "A sword! Well, a wooden one...Press the O Button to swing your sword.
But be careful! Lots of things inside the house are fragile."

Whatever Tor! It's our first ever sword and we can go crazy if we want!
(:Head downstairs and look closely at the fireplace. Walk up to it, and you
get a Fire Mote! Motes are very useful items.

Tor: "It's not burning me. In fact, I think it's smiling at me! I guess I'll
keep it!"

Taken directly from the INSTRUCTIONAL MANUAL: So what is a Mote?
In a nutshell: Motes are small glowing balls of pure magic. Motes come in
all sorts of shapes and sizes, and some are more powerful than others. These
little specks are the basis for all magic working and spellcraft. To learn
more, just scroll on down to the Motes Section (:

You don't need to equip it now, so just keep it for a while. Talk to your
father to recieve the package. You are now well on the way to becoming a squire
but we need to find some treasure. (Yes, for all you pirates at heart).

Patricia: "Keep a lookout for bandits! If you meet one, just give them what
they want and get away." Hmm a bit of foreshadowing huh...

After your parents bid you good luck and all, go down the left lane from your
home. On the forked path, go right and through the corn fields. You can cut
some down for spare NP, but just continue until you get to the green part.
There are some harmless Flower Monsters here, so defeat them for fun. There is
some golden grass here, and whenever there's golden grass, that means lots of
money! However, it's only 44 NP, but it's better then nothing. Head back to the
forked path, and this time, go on the other path. The garden of your mum's has
some juppie plants, so go ahead and chop them up. Juppie plants are found
everywhere, so get used to identifying them. Sometimes they won't have any, and
sometimes they'll have a load of 'em. Continue up the path into another corn
field. On the end there is a shed with a treasure. 103 NP, and counting.

Back to the road to your house, go straight and there is another corn field with
another treasure! Head down the hole, and open the treasure chest (the actual
content varies) Jump up the ledges, sidle on the little ledge, and climb up the
vines. Behind the tree when you climb out is a Leaf Mote! Yay, we're done
collecting items, so let's finally set out for Meridell!

	>> Deliver the Package
	[Items Obtained: Special Amulet]

Go straight from the path leading to your house, through the gate.

TUTORIAL: You can save your progress at the glowing Save Points. Now that
you've done your chores, it would be a good time to save.

Continue down the path and a scene will occur, were bandits are trying to rob a
poor old begger...(Kell. Sounds ODD familiar!) why would you rob a beggar?
That's pretty sad, so go in and save the old man! Attack only one, since
there's no point in getting all of them.

Tor: "To attack an opponent press the O Button. The more times you press the
more you attack. Different speeds may do different attacks." You'd think it
would be the tutorial saying this, instead of Tormund telling himself what
buttons to press.

The beggar thanks you, and in return gives you a special amulet. What's the
purpose? We will find out its true purpose much, much later. He also gives
you a Light Mote, very useful since a lot of monsters are dark. Equip it now,
and fight off the thieves. Be wary of fighting with thieves, since some of
their attacks open your pockets and you lose your NP until you get them back.

Kell the Beggar: "Have you noticed these magical motes before? They appear
in many places our lands - some in watery places, some on high rock perches,
some in the very vapours of the air! By equipping one to your sword...Even a
humble peasant's weapon becomes infused with a potent elemental power when
you equip a mote! Try it!"

TUTORIAL: To equip a mote, open your inventory by pressing the START button.
Your inventory has three tabs. The first is for foods and potions. These items
will help your health or your magic. By pressing the R1 button or the L1
Button you can change tabs of your inventory. Press the R1 Button to open the
middle tab. These are your motes. Select the mote with the directional buttons
and equip it to your sword by pressing the O Button. The last tab is for
special items. Your package is in this inventory. Guard it well! Press the
START Button to open your inventory!

Welcome to the Farm Road, a road...with farms! There are a few side quests to
complete, so make sure you are ready. By the way, let me tell you the different
kinds of quests. Open up your quest log, and when you recieve new quests, such
as the ones you are about to do now, they will be marked with a medal. A gold
medal symobolizes a must do quest, a silver medal indicates a completely
optional side-quest, and a bronze medal is a treasure map, marked with its
location. You'll come to find that every farm has a different side quest.
Scroll down to the Side-Quest Section to see what you can do.

After you're all done with that, continue down the path. After what may seem a
long time, you'll come across a Gelert Prince, who holds another side quest.
Continue on the small road to his left, and you should come to a lillypad in
the water. Don't jump off it, because you'll end up back on land. Only jump
from lillypad to lillypad, and from it to land. You'll come to a clover patch,
run around it a bit, and a 4-leaf clover will pop up. Go back to the road, and
over to the broken bridge. Cross the zipline, go down, and jump on the under
part of the bridge. Before climbing the ladder, go to the right of it and climb
up the vines to claim the Fog Mote. Climb up the ladder, and walk off the
bridge. Continue down to the forked path.

Welcome to the Village of Meridell! Home to King Skarl and all of his knights
and peasants and other stuff, which I personally think is the best land because
of it's 'theme' and all. Upon your arrival,two speeding meercas bump into you
making you drop your package! Well, there's no surprise, because they are none
other then Heermeedjet and Meerouladen. Shoot, you're not going to let them get
away, right? Well you better go get them! Chase the meerca until he stops in a
dark alleyway. Oh, yeah the perfect place. Strangely enough, it reminds me of
the Thieves District. Anywho, a mysterious knight comes to your rescue, saving
you and your package. All this for a package and you don't even know what its
contents are. The Old knight inspires Tor to become a knight even more. There
are loads of new side quests available after this.

Make a left and a shady kacheek will sell you treasure maps. Get every one of
them, as they come in use later on. Make sure you have 500 NP left, as you have
to buy a sword! Continue on down the road, to the the Recruitment Centre and
speak to the techo. He thinks you want to be a squire? Well, Tor really cannot
hold back, so you now have a new quest!

	>> Need a Shield

There are two ways: you can buy a shield for 400 NP, or win one from the arena.
I would take the arena, but that's just me. Buying a Squire Sword is a huge
advantage right now, so buy right now for 500 NP. You should have enough if
you haven't went on a shopping spree. Go back to the arena to finally
get the shield. Once you have your shield, head back to the Recruitment
Center for the next phase of becoming a squire. (You can continue and fight in
the arena for extra change. The next challenger is an Ixi Spearman, aligned
Earth) There is a save altar in the middle of Meridell, so use it often if you
think you are going to die all of a sudden (which you shouldn't).

	>> Need a Sponsor

So you need someone to sponsor you. (No, you can't sponsor yourself) Since you
do not know any knights, we'll ask Master Torak who sometimes takes in strays.
He's in the Meridell Tavern. It's on a culdasac, so follow the road to the
Blacksmith, and go all the way past it. For my sake, use your map. Once there,
talk to the sitting blue grarrl. Eh, he broke his sword, but someone has to
sign those papers. Go over to the drawbridge guards, standing guard outside
Meridell Castle.

 Oooh, you have to go find those pieces. Go right from here, and there are
pieces of wood called scaffolding. (Ever watched a movie with people cleaning
the windows or painting on those little wooden things?) Climb up those and
across the rope to retrieve all the pieces. Once you are done, go back to the
Recruitment Centre for the hilt (the handle) of the sword.

 Go through the little walkway on the rightside and talk to the thief. He said
he'll give you the hilt for either 100 NP or your sword. Trust me on this one,
try to give him the sword. The guard will take it as him stealing the sword
from you, so he gives it back to you. See? You just saved 100 NP. =) OK, you
can't just show up with a pieces of broken sword, so head over to the Smith to
have it re-forged. Now that you have that done, deliver it to Master Torak, and
BOOM! You got your papers signed!

	>> Becoming a Squire

Now you got your papers, head back to the Officer! Oh, but wait. You need your
letter of consent, signed by your parents. Well, just hope they'll be willing
to have you become a squire!

	>> Need Parent's Permission

Head out of Meridell Village the way you came first came in, and head all the
way back to the now fixed bridge. The mysterious old knight is there again to
talk to you about being responsible to prove to your parents that you are
capable of gaining their trust. After talking to him, continue down the road,
through Farm Roads, and back to Ellis Family Farm.

 Upon your arrival, your parents say that your little sister Lucy has wandered
off in hopes of beginning her own adventure. And where to? The so called
haunted Shadowglen Woods. Not a very good place to start your adventure.

 After you're done speaking to your parents, head all the way past Farm Road,
and back at Meridell Outskirts. This time, take the left path all the way up
until you reach a tunnel. After emerging from the tunnel, you will be in
Shadowglen Woods. I would save my game at the save altar to be on the safe side
Continue down the path to complete a side quest. (HINT: Cut down mushrooms
for juppies and coins)

	>> Find Your Sister!

 Continue on this dirt path until you come to a bridge made up of trees. Jump
across them, and from where you landed, head up the path. Defeat the Spore
Monster or Gunner, and walk across the river. If you look close enough, there
will be a small little cave enclosed with tree branches. Smash them away, and
in the mini island is a plant contains a starry negg, increasing your magic
meter! Open the magic treasure chest with a dark mote. Exit the mini cave, and
cross the rope. Defeat all the monsters in this area, but do not cross any
other ropes. Continue up the ramp to the right, and defeat the monsters in this
area. Go all the way left to a large clearing. Somewhere there should be a
12-leaf clover. Take it, and make your way to a little cave enclosed with tree
branches (use your map to help you find your way). You should find a Nova mote,
aligned with all magic =). Go back to your original place, and if you look
around you should see some climbable vines on top of some elevated land. Defeat
the monster here, and climb the vines. From where you stand, head left on the
road and smash away the branches. In this cave are Ergyfruit plants; once done,
return outside and head straight. Follow the path, up the stairs, and collect
some juppies from the plants. Quickly cross the fallen log and take out the
monsters. Cross the rope, and go on. There should be some golden grass. Defeat
any monsters, and collect a 4-leaf clover. Under the waterfall and near the
edge of the cliff are 2 motes. Press forward to the save altar. Now comes the
fun part =)

 Go through the cave and walk forward. A short scene occurs where sister is
shown being trapped by a Juppie Monster! Quick, you must save her! To learn how
to defeat this boss, please scroll down to the Bosses Section, if you please =]
Once defeated, you are reunited with your sister, so go through the tunnel and
you'll find yourself in you farm. Cut down the bush here for a Red Negg,
increasing your maximum health! Return back to your house to ask your parents
to sign the form.

A scene will occur where you sister shows how brave you were. Luckily for you,
that was just the thing to prove to your parents you were brave and responsible
enough. They sign the letter, and you're on your way! Return to the Meridell
Army Recruitment Centre to recieve your armor!

	>> Becoming a Squire

 After recieving your armor, head for the castle. Once inside, speak to Master
Torak. Your official training will start tomorrow, so get some sleep. Save your
game. Take the left corridor, then turn right, left again, and your bed is the
last one on the right. You will witness a short scene were you see the Darkest
Faerie emerging from the sea. Aah!

	>> Squire Chores

 After talking to Grayson, head out the door close to your bed. Go through the
archway to your left, and you should spot Master Torak from a distance.	Speak
to him, and let the training begin!

	>> Weapon Training

 This training is very important if 1) you have never played before, or 2) you
have trouble defeating opponents. Listen to Master Torak's battle tips, and
you'll learn how to chain attacks. Or as I did it, count 1-2-3 for every time
you attacked. Although I never really got the hang of this, it is very, VERY
important that you master this attack.

	>> Chores

 Head back to the front of the castle. Go straight, or if you're facing the way
you came in, take the right corridor. Open the left door, and follow the carpet
on the left side. The last room on your right is where you will find Faun.

	>> Catch the Miamice

 Catching them is very simple. When they are not facing you, sneak up from be-
hind, pushing down the square button, and pressing it again. Drop them in the
cage close to the door. Once you are done catching all 5, exit through th door
on you right. Head on the left path, all the way back to the training grounds.
Save your game if you wish to.

	>> More Weapon Training

 To me, this is easier then last time. Rotate your left analog stick then
strike all 3 dummies at once. After that, head back into the castle for your
next chore.

	>> Clog Duty

 Head back to the hallway, and when you intersect with the corridor, head right
Take the right door, and speak to the draik in the adjoining room. Go through
the door on your left. Smash up any barrels for juppies, and open the hatch to
the sewers. Enter the hole, and equip the proper mote for the enemies. Scour
the area here for items and motes, and press forward.

 Go to the room in the rightward direction, collect the motes, and head back to
your original starting point. Head straight, and keep going straight. Go
through the tunnel, jump down, and climb up the ladder. Destroy the clog, and
continue forward to the treasure chest. Open it, and search the area for a
lever. The path is pretty straight forward, so continue until you come to your
next clog. Destroy it, and use, the lever to open ip the metal grate. Jump down
and go straight, left, defeat the monsters here and jump down again to defeat
more monsters. Destroy the clog to your right. Climb the ladder, go straight,
climb another ladder, and destroy the clog. Defeat the slorg, and collect your
mote. Use the lever, take the left tunnel, and go left again to destroy the
last clog. Once done, exit the sewer. Head back outside to the training area.

	>> Mote Training

 Attach the fire mote to your sword, and attack the dummy. Charge up and attack
the dummy again. Once done with that, head back inside the castle for your next
chore. Head up any set of stairs in the front of the castle, and speak to the
neopet standing in the middle of everything.

	>> Crokabek Nests

 Yes, we all hate those overgrown crows, and well, if you want to be promoted to
a knight, this is a good opportunity to have your name be heard. Anyways, head
downstairds, and back to the courtyard through any exit.

 From here, I will tell you how to get to all locations counter-clockwise
starting from the farthest right (use your map). In a fenced area there will be
a turtum. Hit it, jump on its shell, and wait for it to launch you up to the
rooftops. Destroy the Crokabek and its nest on the other side of the rooftop.
Over at the next location, climb the scaffolding and destroy the nest. To reach
the next location, you have to climb the vines next to the door. The next place
is where you had your previous training. Jump from roof to roof to reach the
nest. The place where Grayson is has a ladder. Distract the Crokabek, and then
climb the ladder to destroy the last nest. Head back to the castle to tell
Lazlo, and then back to Torak.

	>> Advanced Mote Training

 Equip the fire mote to your shield, stand in the charred spot, and deflect the
fireballs that will come at you. Once done, head into the castle and get some
sleep. Upon your awake, Grayson will announce that Master Torak calls you. Head
to the main hall and speak to him.

	>> Mission to Cogham

 Apparently, you've been chosen to aid a rescue mission in a village called
Cogham. Anyways, in the Dining Hall, look for the green grarrl. He's not going
to fight with you because he's offended, so you're going to have to head off to
Cogham by yourself. The regular old squire would never do this, but since you
are the hero and all...exit the castle, and leave Meridell through the southern
exit near the Recruitment Centre.

 Make your way through the winding path, and take the left one. You should come
across a mote shop. Continue down the road. It would be wise to open up any
treasure chests that are in the area. Once done with all that, cross the bridge
and get ready for battle!

	>> Ixi Raiders

 Work your way around the village defeating the Ixi Raiders. They are all earth
aligned, so use an air mote. Once done, climb up the steppes and defeat the 2
ones next to the mayor's house. Some guards will run off to tell the chief what
happened. Well, kinda sucks, because the mayor wants you to drive them away
COMPLETELY. So, head past him into the cave. The path from here is pretty much
straight-forward, so continue on until you get to the steppes with the 1st
archer. Climb up the ladder to your right to get a mote. Keep going until you
get to your next ladder for the next treasure.

 Go down the steppes, and watch out that you don't fall into the river. After
crossing a bridge next to a waterfall, you will come across a hidden mine(HINT:
Look for the golden grass to reach this place) Loot the area of its numerous
treasures, and destroy the gems and barrels for some extra NP.

 Back outside, continue your way through the steppes. Save your game, then
climb the series of ladders. After making it to the top, continue forward and
jump to the platform. Defeat the Crokabeks after jumping to the platform with
the Air Mote. Once done, head left to the next platform, and to the lowest
steppe to your right. Climb up the ramps, and defeat the 2 archers. Continue
along the path, and climb the ladder. Pull the lever to operate the windmill.
Head all the way back to where you had defeated the Crokabeks, and climb the

 Defeat all Ixis in this area. Ignore the mine for now, and continue towards
the watermill. Wait for the moving platform to come, and jump on top. Contine
forward, and climb up the steppes for a mote if you like. Back on the main path
jump across the broken bridge, and you'll come to a railroad track. The cart on
the hill is stopped by some 'clogs'. Destroy the clog and the cart will break
the wood for you to continue on.

