Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (For PS2)
                            Glitches & Oddities Guide
                                 Version 1.0
                           FAQ (c) Aurora Gandillion

Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. List of Known Glitches
      - Act I
      - Act II
      - Act III
      - Act IV
      - Overall Game
4. FAQ
5. Credits
6. Contact Me
7. Copyright


~*~ 1. Version History ~*~

1.0 on July 5th, 2006
Listed a bunch of glitches that I and other people have come across. Please 
let me know of any glitches you find in this game & I'll add them.


~*~ 2. Introduction ~*~

Wow, it's been a while since made that Boss FAQ... Well since school is 
finally out I have time to make stuff like this. XD

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie is, by far, the glitchiest game I've ever played. 
It's even been givin the nickname "Game of 1,000 Glitches." Some of these 
oddities can harm your game, make life easier, or give you a good laugh or 
two. Here I list glitches I have noticed throughout the game. It's always best 
to be informed, right?

FAQ may contain spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk.


~*~ 3. List of Known Glitches ~*~


   ~*~ Act I Glitches ~*~

We need a Spell Check!:
Act I contains tons of spelling and grammar errors, more than the other three 
acts. Most notable is the conversation with the Bartender, after speaking to 
Master Torak about being sponsered (first time).

The Deep South of Meridell Castle:
After being knighted, if you talk to people out in the castle courtyard, they 
think you have yet to save Cogham.

Where's the Weed?:
Chinchilliagrl reports that the Juppie Monster can dissapear during the first 
fight & leave you stuck in the arena. Hopefully you saved before the fight?

Eight Leaf Clover?:
The four leaf clover in the haunted crypts should technically be an eight leaf 
clover. There are four tiny leaves in the middle of it's stem. It still counts 
as a regular four leaf clover though. Too bad. :(

Haha, wuss:
Chinchilliagrl also reports that when you fight him, the Ixi Chieftain might 
jump through the wall and dissappear, leaving you stuck in the arena. So you 
DID save, right?
Not only is this guy a pushover, he's a coward (& a hypocrite, since he calls 
his minions cowards when you kill him).

Let's Fix the Brighvale Bridge in Act I!:
If you head to the Brightvale Bridge in Act I, you get a quest you are 
supposed to do in Act III early (Repair the Brightvale Bridge). This caused a 
lot of confusion for new players & is one of the more well known glitches in 
the game. Even though you get the quest, you can't do it until Act III.

Yay! Lost Them!:
I got this one once. When running from the Dark Faerie Sisters in the castle, 
they don't show up in the dining hall when they're supposed to, which makes 
escaping the castle somewhat easier (the door won't be blocked either).


   ~*~ Act II Glitches ~*~

Wait... This bottle is empty:
The images for the empty bottle & the faerie dust bottle are mixed up.

I can't think of a witty title for this glitch:
Roberta's "magic lesson" is really glitchy. It won't harm your game, but it's 
just really annoying.

I'm a powerful sorceress and I haven't even been casting spells for very long:
Not sure if this is actually a glitch or not, but you can get the 3rd best 
weapon in the game early! You need your crappy faerie wood wand & a lot of 
patience first though.
First you need to reveal Hidden Tower. Feed the Meowclops near the left hedge 
maze in Faerieland, and bring it to a spot in the left garden where it looks 
like a building should be there. The tower should appear.
Near the tower is a clover patch; search it for a twelve leaf clover.
Now go to where the faerie dust statue is. There is golden grass to the right 
of it. Cut it down, & fix yourself a snack or something. Stay there & wait for 
the grass to grow back. Keep doing this until you have 7,000 NP.
Hopefully you got plenty of clovers in Act I; the more clovers you have, the 
more money you'll find in the grass, & the less time it takes to earn 7,000 NP.
Go to the no-longer-Hidden Tower & buy the wand. :)

I'm a Faerie Princess!:
The above code works for the Faerie Dress as well, so Robby can have much 
better attack power AND defense than Tor and not be too far into the game. 
Take THAT, people who say that Roberta sucks!

The ones wearing red always get killed:
Roberta's outfit was changed after her magic lesson, but in cutscenes she's 
still shown with her Brightvale dress on. Since cutscenes show what outfits & 
weapons you're supposed to have at that point in the game, shouldn't the red 
dress be shown instead?

What was THAT noise?:
After Roberta sees the Darkest Faerie getting ready to torture that "poor 
Aisha", if you go near the entrance to that room, the Aisha calls for help & 
Roberta asks what that was... Didn't she just figure it out?


   ~*~ Act III Glitches ~*~

The Endless Abyss:
In the Werelupe Burrows, try jumping into where Roberta was trapped before. 
You'll land in an endless abyss. :D

Another coward? Wow I'm awesome:
Another well known glitch. While fighting the Werelupe King, he might jump out 
of the arena, leaving you stuck. Remember kids: save before boss fights.

