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        |       ,             |,'    |/     |   | \   ||        '-,
        |        ,-, l  ) |  |       |\     |   |  \  ||     ___   '-, 
       |       '|--' | / |   |      |  ',   |   |   \ | |     ,'|     :
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1. Copyright
2. Version History
3. Introduction
4. Controls
5. Gameplay/Plot
6. Characters
7. Levels Walkthrough
8. Items
9. Weapons
10. Unlockables
    A. Characters
    B. Character Profiles
    C. Movies
    D. Music
    E. Other
11. Hints and Tips
12. Credits
13. Contact/Random Stuff

1. Copyright

This FAQ is Copyright 2006 by CardigansFan

This FAQ may only be posted anywhere else if none of the FAQ is altered and all
credit is given to the creator of the FAQ and GameFAQs for posting the FAQ.
This FAQ may not be used for profit or for posting without giving credit to the
creator of the FAQ.

2. Version History

Most chances are that this FAQ won't be changed unless I find something new
in the game or somebody e-mails me to change something because it is wrong
or add something I don't have.

1.0 - First, full version of the FAQ

1.1 - Minor adjustments, some additions, etc. Nothing too big here.

3. Introduction

My third FAQ, this is the first time I've gone to writing a FAQ for a large
game. Again, I'm writing it for the FAQ Bounty, but also because this game
is pretty good. I'm here to help you with levels, characters, items, weapons,
and other stuff. Hope you enjoy!

And the reason why I don't have stuff like movelists, weapons lists, abilities
lists, etc. is because they're all useless in this game! There are no "secret"
or "combo" moves, there are no "secret" weapons, there are no "secret"
abilities. Basically, all of the stuff I just listed you can very easily do
by yourself, with the same effort you would put into the game as just beating
it. And besides, what do you need the names of weapons for or descriptions
of abilities anyway? It's all in the game, and it's pretty self-explanatory.

4. Controls

D-Pad = Move around, scroll things on menu

Left analog stick = Move around, scroll things on menu

Right analog stick = Move camera around

L3 = Nothing

R3 = Lock/restore camera

Select = Nothing

Start = Select things on menu, pause game, skip cutscenes

X = Jump, select things on menu, mount on horse

O = Fury Drive, go very fast on horse

/_\ = Special Attack, go back one menu, go fast on horse
|_| = Regular Attack
R1 = When held with O or |_|, do special move (when unlocked and equipped)

R2 = Lock/restore camera

L1 = Block, sidestep when move analog/d-pad left or right

L2 = Lock/restore camera

5. Gameplay/Plot

There's no real story to this game, just basically a "Conquer the World"-type
game. Although this game is very similar to Dynasty Warriors and Samurai
Warriors, only the gameplay is similar. This game has no historical plot, and
even if this game looks Sengoku Basara, it isn't because Sengoku Basara is
historical, and has more characters, while this game doesn't. Basically, to sum
this game up mathematically, here's how it is:

1/4(Devil May Cry) + 1/2(Samurai/Dynasty Warriors)

6. Characters

There are only 12 playable characters, and only 6 of them are playable by
default. Each character levels differently, each character gains abilities
differently, and some characters have different amounts of abilities
(it can be 3, 4, 5, or 6). The max level for all characters is 20.

Devil King - He is the main character. Just think of him as Dante from Devil
             May Cry. He wields a sword and a shotgun, and has a powerful cape.
             Elemental attribute is Darkness.

Scorpio - Warrior in Red Minotaur's Army. Wields dual spears. Elemental
          attribute is Fire.

Azure Dragon - Fights for himself. Wields 6 samurai swords, however, the only
               times that more that one is used is during Fury Drive and
               his "R1" special attacks. Elemental attribute is Lightning.

Lady Butterfly - Devil King's wife. Wields dual pistols. Elemental attribute
                 is Fire.

Red Minotaur - Fierce general rivaling Devil King. Wields giant battle axe.
               Elemental Attribute is Fire.

Venus - Stealth ninja. Wields dual shuriken throwing stars. Elemental
        attribute is Darkness.

Frost - Intelligent warrior. Wields duel sword. Elemental attribute is Ice.

