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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi.  Broly FAQ

by L.M. (WingedRegent)


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FAQ #2 for me.  I wrote in my previous one that I was going to do a Broly FAQ,
so I decided to start it now.  There are spoilers from the movies in this FAQ.
There are also slight spoilers to the game. You have been warned.

2. Table of Contents

2. Table of Contents (You Are Here)
3. Version History 
4. Why a Broly FAQ?  [WABF]
5. Broly [LSSJB]
    5.1  Character Ilustration and Stats [BCIS]
    5.2  Move Set [BMS]
6. Z Battle Gate [ZBG]
    6.1 Z Battle Gate as Broly [ZBGB]
    6.2 Z Battle Gate against Broly [ZBGAB]
7. Author's Notes [ARN]
8. Q and A [QNA]
9. Thanks [THK]
10. Contact Info [CTI]

3. Version History

Version 1.00- FAQ started and finished on the same day.  All sections
and sub-sections completed.  Updates will be made when errors and new info
are found. Ready to submit to GameFAQs.
Date of Version 1.00- 10/1/06

Version 1.05- FAQ posted on GameFAQs.  Minor update.  Broly section updated.
Date of Version 1.05- 10/4/06

Version 1.06- Minor update.  Added Broly's Health and Ki numbers.
Date of Version 1.06- 10/17/06

Version 1.06:Revision 1- Happy Halloween to all readers of this FAQ.  No update
this time.  However, I did look over this FAQ to make sure I wasn't missing 
Date of Version 1.06:Revision 1- 10/31/06

Version 1.06:Revision 2- Happy Thanksgiving to all readers of this FAQ and 
everyone at GameFAQ's.  Just like Halloween, no update, but I looked over the
FAQ again.
Date of Version 1.06:Revision 2- 11/23/06

4. Why a Broly FAQ? [WABF]

The reason for this FAQ is that Broly is among my favorite characters to use.
Since there was no FAQ for this character, I decided to make this one.

5. Broly [LSSJB]

Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan and appears in three movies:  Broly, The 
Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly: Second Coming, and Bio Broly as a clone.  In his
first appearance, he is seen as a weak boy at his base form.  His father, 
Paragus planned on using his son to kill Vegeta.  To lure Vegeta out, he went 
to earth to crown Vegeta king of a new saiyan planet, New Vegeta.  Vegeta went
there, along with Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo, Goku, and the others.  When they went
there, they first met Broly. At first, he was not much of a threat, but when 
Goku arrived and stood on the planet, his powers were starting to be unleashed.
Paragus was aware of this from Broly's birth, since Goku's non-stop crying
caused Broly to go mentally insane.  This combined with the fact that he was 
born of a power level 10,000 and born a Super Saiyan made him a very 
destructive force.  Because of this, he would kill people for no reason. 
Paragus became fearful of his own well being and tried to attach power limiters
to him.  However, Broly punched out one of his eyes in the process.  Only when
he was made aware of Goku's presence would he start to power up.  

When Goku was inside of the ship that Paragus pilots, his voice echoed to the 
extent that made Broly finally use his full power and transform into the 
Legendary Super Saiyan.  Broly fought Goku, Trunks, Piccolo, and Gohan all at 
once when each used their full power against him.  Vegeta was scared of Broly 
because of the legends he heard as a kid.  At this point, Paragus' true plan 
was revealed: a comet was going to collide with the planet with Broly and 
Vegeta still on it. However, when Paragus tried to escape, Broly crushed the 
ship he was in.  After Piccolo talked to Vegeta, he finally stepped in to fight
Broly. Broly easily knocked him aside as well.  Goku, now severly drained, 
decided to ask everyone for what remaining energy they had.  Everyone but 
Vegeta gave their energy.  Vegeta eventually did give his energy, and Goku 
finished offBroly with a punch through the chest.

In the second movie, he is seen finding a spacepod and flying it to earth.  
When he crash lands, he lies on the ground, weakened and on the verge of death.
Water then freezes and preserves his body for seven years.  He breaks from the 
ice encasement when he hears Goten crying.  Mistaking it for Goku, his power
awakens again and breaks from the ice.  However, he is not a Legendary Super
Saiyan.  He is in a normal Super Saiyan state when he breaks free.  When Videl
is looking for one of the Dragon Balls, she encounters him and holds off until
Goten and Trunks arrive. They fight Broly for awhile, until Gohan comes.  He 
tells them that he fought him in the past and decides to fight him again.  He 
fight evenly matched with him, until he transforms to Super Saiyan 2.  At this,
Broly powers up to his Legendary Super Saiyan state.  He then decimated Gohan.
Gohan then tries to lure Broly to a volcanic crater.  Gohan and Krillen, 
dressed as Piccolo, succeed and knock into the lava.  Broly put up a field of 
energy in time to make sure the lava did not touch him.  He then knocks Krillen
into a wall with a small Ki blast and continued his fight with Gohan.  Gohan 
was getting beaten horribly and Broly was about to destroy him and the earth.
However, Goten gathered the Dragon Balls earlier and Shenron was summoned.
Goten cam back into the fight, and both of the brothers launched a Kamehameha
Wave at Broly.  They did nothing to Broly and he only powered up more.  Goten
then made a wish in his head saying that he wished Goku was there.  Shenron
granted that wish and Goku appeared right next to them.  He joined in with a 
Kamehameha Wave as well.  Their combined power sent Broly to the sun, where
his heart exploded and he disintergrated.  

