.hack//G.U. Vol.1//REBIRTH Guide

Ver. 1.0

This guide is copyright 2006 - 2007 of Chris Taylor, AKA nobodys_savior. You 
may use this guide for personnal use only.  No selling, I worked hard on this.  
The sites below are the ONLY sites that are allowed to use this guide.  I am
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If it's a question, make sure to check the guide to make sure it's not
already answered.  I answer most e-mails anyways, but it does get sort
of annoying getting a bunch of mails asking why you're always a Twin
Blade, and why you can't change Haseo's job class.  As far as stuff that's
getting added, even though the main story levels are finished (FINALLY!!!)
that doesn't mean the guide is.  Item lists, location's for said items,
most of these things are already in the works, so please be patient while
I work on this.  Suggestions are always ALWAYS welcome, but there is a
good chance that I have already thought of them, and am working on implementing
them in a future update.

Warning:  I have tried to avoid spoilers wherever possible, but that is not
always something that I think about, so be warned that there is a 50% chance
of having the game ruined for you.  As with most guides, this is meant to
GUIDE you, but it's always better to try and figure things out for yourself,
so only use this guide if you are really stuck... or need something somewhat
entertaining to read about .hack G.U.


Version History:

Ver. 0.25
Released:  November 4'th, 2006
  - First start working on the guide
  - Added missions up to optional levels before Avatar First Attempt
  - Started a list of where to find the lucky animals
  - Added a Character Description for each of the party members
  - Added a To-Do list
  - Added a section for the differences between this game and the previous

Ver. 0.4
Released  November 7'th
  - Completed area's up to a mission with Atoli about the Arena
  - Cleaned up the Item lists.
  - Added more to the Lucky Animals list

Ver. 0.55
Released  November 10'th
   - Completed area's up to Arena Battle Tutorial level.
   - Divided Ryu book and other items
   - Added more to the item and Lucky Animal section
   - Added another site that has permission to use my guide
   - Added a section for the Quest rewards
   - Added Shop List  (excluding Guild Shops)

Ver. 0.67
Released  November  20'th
   - Completed up to the Job Extension quest.
   - Eliminated the Location Finder section, but kept the Item Uses.  Locations
     will be included in Ryu book section in a future update.
   - Added a section for potential opponents in the Arena
   - Updated Ryu books to reflect progress in the guide.
   - Added a Note of Apology
   - Corrected any spelling or Grammar mistakes I came across.

Ver. 0.85
Released  March 10
   - Finished walkthrough up to Arena battle with Kuhn
   - Updated all lists to include new items and creatures
   - Updated the Note of Apology
   - Added another name in the Credits section
   - Realized I'm really lazy when it comes to Guide Writting

Ver.  1.0
Released   March 23
   - Finished Main Story Walkthrough, including bonus areas.
   - Added another site that's allowed to host my guide.
   - Mentioned that I will NOT be allowing OTHER sites to host said guide
   - Started to finish side quests section.
   - Removed Note of Apology completely
   - Mentioned Doppleganger in passing.


1) Character Info
    A) Haseo
    B) Atoli
    C) Kuhn
    D) Pi
    E) Silabus
    F) Gaspard
    G) Piros the 3'rd

2) Controls

3) Out with the old, In with the new (differences between old .hack and 

4) Walkthrough (including quests)

5) Quest Rewards

6) Key Word List

7) Ryu Books
   A) Book 1
   B) Book 2
   C) Book 3
   D) Book 4
   E) Book 5
   F) Book 6
   G) Book 7
   H) Book 8

8) Arena Opponents

9) Shop Items

10 To Do List

11) Credits


Character Info

.hack is simulating an MMORPG, and with that simulation comes loads of
characters to help you on your quest through "The World".  These are all of
the ones that can join your party.

A) Haseo:  He's the guy that you control for the entire game.  An Adept
Rogue character, he can use more than just the twin blades he starts off 
He's searching for a PK'er known as Tri-Edge, and will stop at nothing to
accomplish his goal.

B)  Atoli, a Harvest Cleric known for healing abilities, she goes with Haseo
early on trying to get him to join her guild, an anti-PK group called Moon
Tree.  She plays a pivitol role in the games climax.

C)  Kuhn:  A ladies-man type Steam Gunner, he appears early as well, saving
you from a weird glitch in the system.  He's part of a guild called Raven,
which is dedicated to Epitaph Users.  These "EU's" have the ability to
call one of the 8-phases into battle.  The Phase that the user can call
is refered to as an Avatar.  Kuhn's is Magus.

