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Defeating the Nerd Boss?

How do I defeat the Nerd Boss with the Spud Cannon?

razazaidel asked for clarification:

I have problems to solve this ......


jejeoflipa answered:

You don't need a spud cannon to defeat the nerd boss
You only need your slingshot
You must shoot the transistors and eventually
The boss will fall down
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allofthebeamz answered:

actually jejeoflipa, it's not a transistor, it is a transformer. Anyway, you just need to shoot the red light on the transformer, and then the spud cannon that Earnest is using will stop working.
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simsgamesrule answered:

I suggest you use your super slingshot to destroy the transformer that is red and flashing but do this just after he finishes firing at u. After you do this you get to play him in the Observatory
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cjwwefan answered:

I hid behind 1 of the pillars and carefully leaned out so he wouldnt hit me then used my slingshot to take out the transformers.
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PlaCary answered:

I will tell you how to complete the mission : "Stronghold Assault" completely. To start the mission, go inside the library and go to the yellow circle to start the mission. Firstly after exiting the library, you will find Algie talking to Cornelius. Talk to Algie and since he rejects, beat the hell out of him until he does. Go to the back of the library which is at the right and beat up Thad until he gives you the code. Open the door and jump over the first barricade. Earnest will warn you that you have entered his domain. Get to that place while ignoring all the Nerds but if you have low health, beat up one of them and drink the soda. After jumping the final barricade, Earnest will tell to stop you from destroying the Transformer which is the red light. Defeat Cornelius and Fatty at the front and walk to Earnest. Hide behind a pillar as he shoots spuds at you. Aim your Super Slingshot at the Transformer and let go. Destroying this makes him run into the door which is your next objective. Knockout Thad and Algie at the front of the gate and open the door. Get to the spud cannon and shoot the doors. Coming to the yellow part makes 2 Nerds shoot you from the top and 2 Nerds shooting you on the first floor. Get out of the spud cannon and aim the slingshot or bottle rocket (if you have) at all the Nerds and go back to the cannon. Now shoot the door until it has red HP left and 2 Nerds armed with bottle rockets are going to shoot you on the second floor. Once again, get out and shoot them. Go back in and shoot the door until it burst open. You will then run in. Sadly, (-100 Nerd Respect)(+5 Jock Respect) Earnest will be on a platform. He will first shoot spuds at you using a cannon. Run behind a pillar and start shooting with the slingshot at the two platform holders at each side. After this, he will run to his left and start throwing firecrackers instead. Now after he throws, run to the most front and wait until it explodes and start shooting the holders again. Repeat this until it falls. The final platform he will be crouching and shooting 1 spud shot from his spud gun. You can hide behind the pillar again and shoot the holders until it eventually falls. Congratulations! You just defeat Earnest. (50+ Nerd Respect)
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