Broly is a good character when used properly.  His speed is horrendous in the
game, but he was faster than Goku in the movies.  The only reason I could see 
for him being so slow is to balance out gameplay with him, since he is one of
the strongest characters in the game. To unlock him, you need to fuse the 
earrings Super Saiyan + Broly.

5.1 Character Illustration and Stats [BCIS]

This is Broly's Character Illustration:

"The Legendary Super Saiyan, who appears in movies including "The
Legendary Super Saiyan" and "Broly: Second Coming".
Broly was born on Planet Vegeta the same day as Goku. The two even shared
neighboring incubators. Having been subjected to Goku's relentless crying
in the incubator would later serve as the pretext for the battle between
As a result of Broly having a battle power of over 10,000 from the time
he was little, his power was feared by Vegeta's father, King Vegeta, who
ordered him killed along with his father, Paragas. After both of them are
left for dead, Paragas determines to get revenge against the Vegeta
Decades later, under the guise of doing away with the Legendary Super
Saiyan, Paragas invites Vegeta to a "new" Planet Vegeta, called New
Vegeta. In doing so he attempts to exact his revenge against the Prince
of all Saiyans because this planet is on a collision course with a comet.
Ordinarily, Broly's power was guided by a mind control device placed on
his head by Paragas. However, when Goku came to New Vegeta via his
Instant Transmission, Broly's instincts were awakened, and he became so
unruly that not even Paragas could control him.
Upon becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan, his monstrous battle power was
triggered, and he defeated Goku and Vegeta together. He also demonstrated
his brutality by killing Paragas after he tried to escaping and abandon
Finally, with power received from his friends, Goku defeated him with a
single blow, and it appeared he was destroyed, along with the explosion
of New Vegeta.
However, just before New Vegeta's explosion, he managed to escape in a
spaceship and crash-landed on Earth near a small village in the
mountains. He stayed there for seven years, critically injured and
preserved in the ice.
Later, in "Broly: Second Coming", when Goten, Trunks and Videl came to
this same village in search of a Dragon Ball, the sound of Goten's cries
revived Broly. He started a fight that drew in Goten and the others,
eventually including Gohan who came to the rescue.
This time Broly pressed his opponents to the brink of defeat, but with
the assistance of Goku, who was brought back to life for just an instant
through the power of the Dragon Balls, the father-son trio was finally
able to defeat Broly.
Later, in "Bio-Broly," he is reanimated using biotechnology but breaks
out of his culture capsule halfway through his regeneration, leaving his
whole body in a weird, melting gelatinous state. This "Bio-Broly" was a
monster without a trace of rationality left within him.
Including this "Bio-Broly" version, he has appeared in three different
movies, making him the greatest, most powerful adversary with the most

These are his stats in the game:

Health: 4 (63,000)
Ki: 1 (20,000)
Attack: 5
Defense: 1
Speed: 1
FT: 5
FM: 5
SFM: 1

Why is he so slow? I can understand for game balance, but he was never slow in
the movies.  He was faster than Goku.  Anyway, these stats are not the greatest
stats in the game.  Defense and SFM could definitely be better.  Broly's 
natural resistance to physical attack and his power almost make up for the low

5.2 Move Set [BMS]

These are the moves that require you to hold L2 to execute.  

L2+Circle -- Explosive Wave (uses 1 ball)
Rating: 3/5  Damage:  2,700

A good move for wanting to keep distance between you and the opponent.  Also, 
it can prevent all Ki blasts from hitting you.  However, this move leaves you 
vulnerable to a finishing move from an opponent, and it doesn't deal good 

L2+Up+Circle -- Hi-Tension (uses 1 ball)
Rating: 1/5  Damage: 0

I never liked these power-up moves unless they give you MAX Power when you used
it.  I do not recommend using this move unless you are in a moment of 

L2+Triangle -- Eraser Cannon (uses 73000 ki)
Rating: 3/5  Damage: 17,000

This is his equivalent to Vegeta's Big Bang Attack.  A huge Ki blast fired at
the opponent.  The problem would be that it can be negated by a beam type
attack.  Also, the ki cost is not that great, either.