D)  Pi:  An epitaph user herself, her character is a Tribal Grappler, which
is "The World's" version of a fist user.  Within moments of meeting her she
has a distinct dislike of you.  Her Avatar is Tarvos.

E)  Silabus: A Blade Brandier that finds you early on, thinking that you're
a noob.  While not an epitaph user himself, he helps you on from the start,
and is quite a formidable ally.  He helps you join a guild called Canard,
a guild designed to help new players get into "The World" quickly and in a
friendly way.

F)  Gaspard:  A Shadow Warlock, he joins you at the same time as Silabus.
While fairly shy, he's always quick to join you should the need arise, as
long as he isn't crying.  Later on, he runs the Guild Shop, a place for
you to sell items that you don't need at a higher cost than if you were
to sell them on your own at one of the shops in the root town.

G)  Piros the 3'rd:  Players of the first .hack games will remember Piros
instantly... and probably hate him.  While "Heavy Axemen" aren't in the
game this time around, Piros is still here as a Lord Partizen.  He also
gets creepy... REALLY creepy.

On a side note: when writing out the list for the table of contents, I
didn't look at the game once.  BUT, when I needed help remembering what
each character's class was, I discovered that it was in the same order as
the one listed here.  GO ME!... oh alright, fine, I won't bask in my



In Town:

D-pad and Left Analog stick - Movement

Triangle - Opens up menu

X - Talks to NPC's, confirm menu options

Square - Ride Steam Bike (when recieved)

Circle - Cancel menu item

L1 - Reset Camera

Right Analogt stick - Move Camera

In Battle:

D-pad and Left Analog stick - Movement

Triangle - Opens menu

x - Attack (keep pressing for combo's)
x (held) Powerful attack

Circle - Guard

Square - Awakening attack (when gauge is filled)

R1 - Skill Trigger


Out with the Old, in with the New

In this section, I will be identifying the differences between the original
..hack Quartet with the new G.U. series.

First and foremost, the battle system.  Rather than running off to yellow
circles dotted amongst the fields and dungeons, all the enemies are visable
on the screen.  You can nail sneak attacks by pushing X before they're
prepared, and the fighting itself is a lot faster as well.  Also, you can
program certain techniques to the R1 trigger button, so that there's less
going into the menus during fights.

Staying on the subject of the fights, there aren't any "Protect Breaks" on
the regular creatures this time around, nor can you Data Drain them.  
Instead after a certain amount of combo hits some purple and black-ish circles 
start appearing around the creature.  When you push R1 at this point and you 
can perform a Rengeki attack, essentially the same as a regular skill, only 
about twice as strong.

Perform enough Rengeki's, (and doing other actions during the fight such as
building up a long combo) and a Morale meter, located at the top right hand
side of the screen, will fill up.  When that happens you push the Square
button and perform one of 2 awakening attacks.  Beast Awakening which powers
up your entire party, and Demon Awakening where you push X as fast as you
can to perform a powerful magic attack using zero MP's.

Also new to the series are Quests, Guilds, and the Arena.

Quests are essentially little side-quests that you can do in-between the
area's necessary to move the story along.  Technically, they were in the
original 4, but now there's an actual shop for it.  As an added bonus, most 
of the quests add some sort of fetch quest.  Maybe it's a Mecha Grunty that 
needs Chim Spheres (more on that in a sec), maybe you have to talk to 
everyone in the game at least once, either way it adds time to play for when 
you're finished the main quest.

Guilds are new too.  Basically, it's how you access the Ryu books, and gives
you the ability to sell things in the Guild Shop in Mac Anu.  Selling things
in the Guild Shop gives you more money than selling things in regular shops.
There's more than just your guild too, but that will get covered in the
walkthrough section.

Then there's the Arena.  Basically, you take 2 party members, and face 
another team of 3 PC's in an arena.  Survival makes you go up against 
numerous opponents, being healed only a small amount of HP and MP after a 
victory. It plays a large part of Vol. 1's story, so more will be covered 

And the final addition is the Chim Chims.  Sometimes you'll come accross a
piece of machinery.  Sometimes it's a door, and sometimes it's a Mecha 
Grunty. Both require a certain amount of Chim Spheres to pass (or in the case
of the grunty a scene of blasting off).  There are certain sources of Chim 
spheres, and when they're on the ground you press X to kick them.

Not everything is an addition, or an improvement.  For one, there aren't 
many area types.  One field (with a few changes in weather occasionally), 
one cave and one building.  That's it.  As cool as the battle system is, I 
would have liked to see some variety in the stages.