Talon - Ninja under command of Red Minotaur. Wields dual Shuriken stars.
        Elemental Attribute is Darkness.

Hornet - Soldier under command of Devil King. Wields longbow. Elemental
         Attribute is Lightning.

Puff - The hillbilly of the game (just listen to her accent/vocabulary).
       Wields a giant hammer. Elemental Attribute is Ice.

Q-Ball - A missionary that wants submission to his faith or death. Wields
         dual cannons. Elemental Attribute is Fire.

Iron OX - The human tank; just about nothing gets past this guy. He also
          can't talk. Wields a giant spear. Elemental Attribute is Lightning.

7. Levels Walkthrough

Here I will go through each of the levels in the Free Battle Mode. The reason
is because each Conquest mode is different, and I would have beat Conquest mode
hundreds of times to tell you all the possibilities. But nobody in their right
mind would do that (or have the time to), since each play-through is a good
20-30 minutes. Each level is the same for each character, only the dialogue can
be different. The name in parentheses is the main enemy of the battle.

Another note about this walkthrough is that you should kill as many enemies
as you can along the way, and that you should kill all Lieutenants, Captains,
and Commanders when you can, as they leave items and health, and also

-Border Patrol:

This is the level you play when you are being attacked by an enemy. The setup
is always the same; a castle with two doors, a guard captain in each of the
four corners of the map, and Assault teams coming from each entrance. Don't
even bother killing the Guard Captains, because the Assault teams will still
come. But don't be too pressured; even on hard mode, it takes a long time
for the gates to come crashing down. The goal is to guard your castle until
reinforcements arrive (about 5 minutes). Just keep killing the Assault
Leaders, and then anybody attacking the doors.

-Artica Rebellion (Puff):

This level has a lot of enemies, but don't be discouraged. When you start off,
just head straight for the first Commander. After you kill him, keep on going
until a bunch of enemies arrive. There will be 5 Rebel Captains in the group,
focus your energy on them, because if you kill them, most of the regular
soldiers will become defenseless. After you kill them, pick your route (I
always kill both Commanders) and proceed through the gate. When you get to
the bridge, there will be a Commander guarding it, so kill him. About
halfway into the bridge, you will be ambushed by soldiers and 5 more Rebel
Captains. After you kill them, proceed to kill the next Commander, guarded by
shielded troops. Then proceed to kill the next Commander, next to Puff, and
then kill her. She will retreat even further back. When you go into the next
area, you will be ambushed by a group of 4 Rebel Captains. After you kill
them, kill the Commander. Then proceed to kill the next Commander. When you
go into the last area, you will be ambushed by 5 Rebel Captains. Kill them
then the Commander, and finally, Puff.

-Assault on Bloomdale (Frost):

There's nothing special about this level. Just kill all of the Commanders,
because most of the time there will be allied reinforcements. The Guard
Captains to the sides are optional. You will kill Venus twice in this level;
once at the first gate, and then a second time in the square area at the top.
After the second time, proceed to kill the Commander, along with the Guard
Captains, and finally, Frost.

-Chase at the Tablelands (Azure Dragon):

Nothing special. You start off by killing Azure Dragon, and the horse chase
is optional, because either way, you'll have to kill him twice. By NOT
using the horse, you can kill the Commanders along the way. By using
the horse, you can chase him down and kill him before he gets to the
castle, and you get a 5000 EXP bonus at the end. And at every
fork in the road (with a circular object/hill/etc. in the middle), go
around the whole fork both ways, because at most forks, there is one path
with a Commander, and another with a item in a box. At the end, you are
ambushed by 3 Guard Captains and many enemies, so kill them, along
with Azure Dragon. If you kill all Commanders and get the one item in the
box, you should have 12 items at the end.

-Siege of Dark Spire (Orwick):

Nothing special until the the first gate. In order to get past it, you have
to get a Bomb soldier to blow it up. First, rid the area of completely all
enemies, because the Bomb soldier takes damage easily. When he blows
up the gate, you can go down and all the way around the castle (with those
enemies with giant pillars and hammers along the way) to reach health,
fury, and 2 items. Then go back and kill Orwick and any other Commanders
you want to kill.

