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Can i make sex with girls ?

How i can make sex with girls in this game or make some thing sexy ? not kissing because i know it !

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myboot answered:

YOU ARE SICK MAN why do want to do that crap? go buy some other game... thats just messed up man
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cornerback3 answered:

You can't, only kissing.
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karan_coolboy07 answered:

you cannot do illegal on the bully on kissing is in the bully
and u should raising ur kissing level.. and the kiss is more excited
Just For Fun
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saitaria answered:

No you cannot do that, only kissing.
I've tried
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bowserfan42 answered:

What kind of question is t his. What the ************.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

The closest you get to that is by tackling them down so it looks like it or slapping them in the ***.

Trust me, I had one whole boring day to find this out a while ago.

Hope this helps.
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yogabagaba answered:

You can't have sex!!! BUT! do you remember the mission "Save Algie". There is one part where you have to send algie to the toilet. And when you reached there there is this F***ING UGLY S**TFACE GIRL THAT IS FAT having sex with a small tiny little kid in the toilet. That means, the people in the game can have sex. not you.
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NikGambitsis answered:

They are right, you cannot have sex.
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rachelchunter answered:

No. You can only kiss girls and certain guys (and at one point in the game, you can kiss an old woman from the Bullworth Vale nursing home) and you can also give guys wedgies and pinch girl's butts. Lol.
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Zetachment answered:

The Man who ask is sick indeed but those who ANSWER it is More Sick than than the asker
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zacR110 answered:

You can't have sex but you can kiss, you can get better kisses for more health everytime you beat art class.
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desdore345 answered:

This is a t game
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