Also, each area has 1 level to it now.  It's no longer a field and then a
dungeon, now it's one or the other.  That makes the individual levels quite

And finally, you can no longer choose what your party members do.  Instead,
you get one of 4 different "personality traits" to choose from.  That is 
what determines all of your party members actions.  Sure, that makes the 
simulation seem more real, but it does make things slightly more different than
I had personally expected.

Now that my praise/ranting is over, on to the Walkthrough.



Wow, that was a long string of text.  Welcome to the actual WALKTHROUGH part
of this guide.  I'll be going from level One ALL the way to the final area,
with all of the side area's in between.  For now, lets go to the New Game
option.  Unless of course you have an old gamesave from Quarantine, in which
case convert that.  You'll end up getting 3 bonus e-mails eventually.

So, you first see Haseo enter Mac Anu's warp room where he bumps into 2 people
claiming to want to help you out.  They basically guide you through all the
in's and out's of The World, and most of the controls and actions that you will
be using for the entire game.  When they're done with the explaining, head 
over to the keywords they designed for you.


(Delta) Courageous   Engaging    Daydream

When you first get here, Asta and IYOTEN give you more advice on how to play
the game, by telling you about the map and how to score Surprise Attacks. 
Just follow exactly what they tell you (it's not like you can do anything else 
right now) until you get to the Gott... I mean "Beast" Statue.

At the end of every area description, I'll list the items that you can get,
the monsters that you'll face, and the Lucky Animal (if any) that you can 
find in the area.  The totals are determined by the Ranking system that's shown
whenever you exit an area.

Enemies:  (3)
Goblin Rookie

Health Drink

Dry Sash

Lucky Animal:  None
Breakable Objects: None

After you open up the Beast Statue, several cut scenes play.  One staring
our wonderful Player getting PK'ed by the very people who helped him learn 
to play in the first place.  Dontcha just love fair play?

Another one 8 months later where you PK a bunch of people, and basically
learn of your purpose within the game.  You also go from a level 133 
character all the way back down to 1.  Enjoy them all, I know I did.

On a side note:  I really want to use Haseo's Scythe.  After all the scenes
play out, read all of the message boards, news articles, and e-mails.  It
took me about 2 hours the first time, but there's a lot of good info in them
if this is your first time playing a .hack game, G.U. or otherwise.

Every Topic in Apkallu has at least one background image, some threads have
more.  Whenever you see a -!- icon on a message in the thread, it means to
press the X button, and you'll download a desktop image.  There's a total of
11 new images, right at the beginning!

If you check out the news, there's no area keywords or anything, but a few
interesting posts and videos.  Check out Online Jack for a little comic 
releif, and others also have 17 second clips of various "news" about what's 
going on in the world.

Some of the topics on the Forums have Keywords attached.  if you want to 
just skip ahead to those, here they are:

The World (Community Forums)
(Topic title / Keyword)

Where can I get Olm Shell? / (delta) Buzzing Wrath's Puddle

Official Forums (under the "The World" section of the desktop)
Soloing / Truthful Marble's Bum
Soloing / Upfront Blazing Camelia
Soloing (multiple different words)
First: Sacred, Warm, Croaking
Second: Kourin's, Black
Third: Pure Bred, Ocean, Blue Cloud, Cassiopeia

(2 hours later)

Back?  Great, now on to the rest of the game.  Time to Log In to The World.


As soon as you log in, you realize that you've been reformatted to Level 1.
After re-assesing that all of your stuff really is gone, you here a rumor of
a guy with a really weird arm.  If you're unsure of where to go from here 
(it is a straight line, but ya never know...) press the Select button to check 
the entire world map.  Press it again and the map disappears, and press it one 
more time and it'll show up as your regular map again.  Just head straight for 
now. Another brief cutscene with hints on where Ovan could be.  Head over to him
now.  Essentially, it's just follow the circular section of the map.

You'll be led to an alley with the PK'ers from before in that cutscene, then
when that's done a big red blob will bump into you.  The blob is named 
and he's accompanied by a guy named Silabus.  After apologizing for bumping
into you, they'll offer to show you how to play the game... again.  After
getting their member addresses, head over to the Warp Point in the corner to
teleport yourself directly to the Chaos gate.  Gaspard and Silabus will then
give you a set of keywords to use for your "first" level.