-Ruse at Riverglen (Red Minotaur):

Nothing special unless you kill Scorpio. If you do, then there will be 3
messengers sent out towards Red Minotaur. If you kill all 3, nothing happens.
If you spare even one, then they will tell Red Minotaur, and he will head
to fight against your troops, who are already in trouble. When you go to fight
him, you will most likely have to fight Talon too.

-Deadwood Counteroffensive (Red Minotaur):

Only thing special is the Cavalry in the beginning. Begin your advancement
towards Scorpio (guarding middle passage), and kill any units labeled
"Cavalry". When they spawn, you will see an anouncement, at which point,
you have to kill at least one of the Cavalry units to prevent any damage
done to your allies. They will only stop with Scorpio's death. After you kill
Scorpio, you can continue down that path and kill Talon before Red Minotaur,
or go down the other paths and fight some Commanders.

-Storm on the Great Plains (Irdene):

Probably one of the toughest battles. After you kill the first Commander,
Iron OX appears. On hard mode, don't even try beating him, seriously, even
if your character is maxed out or whatever; it's a long and hard battle. Just
"prime" him to make him slower for a while, and run away. Eventually, you'll
get through all the gates to get to Irdene, who from time to time jumps on
Iron OX. You either have to attack Iron OX enough or just use Fury Drive.

-Divide and Conquer Faylinn (Lark):

Not so tough until the end. The goal is to not let Bramble and Lark unite,
but Bramble always arrives at the spot earlier than Lark, so focus
your energy on Lark. If you do let them unite, then they team up against you
and have the ability to heal each other, so you have to focus on one or
the other. Until either Lark or Bramble are dead before they unite, or after
they unite, don't bother attacking anything but Commanders that are
guarding gates.

-Ambush at Shadow Gorge (Muri):

There is a HELLUVA lot of enemies in this level, along with Commanders,
Lieutenants, and Captains. Mari is going to be a pansy throughout the whole
level, but the enemy soldiers will almost always have morale. This level
is perfect for experience and items.

-Fall of the High Temple (Devil King):

A lot of enemies here. Make killing the Guard Captains your top priority. After
a while, Devil King will set the last half of the area on the map on fire,
causing very minor damage to you. You have to beat Hornet and Lady Butterfly
in order to get to the Devil King. Great level for experience and items.

-Crossing the River Styx (Reaper):

When you start this level, head straight for the bridge and kill the Commander.
After that, proceed as fast as you can to Reaper. If your character is fast,
then just go up to intercept Reaper, but if they are slow, destroy the gate
nearest the bridge, go down the route, and go up from the "X". Don't let
Reaper reach the "X" because then you'll have a lot of enemy reinforcements
on your hand.

-Flooding Gulthas Nam (Kahz):

Your first objective is to kill 6 Commanders. There are more than 6, however,
but killing the extra ones is optional. This stage can be confusing because
you have to walk around stuff a lot. After you kill the 6 Commanders, Kahz
will appear near the middle-top of the stage, where you will kill him.

-Landing at Nanvia (Arslan):

Nothing special, just a lot of Captains and Commanders here. During the battle,
you will be bombarded by cannons if you don't move quickly. When you fight
your way to the end, kill the Gun Captain (yellow dot) for a EXP bonus at the
end and for allied reinforcements. Once you enter the last area, you can't
come out. You will first face a robot in the beginning. Just stay clear of his
attacks, and you'll kill him easily. Then you will finally face Arslan.

-Pilgrimage to Cathedral City (Q-Ball):

A lot of wierd contraptions in this level. In the second area/square, you are
trapped, and the only way out is killing 4 Lieutenants. After that, in the
3rd to last area, you will be trapped again, with 2 Lieutenants and the
same robot as in Arslan's level. Then go in the small room down to find
3 items, health, fury, and some experience. Then go to the last room, kill
the 2 commanders, and kill Q-Ball. Don't bother with the Mecha-Q's because
they come back as soon as you kill them.

-Leveling Kush (Zaan):

Here, your objective is to kill 16 Ambush Leaders. However, sometimes
you don't have to kill as much. First, clear out the leaders in your area, then
go east and kill those, then go north to the altar, then even further north,
then northwest, and then Zaan should appear in the middle of the stage for
you to kill him.