 Emerge from the tunnel and defeat the Ixi. Climb up the ladder, and defeat the
remaining Ixis. Cross the bridge, ascend the ladder, climb the steppes, ascend
another ladder, and jump to the platform. I would try to get the floating mote.
Get the Sun Mote, and cross over to other platform. Save your game, and proceed
to the Boss! (Just as usual, scroll down to the bosses section to see how to
defeat him)

 When you're done, collect the eye patch sitting on the ground. On your way out
open the treasure chest. Save your game, and "fly" down the steppes. You could
fall into the river and end up closer to the village, but you might die/lose
some health. I dunno. Some parts of the river kill you. :O

 Anyways, back at the village, the mayor rewards you with a red negg, meaning
more health! By now you should have more then enough NP to buy new equipment,
meaning a new sword and shield! As to what Tor's TCG card says, "Each sword he
held and suit of armour was shinier and more impressive than the last", =]
Also, buy any treasure maps, and the Starry Negg in the gift shop for 800 NP,
raising your magic.Once done here, leave Cogham, and straight back to Meridell!

	>> Audience with the King

 Back at the castle, head straight into the King's Court. A scene will occur
where King Skarl promotes Tormund to a knight! All thanks to you, his dreams
have finally come true! When leaving the court, another scene occurs where a
peasant claims that the Werelupe King has attacked Illusen and her Glade. Well,
guess who has a mission? Oh well, we'll see tomorrow. Head back to the barracks
and get some sleep. Another scene occurs, one showing the Darkest Faerie with
that evil laugh of hers. :K

	>> Left Behind

 Looks like you weren't chosen to aid the rescue mission. The halls are quite
empty, but not the entrance hall. The Old Knight is there once more, and quite
frankly, he is worried about the knights. He says YOU must help aid them! I
don't know about you, but this guy is right. As a knight, we must help defend
our Kingdom! Save your game, and leave Meridell from the northern exit.

	>> Illusen's Glade

 In Meridell Plains, cross the bridge once more and take the left path leading
to Illusen's Glade. Along the way is a Negg shop. After crossing a bridge, save
your game and continue on the main path, defeating any and every Werelupe
Basher in your path. Just try to focus on heading straight or north, and don't
take any side paths. After a while you will see Master Torak in a cage guarded
by a Werelupe. Defeat it, and destroy the lock. He says you must save the other
knights, so let's get to it.

	>> Rescue the Knights

 From where the cage was, head left and over the two bridges. Head left past
the tree in front of you, and the ledges/tree stump. The little cave to your
right is where you will find your first knight. Kill the Werelupe, save the
knight, and jump down. Go back to the tree stump, climb the steppe then the
vines. Jump to the little area of land, defeat the Werelupe, and save knight
#2. From a distance you can see the little island with the save point; head
over there and go right. Near a small ledge is your next knight saving point,
in the cave. After defeating the 2 Werelupes, head back to the little island
where Torak's cage was, and over to the little island on your left.

	>> Illusen's Glade

 Defeat the Werelupe here, and climb into the little transportation thingy to
get into the treetops (where Torak is). There are a couple of pick-me-ups in
this treetop village, so don't feel like you're completely lost. It's straight-
forward, so when you get to a save point, you know that you are on course. Head
straight, and watch a scene where the Werelupe King defies Tor, and sends out
Gnarfas against him! (Scroll down to Bosses section to see how to defeat

 After another scene, you will see the Werelupe King snatch Illusen's Charm.
Head over to Illusen for another scene. Once that is done, you can defeat the
Archers, or not, race out of the Glade. The rest of Meridell is in complete
darkness, but we must inform Skarl of the takeover, if he hasn't seen it him-

	>> Inform the King

 The village is empty, dark, and well, scary. Just run into the castle and
avoid all the minions. The castle is filled with Dark Knights, so just ignore
them and head up the right set of stairs. In this room, look for the switch to
open the door to the Court Room. Go out the room on your left, and over to the
balcony. Yet another scene occurs, and this one is a particularly bad one.

	>> Escape the Castle

 This is your first encounter with the Darkest Faerie. And well, third time's
a charm. So, that mean's you're not going to win. But you're not going to lose

 Try to attack the faeries, but you should know that force doesn't stand a
chance against magic. A little scene explains that to you, saying you have to
RUN. So, if they haven't already, wait for the faeries to blast the door open
and run out. Flames will block your path, so wait for them to break some columns
down. Once done, climb the columns and jump over to the other side of the fire.
Run out to main hall, and you'll be surrounded by more barriers. Wait for them
to break the columns, and then climb over to jump over the fire. You'll be in
the dining hall, and they block the exits. Stand where the kitchen "windows"
are, and they should blast one of them. Run out of there to where you helped
save the Miamice for the maid. The maid directs you to a chute to the moat of
Meridell Castle. Pretty weird how she's not affected by the Darkest Faerie's
control...A scene will occur showing you the conclusion of Tor's Story.
Alright, get ready for Act 2!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* and you must be roberta                                 3.2 Roberta's Story *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 A scene occurs showing Solarin the Uni driving the cart holding our other
main character Roberta, and Seradar. After landing, Roberta complains about
having to be a scholar and wanting to be a sorceress and all, and Seradar just
says what every elderly person would say...work before play.

 Yes, we already have a quest to do, but we need to get some stuff needed for
some later quests. After crossing the save point, head into the rightmost maze.
Not to difficult to navigate, you should come across a Stone of Illumination
soon enough. Once done, head over to the other maze and find the Meowclops.
Feed it a juppie; we'll need it later. Head up the stairs, and when you cross
over the little bridge, head over to the scholarly looking people. He says
a court is already in process, so we're going to have to wait a little while.
Something of interest...an old aisha gives you this mysterious amulet. Sound

 Anyways, take the rightmost staircase. On top of the stairs is a painter. Talk
to him not only helps you in a future quest, but also a nifty side quest.
Descend the stairs the other way, and over to the gardens. There should be a
circlish area, and if you have the Meowclops, you'll witness the Hidden Tower
being revealed. You can go in if you like; everything is too expensive to buy.

 Now, find the tree here. Climbable vines are on the tree; climb it and one of
the branches is a Faerie Wood Stick, also used for a later quest. After doing
all of this, go back to the stairs with the painter and over to the other set
of stairs.

	>> Faerie Dust Paint

 After descending from the other side of the stairs, take the main path and
then over a cobblestone path to where there will be some kind of altar holding
some Faerie Dust. Just walk up to it and your bottle will automatically be
filled with the Dust.

	>> Wait for the Council

 You would think after all that, the council would be finished. Apparently not.
Anyways, from where you saved the Harris, head into the nearest door. You'll be
in the grand library. Seradar is in the middle, and what better oppurtunity
then now to ask for some magic training? So, when you speak to him, he agrees,
but GREAT you left your wand back at home. But, since this game is so totally
unpredictable, you are already ready. You should be. You have all the
components to make a makeshift wand, and once you do, you'll start your magic

	>> Magic Training

 Luckily for us, Act 2 is notoriously short due to the fact we don't have to
save anybody or do annoying chores. Ey, she is a princess after all. However,
the game does not refer to her as Princess Roberta. =]

 You should follow along with the instructions; they are quite similar to Tor's
sword controls, to make things easier. Once done with everything, one of the
scholars comes in and says that Fyora is finally done with her council. A scene
will automatically play showing you what you talk about and all.

	>> A Brief Respite

 When the council is over, take the stairs where the painter is. Past the tree
where you got your wand handle, head into the building. Once inside, climb the
steps, through the halls, til you meet Kekou. He will show you to your room;
follow him. If you wander off/slow down, he will wait for you until you start
following him again, so you won't get lost. When you reach your room, save,
then go to sleep. A scene will occur; what is the Darkest Faerie planning to do
here? You're about to find out.

 Head into the room across from yours and speak to Seradar. He's under the
curse...OH NO! Run out of there; you're still too weak to fight the minions. Go
down the hall until you hear someone's voice.

	>> What's Going on Here?

 From where you were, go left and into the rightmost door. Keep going until you
come to a room with a table. Climb the boxes to the metal grating. Here you see
the Darkest Faerie (I'm just going to abbreviate her DF from now on) with the
Old Aisha, getting ready to torture her. We have to help her; she's a bigger
help to us then you might know.

	>> Make a Distraction

 Go back the way you came in and down the steps. Use the map to help find where
you need to go next. Enter the door; you'll be in the Clocktower. Go down the
stairs. In front of you should be a block thingy; go up to it and pull it over
the circle on the floor. Go over to the other side and do the same. Now, go up
the stairs closest to you. There are 3 blocks; drag them all to the pulleys.
Once done, the bells will start to chime. Hurry back to the leftmost room where
the Old Aisha is. A scene will occur where Roberta saves the Aisha. However,
she says you must find the one with the identical amulet. Anywho, we have to
escape, and quick.

	>> Escape from Faerieland

 If you remember how to get to the West Staircase, hooray. If not...go right
and to the left doorway. Go all the way to the stairs, but GREAT an overweight
skeith crashes and blocks your path.

 We have to leave via the Endless Staircase. Go back all the way, and use your
map if you get lost. If you come to a room with a save point, you know you're
right on track. Another scene occurs where the DF returns the room, and quite
frankly, she ain't a happy camper at this point.

 Navigating the Endless Staircase can be a pain if you have no idea what you're
doing. Simply reach the 2nd Quiggle stature. If he is pointing up, go up. If he
is pointing down, then continue going down. Continue this process until you
come to a door. Leave the library. A scene occurs...you're running for your
life and outcomes the DF, trying to stop you, but you jump onto Solarin's back
just on time. I seriously have no idea how those humongous skeiths get to fly
like that, but they end up knocking poor Roberta from Solarin's back, and she
falls a long way down. On to Act 3!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* together at last                                          3.3 Heroes United *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Here we welcome Act 3. Finally an Act with some challenge to it! A scene shows
Roberta falling from the sky right when Tor washes up on the shore. Some fate,
huh? There's a first for everything...we now get to play as both Tormund and
Roberta. The minions seem to have followed Roberta, meaning we're going to
have to use Tor's and Roberta's abilities to defeat this bunch.

 First of all, equip water mote to sword, and fire to shield and armour. Tor
should get the Brute, and Roberta should get the minions (do the same to wand
and robes). My advice to you; use Tor for land-based monsters OR ones that have
a huge amount of health. Use Roberta for flying monsters, missile based
monsters, or to weaken an enemy and then let Tor finish it off.

 After defeating these monsters, a scene shows were they realize they have the
identical amulets (Coincidence, no?) and they talk some more...and finally
join forces to venture to King Hagan. Scour the area for treasures, and leave
via the steppes.

	>> Brightvale

 Once you come to a road, Roberta mentions that she's from Brightvale and to
get there all you need to do is follow the right road all the way, which is
what you should do, since you might wander off to dig up some treasure or

 For the first time, light appears once you come upon Brightvale. Enter the
main gate to get into Brightvale. A scene shows the DF hiring the Gelert
Assassin to kill Roberta and Tormund. When you delve a bit deeper into the game
you can tell that he becomes a quiet a pest rather than a threat.

	>> Audience with the King

 We have to meet with Hagan, but hey, let's explore a bit, shall we? Go to
the armoury and pick up both the shield and robes for a total of 3,500 NP. If
you don't have that much, go to the obstacle course and win. (My advice to
winning: The first round is 3 minutes. Use this time to collect the clover here
and position the box so in future rounds, you won't have to reposition it) Try
your luck at the wheel while in this area. Pick up any sidequests, and when
you're done, head into the castle.

 Go straight into the King's Courtroom and watch the scene where Roberta and
Tor tell Hagan of what has happened in both Meridell and Faerieland. It seems
that Hagan has given up, but then our heroes persuade Hagan into letting them
fight the DF's forces. Leave the court, and another scene occurs explaining
that we have to do some research to learn more about the DF. However, we have a
couple of things to do.

 Head up the right set of stairs and do not leave this area until you have done
the following: Given the princess her rose, getting a red negg, and finding
Roberta's Training Wand. After that, you can finish getting any treasures. Go
back downstairs and into the library.

	>> Need Research

 We need to get to the topmost books, because that is where all our information
we need is. But how? Head right and on the floor is a white tile. Step on it
and some shelves will move. Head straight and climb the ladder on the shelf.
Jump from shelf to shelf and read the book. This one talks about the DF and a
place called Altador.

 Jump down and go to the leftmost shelves from the entrance. Behind the shelf
is the ladder, so climb it and go from shelf to shelf to the next book. This
one explains how Fyora fought the DF, but with the power of Fyora's Rod.

 Head over to the set of shelves in the far right back corner. This book
explains how Fyora gave the wand to a Meridell King, meaning her wand is in
Meridell. Try to jump to the shelf from here, or climb the same ladder you used
to get to the final book. Finally we can summarize what we have learned...

 The DF once tried to take over a place called Altador that existed 1,000 years
ago. Too late to stop her, Queen Fyora had to defeat her in hand-to-hand combat
with the help of her Rod. After defeating the DF, she gave the Rod to the King
of Meridell back at that time as a gift. The King put the wand in the Meridell
Treasure Vault, which is now somewhere deep, deep, DEEP under Meridell Castle.

	>> The Darkest Faerie

 OK, so now we know how it all happened, and we got our plan underway, so let's
get out of here. Once you leave Brightvale, a scene occurs where our heroes
first encounter the Assassin. Now, this battle doesn't really count as a boss
battle since we don't defeat him, so just continue on your way after the scence
that shows his fleeing.

 Use your map to follow the Meridell crests. OHNO. Once you get to the bridge,
it comes apparent that it's broken, and there is no way you can cross it. We
have to go to Bogshot, where Bridge Builder Brendel is. Go back towards Bright-
vale. In Crossroads, the road before Brightvale will take you to Bogshot. Take
this road, and then the right (when you reach the forked path) You'll soon come
upon Bogshot Village.

	>>Curing the Plague

 Enter Brendel and Sons Bridge Repair Service (the hammer). Speak to Brendel,
and he says he's not doing a thing unless you find a cure for the Swamp Plague.
So, head on over to the Apothecary. The shop owner says you need 3 bogberries,
found in the swamp. Hey, whatever it takes to get the bridge repaired. Using
your map, leave the village to the south. (NOTE: Try to remember this-dark
green water=bad, light green water=good)

 Find the square in the middle of you map (refer to the controls list, as I'm
going to use the controls a lot). We will now call it homebase. Now, looking at
the map, you should go to the bottom middle part. Once you leave homebase, the
Gelert Assassin appears, but as usual, doesn't really do anything. Find your
way through this part of the swamp, until you come upon a small islet.

 Here are the White Bogberries! Ooh...what's that lurking in the water? We're
going to find out soon enough. Return to homebase, and go to the upper middle
section, the one that's closest to the Plague Serpent's lair. Once again, work
your way to the next islet.

 Whoo hoo, Red Bogberries! We're almost done-just Black ones and we're all set
here. But seriously, what is watching us? I dunno bout you...but I don't like
the look of it. Now, check your map for one last time-the top right corner is
your next destination. WARNING: SAVE YOUR GAME!!!

 So jump from pieces of wood to pieces of wood until you you come upon the
center of rocks. Well...looky here. I guess this Plauge Serpent is holding the
last Bogberries we need. What luck you have, huh? Refer to the Bosses section
on how to kill him.

 After the battle, a scene occurs showing that the clouds have cleared, meaning
the boss in the area was causing the clouds. So, to get rid of the clouds, we
need to get rid of the creator. Ha. Anywho, collect the Black Bogberries. Feel
free to explore the rest of the swamp, or leave the way you entered.

 Speak to the Apothecary owner. You'll have most of them cured. Go back to
Brendel. He says he feels so much better now that you had him cured/healed. He
also mentions that he's going to ge to work on the Brightvale Bridge.

 Leave the village, and if you're smart, head back to Meridell. Purple clouds
block your way; a scene occurs where the Gelert Assassin note that you won't be
able to get through Dark Magic just by walking through it. Sucks really...

 So, this is what we need to do--first, we get into Werelupe Woods, find where
the Werelupe King is residing, get to him, and get Illusen's Charm back. A good
plan; better then nothing. =] And then we have to get to Illusen in her Glade,
and hopefully, the charm will revive her. And hopefully she'll have a way to
get into Meridell. Let's take a trip to Werelupe Woods! (I recommend doing the
Kreludan Blade side quest you can receive from speaking at the skeith in the
smithy shopas it will save you a lot of time and money in Market Town)

	>> Get Illusen's Charm

 Once you emerge from the tunnel (use your map if you got lost along the way).
Use your map once you're in the actual woods to help you find the shop in the
middle. Hey, it's Sophie the Swamp Witch! And there's more...speak to her. She
knows you're looking for the Werelupe King--not a very good idea. She mentions
a giant skull guarding the entrance to the WK's lair. She'll tell you, for a

 Back outside, wade through the water and look for some bubbles-these are the
entrances to the sinkholes. Check the map here. The southwestern part is where
you can find some Raw Wartroot, if I'm not mistaken. Find an exit (some vines)
and back to Sophie.