(Just a little sidenote:  Those first keywords that Asta and IYOTEN gave you
are no longer a part of your word list.  Seems like when you were Data Drained
by Tri-Edge, your word chache was deleted as well.  You do have some words 
that weren't apart of the forums though)


(Delta)  Peaceful  Leading   Freedom (2 Waterfall Cave Floors, Lv. 3)
Area word given by Silabus and Gaspard.  This is an area for beginners.

So, with Gaspard and Silabus in your party, go around the dungeon looking for
enemies to kill.  If you forget the explanations that were given to you at the 
beginning, then when (and if) you make a mistake they'll remind you.  Try as
you may, there isn't a chance in hell of them believing that you really are
Haseo, the former level 133 PKK Terror of Death.  The only new thing that they
really tell you is how to do Awakenings.  Try to get as many "Surprise attacks"
as you can to increase your ranking a bit.  As soon as you get to the beast
statue, another cut-scene will take place.  The PK'ers from the alley show up,
and something strange starts happening to Haseo.  If it wasn't for some strange
girl in very revealing clothing, you might have been dead too.  As soon as 
the cutscene is over, you'll get the ranking screen.

Beast Statue: Wind Gai Gu

Enemies: (12)
Goblin Rookie
Zan Bezel

Health Drink
Fairy's Orb
Spin Kouga
Fire Storm

Total Treasures: 3
Total Breakable Items: 1

When you get back, your two new buddies suggest that you enlist the aid of
Moon Tree, the anti-PK group from before.  Luckily for you, you decide to 
bad-mouth them... right in front of one of their members.  That's alright, she 
ends up giving you her member address.  Go figure.

So, log out and read your e-mails, and check the forums.  You'll get another
desktop image, a request from Silabus to go on a quest and a couple of other
e-mails that you can respond to.  I personally like keeping Haseo angsty while
he's online (not that there's much choice) and being polite and... almost 
NICE when he's sending out e-mails.  Schizophrenia FOR THE FREAKING WIN!... 
Alright, that was uncalled for, I apologize.  Now, log in to the world.  Atoli
is busy but you can still invite Silabus and Gaspard, so do that now.  Rather 
than do the quest right away, we're gonna clear up those first 3 dungeons first.
It's usually a good idea to finish up existing area's before going on to new 
ones, simply because you might end up forgetting about the ones already there,
and miss out on potentially valuable items.  You're probably still a little weak
at this point, but luckily for you the last area on the list is only about 1
level above yours (unless you've strayed from the guide a little bit, and if
that's the case, FOR SHAME!)  Onwards to (Delta) Buzzing   Wrath's   Puddle!


(Delta)   Buzzing    Wrath's    Puddle  (Rainy Field, Lv. 5)
Area word posted on the forum by AppleStar.  Acquire Olm Shells by breaking 
the barrels in this area.

Now, even though it says to get Olm Shells, the real mission is to grab the
symbol Fragments to open up the beast statue.  While you're here, kick the
tree's for some chim spheres, and attack every group of enemies with a sneak
attack.  The more you manage to do, the better you're average will be.  You
really don't have to worry about your party members, as they attack on their
own quite well, just make sure to hold off on the Health Drinks.  Set 
Gaspard as the healer, and either give him yours, or attempt to trade for other 
things. There's a battle area here, so go there as well.  I don't know if it's 
always the same PK'er, but it was Punisher Mitch when I went there.  You'll get
a Loose Sash as an item drop, and the person you protected will give you a 
Simple Necklace and a Coupon.

Mecha Grunty:  Top Right hand corner of the section that's furthest south.
Lucky Animal:  Fate Worm, near the last alter that's next to the Beast 
Beast Statue:  Naja Guard

Enemies: (10)
Rue Fang
Wild Kettle

Cleansing Pill
Loose Sash
Simple Necklace
Wizard's Seal
Turtle Shell
Tidal Wave
Rough Shell
Olm Shell
Naja Guard

Total Treasures: 6
Total Breakable Items: 6


Alright, since we aren't quite strong enough to go to the "suggested level 
10" area's yet, (and by "we" I of course mean you the reader, since I'm the 
Assclown King and am better than everyone by default), lets check out the quest.
Add Silabus and Gaspard to your party, and head over to the rotating circle 
that's on your map.  Talk to the Quest NPC, and accept the Crown Quest.  It'll
add the words Chasing   Cupid's   Phantom to your bookmarks section, and trigger
a cutscene.  After Gaspard gets worried and ends the cut-scene, head over to the
Chaos Gate and go to the area.