-Battle at Riverglen (Frost):

Just like any other battle. Go all the way down to defeat Frost. He will run
away and you will have to fight Venus. After you kill her, go back north
to help your troops and kill Frost.

"Bridge Chests"

Near the middle-right of the map, there is a tall bridge with
treasure chests on it. However, not all characters can get it:

Scorpio, Frost, and Q-Ball can't get the chests

Venus and Talon have to double-jump on the right side of it

Devil King has to use Triangle to jump

Azure Dragon can use Death Sweep on the left side

Lady Butterfly can use Flying Fish

Red Minoutaur can use Fury OR Triangle jump on the left side

Hornet can use Cloudburst on the left side

Puff can use Ring the Bell

Iron OX can use Fury OR Triangle jump

-Twisted High Temple (Reaper):

This is just like Devil King's level (the map and strategy); focus on the
Guard Captains until you reach Reaper, then focus on Reaper and the Commanders.

8. Items

For the best items or item levels, play the game on Hard difficulty. Eventually,
you'll have to play on Normal and Easy difficulties in order to get the
not-so-rare or not-so-useful/powerful items. Each player can hold 3 items.
When there is a (3) next to the item, that means there are three of that one
item, and all three have to be equipped to work. The max level for leveling
items is 99.

Spartan Brace - Increase attack
Armor - Increase defense
Energy Bead - Increase health
Health Ring - Increase health received from items
Fire Charm - Protects from fire
Lightning Charm - Protects from lightning
Ice Charm - Protects from ice
Darkness Charm - Protects from Darkness
Fury Quencher - Max Fury Drive before battle
Shield Crusher - One hit to destroy shield
Awakening Vial - No dizziness
Sage Haipin - Increase EXP from enemy
Rally Pipe - New battle music (morale?)
Fury Soul - Fury Drive fills faster
Saddle of the Whirlwind - Horse is faster
Hourglass of Fate - Turns level into Time Attack, no time = death, finish before
                    time = 3 chests
Ground Killer Gauntlets - Foot soldiers easier to kill
Air Killer Gauntlets - Archers/Riflemen easier to kill
Flame Killer Gauntlets - Bombers easier to kill
Shadow Killer Gauntlets - Ninjas easier to kill
Machine Killer Gauntlets - Vertical Tanks/STOMP easier to kill
Iron Killer Gauntlets - Mace wielders easier to kill
Wood Killer Gauntlets - Pole wielders easier to kill
Parchment of Infamy - Commanders easier to kill
Disciplinarian Paddle - Knockback effect increased
Bronze Award - 500 EXP
Silver Award - 1000 EXP
Gold Award - 3000 EXP
Headdress of the Minotaur - If Scorpio has little health, Red Minotaur comes
Wheels of Gale (3) - Increase movement speed
Hilt of Reflection - Repelling attacks is easier
Beserker (3) - Can't guard, attack up 50%
Powershot - Devil King has grenade launcher instead of shotgun
Bounty Chests (3) - Can't guard, get 5 chests
Back Scratcher - Morale boost
Masks of Demoness (3) - Sacrifice health, attack up 400%
Hammer Displacer - Puff doesn't use hammer
Cursed Clothes (3) - Damage recieved increased 2x, damage dealt increased 2x
Chain of Necrosis - Combos are easier
Breakthrough Secret - Break enemy's guard easier
Coup d'etat Scale - Commander's attack down, soldier's attack up
Jewel of Rage - Fury Drive boost up 300% from damage received
Charm of Good Fortune - Find ornate chests easier
Lottery Ticket (3) - 30,000 EXP, damage taken goes WAY up
Medal of Valor - Kill 10 Commanders to get 3000 EXP bonus
Cursed Dolls (3) - Can't recover health, 3 ornate chests
Soothing Harp - Make enemies dizzy easier
Tainted Figurines (3) - Can't recover health, 2x damage dealt
Helmet of the Betrayer - Attack allies
Beads of Mercy - Slowly recover health
Grave Power - Easier to land critical hit
Gift Box of Reward - 1 Ornate Chest
Sash of Atonement - Use health as Fury Drive for special attack
Dies of Fortune (3) - 6 chests, damage taken goes WAY up
Foul Incense - Repels enemies
Books of Immortality (3) - Can revive self once
Plasma Generator - Iron OX shoots plasma rounds in Attack mode
Warrior's Codes (3) - Hit combo goes up 2x