 She tells a story of how she made this necklace to get into the Werelupe
Burrows for this young kid. He used this necklace to try and steal the Werelupe
King's treasue; he got buried alive...Tor asks her to make another one, but she
says you can just use the old one. And guess where it's at...buried with the
dead guy in his crypt!

 Find the entrance to the Graveyard. Now, let me get this out of the way. There
are 4 crypts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the charm is in the Crypt of the
Fallen (feel free to visit the other crypts for treasures after getting the
charm). Once you enter the graveyard from the save point, a scene occurs where
the Gelert Assassin had been waiting for you (STALKER). Again, he doesn't do
anything, so just enter the gates nearest the save point. On your way to the
Crypt, there reads a tombstone saying 'Neoschools'. (Did Neopets really change
their mind about Neoschools?)

 So, here we are...step on the blue pedestal to open the door. Go straight...
you'll come to a pretty empty room. Move the block to the yellow pedestal. Go
to the yellow room, and move this block to the yellow. Back in the main room,
move the block to the purple. Head into the leftmost room on that side. Now,
move the block to the green. Explore these rooms, then go down the stairs. Move
the block to the blue. (Yes my directions sound completely lost, but if you're
playing the game at the same time, you'll get it)

 Fully explore this crypt before heading into the main blue room. You'll be
fighting a Death Knight. He'll drop the necklace. Leave the crypt and the
graveyard. Now, use your map to find your way to the giant skull. Walk towards
it, and it'll open.

 After your first couple steps, Tor and Roberta decide to split up. You'll be
playing Roberta first. Explore this upper area. Then go up the ramp. If you see
a wall of bones, you'll know you're in the right place. Keep going forward.
Once you come to some water, jump in and reach for the charm. Unfortunately, it
turns out to be a trap =[

 After this, you come to play Tor. From the save point, head right. Soon enough
you'll end up in the Middle part. Go through the bone archway in the middle, to
the big room (INTHEMIDDLE), and take the topmost part. Find the Earth Treasure
Chest, open it, and then backtrack to go straight. Take the right side path,
save your game again, and contine on to the Lower Part. From here, go left and
through the bone archway. (I know, I know, my directions suck, but sorry, that
is the best I can explain it). Take a look at your map; if you're lost, aim to
get at the northwest corner.

 A scene occurs when you meet him. He says he's going to eat you!!! Anywho, he
remembers you from Illusen's Glade...Prepare to battle! Scroll down to Bosses
Section...=]. When you're done here, he falls, and all the Werelupes run away,
scared. ha. Exit through the waterfall. When you get out, the skull will close.
Leave here, but make sure to buy the now lower priced wand from Sophie.

	>> Free Illusen's Village

 Now, we are one step closer to helping Illusen and her Glade. Once out of the
Woods, I don't care how, just get to Illusen. Find/fight you way to the pulley,
but hey, who is that? Oh yeah. It's my good ol' buddy Mr. Gelert Assassin. He
cuts the rope for us, yay, meaning more walking around looking for a way to get
up there. Leave the Glade. We'll talk to our "little buddy" later, after a talk
with Hubert. Hubert?, you may wonder. Yes...Tor's Dad.

	>> Free Tor's Farm/Mechanical Fruit Picker

 From where you are, take a quick look at your map. The Meridell Crest in the
lower right corner is your destination. Then, navigate your way through the
Drackon Ridge. Once you come to a fork in the road, take the left.

 Make your way to the Farm Road. If you continue on to your farm, and speak to
Lucy, she tells you that the monster has come back, but this time, it took all
the farmers, and their kids! Double back to Shadowglen Woods to once again,
save the day!

	>> Missing Farmers

 This isn't like hide and seek...it's more of a rescue mission, because the
Juppie Monster has kidnapped them. So the quest should be called Kidnapped
Farmers. ANYWAYS.

 Navigate the same way you did as last time; however, just when you reach that
point where the Juppie Monster's lair is, the Gelert Assassin appears (YAY) and
sticks you down in the Burrows. Get out of here, as all you do is run forward
to the back. When you emerge from there, the entrance to the lair is right in
front of you. (Guide is down below)

 After defeating the Juppie Monster, you're back at your farm, and Dad gives
you the Mechanical Fruit Picker as thanks for saving the farmers. Once you're
all done here, head back to Illusen the same way you came here (Drackon Ridge).

 So, take a look at your Quest Page. We have another quest done, so let's go
down a little bit...oh save Cogham? Alright! It's on the way back to Illusen's
aanyways. Enter the village, and before you climb the steppes to the mayor's
house, Gershwin says that the Ixi Raiders have returned, and took all the
villagers! Makes me wonder as to why he still remains ;; continue on to Cogham

	>> Save the Miners

 Now, the area is the same-it's just the raiders. I'm not sure if they're dark,
earth, or both (CONTACT ME) I'm not going to navigate here, it's all straight
forward, and besides, the location is shown on your map. You know you're in the
right place when 2 Ixi Raiders see you and shout "INTRUDER!" and attack you.
After you're done dealing with them, press on forward to the elevator, that
takes you to the Abandoned Mines.

 If you check your map, it is plain to see that we're going to be playing
rescue mission, because we have to rescue a lot of villagers! Just 6 rescue
missions...our job sure is fun. In the first room with the save altar, make a
right. Take the left path in the next room. Keep going straight, ignoring the
other path. The save altar is your checkpoint to make sure you're on the right

 One fork. Take the right one, or keep straight. Watch out for the Ixi Archers
and charging Drackonacks here. There are about 3 rooms here, but you only need
to enter one, which is on the left side when you entered this chamber. Upon a
little steppe is our first miner, Smithy Brennan who notes the Ixi Chieftan has
gone insane! Only 5 more to go. Leave this room, and chamber, by heading the
way you came in.

 This time, head right. Not it get's confusing. My directions can either be
clear, or really horrible, but bear with me please. If you email me saying "I
HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT", well sorry I am doing my absolute
best to write this up.

 Observe this area. Mining carts are zooming by in different directions. You
have to travel in this area by taking the tunnels that they go in and out of.
Go straight ahead, making you pass 4 railroad tracks on the floor. The next 2
rooms will have tracks above you, so just keep going forward. Proceed to the
final cavern here to rescure your next lost miner, Giovanni the Explorer.

 Go back, past the caverns with the 2 upper tracks. In the first next cavern
you come to, take either track tunnel, but make sure you're taking the left
archway. Take this track all the way until you come to a caveren with some
machinery and more Ixis. Jump off the track, save if you must, and leave here
through the archway, and go straight. Follow this path all thw way, destroy the
rubble coming up, and in the fork take the left first to save the next miner,

 Head back towards the room with the machinery and save altar, but this time
take the other path. Climb the steppes to get to Otto. Skip down the path to
the next save altar. Head back up the road and to the path we passed. Take the
left coming up, and follow the cart to the next adjoining room. Go to the back
of this room to save Stanley, the last miner! Go back to the track and continue
following the mining track/cart to where all the lava comes from! Note, you can
avoid the carts by jumping just when they're about to hit you. On an islet were
it is possible to jump to the other with the save altar, go to it. Save, and
cross the bridge to meet up with the reformed Ixi Chieftan (scroll down for
boss info).

 After he's defeated, jump from islet to islet to reach Mayor Jurgin. Outside,
use the ziplines to get back to Cogham. The villagers give you the Cloak of
Heroes (which I've been getting tons of emails about, lately) Before we
continue on to Illusen, let's make a quick rundown of the tools that we have
acquired so far...

 1)Mechanical Fruit Picker
	No, we're not going to be picking fruits. This nifty little machine is
used as a great alternative to a ropegun. However, you can only grab on to
"hookshots" that are on a wall, ceiling, or platform. They look like the pawns
on a chessboard.

 2)Illusen's Charm
	Apparently this can restore Illusen's power (hopefully), which we stole
back from the Werelupe King.

 3)Cloak of Heroes
	This convenient little cloak "hides" you ONLY from minions, unless you
get right next to them, then they'll just sniff you out. It's main purpose is
to act as a shield against the minions to get into tainted Meridell. Once again
this nifty cloak, open up your menu screen, and press the square button. When
you exit, your character should be wearing the cloak.

 Swing on back to Illusen's Glade after you've done all the things you want to
do. Weave your to where the now broken pulley is and look up. Do you see a
hookshot? Aim at it with your "aimer", wait 'til it turns green, fire!, and
continue doing this until you reach the top. Been here done that. Find
Illusen's hut and save your game before you do!

 Yes, the Gelert Assassin is here. My favorite person. Finally, we can battle
him and give him a piece of our mind, or Tor's/Roberta's. (see Boss section for
info on how to defeat) Although he flees before we can finish him off, he'll no
longer be a nuisance to us. Walk over to Illusen and the scene occurs showing
Tor giving her the charm, and she giving you her orb to get through the purple
clouds. Now we're FINALLY ready to get to Meridell!

	>> Free Market Town

 Just kidding. We still have one place to save, Market Town, famous for all the
wealth it has acquired from it's economy and stuff. If you had spoken to people
in Brightvale, they would've said that it had been taken over by the Black
Knight. We'll learn more soon-head in Brightvale's direction-you'll come to a
sign that leads to a side road to Market Town.

 No joke that the Dark Knights have a lot of armor, but the Kreludan Blade just
tears right through 'em. Defeat the 3 Dark Knights and you'll have be able to
get in. Enter the first big building upon your entrance to witness a small
scene with the guildmaster and his guildspeople.

The prices are incredibly high due to the fact that the knights have cut off
all their trades and stuff)
Apparently he'll give anyone who defeats the Black Knight the Guild Treasure...

	>> The Black Knight

 Use your map to find your way to the back of the town, the Black Keep Grounds.
Climb the ladders, and then either set of vines on the main gate. Defeat any
Dark Knights if you desire, unless they just annoy you so much that you must. I
personally would, as I like the little treasures they leave behind. But if you
don't, head leftwards quickly to the save point and climb the wall.

 Keep climbing the wall to the pole thing. What do we do now..? Well use your
sword/wand to tear it down and use it as a zipline. On the other side, jump
down and take a look at the right side. Climb the ledgy part to the other side.
Progress forward to another ladder and climb, then fall through. Work your way
through this lower level to reach the ladder. Then this level...

 From where you are, head down and forward. Keep going, up the vines and now
you're finally IN the castle, at least. Ths place needs some light, no? I can't
navigate here; Dark Knights are the trail to the entrance of his room. You're
almost there when you reach a save point.

 Move this block over to the window to get out. The camera will show you your
path. Continue forward, to another level. You'll be in some empty room with
broken staircases. At the top is the ACTUAL entrance to the Black Knight's room
so save your game. (Please scroll down to view the Boss Info...=) Another scene
occurs, one showing the clearing of this area.

 You'll be outside the castle;leave the grounds and return to the guildmaster.
Of course they congratulate you on a job well done. Mr. Cheap Guildmaster
thinks you have forgotten all about the treasure, but he gives it to you. A
number of sidequests are available after speaking to him...

 When you're all done here, it's time to finally venture to Meridell. And yes,
this time I mean it. Unless, you know you want to finish doing some side quests
or digging up treasure from your treasure maps. Follow the Meridell crests on
your map to reach the village. Make sure you wear your Cloak of Heroes before
setting foot on the village.

	>> The Darkest Faerie

 We started this quest a long time ago. Now we're going to (finally) finish it.
Sneak, or fast walk (not run!) to the deserted alley next to where Rory the
Shady Guy is. Follow it back to the theives' hideout, hand over the Guild-
Master's Treasure, and jump down into the sewer hole. Yes, we are going to go
sewer crawling again.

 Here we are in the sewers, the Ancient Sewers to be exact. There's a gate to
the left with a lever you can switch. Continue forward, but wait for the water
to drain first before continuing on to the platform. Jump to the middlish
ground, then use the rope gun to aim at the 'pawns' on the ceiling. Rope gun
your way to the save point. Run and jump down when the water is drained. On the
left side is the switch required to open the gate to the next lever. Run back
to the center chamber and keep going until you're out of the water. Use the
rope gun to get to the middle and use the lever that opened, which turns off
the water valves so...no more drowning! Proceed to the left chamber.
 Here we have a big golden dorr leading to the Ruined Caves. There are levers
on the left, right and the right back walls. Using the wrong combonation will
result in a do-over. To get the main door open...

right back

Then switch the big lever to continue on. Your map is your BEST FRIEND here,
because if my directions before were horrible, then you might as well stop
here. But we're not going to...

 The first chamber has a blocked path, but attack with your sword and the path
is revealed. Press forward to the save point, turn left where it's free of webs
and we'll be at the entrance to the Oubliette. Use the rope gun and aim at the
'pawn' on the ceiling to cross the bridge. Your map is still your number one
reference here, so get to know it and where you are (the arrow).

 Firstest of all, head left and drag the column to the green pedestal. Follow
the green paths to the large chamber located in the bottom right of your best
friend. Flip this lever to open all the green doors. Head back to the room with
the 3 different colored pedastals, and switch all the colors until the door in
the main hall opens. Head towards the yellow in the bottom right of the map.
Drag the column to the yellow pedestal, then follow the yellow paths. Press
forward, go right, press the yellow switch, go straight, go left, then the
purple switch.

 With all that done, head to the biggest room in the top right of the map. Save
your game, with 2 more colored pedestals. The orange isn't necessary if unless
you want treasure. So go ahead and drag it to the blue. The path you want to
follow is in front of the large middlish chamber. Go down the one off the
yellow path, where we'll have to find the Knight's Crypts Keys. Once obtained
from the spirits, return to the Ruined Caves as the door exiting the Oubliette
has opened.

 Head back to the beginning of the caves, where there are set of stairs you
need to head down. Save your game, and take the leftmost door. Fight the death
knights here, and finishing them up gets you a valuable piece of equipment: a
new sword! Press toward the darkness: we'll be in the Meridell Vault!

 Getting to Fyora's Rod is easy enough--without the Undead Draik Skeleton in
our way. [Skip down to the Bosses section]. After the battle, make sure to
claim all the treasure here! One of a kind thing. Use the right ledge to get to
Fyora's Rod. A hatch will open next to the waterfall/lava pit that can be
accessed with your rope gun. Climb up these drains until we're back in the
dungeons of meridell castle.

 Back in the castle, head to the 4th floor to confront the Dark Faerie Sisters.
However, we must stop a couple of minions. Then...skip on down to the bosses
section. Once they are finished, we return to Faerieland...

 Head to the library, ignoring the monsters if you must, and to the Endless
Staircase. Remember how to used the quiggles? Head up this time, of course,
since we want to go...up. Get to Fyora in her castle, using your map of course.
Save your game before entering the room, and then a scene will occur. Fyora
instructs you on how to operate the portal. Once all the switches are red,
Fyora tells you to find Jerdana. Another scne occurs, and Act 3 is finally
complete! On to Altador, then!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* yay for altador!                                     3.4 Legends of Altador *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After the cutscene with the mysterious knight who reveals to our heroes that he
is the King of Altador, King Altador. He informs you that the answers that we
seek are here, in the Hall of Heroes. Roberta says that she can decipher the
floor mosaic, if we only had the pieces. Well, luckily, they are located in
this very hall, and since we can't do anything else, let's go look for them.

	>> Where Are We?

 Make a right from the mosaic on to the staircase, and behind the stature of
Iyana the Air Faerie is the 1st piece. Along the way, you might want to read
the inscriptions on the front of the statues. Anywho, continure past Gordos
and Sasha to the next piece of front of Marak. Past the King, Torakar, The
Darkest Faerie (!), Kelland, and Florin is the final piece. Read the last set
of the statues' inscriptions (Jerdana, Fauna, Siyana) and return to the mosaic.

The bars are removed, and Roberta reads the mosaic. She explains the beginning
of Altador's mighty empire. The King explains the fat of Altador, and tells of
how we must now awaken 4 Legens. Save your game, then head outside.

	>> Awaken the Legends

 If you take a look at your map, you will discover 4 sets of stairs leading to
the 4 districts of Altador. Each district is unique, and is 'dedicated' to the
appropiate legend. In the north, is the Arena District marked with a coliseum,
where Torakar, unmistakingly is sleeping. In the east, is the Bazaar District
where Kelland is sleeping, marked by a tree. In the south, marked by a leaf,
is the Park District. Last, but not least, is the Money District where Gordos
is sleeping.

 Just a few notes before you venture on...
1) You can save the legends in any order you wish-I just wrote them in the
order I found was easiest-hardest.
2)The districts are all 'tainted', meaning minions are crawling all over. A
word of caution: Cloak of Heroes.
3)There is the very common glitch (which I commonly refer to as the Neverending
Quest) which happens mainly after awakening Torakar. Even after you save them,
it says that you still need to save them. My advice? Just forget bout it.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's start out with the Arena District.