(Delta)  Chasing    Cupid's    Phantom  (1 Eastern House floor, Lv. 5)
Area word given by Dr. Kubo for the Crown Quest quest

The area begins with a couple of helpful hints about the King Chim, then
you're off to find him.  Be sure to trade for some Fairy Orbs, just so you
know the layout of the dungeon.  If you want to make this easy, go South
at the first opportunity.  Then, when you get to the end, turn right (now
going West).  You shouldn't run out of Chim Spheres ever, there are more 
than enough sources around.  When you get to the end, you'll have to kick a

Fighting a King Chim Chim is easy.  First, run up to it and kick it 3 times.
It'll grow up bigger, then try to jump on you.  If it lands on you, you'll
lose a little health and a few of your Chim Spheres, but if you run away the
moment it you kick it 3 times, he'll miss.  Repeat this, and he'll get
bigger.  Do it again and he'll try to squash you again.  Hit it one more
time (total of 10) and you'll get a ton of Chim spheres.  Occasionally, King
Chim Chim will also drop a Crown, as it is in this case.  The chance of that
happening is quite random, but it'll help immensly when finishing the
side quest that opens up.

As soon as this is done, you'll be teleported outside the Chaos Gate.
You hand the crown to Dr. Kubo, and he'll tell you to meet him over at
his house in the Mercenary district.  He's got a little side-quest for you
to do, and it involves the Chims (gee, who would have guessed?)

Regardless, once the cutscene is over, you'll be teleported over to the
quest shop where the Quest is completed, and you'll recieve a Text of

Mecha Grunty: None
Lucky Animal: Nue
Beast Statue: None

Enemies: (3)
Goblin Rookie
Rue Fang

Tidal Wave
Health Drink

Total Treasures: 2
Total Breakable Items: 3

When this quest is finished, log out and check your e-mail.  You'll get an
e-mail from CC Corp that you can participate in the Chim Kicker campaign by
talking to the NPC in the house in the Mercenary District.  This is also where
you get 2 bonus e-mails if you happened to upload your saved data from .hack

And finally, you get an e-mail from Atoli, telling you to go to her favorite
area with her.  The area is (Delta)  Submissive    Tragedy's    1000 Oaks.
Lets go find out what she wants now, shall we?


You'll warp to Mac Anu server which starts a cutscene with Atoli, basically
recapping what you already know thanks to the e-mail.  Everyone on your list
is available, but sadly Atoli wants you to go with her... Alone.

(Delta)   Submissive    Tragedy's    1000 Oaks (Night field, Lv. 3)
Area word given by Atoli.  She highly recommends it.

A weird cutscene begins with Atoli commenting about how pretty the digital
moon looks, then you're off to find the Beast Statue.  When that's done, head
North and fight some Vak Bezel's, then head up the hill to nab the Lucky
Animal.  Go up the second hill for some Breakable Objects, then fight your
way to the Alters.  When you get to the third hill, it has a Town Portal
and the Mecha Grunty.  Feed it some Chim Spheres (after the King Chim Chim
fight you should have more than enough), then continue.  Atoli will try to
explain the Origins of Moon Tree as you move forward, but Haseo will ignore
her.  Keep fighting your way through the alters, at your current level these
things aren't much of a challenge, more of an annoyance.

When you get to the Beast Statue, Atoli hears a strange noise.  You don't
know where it's coming from, but you follow her outside the area anyways.
She'll stop right outside the entrance, then when you go to talk to her
again she'll head around the building that houses the Beast Statue. That
happens twice.  She leads you to a sign of Tri-Edge, and then you get
sucked into it.

You'll end up in an area of the Lost Grounds.  It's an underground lake
with a white tree.  A mysterious character with a cat on his shoulder is
sitting at it's base, playing with a weird black blob.  Atoli says the
sound is coming from that person, then the weird blob thing attacks you!
Just as it's about to hit you, a weird guy dressed in yellow summons a
mysterious creature called Magus to attack the black blob.  Old .hack
Vets will recognize "Magus" as one of the 8 Phases of Morganna.  Also,
judging by the cat and the character on the tree, you might be able to
guess the identity of that character as well.  More on that later.

Atoli comes to, but she doesn't remember anything that happened after
the monster attacked.  The weird guy claims to be an investigator for
CC Corp.  He rushed over after hearing about a bug.  Haseo doesn't
believe him, and the yellow guy is surprised that Haseo could see
the Avatar, which is the Magus thing that he summoned.  He also says
that you have one of those things too!  With a nickname like "Terror
of Death", I wonder which phase Haseo is going to end up with...