9. Weapons

A weapon's level and importance are decided by the difficulty of the game. Hard
mode gives you high leveled, powerful weapons, while Easy mode gives you 
low leveled, weak weapons. Each character has 6 weapons, and the 6th weapon is
always found in Ornate Chests, and is considered to be a "Joke" weapon. However,
they may still be strong in comparison to other weapons (Such as Iron OX's 6th
weapon compared to his 5th). Each # weapon also has special attributes that
are present in all characters (the prime bonus and elemental attributes). The
Elemental Attribute is the same as the character's default Attribute.

First weapon - The one you start with, low level on Easy, high on Normal.
Second weapon - Better than first, low level on Easy, high on Normal.
Third weapon - Better than second, Elemental Attribute, low level on Normal,
               high on Hard.
Fourth Weapon - Defense higher than attack, low level on Normal, high on Hard,
                bonus for hitting "primed" enemy
Fifth Weapon - Better than third, Elemental Attribute, not as much defense
               as fourth, only on Hard mode.
Sixth Weapon - Can vary per character, bonus for hitting "primed enemy",only
               on Hard mode in ornate chests.

10. Unlockables

A. Characters

Here I will list what character you can unlock first, and then what person you
have to beat Conquest mode with in order to unlock that character.

Frost <-- Venus

Talon <-- Red Minotaur

Hornet <-- Devil King

Puff <-- Azure Dragon

Q-Ball <-- Lady Butterfly

Iron OX <-- Scorpio

B. Character Profiles (Credit to Berserker)

Here I will list the character and how to get their profile (either Conquest
or by completing a said level).

Arslan - Landing at Nanvia
Azure Dragon - Conquest: Azure Dragon
Bramble - Divide and Conquer Faylinn
Devil King - Conquest: Devil King
Etc - Conquest: Any character
Frost - Conquest: Frost
Hornet - Conquest: Hornet
Irdene - Storm on the Great Plains
Iron OX	- Conquest: Iron OX
Kahz - Flooding Giuthas Nam
Lady Butterfly - Conquest: Lady Butterfly
Lark - Divide and Conquer Faylinn
Muri - Ambush at Shadow Gorge
Orwik - Siege of Dark Spire
Puff - Conquest: Puff
Q-Ball - Conquest: Q-Ball
Reaper - Crossing the River Styx
Red Minotaur - Conquest: Red Minotaur
Scorpio	- Conquest: Scorpio
Talon - Conquest: Talon
Venus - Conquest: Venus
Zaan - Leveling Kush

C. Movies (Credit to Berserker)

Here I will list the name of the movie and how to get it (either Conquest
or by completing a said level with a said character).

Anime Opening -	Conquest: Any character
Archrival - Battle at Riverglen (Red Minotaur or Scorpio)
Azure Dragon Ending - Conquest: Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon - Any stage (Azure Dragon)
Battle at Deadwood - Deadwood Counterattack (Devil King or Lady Butterfly)
Battle at Great Plains - Storm on the Great Plains (Red Minotaur or Scorpio)
Devil King Army Opening	- Any stage (Devil King or Lady Butterfly)
Devil King Ending - Conquest: Devil King
Dragon vs. Devil King - Fall of the High Temple (Azure Dragon)
Fight for Love - Arctica Rebellion (Q-Ball)
                 Pilgrimage to Cathedral City (Puff)
Frost Army Opening - Any stage (Venus)
Frost Ending - Conquest: Frost
Hornet Ending - Conquest: Hornet
Iron OX Opening - Any stage (Iron OX)
Iron OX Ending - Conquest: Iron OX
Lady Butterfly Ending - Conquest: Lady Butterfly
Mutual Respect - Leveling Kush (Iron OX)
Puff Opening - Any stage (Puff)
Puff Ending - Conquest: Puff
Q-Ball Opening - Any stage (Q-Ball)
Q-Ball Ending - Conquest: Q-Ball
Reaper's Betrayal - Twisted High Temple (Devil King or Lady Butterfly)
Red Minotaur Army Opening - Any stage (Red Minotaur or Scorpio)
Red Minotaur Ending - Conquest: Red Minotaur
Scorpio Ending - Conquest: Scorpio
Talon Ending - Conquest: Talon
Venus Ending - Conquest: Venus