	>> The Gladiator Legend

 Head to the staircase in the noth to enter the Arena District. Probably the
district with the easiest 'entrance', or just overall the easiest district.
Head straightforward to the Coliseum entrance. Just like any old Coliseum
battle, we will be the gladiator, and our opponents will be minions. Step on to
the leftmost stone, and dispatch the first wave of opponents. Step on to the
rightmost stone, then dispatch the 2nd wave of minions. Finally, step on to the
middle stone for the final wave. The most annoying wave, considering the 3
brutes and what I see as about 50 million wizards. After the last minion is
defeated, the metal grate swings opon to reveal Torakar. He awakens, hands you
a token of himself, and walks off. Enter the white light to return to the

 A number of good things about saving this district first:
1) You can compete in the Coliseum for nice monetary rewards.
2) You have an immediate weapon upgrade
3) It's the easiest :D

Once you're all done here, head out towards the Park District.

	>> Petpet-Handler Legend

 The Park district doesn't have the easiest opening-head towards the potion
shop, but jump on the barrel next to the golden pond. Follow the little stars
to cross over the wall into the actual park. Head towards the centre where the
Mortogs are (you would want to clear the area of minions to make it easer).
You need to get all 4 mortogs on the pedestal (this isn't the last of petpet
handling) Once the gate is open, enter the golden door.

 One of the several mazes you'll encounter here in Altador, this one can be a
bit frustrating. You need the first Big Drackonack here to stand on the
pedastal long enough for you to cross into the next area. And how do we do this
exactly? You can either...freeze him with a water mote, use a meerca speed
potion and race to the gate OR take a chance and see if, by the time you get to
the gate, it will still be open. My advice? The 1st strategy is the easiest,
fastest, and least frustrating.

 Anyways, once you do succeed in getting across the gate, defeat all the
minions here and enter the gates...to rescue Miamice! Once they are within the
cage, enter the dark room...filled with Evil Harris! Attract them toward the
light in the center to have the dark shined off of them. Enter the opening for
the final petpet challenge...Herding Whinnies! I told you in the very beginning
that this skill would become of importance.

 1 whinny per stone pedestal. Fauna awaken, gives you her token, then vanishes.
Once again, enter the bright light to return to the entrance. Shop around, then
on to the Money District.

	>> The Treasure Legend

 Alas, another not so easy opening. Since the direct door to the treasury is
locked, we'll have to go another way. Look at your map. Head towards the place
marked by a book, unmistakingly a library. Time to catch up on some reading!
...Well, you don't have to read, but the books contain nifty info on the 12
protectors of Altador. After that, head through the golden door. Jump on the
waterway and head towards the building we originally tried opening. Collect the
idle Starry Negg, save your game, and head inside.

 We're finally in the treasury! The first room is the easiest here :D Next to
the scale (on the other side) is a weight. Move this weight to the scale, and
jump on the other side. Climb up to reach the ledge. Continue on to the really
annoying maze. Honestly, I don't remember a thing when it comes to navigating
this place. All I remember is that you flick 2 switches, then you enter a room
with 6 switches (flipping only the 1st, 4th, and 6th one) then you continue on
to a room with a big lever thingy.

 Anyways, after the supremely frustrating maze which I will take the time later
to solve, is another minor puzzle. There are 5 switches-the 4 switches in the
corner changes the appropiate shape in the lever thingy, and the one in the
middle operates the whole thing. In the northwest corner is the triangle, the
northeast is the pentagon, the southewest is the curvy thing, and the southeast
is the square. Rotate them all to match the imprint of the shapes on the bottom
or whatever it's called. Flick the middle switch and jump down to the actual

 In this room is where all the actual neopoints are...and minions that never
seem to go away. One thing: fall into the pit of neopoints, and you die. Yes,
ironic as it may sound, it's true. Go ahead and try it out if you REALLY want
to. The switches that raise the platforms for you to proceed are only activated
by the colored blocks. That is, if the wrong color is on the switch, then it
won't work. For the 1st switch, it's the brown-orangish weight. For the 2nd,
the blue one works, and for the final, the dark yellow one.

 When you awaken Gordos, 1,000 NP or so spills out around the white light, so
make sure to grab all of the bags of neopoints before entering the light. Shop
around then head to the final and (least) exciting district, Bazaar.

	>> The Rogue District

 Head to the Bazaar District, keeping to the left toward the pond on your map.
Here we have 3 techo statues, all pointing in a different direction. Move them
so that they are all pointing to the sewer hatch. Save your game, then jump
down into the sewer.

 Run straightforward, and the platform (when you walk on it) will fall, taking
you under the sewer. Enter the opening, and the platform will head back up.
Defeat the 2 minions here, and behind 2 barrels next to a door is a switch.
Press it, and go through the open door. Defeat the 2 grunts, and take the right
staircase. Take the next set of stairs, and switch the lever. The right path
lights up on the platform that would normally fall, had you not switched this
lever. Head back on down to the other staircase you passed earlier. Following
the path of lighted squares, the next platform also falls.

 Climb up the boxes (defeating the minions if they cause a problem) and look up
to the ceiling. Climbable vines lead to the higher opening on the other side.
Ascend the stairs. The switch on the left leads to a treasure chest, and behind
a barrel to the right is the switch for the platform path of lighted squares.
Head back across the path, and for the final platform.

 There are many switches here; ignore them all and jump into the hole onto the
platform on the bottom. Bust open the treasure chest, and take the 3 stairs to
flick the lever. Head to the opening, and cross all 3 falling platforms.

 We're finally in the actual, REAL sewer. Take the left path, and save your
game. A couple of things before we continue on...

	1) Don't run.
	2) Wear the Cloak of Heroes at all times
	3) If you get spotted, you need to start the maze all over

 So, what we're going to be doing is setting off a switch without getting seen
by the minions patrolling the area. Using the above guidelines, enter the area.
The pedestal you need to switch is in the far left. The Brute patrolling this
first area shouldn't pose a threat. Carry on the next trial...2 brutes this
time! In the far left corner, again, is the switch. Still very simple. The last
one can be a real pain, though.

 You have 2 switches, plus a bunch of minions walking around. Study their
movements or patterns for a little bit until you memorize where they'll go. The
first switch you should press is in the far right. The other is in the far
upper left. Once done, proceed past the two bridges on to the final test...and
you thought the last one was hard enough =)

 We start out with Tor navigating this complex maze. (Yes the timer is for real
and if you don't make it in the alotted time, you'll start over-same goes for
if you fall) Pull the block, turn the bends, take the left waterway, pull the
2 blocks, up the ledges, pull the block to the opening, and flip the switch. We
switch on to Roberta, who has it easier this time around. Jump across the 3
openings, and flick the switch to temporarily suspend the door.

 Back to Tor, run to the 'jumping' platforms and across the zipline, but STOP
on one of the jumping platforms. Flip the switch to get back to Roberta. Jump
the platforms, cross the ziplines, jumpers, and flip the last switch. We have
finally awoken Kelland! Enter the white light to return outside, and back to
the Hall of Heroes.

 All the Heroes you have awoken and the King awaits you as you prepare to
awaken Jerdana deep within the Hall of Heroes. Before entering this mysterious
hall, King Altador hands you his sword. Freebies sound familiar from him?
Carry on down stairs. And more stairs. And even more!

	>> Rescue Jerdana

 Eventually you will end up in a room filled with those silly sand time things,
6 different colored beams, and a door with the identical colored beams.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* need some help??					      3.5 Side Quests *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Side quests are better known as the optional quests. All come with different
rewards, some grander than others. Listed in which act you get them. Note that
some side quests might not be available after certain points in the game. Make
sure to complete the side quests in the certain act. (Please contact me if I
miss any side quests!)

| 3.5a Act 1 |

*Farm Road

-Hide and Seek
 Rewards: Motes

 This doesn't count as a side quest, but, I'm putting it for fun. Across the
lake is a small aisha who is willing to play hide-and-seek for a prize, which
is a mote. She is in a number of places, including behind the house with the
swamp-like garden, behind the tower, and several other places. It's random when
she gives out prizes, so don't be mad if she doesn't give you anything.

-Dangerous Weeds
 Reward: 4-Leaf Clover

 Continue on the main path towards the farmhouse on your left and speak to the
aisha. Sheesh these farmers don't really care about your life, huh? Oh well. Go
through the opening in the trees and you should see some walking plant thing,
which is the dangerous weed. It is a little toughie, because it can slow you
down and send out little Flower Monsters on the ground to throw out nasty...
blobs. Just keep attacking, and finish off the monsters he left behind. Go back
and speak to the aisha to claim your reward.

-Noises in the Root Cellar
 Rewards: 100 NP, Shadowglen Treasure Map

 Another quest where you are risking your life for simple farmers. Enter the
farm that reads Juppie Farms. Speak to the Blue scorchio just outside the root
cellar door and enter it. The place is pretty straight-forward, so walk forward
To this day, I still am not sure what alignment Spyders are, so just attack
them recklessly. You can also bust up barrels and pots for items and neopoints.
However, if you do get lost, press the left directional button to check your
map. Since this place is small, make sure to fully explore it. You know your
job is done when you defeat the Giant Spyder and its little cronies. Using the
Air Mote you recieved from the Giant Spyder, equip it to your sword and bust
open that fancy looking chest to get a Shadowglen Treasure Map. If you get
poisoned, eat a Bagguss. EW. Work your way out of the cellar the way you came
in, and talk to Farmer Addison to claim your reward.

-Protect Boggs' Field
 Reward: Chokato

 The last house before the road leaves...the Farm Road, is the next side quest.
Speak to Old Man Boggs about his Crokabek problem. Sad is it may seem, make
sure to clean up his field for any remaining chokatos. Defeat the petpets and
speak to him to claim your reward.

*Meridell Outskirts

-The Gelert Prince
 Rewards: Speckled Negg, Golden Rose, 350 NP

 Kill the Crokabeks, and speak to him. It seems that thieves took his precious
Golden Rose for his beloved, so let's take it back from them. Take the left
road and jump down. Continue down the path, and you'll come to a cave. Best to
equip your sword with a Light Mote and your armor with a Dark Mote. The guys
with the clubs take more effort to defeat them then regular thieves, so put up
a strong fight. Work your way until you come to the middle of the cave with
lots of Clubmen. That's not their real name, but I prefer to call them that.
Once you are done there, go into the room on the right side. Fight all the
thieves here, and when you are done, climb up the box to fight the ones on the
woodbeams. Jump from chest to chest to claim the sitting Sun Mote. Jump down
and open the brown chest for a random mote or item. Continue up the path to a
shaky bridge. If you run across it, you will fall through to a den with
Drackonacks. You are no match for them, so just run away from them. Go back up
and open the chests with your newly acquired Sun Mote. Jump across the bridge
and back to the middle of the cave. This time, take the other room on the left
side. Defeat the thief in here and claim the Golden Rose in the brown chest.
Make your way out of the cave and back to the Prince. He gives you 350 NP, and
asks you to deliver the rose to his beloved back in Brightvale. This quest has
to wait for now, since the bridge to Brightvale is out right now.

*Meridell Village

-Spyder Venom
 Reward: 500 NP

Enter the Shoppe of Curious Wonders and speak to Gamon. He wants to prove that
any shopkeeper can provide nice potions, so he wants vials of poison. Leave
Meridell and Before crossing the bridge to Cogham, go a little beyond that to
some rocks with some poisonous spyders. Kill 5 to get the 5 vials of their
poison. Head back to claim your reward.

-Magic Skull
 Reward: 750 NP

 Speak to Mistress Morag in her Magical Merchandise Shop. She yields for a
magical skull to complete her wand. So head out to Meridell Plains via the
northern exit (right outside her shop). Use your map to help find your way
toward Brightvale. Cross after a bridge, and you'll come to a sign. Head past
it, and a little along the way to Brightvale are some steppes. Climb them, and
on top is a zipline rope thing. After the long cross, head into the Haunted
Tomb. Head down the stairs, and save your game. The path here on is
straightforward, so I'm not going to fully explain it. However, when you come
across a Skeleton Archer, you'll defeat it for the Magic Skull. You don't need
to go any further after that, however, I do recommend it since you'll get a Red
Negg and a 4-leaf clover if you fully explore the tomb. After emerging from
here, head back to Meridell real quickly since you might not have another
chance in a long time. Morag will give you 750 NP in return for the skull.

-The Arbendus Flower
 Reward: 500 NP

 Speak to Angus in his Apothecary. He yields for some Arbendus Flower, which
is said to only grow in the Shadowglen Woods (do this quest when you are
asked to sign the letter of consent to become a squire). Continue on to the
woods. Upon coming on the bottom of the road, there will be some steppes to the
left of you, with a couple of Flower Monsters. Defeat them, and continue up the
steppes. If you go deep into the area, there will be a Plant Gunner. After
that, continue to the right, up the ramp and more monsters await you. Defeat
the Spore Monster, and any Flower Monsters it might have unleashed. Continue
up the path, and when you hit the rope, go right bewteen the two rocks and
there will be a hidden path. Defeat any monsters along the way, and jump down
to the little island. Jump across the next one, and in the middle of all the
baggusses will be the Arbendus Flower. From there, go up the fallen tree trunk,
and take the Light Mote. (HINT: When bagguss plants open, a poisonous gas will
unleash. Be wary of this, but the effect will die soon, and usually little
damage is taken). Return to claim your reward.

*Meridell Castle

-Courting Lady Prunella
 Reward: Silver Negg

 After you have completed your chore of the clearing away the Crokabek Nests,
speak to the yellow aisha, Lady Prunella, out in the courtyard, You need to
look for a charm for either Sir Cadmere or Sir Lawrence. Head into the castle
on the 2nd floor. Check your map. The necklace should be in the top left
corner. It doesn't really matter who you give it to: both Cadmere and Lawrence
give you the same reward. Talking to the other who you didn't give it to is a
little amusing, though.

*Cogham Steppes

-Growth Pod
 Reward: Red Negg

 If you happened to get one of these in the first couple steppes, talk to the
food shoppe owner in the village. Don't fret if you didn't get it. Anywho, it's
upon of the very first steppes when you actually enter the Cogham Steppes.

| 3.5b Act 2 |


-Harris Rescue
 Reward: Potion of Power

 From where the old aisha is, head over to the library entrance. There are some
vines you can climb to reach the tree branch. After doing so, walk over to the
Harris. Even if you fall from the tree after talking to the Harris, you will
still get it.

-Faerie Dust Paint
 Reward: Bottle of Faerie Dust

Speak to Painter Howell on the staircases out in the gardens. He hands you
over the Faerie Bottle, also used for a main quest, which you need to fill with
Faerie Dust for his painting. Descend the stairs to the main area and over to
the other stairs. At the bottom, head left and go straight to an faerie altar
that his little glittery stuff floating around. This will fill your bottle, so
head on back to the Painter. There is no reward, as he firstly mentioned that
whatever he doesn't use, you can have.

| 3.5c Act 3 |


-The Golden Rose
 Reward: Red Negg, Letters of Devotion

 Remember the Golden Rose from Prince Tourin, to Princess Donna? Well now we
can finally deliver it to her in Brightvale Castle! She's in one of the rooms
on the second floor. Claim your reward in the treasure chest in her room. She
also gives you another quest, to deliver her letters of devotion back to
Prince Tourin (I recommend finishing up this quest not until AFTER you have
saved your farm)

-Worried Sister
 Reward: Striped Negg, Silver Negg

Speak to the Food Shoppe owner, Mistress Marrion. She is worried about her
sister out in Bogshot about the terrible happenings in Neopia. (I recommend
doing this quest when you have to head into Bogshot) Her sister is also a Food
Shoppe owner. Pretty weird, if you speak to her before you save Bogshot from
the Plague Serpent, she says that 2 heroes saved the village so she's fine. She
hands over a negg, and wants you to deliver the good news back. Give Marrion
the news, and she also gives you a reward.

-Cynthia's Noil
 Reward: 4-Leaf Clover

Speak to the little yellow kau near the Wheel of Knowledge. She wants a petpet,
preferably, a Noil. Noil can be found anywhere just like any other petpet.
Come back to her with a noil to claim your reward.

-The Lighthouse
 Reward: 400 NP

Out in Brightvale Coast (to get there, make a right just outside the entrance
gate from Brightvale and follow the path) head all the way down to the
Lighthouse and speak to the green skeith. He needs someone to turn on the light
for him because he's too...big, I guess. (Climbing up the Lighthouse gives you
a nice view of Cogham, Meridell, Brightvale, and Market Town) Enter the door on
the bottom. Rearrange the movable blocks so the box with the 2 boxes reaches to
the small opening on top of the unmovable boxes. Flip the switch and head back
to the skeith to claim your reward.

*Bogshot Village

-Kreludan Blade
 Reward: Kreludan Blade

 After defeating the Serpent, speak to Grimnar. He gives you this mine key to
a mine in the Drackonack Hills. In it is a chunk of Kreludan metal that we have
to go get to recieve the Dark Knight's bane!