The yellow guy, Kuhn, gives you his member address, and tells you to
meet up with him later to discuss avatars and Tri-Edge.  After a
brief conversation with Atoli, where she asks you to give her another
chance, and a message pops up on the screen telling you to look for
the Platform out of here.  You have new mail, but you can't exactly
check it while you're in the lost grounds, so find the Platform and
head back to Mac Anu.

Mecha Grunty:  Above 3'rd hill, near a Town Portal
Lucky Animal:  Sleipnir
Beast Statue:  Heaven Sash

Vak Bezel
Onion Mash
Gobling Rookie

Fire Storm
Turtle Shell
Soil Bug Antenna
Health Drink
Sprite Drop
Warrior Seal
Heaven Sash

Total Treasures:
Total Breakable Items:


As soon as you get back to the root town, log out and check your mail.  You
should have the third Bonus e-mail, which is just an apology for sending an
e-mail to you who was obviously not Lena, an invitation to Kuhn's Guild's
Headquarters, Raven, and a few e-mails that you can respond to.  Silabus sends
you a few more info mails, one about customization and one about skill triggers,
Since there's no new responses in the forums, head over to the @home section
of the Mercenary District.  Walking close to Kuhn triggers a cutscene that
explains how to enter @Home's.  He'll then give you Raven's @Home key.  Enter
Raven's @Home to trigger a long sequence of cut-scenes, re-introducing the "Old
Hag from before".  Her name is Pi, who is very unimpressed by the way Haseo
is talking.  Instead of being welcomed in, you are instructed to follow Pi
to the Chamber with her Master Yata.  After a creepy entrance, more cutscenes
follow which explains a few things.  I could describe them, but I think I'll
just let you all watch for yourselves.

When all of the cutscenes have finished, logout and check the Forums AND your
e-mails.  You'll get some more keywords to help out with Random levels you
may wish to go to.  I'll list them in the usual way.

Official Forum:
(Thread / Words)
Still Not Happening / 1st Words: Wealthy, Fly Away,
                      2nd Words: Medium's,
                      3rd Words: Fast Horse, Bodhi Tree, Globe, Whiplash,

Still Not Happening / 2nd Words: Daybreak's, Military
                      3rd Words: Resort, Malt Town

Still Not Happening / (Delta)  Wealthy    Daybreak's    Globe
                      (Delta)  Fly Away   Military      Resort
                      (Delta)  Wealthy    Military      Malt Town
                      (Delta)  Fly Away   Daybreak's    Bodhi Tree

After getting the keywords, you can check out the Community forums and news
capture.  Kuhn also sent you an e-mail that you can respond to.  When that's
finished, save your game (just in case), and head over to the Central district
of Mac Anu.


Another cut scene.  Gaspard smashes into you... again.  He needs your help
running the Guild Shop.  He needs you to run around and gather some items.
All you gotta do is go to the shops and buy the items that Gaspard will then
sell BACK to the general gaming population.

First, take the Town Warp over to the Mercenary district, and go to the Magic
Item shop.  You'll find the Asian Mango's there, so buy 10 of them.  Then,
take the Town Warp again, this time to The Dome, which is the name of the place
where the Chaos Gate is.  You can buy 10 Caramel Sauce there.

Now that you've gotten everything, head over to the Central district and talk
to Silibus.  He almost explains what Guild Shops are about, when he gets
interrupted by a message from Gaspard... saying he's lost.  Instead of
going off to find him, Silabus puts YOU in charge of the guild shop!  Totally
breaking character, Haseo deals with one single customer and cuts him a deal
because he's got next to no money.  Immediately afterwards, Atoli turns up.
How embarrasing.  To make matters worse, it turns out that Kuhn's "other
plans" were a couple of Female Players.  We find out that "Kuhnie" used to be
the guild master for Canard, the guild that Silabus and Gaspard are a part
of.  Atoli interrupts, and then spills the beans about your little discount
for Bo, and it's right around now that the members of Canard invite you
to join their Guild.  What a wonderful job... AS GUILD MASTER!  They
believe that you have leadership skills, and that being Canards Guild
Master is a perfect fit.  At least you get some Sprite Drops for the effort.

Log out, and check your e-mails.  Kuhn offers to show you how to use your
Avatar... well, without actually telling you.  Also, check the Forums for a
message from that nice boy from the shop.  When you're done, head over to
Mac Anu's Chaos Gate.  You just got a ton of new keywords to try out, and
although they are MASSIVELY under-leveled, you'll at least get some new items.
Plus, you'll also be about the right level to try out those 2 keywords that
you recieved before.