Where's Gershwin?:
Here's another well known one (although it has yet to happen to me). On 
Giovanni the Explorer's quest, after finding the lodestone you're supposed to 
locate his assistant Gershwin. Apparently he never shows up where he's 
supposed to, leaving this quest stuck on your screen for the rest of the game.

Nice Charm:
After saving Illusen and giving back her charm... You never actually give it 
back since it doesn't get cleared off your item screen. :P

Still Polluted?:
Meridell Pains was supposed to be cleared of the Darkest Faerie's spell when 
you release Illusen's Glade. But it wasn't.
How do I know this? There's a few clues scattered throughout Meridell Plains. 
Pay attention when you aren't busy fighting. ;)

Oh dear, not again...:
Another boss dissapearance, this time the Undead Draik in the Meridell 
Treasure Vault. He might dissapear behind the wall if you push him into it... 


   ~*~ Act IV Glitches ~*~

A game ending glitch:
I got this once. At the beginning of Act IV, DO NOT SAVE INSIDE THE HALL OF 
HEROES. If you save and turn the game off here, you will never be able to 
leave the Hall of Heroes. Save outside of it. (You can, however, save there 

I awakened all the heroes... Wait a second, there's more???:
The Gladiator Legend's quest tends to glitch up. Even though the quest is 
still on the screen, if you get the cutscene telling you that he's awakened, 
he is. Don't listen to the quest screen. It's evil.

Once again, can't think of a witty title:
This sorta relates to the above glitch I guess... All the pets in the Arena 
District look like they're still corrupted by the Darkest Faerie's magic, when 
they obviously are not.


   ~*~ Overall Game Glitches ~*~

I don't have to eat that nasty Bagguss:
Really, there is little use for curative items in the second half of the game. 
By switching characters, the character infected with a status ailment is 
automatically cured. The only time curative items come in handy at this point 
is if one character is dead. XD
Not sure if it actually is a glitch or not, but it probably is.

Where did all the sound go...?:
Well known glitch time! Sometimes the BG music will not play when it's 
supposed to, or sound effects will be gone, etc. Fix it by saving your game, 
press select & go to "Load Game" & reload your file to restart. 
But sometimes the problem will fix itself...

Roberta is a guy...?:
Roberta's voice sound effects are Tor's instead at times. And being the huge 
Roberta fan that I am, this glitch gets on my nerves A LOT. >_<


~*~ 4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ~*~

Q: Where are the black bogberries?
A: Kastraliss has them.

Q: Ok then... where is he?
A: Top right hand corner of the map.

Q: How do I escape the endless staircase?
A: Look at the statues on the wall. They point the way...

Q: They point the way? Wow... that was vague...
A: Awww come on now. This is one of the easiest puzzles in the game. THE GAME 
EVEN GIVES YOU THE SOLUTION! IT'S IN A BOOK! Really think about this one; that 
vague statement is all you need to figure it out. (At the second statue)

Q: How do I hide from the Darkest Faerie minions in Meridell?
A: Put on the Cloak of Heroes, then look for the Kacheek near the thieves' 
district (with run down buildings)

Q: How do I get to the Black Knight?
A: Assuming you got over the main gate, scour the wall to your left.

Q: Hey on Neopets can you give me a __________?
A: No

Q: Why won't you give me a __________?
A: Because you're fully capable of getting it yourself. Play games. ;P

Q: Where & when did Chester Chomby die?
A: Last night in my garbage disposal. :)

Q: What's with the gelert obsession?
A: Silence. I like gelerts. ._.;


~*~ 5. Credits ~*~

Me, Aurora, for writing this guide.

My dad, for getting this great game for me.

Chinchilliagrl for notifying me about two glitches.

Neopets, for keeping me entertained for about four years.

Neopets Team & Idol Minds, for making this game.


~*~ 6. Contact Info ~*~

Don't make me regret this guys...

1. I WILL NOT give you game answers. If you ask me how to beat the sewer 
shrine, where the bogberries are located, etc, I will either give you vague 
information or delete the message blindly.
2. I WILL try to answer any mail concerning errors in information or 
discovered glitches, or just friendly thank you letters (don't be afraid to 
tell me if I helped you or not, it gives me a sense of purpose).
3. I MIGHT give game advice (EX: Best mote combo to use in certain situations)

1. I WILL NOT give you game help through Neomail. That's what my email address 
is for. No exceptions.
2. I WILL NOT give you items or neopoints, as stated above. Get it yourself. 
(you slacker)
3. I WILL NOT join your guild.
4. I WILL NOT be your neofriend UNLESS I've talked to you for a good while & 
you seem to have a decent amount of intelligence. (I know I'm mean)
5. I WILL have a friendly chat. I like to talk. ^_^

Neopets Username: purple_kitsune


~*~ 7. Copyright Info ~*~

This FAQ is (c) Aurora Gandillion. This FAQ may only be used on: 

Do not redistribute information from this FAQ. Do not request permission to 
redistribute information from this FAQ either.