 When you're actually in the mines, make a left and keep going until you see a
metal gate, which is the enclosed mine. Go forward, and find your way to the
"hole" in the ground. Make your way to the opening to the huge chunk of...well
whatever that glowing stone. On the floor around the meteor is the chunk you
need. Climb the ladder next to it and leave the mining shaft. Return the chunk
to Grimnar to recieve the powerful Blade!

-Poison Pods
 Reward: 750 NP

 Apothecary Fautt has another patient still sick with the plague. To get 4
poison pods, leave the village and go to the Steppe Plateau (take the forked
path on the way to Brightvale Road) Use the zipline, go right, into the cavern,
and to the next steppe with a Turtum. Hit it, climb this steppe, hit the next
Turtum, and continue on. These Flower Monsters don't have any, so continue
forward. The next collection of Monsters do, so when you're done here, weave
your way back to the zipline and run back to Bogshot Village for your reward of
750 NP.

-Missing Kid
 Reward: Mortog Races

 Speak to Finn, the little yellow gelert, after you have cured the village.
Haplo, the other little kid that's missing, manages the Mortog Races. He's in
the very center of the Bogshot sinkholes, being trapped by a huge slorg.
Defeat him and speak to Haplo back at the village to play to Mortog Races.

*Cogham Village

-The Thunderhammer

 If you happened to pick up the forge hammer that belongs to Ingmar in the
mines, then give it to him! If not, when you first enter the Abandoned Mines,
it'll be right there on the floor.

 Reward: Silver Negg

 Explorer Gershwin (found near the entrance to Cogham) needs a lodestone found
in Drackon Ridge's Abandoned Mines. The lodestone is found just past the old
mine where you got the Kreludan Metal. When you head back to him, he asks that
you find his partner for him. Run on back to the Abandoned Mine for his partner
being terrorized by a Drackonack.

-Mayor's Broken Watch
 Reward: 12-Leaf Clover

 The mayor's pocketwatch broke during all this mess. First off, head back into
the steppes to the Meriload Mine (the cave next to the golden grass) On the
upper part of the mine, there are some crystals. Only one of them is *pure*
white crystal, so go ahead and smash it to recieve the piece of white crystal.
Now that we have the crystal, we can give it back to the mayor. WRONG. We need
to actually make it work, not just make it shiny. Who else better to repair it
then Tor's Dad, Hubert? After all, he is a repairman. Run way back to the Ellis
Family Farm, ask Hubert to repair it, then swing on back to the mayor to claim
your reward.

*Market Town

-Trader's Guild Delivery
 Reward: 400 NP

 Speak to Guildsman Guinoch in the Guild Treasury. He needs this scary package
delivered to Sophie the Swamp Witch in Werelupe Woods.

-Pink Posies
 Reward: Silver Negg

 Speak to the Food Shop owner in Market Town. His little daughter, Nina, wants
pink posies, because it reminds her of her mother. The pink posies are located
in the Steppe Plateau just outside Bogshot, in a pink flower bush. Return them
to Nina to make her happy once more.

-The Gelert Family Crypts
 Reward: Red Negg

 Prince Tourin is in need of help for one last time. He's just outside of the
Guild. He needs to prove that he is royal blood in order to marry his beloved
Donna. He gives you a key to enter the Family Crypts out in Brightvale Coast.
Head over to the graveyard out on the coast. Enter the crypt using the newly
acquired key. Once in the circlish room, break the crack in the wall and climb
over. Keep going straight, into the room with the large stature. Defeat the
skeletons to open the door. Continue on the 'library'...climb the ladders and
open the chest on the top to claim the book with royal lineage. Head through
the opening to the left for a shortcut to the entrance. Return the book to
Prince Tourin to make him the happiest man alive!

-Trader's Guild Delivery (2)
 Reward: 2,000 NP

 Speak to the next Guildsman for your next delivery. We have to head on back to
Ellis Family Farm for Tor's Dad. Within the package are some spare parts Hubert
needs. He builds up a spyglass for Douglas back in Drackon Ridge, which you can
take back for him.

-Trader's Guild Delivery (3)
 Reward: Silver Negg

 One of those side quests with a lame reward, especially with its uniqueness.
Speak to Griselda, the Guildsman kau. She asks that you first pick up the
package, as it was requested. Head over to the Brightvale Coast, and speak to
Lightkeeper Isaac, the green skeith. He says that he heard someone shuffling
around in the basement. Speak to Red Jack, the thief in there. He's actually a
spy for King Hagan, working undercover for a year now. Some bandits plan to
take over Brightvale! Anyways, head back across the bridge and over to the wall
there. Speak to Sir Kaherdin to 'deliver' the plans. I was at a total lost at
this point, but supposedly Sir Kaherdin was behind all of this thievery and
planning! He fools you, sending out thieves and brutes. Dispatch of them, and
return to Brightvale Castle. The hall is filled with thugs and bandits. After
defeating them, King Hagan hands over the [lame] reward.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* [sec4]                                                  SECTION 4: BESTIARY *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What is a bestiary? A list of monsters, enemies, and bosses in a game. This
rather handy list can help you succeed in defeating them, and how to correctly
identify them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* didn't i just kill you?				         4.1 Monsters *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monsters are the enemies that appear more then once. They are listed by the
magic they are aligned to, and include a brief description of their apperance,
and how to defeat them.

I am missing a lot of monsters, so please do not hesitate to email me. Thanks!

| 4.1a Air |

	Really just a large crow petpet. Jump attacks seem most effective.
-Minion Archer (Blue)
	A flying blue skeith. Deflect it's air based attacks with a shield.
-Minion Grunt (Blue)
	A small, flying blue skeith that attacks you at will.
-Minion Warrior (Blue)
	A small, heavy-built blue skeith that attacks you with combos.
-Mountain Crokabek
	A large brown crow found in the mountains. Jump attacks.
-Swamp Crokabek
	A large green crow found in swampy areas. Jump attacks.

| 4.1b Earth |

-Flower Monster
	A flower with a face! Simply attack.
-Flower Monster (Walking)
	Pretty much a walking flower monster. Simply attack.
-Ixi Spearman
	An ixi with a spear, dodge its attacks.
-Ixi Archer
	An ixi with a bow and arrow. Deflect its arrows.
-Ixi Henchman
	Pretty much the same thing as a spearman, but more powerful?
-Minion Archer (Yellow)
	A flying yellow skeith, deflect its attacks.
-Minion Artillery (Green)
	A huge green skeith that fires ammo which you can deflect, but watch
	out for its charge attack!
-Minion Brute (Yellow)
	A huge, yellow heavy-built skeith. Watch for its huge arms.
-Minion Grunt (Green)
	A small, flying skeith that attacks at will.
-Minion Warrior (Light Blue)
	A small, heavy-built skeith. Watch out for its's combo!
-Plant Gunner
	A weird, walking plant that fires its attacks which you can deflect.
-Poison Flower Monster
	A planted flower with a face that can shoot poisionous gas at you.
-Poison Flower Monster (Walking)
	Pretty much a walking flower monster that has poisionous attacks.
-Poison Spyder
	A spider with poisionous bites; they have a green tint to them
-Spore Monster
	A weird, walking plant that fires its attacks which you can deflect.

| 4.1c Dark |

	A monster with a club for a weapon.
	A one time monster, just a thief with a name.
-Dark Knight
	A huge, skulking monster with tons of armor and a big sword.
-Darrick the Blade
	A one time monster, just a rogue with a name.
-Dumb Skeleton
	A skeith skeleton that rises up from the ground.
-Evil Harris
	Pretty much what an evil harris would look like-dark and evil looking.
-Minion Archer (Purple)
	A small, flying purple skeith that fires ammo at you which you can
-Minion Artillery (Purple)
	A huge purple skeith that fires ammo which you can deflect, but watch
	out for its charge attack!
-Minion Grunt (Purple)
	A small, flying Purple skeith that attacks you at will.
-Restless Spirit
	Pretty much a floating ghostly figure that is transparent. Can drain
	energy from you.
	A monster equipped with a blade.
-Sid the Vicious
	A one time monster, just a bandit with a name.
-Skeleton Wizard
	A techo skeleton that fires spells which you can deflect.
-Skeleton Fighter
	A tall skeith skeleton, I think, that has a sword and shield.
-Spirit Skull
	EXTREMELY annoying floating skull, surrounded by items which can be
	thrown at you.
-Spirit Sword
	Your average floating sword that attacks.
	Just a regular plain old spider that bites.
	A monster equipped with a dagger, attacks can open up your pockets.

| 4.1d Fire |

	A purple dragon with black stripes that is vicious, and charges pretty
	quickly, too.
-Giant Drackonack
	Just a larger version of the Drackonack.
-Minion Archer (Red)
	A tiny flying skeith that fires arrows at you which you can deflect
-Minion Artillery (Red)
	A huge, red skeith that fires ammo which you can deflect, just watch
	out for its charging attack if you get too close!
-Minion Brute (Red)
	A ginourmous red skeith with hulking arms.
-Minion Magician (Red)
	A floating, red skeith that fires magic spells at you which you can
	deflect. Also can make other minions appear.
-Minion Warrior (Orange)
	A small, heavy-built orange skeith that attacks you with combos.
-Minion Wizard (Red)
	A floating, red skeith that has a kind of "coat". The most annoying of
	the minions, you CANNOT deflect its attacks, even if you use a nova
	mote. It also can change a fellow minion's magical alignment.
-Werelupe Basher
	A red lupe, which attacks you with its claws.
-Werelupe Bone Thrower
	A red lupe that throws bones at you which you can deflect.
-Werelupe Elite
	A black lupe with bones for armor, and vicious attacks.

| 4.1e Light |

-Minion Grunt (Yellow)
	A small, flying yellow skeith that attacks you at will.
-Minion Magician (Yellow)
	A flying yellow skeith that fires magic spells at you which you can
-Minion Wizard (Yellow)
	A floating, yellow skeith that has a kind of "coat". The most annoying
of the minions, you CANNOT deflect its attacks, even if you use a nova mote. It
can also change a fellow minion's magical alignment.

| 4.1f Water |

-Minion Brute (Blue)
	A huge, blue skeith with hulking arms.
-Minion Magician (Blue)
	A flying, blue skeith that fires spells at you which you can deflect.
	A mean, green slug that fires spitballs at you!
	A..well pile of brown sludgy stuff that fires sludgeballs at you and
	can freeze you in place!
-Swamp Tentacle
	A octopus looking green tentacle usually found in swamps
	A smaller version of the Swamp Tentacle found in other watery places

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* the big cheese					           4.2 Bosses *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There could be a million other strategies on how to defeat them, but I found
these strategies the best way to kill em off! For a more in-depth FAQ on how
to defeat them, check out AuroraFox's guide.

| 4.2a Juppie Monster (Act 1) |

-Location: Shadowglen Woods
-Difficulty: Easy
-Alignment: Earth
-Strategy: For every tentacle you defeat, a juppie from the ceiling falls. The
Juppie Monster doesn't really like his precious gigantic juppies falling, so he
attacks you everytime you get near it or stand on top of it. When he does
attack you, quickly run away and he'll be the one to smash the juppies. He'll
be stunned, so quickly attack him. Hit him several times before he regains his
power. Everytime you get the chance to hit him, he'll get faster and send more
tentacles. Juppie plants are located near the entrance in which you came
through, so get them if you're running low on magic or health.

| 4.2b Ixi Chieftan (Act 1) |

-Location: Cogham Steppes
-Difficulty: Easy
-Alignment: Earth
-Strategy: The two henchman that reported to him in Cogham Village will
be his first defense, so quickly defeat them. He really is weak, so just attack
him when he's not really trying to attack you or when he's powering up. You
should know when it's a good time to go and attack him, and when not to. Some-
time in the battle he'll send some Ixi Archers out to come and help him, but if
you're constantly moving, they won't be able to get a clear shot at you. He is
no big deal, so finish him off quickly.

| 4.2c Gnarfas |

-Location: Illusen's Glade/Lightwater Forest
-Difficulty: Medium
-Alignment: Fire
-Strategy: Gnarfas is a bit tricky to defeat. It's hard to try and hit
him, since he is barely open for attacks. He'll jump up to the trees and try to
jump on you, and whip you with his chains when you get too close to him. The
only time you'll get to hit him is when he is stunned. If you take too long to
kill Gnarfas, the Werelupe King will attack you with his boomerang. Some point
in your battle, the Old Knight will try to aid you, but falls to the Werelupe
King. This devastates Tor, but makes no difference to your battle.

| 4.2d Plague Serpent |

-Location: Bogshot Swamp
-Difficulty: Medium
-Alignment: Water
-Strategy: Now the only reasons why his difficulty is medium is 1)He
takes a hell lot of time to kill and 2)He is just plain tedious. Otherwise then
that, he would be easy. Anywho, climb one of the platforms, preferably the
highest one possible. He'll dive in the water, appear in the front or behind
you. Now, the only attacks you should run away from is the poison breath and
hypnosis. However, when he's about to headbutt you, use your shield, but if
you do it too early, he'll use another attack. Once he falls from the blow,
jump down and attack at him until he goes back up. The more health you cut from
him, the more platforms will get crushed. Eventually, he'll fall.

| 4.2e Werelupe King |

-Location: Werelupe Burrows
-Difficulty: Easy
-Alignment: Fire
-Strategy: You would think the Werelupe King, King of all Werelupes,
would know a few tricks up his sleeve. Surprisingly, he is actually a lot like
the Ixi Chieftan. He is no challenge, really; the only thing difficult is well
he...actually I can't think of anything. A total pushover, so with the right
sword and the right amount of health/magic, this is a no-brainer.

| 4.2f Juppie Monster (Act 3) |

-Location: Shadowglen Woods
-Difficulty: Easy
-Alignment: Earth
-Strategy: Not much of a difference in difficulty as the first Juppie
Monster. The only difference is that now he spits out poison occassionally.
How pleasant.

| 4.2g Ixi Chieftan (Act 3) |

-Location: Abandoned Mines in Cogham Steppes
-Difficulty: Easy
-Alignment: Dark
-Strategy: Just as the last boss battle, no difference in difficulty.
No new attacks, more health. Same strategy as before.

| 4.2h Gelert Assassin |

-Location: Illusen's Glade, same place Gnarfas was
-Difficulty: Medium
-Alignment: Dark? I used a Nova Mote =)
-Strategy: Sheez. Somewhat similar to Plague Serpent, only because their
battles are both tedious. Except he's barely open for attacks, which I hate!
The thing I hate most...he dissolves into the ground and appears elsewhere, so
that he could have a perfect shot at you. What's more? He runs away before you
can finish him off. Combos work nicely on him.

| 4.2i Black Knight |

-Location: Knight's Keep, in his castle
-Difficulty: Medium-Hardish
-Alignment: Dark
-Strategy: Now, what makes him hard is that no matter what move you bust
out on him, he won't take any damage. So, how do you defeat him? Well everyone
has a weak spot, so exploit it by making his sword stuck in the chandelier, or
some crack in the ground. Something like that. His weak spot will be shown by a
purplish aura, in his neck and...his crack??? Yeah. On top of all that, his
attacks can leave heavy damage on you. But that's why we keep a good stock of

| 4.2j Undead Draik Skeleton |

-Location: Meridell Vault, underneath Meridell
-Difficulty: Medium
-Alignment: Fire and Water
-Strategy: This one is a bit tricky-he is either fire or water, depend-
ing on what beam he's firing. If it's ice, then his weakness is fire, and vice
versa. To make this battle simpler, just equip a nova/supernova. When he's
charging up either beam, deflect the attack with your shield. This will stun
him for a little bit, so give him the good ol' combo or whatever move you have
perfected at this point in the game. The more the fight progresses, the more
bones he loses. When he is reduced to a skull, he won't have his beams, but
he'll just jump around, I guess. Finish him off to claim the Rod.

| 4.2k Dark Faerie Sisters |

-Location: [Tainted] Meridell Castle, in the throne room
-Difficulty: Low-Medium
-Alignment: Dark
-Strategy: Obviously, Tormund will be of no use here, so Roberta will be
a champ for once! Avoid their magical blasts of energy, and focus on one at a
time (yes, you will be fighting all THREE of them at once). Just blast like
crazy, keeping an eye on your magic meter.

| 4.2l The Darkest Faerie |

-Location: Faerieland Castle
-Difficulty: Mediumish
-Alignment: Everything
-Strategy: First things first. You have a time limit of 3 minutes. If you fail
to defeat her in the alotted time, she will smash Faerieland into the Village
of Meridell! You'll be alternating between the two characters, after certain
points in the battle. Before the battle, be sure to equip nova motes on every
aspect of your equipment. One last thing-she doesn't seem to have a health bar,
so you won't be able to tell how much damage you have inflicted upon her.