So, you get Pi's Member Address, and another Keyword, but lets do some of the
other dungeons first.  The first one is a Level 3, but if you don't do it now,
do you really think you'll remember later?  I didn't... but enough about me.


(Delta)  Wealthy    Daybreak's    Globe  (Late Afternoon Field, Lv. 3)
Area word posted on the forum by Renji.  Use it to create a level 3 area.

Alright, so this level is going to be simple, but who cares?  The next few
levels will be simple.  Use them to gain Chim spheres, and to stock up on
some items.  It'll also help fill up the Ryu books, which will be coming
up shortly.

Also, don't expect a lot of Rengeki's or Awakenings.  Kuhn and Pi are
about 7 levels stronger than you are at this point in the game, and it'll
take them less time to kill these creatures than it took you to read this
sentence... if you're still reading it that is.  Luckily, the Lucky Animal
AND the Mecha Grunty are pretty close to each other, so you don't need to
stray to far away from the ... straight line.

There is a Boss here though.  It's name is Gun Giant.  It's not too
difficult with Pi and Kuhn on your side, but here's a little advice:
When it jumps up into the air, RUN!  It'll be down in about 5
seconds though.  Now, on to the NEXT Overly Easy Dungeon.

Mecha Grunty: Located a little to the right, after the first bridge.
Lucky Animal: Fate Worm: Located a little to the left, after the first 
Beast Statue: None

Enemies: (5)
Vak Bezel
Zan Bezel
Goblin Rookie
Gun Giant (Boss)

Fire Mouse Skin
Simple Necklace
Wing of Lufu
Health Drink
Astrologer Seal
Fire Storm
Damp Armor

Total Treasures: 3
Total Breakable Items: 6


(Delta)  Fly Away    Military    Resort (3 Floor Building, lv. 4)
Area word posted on the forum by Renji.  Use it to create a level 4 area.

Alright, ANOTHER easy level.  This one you have to grab the Beast Statue in
the third stage of the level.  Here are some quick directions if you don't
have a Fairy's Orb.  Keep a close eye on the Mini-Map.

1)  Go All the way to the left.  Do NOT turn until you don't have a choice.
    From there make a left until you get to a room with 2 treasure chests,
    then go West to the 2nd Section.

2)  From the beginning, go Eastward.  At the first intersection, go South.
    When you get to the next crossway, it's West.  You'll get a Mecha Grunty
    Before the 3rd section.

3)  First, go East.  Then go North.  Then go all the way East and completely
    ignore the one intersection.  You'll be at the Beast Statue.

Or, if you have a fairy's orb, you can just scan everything and find out the
quickest way out.  OR, if you're like ME, you can just explore everything
anyways for a better ranking ^_^.

I don't know if it was random or not, but I experienced an Area fight before
going North in section 3.  Since the quest for the PK list isn't available
yet, I did it with no risk to my safety, and got myself a nice little
Gun Fu Yue.  After getting the Beast Statue item, take the Platform back
to the Root Town.

Mecha Grunty:  On the way down to the 3rd section, near a Platform
Lucky Animal:  Ouryu, just keep going straight, it's near a Platform
Beast Statue:  Brave Bracelet

Enemies: (15)
Zan Bezel
Goblin Rookie
Wild Kettle
Lizard Hunter
Area Battle

The Death
Health Drink
Simple Bracelet
Antidote Soda
Rough Shell
Gun Fu Yue
Simple Necklace
Turtle Shell
Blade Thorns
Brave Bracelet (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures: 8
Total Breakable Items: 17

Alrighy then, I bet your tired of using Kuhn and Pi, but there's only 2 more
extra levels before the Avatar one... not including the 2 that were added


(Delta)  Wealthy    Military    Malt Town (Night time field, Lv. 5)
Area word posted on the forum by Renji.  Use it to create a level 5 area.

Hurrah, another "Gather the Seal Fragments" mission.  Make sure to go the long
way around the first hill to knab a couple of breakable items and a group of
enemies.  On the bright side, there are 3 alters right away!  Could that 
mean all 3 symbol fragments in one shot?  Not a chance.  You get 2 of them, but
still have to travel North to get the last one.  It's in the treasure chest
on top of the hill.

Now, you could just go straight to the beast statue, but then you'd be missing
out on the Lucky Animal that's perched on the hill in the Eastern section of
the map.  Why didn't I just say to go there right away?  Well... umm...
I forgot -_-.  Moving on.

Head back West to the Beast Statue, grab the item, then go back to the town.
We've got one more level before Haseo tries to summon his Avatar.