D. Music (Credit to Berserker)

Here I will list the name of the music an how to get it (By completing
a said level). #1-#4 are unlocked by default.

5: The Upper Hand - Arctica Rebellion
6: Adrenaline Rush - Deadwood Counterattack
7: Half of the Battle - Border Patrol
8: Beachhead - Flooding Giuthas Nam
9: Double Trouble - Landing at Nanvia
10: Tropical Storm - Leveling Kush
11: Fight to the Death - Landing at Nanvia
12: Bramble's Scramble - Divide and Conquer Faylinn
13: Enlightenment - Pilgrimage to Cathedral City
14: Theme of Riverglen - Battle at Riverglen
15: Tide of Battle - Assault on Bloomdale
16: Pursuing Love - Assault on Bloomdale
17: Frostbite - Arctica Rebellion
18: Rumble of Valor - Siege of Dark Spire
19: Riding High	- Siege of Dark Spire
20: Might and Steel - Storm on the Great Plains
21: Betrayal - Fall of the High Temple
22: Storm Ride - Chase at the Tablelands
23: The Thorn - Deadwood Counterattack
24: The Downpour - Ambush at Shadow Gorge
25: Tuonela - Crossing the River Styx
26: Back Against the Wall - Crossing the River Styx
27: Staccato Dream - Battle at Riverglen
28: Albatross - Leveling Kush
29: No Return - Crossing the River Styx
30: Little Big Heart - Arctica Rebellion
31: Burning Butterfly - Battle at Riverglen
32: The Abyss - Fall of the High Temple
33: Thunderbolt - Chase at the Tablelands
34: Boiling Point - Divide & Conquer Faylinn
35: Divine Love - Pilgrimage to Cathedral City

E. Other (Credit to MalicousOne)

-If you beat Conquest mode with all 12 characters, you can fight against your
own army in Free Battle mode.

11. Hints and Tips

-Easy EXP and Items
Go to "Free Battle" mode and pick any character (I pick Devil King even if he is
maxed out, I do it for the items). Pick the level "Assault on Bloomdale: Frost".
When you start, automatically turn around and go up the small hill with the
soldier with shields and archers, and clear out all enemies in that area. Now go
back (clearing soldiers as you go) towards the Guard Captain. Get close to him
until he starts chasing you, at which point you should turn around and start
heading towards the hill you cleared. Try to keep as close ot him as possible
(by running and stopping), and when you are close to him and he turns back, just
keep on going until you go in a circle back to where the Guard Captain
originally stood (in front of the soldier respawn cave), but he should have
stopped a couple of feet away from the cave on his way back. This way, you can
attack all the enemies you want coming out of the cave without attacking the
Guard Captain, and once you get a hit combo of 400 or higher, you instantly
get an item.

12. Credits

-Capcom, for creating the game.

-Koei, for making games that gave Capcom the idea for this game.

-TheeMikester, for creating the great ASCII version of the "Devil Kings" logo,
which is now the first thing you see in the FAQ.

-Berserker, for filling in some Music, Movies, and Chacter Profiles for me.

-MalicousOne, for Other, under #11, section E.

-worldeater65, for showing a mistake about Talon's Elemental Attribute.

-gazdaghorde, for adding the "Bridge Chests" to the Battle at
Riverglen (Frost) Level.

-syuuchi_16, for fixing the formula for the game (in Gameplay section)

-GameFAQs, for doing a FAQ bounty for this game.

13. Contact/Random Stuff

If you have any suggestions on how to write FAQs better, any questions you
still may have, or any cheats or anything I may have missed in this FAQ,
then send me a private message.