You'll start out the battle with Tormund. Run towards her, and be blown back by
her magic wave. Deflect her spells, but not right away, as those will just
conjure up minions. Her spells will stun her, so run in and land successful
3 hit combos. Any other attack will simply not work. After 3 succesful 3 hit
combos, you'll switch to Roberta.

Roberta is a little more difficult, actually. Not really, but I don't favor her
much...anyway. You can't directly attack the Darkest Faerie (you can try but I
doubt that you'll do any damage) but only about the 4 or 5 minions she sends
out. Anyways, this process repeats until you (finally) defeat her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* i'll name you GRRASAURUS				          4.3 Petpets *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Petpets are very useful little critters, from restoring your health to powering
up your attacks. You have to feed them any kind of food in order for them to be
"activated". Other petpets are monsters, parts of quests, and just...

	>> Doglefox
These adorable little dog-foxes increase your attack power.

	>> Gallion
These dragonlike things help increase your defense/armor.

	>> Meowclops
These one eyed kitties slowly restore your magic. They also reveal hidden

	>> Miamouse
These mice are used for quests, meaning you have to sneak up and catch them
from behind.

	>> Mortog
Similar to a Whinny (in terms of quests) you need to round them up, but are
not as finicky as them.

	>> Noil
These little lions slowly restore health.

	>> Turmac
Every petpet in one! Although it excludes the Turtum, Miamouse, and Whinny,
they can be the best petpet, but it eats ALOT.

	>> Turtum
Used to jump to higher ground. Hit the shell, jump on the shell and aim for a
landing place, and YOU'RE OFF!

	>> Whinny
These horselike things are used for quests; you have to round them up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* [sec5]			   		       SECTION 5: EXTRAS/MISC *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For all those extra, misc sections that don't really belong in the other
sections, but serve a nice purpose in the game. Also contains lists for a range
of topics.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* juppies, chokatos, peachpa...oh my!			            5.1 Items *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The following menu items can be obtained throughout the game. This list can
help you know it's use, and rarity.

| 5.1a Menu Items |

*Health Restoration Items
	-Red Juppie: Restores a small amount of health. Very common.
	-Chokato: Restores a large amount of health. Somewhat uncommon.
	-Peachpa: Restores a huge amount of health. A little rare.
	-Kauvara's Potion: Restores all lost health and prevents you from
	taking damage for a little while. "The most rare potion"

*Magic Restoration Items
	-Purple Juppie: Restores a small amount of magic. Very common.
	Tor: "Juppies grow on farms like weeds. The purple ones are very sour
	and have a kinda tingle to them."
	-Starberry: Restores a large amount of magic. Somewhat uncommon.
	-Ergyfruit: Restores a huge amount of magic. A little rare.
	-Fyora's Potion: Restores all lost magic and regenerates magic energy
	for a little while. Very rare.

*Curative Items
	-Bagguss: Cures poison...but tastes nasty!
	-Spyder Juice Elixir: Use for temporary immunity to poisons.
	-Dispelling Potion: Removes all curses, and temporarily makes you
	impervious to new ones.
	-Ointment of Curing: Use of temporary immunity to slow-down effects.
	-Unguent of Curing: Instantly cures poisons, curses, and slow-down

	-Speckled Negg: Rejuvanates a small amount of health and magic
	-Striped Negg: Rejuvanates a large amount of health and magic
	-Silver Negg: Rejuvanates all lost health and magic!
	-Red Negg: Increases maximum amount of health (Used automatically)
	-Starry Negg: Increases maximum amount of magic (Used automatically)
	-Golden Negg: Increases both magic and health (Used automatically)

*Other Potions
	-Potion of Revival: Use to immediately revive a fainted hero
	-Potion of Heroism: All attacks will do more damage instantly
	-Potion of Meerca Speed: Use to run as fast as a speeding meerca

| 5.1b Quest Items |

You cannot personally use these items, and are only used for certain quests.

*Act 1 Items
	-Empty Bucket: Fill this with water for Mum.
	-Bucket of Water: Give this back to Mum.
	-Pliers: Your father is looking for these.
	-Hubert's Chest Key: This opens the chet upstairs in the farmhouse.
	-Package to Meridell: Deliver to the Meridell Army Recruitment Centre.
	-Golden Rose: Made of solid gold. A perfect gift for a girlfriend.
	-Sword Tip: A tip of a shattered sword blade.
	-Sword Guard: A ruined guard piece of a sword.
	-Sword Blade: A broken blade from an exquisite sword.
	-Sword Hilt: A golden sword hilt.
	-Man-at-Arms Sword: The re-forged Man-at-Arms sword!
	-Sponsorship Paper: You need a knight to sponsor you to sign this.
	-Signed Sponsorship Paper: Take this paper back to the Recruitment
	-Letter of Consent: You need your parents to sign this.
	-Venom Vial: A vial full of poisonous Spyder Venom.
	-Arbendus Flower: A fragant flower, used in potion making.
	-Signed Letter of Consent: Take this paper back to the Meridell
	Recruitment Centre.
	-Drackonack Fang: The tooth of a vanquished Drackonack.
	-Growth Pod: A pulsating plant pod.
	-Raider Boss Eye Patch: Proof that the Ixi Raider chief has been

*Act 2 Items
	-Stone of Illumination: This would make a good power source for a wand.
	-Faerie Bottle: A bottle capable of holding Faerie Dust.
	-Faeriewood Stick: This would make a good handle for a wand.
	-Bottle of Faeriedust: A bottle filled with Faerie Dust.

*Act 3 Items
	-Letters of Devotion: Love letter to Prince Tourin.
	-White Bogberries: These are said to cure the swamp-flu.
	-Red Bogberries: These berries are a cure for the meezie-sneezies.
	-Black Bogberries: These berries are a cure for the rotting plague.
	-Old Mine Key: Opens the old mine found in the Drackon Ridge.
	-Poison Seed: The seeds of a poisonous glooper flower.
	-Wild Wartroot: Eww...it's all covered in warts!
	-Werelupe Fang Necklace: A string of old Werelupe fangs.
	-Illusen's Charm: This should revive the sleeping Illusen...hopefully.
	-Kreludan Metal: An incredibly hard meteor metal.
	-Rope Gun: Use R2 Button to fire a snare at a wall-hook.
	-Hammer of Thunder: Ingmar the Cogham Blacksmith's family hammer.
	-Broken Watch: Mayor Jurgin's broken pocket watch.
	-White Crystal: A smooth white crystal.
	-Lodestone: A magnetized compass stone.
	-Pocket Watch: Mayor Jurgin's completely repaired pocketwatch.
	-Golden Trove of Riches: Priceless treasure from the Market Town Trade
	-Creepy Package: Whatever's in it-it's a little drippy.
	-Rathbone Crypt Key: This opens the Gelert Family Crypt in Brightvale.
	-Pink Posies: Pretty pink flowers.
	-Hunter's Spyglass: A fine telescope.
	-The Bandit's Plans: The secret plans to take over Brightvale!
	-Illusen Faerie Globe: Now you can bypass the cloud wall around
	-Knight's Crypts Key: Opens the locked door in the lower knight crypts.

*Act 4 Items
	-Mosaic Corner Piece: A chunck from the floor mosaic.
	-Mosaic Top Fragment: A crumbling piece of the floor mosaic.
	-Mosaic Side Shard: A portion of the floor mosaic.

| 5.1c Motes |

Motes are powerful magic items used to enhance your armor, weapon, and shield.
Every magical spell, every monster, every attack is aligned to one of the six
Magical Alignments.

*Earth (Green)
	-Leaf Mote: The lesser version of the Earth mote can be found near
	plants or rocky soil. When powered up, poisons the foe.
Tor: "It looks like some kind of glowing leaf. It must be magical to be
floating around by itself."

	-Rock Mote: The greater version of the Earth mote can be found near
rocks or rocky soil. When powered up, uses the ground itself to bludgeon 	a

*Air (Cyan)
	-Fog Mote: The lesser version of the Air mote can be found near foggy
	or mountainous areas. When powered up, uses powerful bolts of energy
	against the foe.
	-Wind Mote: The greater version of the Air mote can be found in foggy
	or mountainous areas. When powered up, uses minature tornadoes against
	a foe.

*Dark (Purple)
	-Smoke Mote: The lesser version of the Dark mote can be found in dark
	places or in dead embers. When powered up, saps energy from the foe.
	-Shadow Mote: The greater version of the Dark mote can be found in dark
	places, where no light shines. When powered up, lashes out and weakens

*Light (Yellow)
	-Light Mote: The lesser version of the Light Mote can be found in
	bright or sunny areas. When powered up, the bright light can confuse
	-Sun Mote: The greater version of the Light Mote can be found in bright
	areas, or in beams of light. When powered up, can even burn up the
	enemy in light.

*Fire (Red)
	-Fire Mote: The lesser version of the Fire mote can be found near heat
	sources. When powered up, can set things on fire.
	-Lava Mote: The greater version of the Fire mote can be near flowing
	lava or other sources of extreme heat. When powered up, sets things on

*Water (Blue)
	-Bubble Mote: The lesser version of the Water Mote can be found near
	rivers, lakes, and other watery places. When powered up, freezes foes
	in place.
	-Water Mote: The greater version of the Water Mote can be found in
	rivers, lakes, and other watery places. When powered up, freezes foes
	in place.

*Rainbow Alignment (Everything)
	-Nova Mote: The lesser version of the Rainbow Mote is very rare, and
	found in unexpected places! Try powering it up for a surprise!
	-Supernova Mote: The greater version of the Rainbow Mote is the rarest
	mote of them all! Try powering it up for a surprise!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* where can i buy...?				                    5.2 Shops *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yes, a shop directory. Like those ones in a mall when you want to find a store.
Note: prices are after they are discounted, if they are discounted.

| 5.2a Altador |

*Arena District

-Altador Magic Shop
	Light Mote							 130 NP
	Fog Mote							 100 NP
	Smoke Mote						         120 NP
	Bubble Mote							  80 NP
	Supernova Mote							 750 NP
	Fire Mote							 110 NP
	Park District Treasure Map					 150 NP

-Altador Food Shop
	Red Juppie							  25 NP
	Starberry 							  40 NP
	Purple Juppie							  20 NP
	Chokato								  60 NP

-Altador Blacksmith
	Wand of the Ancients					       4,500 NP
	Razor Sword						       4,000 NP

*Bazaar District

-Altador Armory
	 Altadorian Plate					       6,000 NP
	 Legendary Robes					       5,500 NP

-Rogin the Wretched (white skeith)
	Arena District Treasure Map					 200 NP
	Park District Treasure Map					 200 NP
	Money District Treasure Map					 300 NP

-Altador Trove
	Money District Treasure Map					 210 NP
	Potion of Power							 400 NP
	Nova Mote							 400 NP
	Legendary Shield					       2,500 NP

-The Curious Aisha
	4-Leaf Clover							 400 NP
	Park District Treasure Map					 260 NP
	Meerca Speed Potion						 500 NP
	Starlight Potion						 300 NP

*Money District

-Altador Magic Shop
	Rock Mote							 230 NP
	Water Mote							 270 NP
	Sun Mote							 280 NP
	Wind Mote							 250 NP
	Lava Mote							 260 NP
	Bazaar District Treasure Map 					 200 NP

-Altador Potion Shop
	Park District Treasure Map					 120 NP
	Fyora's Potion							 600 NP
	Potion of Revival						 150 NP
	Unguent of Curing						 300 NP
	Kauvara's Potion 						 800 NP

*Park District

-Altador Food Shop
	Ergyfruit							 100 NP
	Peachpa								 150 NP
	Bagguss								  50 NP

-Altador Neggery
	Bazaar District Treasure Map				         250 NP
	Golden Negg						       2,000 NP
	Striped Negg							 250 NP
	Silver Negg							 600 NP

-Altador Potion Shop
	Spyder Juice Elixir						 150 NP
	Ointment of Quickness						 150 NP
	Arena District Map						 200 NP
	Dispelling Potion						 150 NP
	Potion of Revival						 100 NP

| 5.2b Bogshot Village |

-Sunnyfields Fine Foods
	Red Juppie							  28 NP
	Purple Juppie							  22 NP
	Ergyfruit							 125 NP
	Speckled Negg							 100 NP
	Bagguss								  25 NP

-Curious Curios
	Meridell Farms Treasure Map                                      375 NP
	Red Negg                                                       1,000 NP
	Starlight Potion                                                 300 NP
	Werelupe Woods Treasure Map                                      200 NP
	Tome of Warding                                                2,500 NP

-Bogshot Apothecary
 	Spyder Juice Elixir                                              150 NP
	Potion of Revival                                                100 NP

| 5.2c Brightvale |

-Fruits of Brightvale
	Bagguss								  50 NP
	Red Juppie							  25 NP
	Purple Juppie							  20 NP
	Starberry							  40 NP
	Chokato								  60 NP

-Brightvale Motery
	Smoke Mote							 120 NP
	Light Mote							 130 NP
	Fire Mote							 110 NP
	Wind Mote							  80 NP
	Leaf Mote							  90 NP
	Nova Mote							 400 NP

-Matkin's Maps
	Bogshot Treasure Map						 220 NP
	Brightvale Treasure Map						 200 NP
	Brightvale Road Treasure Map					 240 NP
	Crossroads Treasure Map						 280 NP
	Werelupe Woods Treasure Map					 300 NP

-The Royal Potionry
	Spyder Juice Elixir						 150 NP
	Potion of Power							 400 NP

-Brightvale Armoury
	Knight's Shield						       1,500 NP
	Magic Robes						       2,000 NP

| 5.2d Cogham Village |

-The Peachpa Hut
	Purple Juppie							  20 NP
	Red Juppie							  25 NP
	Peachpa								 150 NP

-Brennan's Anvil
	Knight's Sword						       1,500 NP
	Enchanter's Wand					       2,000 NP

-Treasures and Trinkets
	Starlight Potion						 300 NP
	Potion of Revival						 100 NP
	Starry Negg							 800 NP
	Shadowglen Treasure Map						 225 NP
	Meridell Farms Treasure Map					 260 NP

-Ingmar's Armoury
	Iron Shield							 800 NP

| 5.2e Drackon Ridge |

-Motara's Marvelous Motes
	Sun Mote							 280 NP
	Lava Mote							 260 NP
	Shadow Mote							 240 NP
	Wind Mote							 250 NP
	Rock Mote							 230 NP
	Wizard's Gown	                                               6,000 NP

| 5.2f Faerieland |

-Potionmaker Fizlar
	Potion of Meerca Speed	 					 500 NP
	Dispelling Potion						 180 NP
	Spyder Juice Elixir						 150 NP

-Shopkeep Visal
	Purple Juppie							  20 NP
	Speckled Negg							  75 NP
	Starberry							  40 NP
	Red Juppie							  25 NP
	Chokato								  60 NP

-Hidden Tower
	Sorcerer's Wand						       7,000 NP
	Faerie Dress						       8,000 NP
	Golden Shield						       4,000 NP
	Silver Negg						       1,500 NP
	Golden Negg						       5,000 NP
	Fyora's Potion						       1,500 NP
	Kauvara's Potion					       2,000 NP

| 5.2g Illusen's Glade |

-Nothin but Neggs!
	Speckled Negg							  75 NP
	Silver Negg							 600 NP
	Golden Negg						       2,000 NP
	Striped Negg							 250 NP

| 5.2h Gord the Merchant |

Starberry							          50 NP
Bagguss									  60 NP
Striped Negg								 300 NP
Bogshot Treasure Map x2						    200, 250 NP
Chokato									  75 NP
4-Leaf Clover								 500 NP
Potion of Revival							 150 NP
Starlight Potion							 400 NP
Meriload Mine Treasure Map						 250 NP
Meridell Farms Treasure Map						 250 NP
Steppe Plateau Treasure Map						 300 NP
Lightwater Treasure Map							 400 NP
Bogshot Swamp Treasure Map						 300 NP
Brightvale Treasure Map							 300 NP
Crossroads Treasure Map							 400 NP
Brightvale Road Treasure Map						 300 NP

| 5.2i Market Town |

-The Magic Anvil
	Battle Blade						       4,000 NP
	Magician's Wand						       4,000 NP

-Market Town Armourer
	Noble Press						       6,500 NP
	Golden Shield						       2,000 NP
	Royal Armour						       4,500 NP

-Even Curiouser Curios
	Starry Negg					               1,000 NP
	Red Negg						       1,250 NP
	Brightvale Treasure Map						 325 NP
	Steppe Plateau Treasure Map					 350 NP
	Werelupe Woods Treasure Map					 425 NP

-Market Town Grocers
	Peachpa								 125 NP
	Ergyfruit							 125 NP
	Striped Negg							 275 NP

-The Bubbling Cauldron
	Potion of Meerca Speed						 500 NP
	Unguent of Curing						 350 NP
	Starlight Potion						 350 NP
	Fyora's Potion							 600 NP
	Kauvara's Potion						 800 NP