L2+Up+Triangle -- High Power Rush (uses 44000 ki)
Rating: 3/5  Damage: 12,100

Another move type that I rarely use.  Rush moves leave you vulnerable when you
start them, so your opponent can use any type of finishing move to prevent your
rush from connecting.  I only use them when the opponent has little Ki left and
cannot dodge it.

L2+Down+Triangle -- Throwing Blaster (uses 91000 ki)
Rating: 3/5  Damage: 27,000

This move can only be done when he is in MAX Power state.

This is a larger version of his Eraser Cannon.  It does significantly more
damage but is a bit slower to connect. It is also harder to dodge because of 
the size, but the speed hinders the move from connecting. 

6. Z Battle Gate [ZBG]

This is the story mode of the game.  In this section, I will explain the 
two fights that involve Broly:

6.1 Z Battle Gate as Broly [ZBGB]

The Plan to Conquer Earth: To unlock this Z Battle Gate, you have to clear 
The Revenge of the Saiyans story.  To unlock that one, you need to clear 
The Cosmic Emperor story.  To unlock that one, you need to clear A Lonesome,
Final Battle story.  Finally, to unlock that one, you need to beat the Saiyan 

Broly vs. SSJ2 Vegeta- This fight is easy.  The only thing to worry about is 
your attack speed.  You may need to adjust your strategy to suit his speed.

End of The Plan to Conquer Earth.

6.2 Z Battle Gate against Broly [ZBGAB]

The Legendary Super Saiyan: To unlock this Z Battle Gate, you have to clear
the Freeza Saga.

SSJ Goku vs. Broly- This fight is a bit hard.  Broly, due to him being a large
character, is resistent to physical attacks.  Your main focus of attack should
be Finishing Moves in this battle.

End of The Legendary Super Saiyan

7. Author's Notes [ARN]

What do you think of this FAQ? I used Yamcha to test out the damage.  Also, I
tested against Goku and Baby-Vegeta to see if the damage decreased in specific
increaments.  It did not.  The damage did decrease, but not by a specific 
amount or percentage.  Also, if anything I typed contradicts the Character 
Illustration, go by the Character Illustration.  Until next time.

8. Q and A [QNA]

The first five questions are questions I made up, but I will update this 
section with real question when the FAQ is posted, and the questions start 
coming in.

Q1: Why do you have a bio for the character if you copied the in-game
Character Illustration?

A1:  The reason for that was to introduce the character a bit.  The Character
Illustration has much more info than I could give.  I give my POV, while the
Character Illustration gives what actually happened.  Also, some of the 
bios I typed may include info that the Character Illustration does not have.

Q2:  Why did you not include Ultimate Battle/Potara Earring suggestions in the

A2: Recently, it has come to my attention that any earrings you use will not 
work in UB mode.  This may be a flaw that Spike looked over when making this
game, and I am hoping it is fixed for the next game.  Thanks goes to 
ssj4warrior for telling me this on the message boards.  As for Potara 
suggestions, they can only be used in Dueling, World Tournament, and Practice, 
so I let the reader decide what to equip on their character.

Q3:  Can I put your FAQ on my website?

A3: No.  I will only put this FAQ on GameFAQs and no where else.  I prefer it
this way, because that means there is only one site to keep track of that has
this FAQ posted.

Q4:  Will you do other FAQ's for this game?

A4:  I may.  If I do, it might be on Vegito or Gogeta.

Q5: Why did you not include the controls of the game in the FAQ?

A5: There are two reasons for this. The first one is that the controls or in
the game manual.  I understand it if someone lost the manual, but that leads me
to reason two:  the game has a tutorial mode, so you can relearn the controls

9. Thanks [THK]

Thanks go to:

Akira Toriyama- For creating the Dragon Ball and DBZ mangas for people to enjoy
as one of the greatest anime and manga ever created.

Toei Animation- For creating the TV anime series for people to watch.

Pioneer (now Geneon) Entertainment- For bringing DBZ to the states when anime
was non-existent in the U.S.

Funimation Productions- For finishing the dub of DBZ.  Also, for dubbing DB and

Spike- For making this game.

Atari- For producing the game.

OkraTron 5000- For providing the English voices and script translation.

GameFAQs- For being the best gaming website in the world. Also, for posting my
FAQ in their website.

GameFAQs Message Boards- For being a good source of info and help.

Wikipedia- For being a good research website.

ssj4warrior - For providing the info about the earrings not working
 in Ultimate Battle mode.

10. Contact Info [CTI]

If you want to contact me about something in the FAQ, send me a message at On, I use the same name there that I use here: 
WingedRegent. Make sure the subject has something to do with this FAQ, or 
it may be deleted.  You may contact me also on the message boards on GameFAQs.
I am a frequent visitor of the message boards and will help if you ask a
question pertaining to this FAQ.  I will accept messages about corrections,
mistakes, contributions,or inaccuracies in the FAQ. I will also accept feedback
about the FAQ.  Again, I may only accept contributions on those two sources.   

Copyright 2006 WingedRegent.