-Monty (found on the rooftops near Market Town Grocers)
	Black Keep Treasure Map						 350 NP
	Werelupe Woods Treasure Map					 400 NP
	Shadowglen Treasure Map						 300 NP

| 5.2j Meridell |

 -Rory the Shady Guy (shadow kacheek)
	Drackon Ridge Treasure Map x2 					 200 NP
	Meridell Plains Treasure Map					 200 NP
	Meri Acres Farm Treasure Map					 200 NP
	Illusen's Glade Treasure Map					 300 NP
	Meridell Farms Treasure Map					 200 NP

-Angus' Apothecary
	Spyder Juice Elixir						 125 NP
	Potion of Power							 400 NP
	Potion of Meerca Speed						 500 NP

-Meridell Food 'n Slop
	Red Juppie							  22 NP
	Starberry							  40 NP
	Bagguss								  40 NP
	Chokato								  50 NP
	Purple Juppie							  20 NP

-Mistress Morag's Magical Merchandise
	Light Mote							 130 NP
	Fire Mote							 110 NP
	Smoke Mote							 120 NP
	Bubble Mote							  80 NP
	Leaf Mote							  90 NP
	Sorcerer's Wand						       7,000 NP

-Meridell Smithy
	Squire Sword							 500 NP

-The Village Armoury
	Wooden Shield							 400 NP

-Shoppe of Curious Wonders
	Speckled Negg							  70 NP
	Ointment of Quickness						 125 NP
	Dispelling Potion					         125 NP
	Meridell Castle Treasure Map					 200 NP

|  5.2k Sophie the Swamp Witch |

Lava Mote								 250 NP
Smoke Mote								 100 NP
Starry Negg								 800 NP
Fire Mote								 120 NP
Witch's Wand							       3,000 NP

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* armour, weapon, shield                                        5.3 Equipment *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The best equipment, listed from least effective to most effective. Also tells
where it's found, and how much it costs (if you need to buy)

| 5.5a Tormund's |

	-Wood Sword: Meriacres Farm (AKA Ellis Family Farm)
	-Squire's Sword: Meridell Village Smithy, 500 NP
	-Knight's Sword: Cogham Village Breenan's Anvil, 1,500 NP
	-Kreludan Blade: From Kreludan Blade Side Quest
	-Battle Blade: Market Town's The Magic Anvil, 4,000 NP
	-Ancient Sword: Recieved from room before facing Undead Draik Skeleton
	-Razor Sword: Altador Blacksmith, 4,500 NP
	-King Altador's Sword: Recieved from King Altador before rescuing

	-Wooden Shield: Meridell Arena First Round or Village Armoury for
	400 NP
	-Iron Shield: Cogham Village Ingmar's Armoury, 800 NP
	-Knight's Shield: Brightvale Armoury, 1,500 NP
	-Golden Shield: Hidden Tower for 4,000 NP OR Market Town Armourer for
	2,000 NP
	-Legendary Shield: Altador Trove, 2,500 NP

	-Farm Clothing: Meriacres Farm (AKA Ellis Family Farm)
	-Squire's Plate: Meridell Army Recruitment Centre
	-Knight's Plate: Meridell Village Armoury, 2,500 NP
	-Defender's Plate: From the Thunderhammer Side Quest
	-Royal Armour: Market Town Armourer, 4,500 NP
	-Golden Gilded Plating: Meridell Treasure Vault
	-Altadorian Plate: Altador Armory, 6,000 NP

| 5.5b Roberta's |

	-Makeshift Wand: Made in Faerieland
	-Training Wand: Brightvale Castle, 2nd Floor
	-Enchanter's Wand: Cogham Village Brennan's Anvil, 2,000 NP
	-Sorcerer's Wand: Hidden Tower/Meridell Mistress Morag's Magical
	Merchandise, 7,000 NP
	-Witch's Wand: Sophie the Swamp Witch, 10,000 NP (3,000 NP, after)
	-Magician's Wand: Market Town's The Magic Anvil, 4,000 NP
	-Fyora's Rod: Meridell Treasure Vault
	-Wand of the Ancients: Altador Blacksmith, 4,500 NP

	-Diplomat's Robes: Faerieland Courtyard Gardens
	-Training Robes: Recieved from Serader in Faerieland Library
	-Magic Robes: Brightvale Armoury, 2,000 NP
	-Wizard's Gown: Drackonack Ridge's Mortara's Marvelous Motes, 6,000 NP
	-Faerie Dress: Hidden Tower, 8,000 NP
	-Noble Press: Market Town Armourer, 6,500 NP
	-Legend Robes: Altador Armory, 5,500 NP

*Shield Spells (improves shield spell)
	-Tome of Warding: Bogshot Village Curios Curios, 2,500 NP
	-Codex of Protection: from Meriload Mine Treasure Map

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* X marks the spot	                                    5.4 Treasure Maps *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This section explains only where to find the treasure MAPS and not the treasure
location. This does not include what the actual treasue is, because the prize
varies from NP, to potions, and to other items of high value. They are listed
in the order they are found/bought.

-Shadowglen: Found in Root Cellar, Farm Road
-Drackon Ridge x2: Bought from Rory the Shady Guy for 200 NP
-Meridell Plains: Bought from Rory the Shady Guy for 200 NP
-Meri Acres Farm: Bought from Rory the Shady Guy for 200 NP
-Illusen's Glade: Bought from Rory the Shady Guy for 300 NP
-Meridell Farms: Bought from Rory the Shady Guy for 200 NP
-Meridell Castle: Bought from Shoppe of Curious Wonders for 200 NP
-Shadowglen: Bought from Treasures and Trinkets for 225 NP
-Meridell Farms: Bought from Treasures and Trinkents for 260 NP
-Bogshot: Bought from Gord the Merchant for 250 NP
-Meriload Mine: Bought from Gord the Merchant for 250 NP
-Meridell Farms: Bought from Gord the Merchant for 250 NP
-Steppe Plateau: Bought from Gord the Merchant for 300 NP
-Lightwater: Bought from Gord the Merchant for 400 NP
-Bogshot Swamp: Bought from Gord the Merchant for 300 NP
-Brightvale: Bought from Gord the Merchant for 300 NP
-Crossroads: Bought from Gord the Merchant for 400 NP
-Bogshot: Bought from Matkin's Maps for 200 NP
-Brightvale: Bought from Matkin's Maps for 200 NP
-Brightvale Roads: Bought from Matkin's Maps for 240 NP
-Crossroads: Bought from Matkin's Maps for 280 NP
-Werelupe Woods: Bought from Matkin's Maps for 300 NP
-Brightvale Road: Bought from Gord the Merchant for 300 NP
-Brightvale: Bought from Curiouser Curios for 325 NP
-Steppe Plateau: Bought from Curiouser Curios for 350 NP
-Werelupe Woods: Bought from Curiouser Curious for 425 NP
-Black Keep: Bought from Monty for 350 NP
-Werelupe Woods: Bought from Monty for 400 NP
-Shadowglen: Bought from Monty for 300 NP
-Park District: Bought from Altador Magic Shop (Arena District) for 150 NP
-Bazaar District: Bought from Altador Neggery for 250 NP
-Arena District: Bought from Altador Potion Shop (Park District) for 200 NP
-Bazaar District: Bought from Altador Magic Shop (Money District) for 200 NP
-Park District: Bought from Altador Potion Shop (Money District) for 120 NP

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* explore reading		                                    5.5 Books *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I decided to include this section because of the interesting pieces of info the
books included. Books can be found almost anywhere, and depending on where they
are located, hold information relevant to that area. Unlike the neopets site,
you can read the books as many times as you want, and they won't disappear.

| 5.5a Magic Related |

-The Teak Technique of Magical Combat
 Master Teak found that motes with the same alignment repelled each other.
Opposite-aligned motes attracted one another. During battle, this meant that
identical motes blocked or reduced damage. Opposite-aligned motes increased
damage. Master Teak also noticed that each strike using a mote released a flash
of power. By watching for the flash, you could quickly determine what mote your
opponent was using and defend (or attack) against it.

-On the Nature of Motes
 Many people knew about the little creatures known as motes but didn't
understand their relationship to magic. They saw that motes liked to appear in
like-aligned places. A fire mote appeared in a fire, a water mote in a river...
However, when added to a weapon, armour or shield, motes provided other
benefits. They provided users from similarly-aligned magic and damaged
oppositely-aligned creatures.

-On the Elements of Magic
 On repeated observation, he noted that magic grouped into six colored
alignments. He classified these into basic elemetns: fire (red), water (blue),
air (cyan), earth (green), dark (black), and finally, light (yellow). He found
how you manipulate opposite alignments in casting: light against dark, water
against fire, and air against earth. He also saw that, when two similar
alignments were put together, they would bounce back to their original source.

-Air Motes and You
 Immediately upon entering foggy or windy areas, budding sorcerers should start
searching for the elusive cyan motes. The strongest effects effected from the
mote ranges from powerful bolts of electricity to devastating miniature

-The Lightness of Being Mote
 Let the light enter your heart! Know this, pure seeker: In beams of light or
bright areas, yellow motes of pure light play. They are beacons against the
wicked, confusing them or burning enemies when properly powered up

-Growing Earth Motes
 It's known among earth motes aficionados that the best place to search for
green earth motes are in plants or rocky soil. The lesser powered motes can
poison opponents. More powerful ones use the earth itself to bludgeon a foe.

-Playing with Fire Motes
 Red Fire Motes are most commonly found near burning fires. Striking with them
may set your enemies on fire. The more potent versions can be found near lava
flaws or other sources of extreme heat.

-Harvesting the Darkness
 The power of the dark ever lingers: for while there is light, there is shadow!
Look for the black dark motes in such places. Even the smouldering embers of
dead fires may hide motes in power. This power can be used to lash out and
weaken your foes.

-Water Motes Made Easy
 When looking for blue water motes, the amateur hunter should look near rivers
and lakes. The stronger versions of this mote can, when powered up, freeze
enemies where they stand!

-The Riddle of Rainbow Motes
 She was surprised to find that the friendly little creature was a new type of
mote. It combined the power of all the magical alignments, as if it was made
from the purest force of magic. She named this, as well as the more powerful
mote she discovered later, a nova mote. Through experimentation and adventure,
she quickly discovered this rare type of mote could be used to form the
ultimate defense or offence.

-Magical Wands: A Primer
 To channel mystic forces, a rod or straight branch serves as a basic wand
shape. Next, a power source converts your energy to useful magic while a
catalyst, like faerie dust, binds it all together.

-A Compendium of Magic Locks
 The whole point of this style of lock is to foil mundane attempts to open it.
However, through magic, it does become possible. Locksmiths and other less
scrupulous folks have found that you can force the lock using a mote-powered
weapon. This technique works as long as that mote is of the same mystical
alignment of the lock. Once the mote is applied, hit the lock forcefully and
the lock should easily spring open.

| 5.5b Volumes |

-Crimes Vol1: Brightvale Treasury
 King Hagen was pleased. A fortified treasury outside of town seemed a good way
to keep his wealth safe. And it did remain secure until an insider let in
bandits. The entire treasury was emptied. Though no one was officially accused
or being that traitor, the common folk held the garrison leader Sir Magnetius
responsible. Except for King Hagen's two closest advisors, Sir Magnetius had
the only key to open the internal vaults. Thus, Sir Magnetius was the only one
who could have opened the door for the thieves. That his body was found later
only proves that he, in turn, was betrayed by the criminals he had led.

-Crimes Vol2: Thieves Guild
 Loved by local conspiracy buffs, the shadowy "Thieves Guild" is blamed for
every incident of banditry and raiding in the Meridell area. Allegedly run by
two elusive characters, this guild supposedly has one ultimate goal-to rob the
fabled Meridell Treasure Vault. Some believe they run their operation inside
the village of Meridell itself!

-Crimes Vol3: Secrets of Meridell
 The King's Guard was shocked. To the best of their knowledge Valrigard was an
outstanding knight. Despite the accusations of the King's advisor, Sir
Valrigard had no obvious reason to steal from his lord. But evidence soon
surfaced, as they caught the knight leaving the Treasury, with no explanation
as to how he got in. After Valrigard was caught, security around the Royal
Treasury increased drastically. The Royal Guard checked with Lenny architects
about a rumoured secret passage. However, the architects would neither confirm
nor deny its existence.

-Crypt Denizens Vol1: Dry Bones
 Travellers have found to their terror that some warriors still keep fighting
long after they're nothing but bones. Warriors aren't the only ones who stick
around. Some of the more powerful enchanters still wield bone-chilling power.

-Crypt Denizens Vol2: Hauntings
 It's a sad fact that sometimes evil lingers on after it's been defeated. It
can even manifest in a ghostly form that plagues the living. Of course, not all
ghostly creatures are actually a threat: sometimes great tragedies produce
ghosts too. Are they a threat? Or just a message from beyond? No one knows...

-Deadly Critters Vol1: Spyders
 Common spyders typically prefer lurking in dark corners, trees or cave walls.
Their dark colour acts as a natural camouflage and they hunt by leaping and
scaring their prey. A few common spyders have also developed poision and should
be avoided.  While the small version is most often encountered, travelers
sometimes report seeing horrifically larger spyders. Extreme caution is
recommended when encountering these oversized arachnids.

-Deadly Critters Vol2: Drackonacks
 Drackonacks live up to their reputation as fierce predators. They are
extremely territorial, foul tempered pack hunters, that can be found throughout
Meridell and Brightvale. They are especially numerous in the Drackon Ridge
steppes. Without strict regulations, their numbers grow quickly out of control.
Hunters are often called upon to cull their numbers. Drackonacks never stop
growing as they age, some older ones can reach truly monstrous.

-Deadly Critters Vol3: Crokabeks
 Farmers in Meridelll have al ong history with these loud and obnoxious birds.
The crokabeks are well known for their talent to work together and also steal
small items from their target. The "common black" crokabek is a nuisance enough
but other types also exist. The brown ones keep to the mountains but are also
known to be large and aggresive. "Swamp greens" have a screech so painful, many
people consider it cursed. Its effects linger long after the initial attack.

-Deadly Critters Vol4: Sludgies
 Masters of muck, Sludgies are found in the wettest and muddiest swamps.
Usually docile from afar, they can be very dangerous when disturbed. All
Sludgies seem to love Bagguss fruit. As the old saying goes, "Where you find
Sludgies, you find Bagguss." When a Bagguss plant pops, revealing its pungent
fruit, Sludgies have been known to be driven into a frenzy to reach their
beloved fruit.

-Deadly Critters Vol5: Slorg
 While many a Neopian child treasures their petpet slorg, Swamp Slors are anti-
social. They often sleep in pools of still water and don't take kindly to
people stepping on them.

-Deadly Critters Vol6: Tentacles
 Wild Tentacles can be found in swamps and pools of still water, the same place
as Sludgies and Slorgs. The smaller pink variety has long been a menace in the
sewers, clogging up drains, and generally being a nuisance. The larger green
varitey lives in swamps and is an aggresive hazard to travellers.

-Grand Palaces Vol1: Fyora's Castle
 A thorough study of the beautiful palace in the centre of Faerieland would
take volumes. In addition to magnificent gardens and well-sculpted courtyards,
the castle hosts hidden towers and magical staircases.

-Grand Palaces Vol3: Meridell
 Despite some architectural flaws, the latest Meridell castle is built better
than past versions. Because of this, the fourth mighty castle of Meridell has
been declared by King Skarl and official success.

-Herbal Cures Vol6: The Swamp
 One of the most versatile of healing plants is the Bogberry bush, which comes
in numerous colors. Each has a different curative property. For instance, white
bogberries cure the swamp-flu, while red bogberried fix the meezie-sneezies.
The very rare Black Bogberries are the only known cure for the rotting plague
(which isn't a fun disease to have in the least!)

-Petpets Vol1: Care and Feeding
 A common mistake petpet handles make is to feed their petpets Baggus fruit
instead of regular, nourishing treats. Don't do it! They hate the fruit's taste
a lot! A well-fed Petpet will follow you obediently and aid you in whatever way
it can.

-Petpets Vol2: Doglefoxes and Gallions
 Doglefoxes love playing. The easiest way to catch one is to stop and then feed
it. Time spent with a Doglefox strengthens people. Found across Meridell, the
inquisitive Gallion only run from monsters. Their presence seems to protect

-Petpets Vol3: Meowclops and Noils
 The cautious Meowclops despises monsters but loves shade or magical places.
Its mere presence restores magic. Native to forests and mountains, Noils run
from those who don't sneak up and offer food. They do, however, bring health to

-Petpets Vol4: Steeds to Swamp Hoppers
 Found mostly on farms, the swift and nimble Whinnies would be perfect for
riding, if they weren't too short for Neopians to ride. It's a common adage
that kissing a Mortog leads to Strangeness. Thankfully, most mortogs live in
swamps away from the general populace.

-Petpets Vol5: Grassland Natives
 Though favored by children as petpets, Miamice have also become a common pest.
It requires a stealthy touch to catch them! After being stunned, an awakened
Turtum shoots anything standing on its impenetrable shell high up into the air.

-Petpets Vol6: Turmacs
 The Turmacs are the junior (and much smaller) cousins to the King of all
Petpets, the Meridell Turmaculus. Like its larger kin, the Turmacs are blessed
with an enormour appetite and must be fed well and constantly in order to gain
their trust. Many people claim, however that such a sacrifice of time and
effort is well worth it. Turmac fans strongly believe that the petpets mere
presence increases their quality of life.

-Werelupe Wars Vol2: Illusen's Revenge
 Overwhelming the last of Illusen's defenders, the Werelupe King carefully
climbed up the tree in the center of the glade and found his target. He grinned
a terrible toothy smile as he threatened the Earth Faerie with his terrible
bone sword. "Your end has come," he howled. "Your glade shall be made into a
new home for my people-the Werelupes!" Illusen smiled and shook her head sadly.
Then she cast her spell...

| 5.5c Informational |

-Meridell Recruitment Guidelines
The following guidelines were put forth in order to streamline the process of
applying for a squire's position in Meridell Castle.
To obtain a squire's position, the following requirements must be met before
the candidate can be considered:
One(1) sword
One(1) shield
Sponsorship papers (signed)
Parent's permission (signed)

-First Timer's Swordplay
 It's a common mistake; novices flail about with their blade, jabbing and
smashing with all their might. But the key to doing the most damage is to slow
down. Timing is everything in the art of swordplay! A true knight conserves his
energy and makes  every strike count. In fact, a knight can hold his strike,
even for a few monments, he can marshal all of his power into a mighty blow.

-King Skarl the I
 King Skarl is the present king in a long line of noble, kind, unassuming,
gentel, and brave Skeith rulers. For years, King Skarl has realed the realm of
Meridell with a grace and power unseen in lesser realms. It is expected, thanks
to Skarl, that he will reign for many, many years more! All hail great King

-Knights of Meridell
 Good reader, what you are about to read is a true wonder- acomplete list of
the bravest souls to protect the lands! Meridell has a a long and complex
history, with numorous adventures, quests, and battles that shaped it. Through
this book, you will learn of those noble deeds - the defenders of meridell!

-Menace on the Roads
 While trade flourished around such hubs as Market Town, darker forces worked
at the edge of society. Brigands and Highwaymen set their sets on the outlying
provinces, preying on innocent villagers and simple farmers.

-Meridell's Heartland
 On the western outskirts of Meridell home to Gallions and Doglefoxes, lie the
farmlands of Meridell and their gentle, rolling hillsides. They also provide
over half of all the food the kingdom requires.

-The Nameless Assassin
 Though he couldn't turn from the light, the loss of his love broke him. His
heart grew cold and he learned the arts of death. When he was encountered
again, he had changed from a warm person into a ruthless assassin.

-The Black Knight
 Unable to bear his black deeds any longer, the Defenders of Meridell exiled
the Skeith Knight. Furious, he fled to a small town and built a keep
overlooking it to plot his revenge. But his reign of terror was cut short when
the town rose up and killed him. His keep was left alone as a monument to his

-The Serpent of Bogshot Swamp
 And so the twelve legendary heroes rose up, driving the evil Kastraliss far
from the land. It fled the lands to a deep and dismal swamp, forcing the locals
to build ita shrine and give it tribute. But its past defeat left it diminished
the local villagers rose up and finally slew the monster, ending its threat

-Ixi Raiders of the Steppes
 The nomads that lived on the steppes had been there for a milennia before the
miners. They took to trading with or raiding the village, depending on the
whims of their leader. The villagers soon realized that, in times of trouble,
it was necessary to deal first with the boss.

-Faerie Queen
 Queen of the Faeries, and ruler of Faerieland, Fyora has been in charge for as
long as anyone can remember. She rarely descends from her home in the topmost
tower of Faerieland, preferring instead to listen to petitioners in the Council
Chambers. But when she does come among the people, it is usually to reward acts
of great bravery.

-Impossible Enchantments
 Considered a marvel of the magical arts, the Endless Staircase has been a
fixture of Faerieland for centuries. It has been thoroughly enchanted to
magically transport anyone to anywhere in Faerieland. All that is required is
to clearly state where you wish to go. The statues will point to the door
leading to your destination.

-The Hidden Tower
 Faerieland has its share of secrets, but the one that most delights the
connoisseur is the fabled Hidden Tower. According to rumor, this invisible
tower conceals a shop that sells the rarest of goods. Its proprietor, though
strange, has been known to stock some wonderfully potent devices.

-Portals of the Lost Ones
 Though they are not the only artifacts by the 'Ancients', they are, by far,
the most common ones. They are not easy to find, though. These portals will
only open when struck with magic. Afterwards, they will teleport user to
different locations, and rumor has it, to other worlds.

-Common Swamp Dangers
 Every swamp-dweller knows the dangers of a Bagguss. If you walk at it, it
explodes, gassing its target and attracting Sludgies. However, if your properly
harvest it (usually by sneaking up on it) an exceptional poison antidote can be

-Home of the Earth Faerie
 Since moving to Meridell, Illusen reshaped a part of the forest into a haven
for herself and her followers. Her glade his since become a stop for travellers
hoping for a touch of faerie magic.

-The Juppies Cookbook
 The Red Juppie is a staple food and delicious fried. Most people find this
low-growing gourd mildly reviving. While most varieties of Juppies are sweet,
the Purple ones are quite sour. Dabblers in magic find it helps revive their
facilities a little.

-Wild Chokato Gathering
 Rich and full-flavored, this gourmet tuber is a popular snack, restoring a
modicum of one's health to those that eat it. The chokato tubers grow in soft
soil, sending up very distinctive sprouts that amateur chokato gatherers look

-Starberry Delicacies
 Delicate in flavour and delightful to look at, starberries are often found
near water. Some believe that the starberries actually came from the stars,
cooling down enough to eat after skipping off the water. Gourmets commonly put
them in soups or use them as topping for breaded dishes. Sorcerers report that
the starberry is a wonderful restorative. They use it to rejuvanate themselves
during long bouts of spellcasting.

-The Power of Ergyfruit
 The softly glowing Ergyfruit (sometimes found growing underground) is
considered an amazing source of energy and a gourmet treat. Travellers prize
finding it on long hikes because it serves as an excellent pick-me-up that
stores well and tastes good. Brewers commonly favour it because it adds an
entincing flavour to grog recipes. Occasionally, Ergyfruit grown in darkness
will change color from lime green to a crimson shade.

-The Delight of Peachpas
 Famed for being an excellent restorative, the delicious peachpa is found
exclusively in mountainous climates. It is quite difficult to gather but many
find the taste well worth it. Some are known to grow wild in the Cogham region.

-Specialty Neggs
 Finding one of the delightful (and delicious!) neggs is a true treasure but
real collectors know there are even rarer finds. There are a few uncommon neggs
that have been shown to have a permanent benefit on one's overall abilites.
Metallic in colour, they can be found in out-of-the-way places or through
earnest collectors. Traditionally, these rare neggs, if not found first, fetch
the highest prices from the lucky merchants who have them.

-Rare Flowers, Book XXI
 Known by its horrible smell, the sap of the Arbendus is often used in potion
making as a catalyst for some of the strongest enchantments. While once common,
the demands for the Arbendus has been high enough to make it difficult of find.
There are some specimens left, though, in such isolated spots as Shadowglen

-The Destruction of Altador
 Too late to save the legendary city of Altador, Fyora attacked the Darkest
Faerie. In the end, it took to powerful magic of her wand to stop the evil
one's advance.

-The Kings of Meridell
 Saddened by King's great loss and touched by his sacrifice, Fyora presented
him with the greatest gift she could offer-her wand. The king took it from her
respectfully. He understood how powerful a legacy had been placed in his hands.
It was put in the place of honor within the Great Treasure Vault.

-Meridell Castles: A History
 And lo, after the Great Sinking, followed by the Great Burning, after the
Great Splashing, there was a great wailing from the people of the forth castle,
as they realized the Great Treasure Vault had been buried for all time. And the
King of Meridell wept. They wept for a very, very long time. Artist rendering:
past castles.

| 5.5d Stories/Other |

-Ropegun Notes
 Found this in a crater in the north field. Fell from the sky? Sturdy enough!
Well designed! Great for picking fruit! DON'T grab the big stuff! Tends to just
drag you towards it. Very embarassing.

-The Lucky Little Acara
She showed her clover to the blind old skeith and he laughed. "What a wonderful
thing you've found, little one," he said. "This clover blesses its owner with
incredible luck." "In my youth," he continued. "when I followed the ways of
magic, I used a clover to chase down those pretty little motes. They're drawn
to it." "Of course," he winked. "The clover I had had 12 leaves," Again his
gentle laugh filled the room.

-Illusen the Earth Faerie
 Illusen the Earth Faerie looked over the transformed Werelupe King and sighed.
"Go home, little Doglefox," she whispered. "You'll be back to yourself soon."
Illusen had come to Meridell for a little peace and quiet. She didn't know
worse dangers were yet to come.

-Flora and Fauna of Shadowglen
 As a botanist, I found the variety of plants of Shadowglen fascinating. Some
provided unique medicines. Of course, it's a true pity that some of them bite
back. All I can to this is 'ouch'.

-The Joys of Faerieland
 The floating city of Faerieland has been home to the Faeries for as long as
any can remember. Those who have followed its path learned that Faerieland
travels with the sun, its citizens forever bathed in light.

-The Mines of Cogham
 "There's metal in those hills!" declared the young scorchio miner, starting a
rush to the Meridell mountains. It would take more than a bad climate and Ixi
nomads to keep folks away from that metal!

-The Citadel Wars
 And from the Dark Citadel came Lord Darigan. The Defenders of Meridell rose up
and they drove him from his evil ways. Though Darigan found peace and goodness,
his Lieutant Kass took up the cause of darkness! He was narrowly defeated.

-Brightvale Now
 Long have Brightvale and Meridell been connected, now more than ever with two
brothers on the thrones. Skarl has always been more commanding, though Hagan is
considered the wisest.

-Swamp Tales
 Long home to the desperate and slightly crazy, Bogshot Swamp is known as a
dark and dangerous place. The villagers, as a whole, are nice. They are a mix
of locals and outcasts and not prone to judge anyone.

-Market Town: Behind the Magic
 The trade winds were kind to that sleepy village so recently under control of
a foul, exiled knight. Soon, it grew into a thriving town, a trade hub that
brought fine items from across Neopia.

-Finding Buried Treasure
 Throughout history, many people, for many reasons, have buried their wealth
with the hope tha they could keep it safe. But now, through the power of this
book, those treasures could be yours! Yes, that's right! You could be wealthy
in no time at all it takes is a map (sold at your local merchant) and an eye
for detail. With map in hand, look for the right little spot and wealth could
literally spill into your hands!

| 5.5e Altadorian |

-The Darkest Faerie
 With the power to conjure nightmares, the dark one tried to seize the city but
was repulsed. She returned, having obtained greater powers, and destroyed the
city that she helped found-Altador.

-Fate of the Deceiver
 For a group of equals, it was the ultimate sin. The mistress of nightmares had
tried to seize control. For this, she was banished. The twelve became eleven
even as the dark one promised revenge.

-The Deciever
 At Kelland's suggestion, she was brought into the circle of twelve. Most of
the heroes were amazed at the extent of her power. Like Kelland, she took a
darker road, mastering the power of night and dreams. But nightmares consumed
her and she tried to take the city. She failed.

-Torakar, Fist of the First Nation
 The devastation's source was a single Grarrl, Torakar. Altador engaged him in
battle and in defeating him, gained a powerful ally. The two became close
friends and without Torakar's strength, the city may never have arisen.
Because of his invaulable aid, a mighty arena was built for him when the wars
were over.

-Gordos, in Service to the Coin
 Gordos was the last of the heroes to join the legends but he rapidly became
one of the most valued. While some heroes fought, Gordos procured what they
needed to reach their goals: artifacts, supplies, even information about their
enemies. In the end, it was Gordos' items more often than not that helped save
the day.

-Fauna of the Healing Waters
 One of the first 'threats' Altador faced was no monster at all. Someone was
driving the people out of the area where they were trying to settle. The
normally gentle Fauna was fiercely protecting the petpets of her area from
those who would do them harm. Once she understood Altador's true purpose, she
joined his cause immediately.

-Kelland the Quick
 Part of Altador's brilliance was to embrace all aspects of magic. One of his
closest allies was Kelland the Quick. Kelland believed in freedom and saw the
darkness as a way to avoid scrutiny. Master of the shadows, Kelland understood
that from not fearing, the unknown but embracing it.

-Jerdana of the Mystic Light
 Though recognized by Altador as a hero, Jerdana felt herself to be the weakest
among the legends. But rather then let herself be overwhelmed with doubt, she
rose to the challenge and learned to master the forces of magic. She became the
greatest sorceress to grace our land or any other.

-Psellia, Mistress of the Winds
 For so many years, from her place on high, Psellia considered herself above
all others. But Altador's bravery served to inspire her and gave her a cause to
believe in. Though fated to never walk on the ground, she blessed the city,
coazing its weather to help the city's inhabitants and defend it from evil.

-Siyana of the Subtle Light
 Called to the cause by her friend, Jerdana, Siyana brought her warming light
to the city. She cast her brilliance into the darkness, searching out any
hidden evil that could threaten the city. Though originally distrustful of dark
allies like Kelland, she later worked with them to destroy many evils.

-Marak of the Stormy Sea
 Normally, Marak was unmoved by the activites of land dwelling Neopians.
However, Psellia's plea did impress him. After testing Altador's strength,
Marak decided to join Altador's band of heroes. When the city's enemies arrived
off the coast, Marak was there, defeating them with the power of the punishing

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* [sec6]						       SECTION 6: FAQ *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have a question and looking for an answer? Before contacting me about any
troubles you may come across, reread the proper section in which you have the
question in to make sure you didn't skip any info. Then, come here to see if
your question has been answered.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* there's something about this game		        6.1 In-Game Questions *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These are the most commonly asked questions I get from emails.

Q) I can't find all the sword pieces for Torak!
A) If you had spoken to the castle's drawbridge guards, then you would learn
that the pieces had landed on the very rooftops. From the guards, make a right
into the scaffolding, the pieces of wood used to build/repair buildings. Climb
up the scaffolding in the back with a ladder, jump to the next one and on the
edge should be the first piece. Walk carefully across the piece of wood and up
the ladder to another piece of the sword. Cross the zipline to the last sword
piece. Head back to the Army Recruitment Centre and into the jail. Speak to the
prisoner, and either give him a 100 NP, or your sword (which you get back) for
the hilt of the sword. Then, head to the blacksmith to reforge the sword.

Q) How do I wear/equip the Cloak of Heroes?
A) After you have saved Cogham in the 3rd Act, you should get this as a reward
from the mayor. Open up your menu screen and look closely at your armour. There
should be a cloak behind it. Press the square button, and when you exit the
menu, you should be wearing it.

Q) I don't know how to defeat (insert boss).
A) Strategy is in the Bosses section, or in the walkthrough.

Q) Where are the black bogberries?
A) Kastraliss has them, the Plague Serpent. He is located in the top right
corner of the Swamp, on your map.

Q) How do I get out of the Endless Staircase?
A) Ah, my 2nd least favorite question. Head to the 2nd quiggle statue, and if
it's pointing up, go up, and if down, go down, to the next statue. Continue
this process until your reach the door.

Q) What do 4/12 leaf clovers do?
A) It is known that they make motes appear more often, and when cutting down
golden grass, make more money appear. There are also more possible lucky stuffs
out there they do.

Q) Can I continue playing the game after I have defeated the Darkest Faerie?
A) Nope! ):

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* don't make me reset				       6.2 Stuck/Bug/Glitches *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Q) I'm stuck in (insert place).
A) If you cannot move (try jumping, attacking, changing characters) then reset
your game. Save your game often!

Q) When I want to speak to a NPC, I press square button but nothing happens!
A) I have gotten this only once. There are two possibilites: there is a "clone"
or double of the NPC walking around somewhere, and only that one is able to
talk. Or, you just simply cannot use the button. Leave the area and it will be

Q) The monster "pops" up, and I attack it, but it doesn't attack back.
A) This is one of those "good" glitches, although when you go to another area
it might wear off.

Q) I'm fighting (insert boss) and he left the arena!
A) At least you saved your game beforehand, right? If not, you're going to
have to restart from wherever you last saved.

Q) I completed (insert quest) and it still shows up in the quest screen.
A) If you're absolutely, positively sure that you did complete it, then don't
worry about it. Just another glitch.