Mecha Grunty: To the right of the first Symbol Fragment, in the center of a
Lucky Animal: Leviathan, located on the hill in the Eastern section.
Beast Statue: Change Necklace

Enemies: (11)
Gan Fang
Vak Bezel
Wild Kettle

Warrior Seal
Fire Skin Mouse
Warrior Blood
Simple Bracelet
Fire Storm
Health Drink
Earth Spike
Rough Shell
Fairy's Orb
Change Necklace (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures: 6
Total Breakable Items: 6


(Delta)   Fly Away    Daybreak's    Bodhi Tree (2 Floor building, Lv. 6)
Area word posted on the forum by Renji.  Use it to create a level 6 area.

You still here?  Good.  Another slight upgrade as far as items can go, but if
you're like me and have a level 10 Haseo then this dungeon is just far too
easy.  If you want, just follow the instructions at the bottom of the initial
paragraphs.  Also, there's an Area battle at the far South-West corner of
the first level.  Beating the enemy will net you a Spin Rasetu.  Head back
East until you can move North, then at the next intersection head East again.
beating the enemies along the way.  Head back until you can go North again 
to grab a Treasure Chest and a couple of breakable items, then make your way 
down to the second floor via backtracking.  You'll know you're in the right
direction when you meet up with a Mecha Grunty.

When you get to the second section, keep going East.  You'll bump into another
area battle for a Broad Wheel.  At this point, you're probably running out of
room for your equipment.  You'll soon be getting a place to sell a lot of it
for some quick cash, but until that happens, try giving some of your equipment
to Kuhn and Pi (see?  There IS a benefit to having them around all the time).
If you look at the top of the screen, you'll see a picture of whoever it is
that you're planning on giving the stuff to.  If it's greyed out it means
they can't equip what you're giving them.  If it's a number with arrows it
will just effect whether or not they'll equip it.  Granted it's pretty
useless right now, as they already have things equipped that's better than
anything that you'd have come accross, but the gesture will raise their
affection towards you.  Make sure to go into all the rooms to get some
treasure and the Breakable Items, as well as the Lucky Animal in the
area.  Also grab enough Chim spheres for the S rank (I believe it's 50,
but I'm unsure). When you feel like you've had enough, grab the Beast Statue
treasure and head home.

1)  First, head West until the first intersection.  Head North, then proceed
    West again when you get the opportunity.

2)  Basically go East until you can go North.  When you get to the top of each
    Section, keep heading East.  You'll be at the Beast Statue in no time.

Mecha Grunty:  Long stretch going West just before the entrance to the 
Lucky Animal:  Baku -  2'nd floor, go all the way East after the first 
               Northern intersection, it's in front of the Platform
Beast Statue:  Water Wheel

Enemies: (10)
Wild Kettle
Lizard Hunter

Health Drink
Antidote Soda
Stimulant Soda
Blessing Soda
Sprite Drop
Rough Shell
Blade Thorns
Simple Bracelet.
Spin Man Que
Water Wheel (Beast Statue)
Spin Rasetu (Area Battle)
Broad Wheel (Area Battle)

Total Treasure: 4
Total Breakable Objects: 13

Alright, FINALLY on to the next story mission.  First, if you want to get
rid of some items, let me only say... get rid of the duplicates first, as I
don't know if the Ryu books you'll get later record all the weapons and stuff
you had gotten before, or if it's just what you have with you WHEN you get
the book.


(Delta)  Great   Cursed   In-laws  (Stormy Field, Lv. 8)
Area word given by Kuhn.  Head here to learn how to summon Avatars

Wow, Pi is really over-protective about that Yata guy, dontcha think?  So, in
case you've forgotten what Yata's talked about, there's a recap, and a little
extra explanation about what Avatar's are.  They also mention that a great way
to summon your Avatar is through battling.  Now, if that wasn't a perfect cue
for some old school Pokemon battle music then nothing is.  For now, just 
head over to the Boss.

Occasionally while crossing the bridges you'll get a brief little phrase
to let you in on what Haseo is thinking, you even get a little clip, but
ultimately, even after beating the boss you just can't summon your Avatar
yet.  Dang, all those extra dungeons and a total waste of time? Well at least
you filled up your Ryu book a bit, right?  Oh wait, no Ryu books yet, damn.
Either way, make sure to go everywhere, otherwise you might miss some Chim
opportunities, or the Mecha Grunties and Lucky Animals and such.

The boss is a giant Tree, which is really rather easy, just keep attacking.
When you hear a noise, it's about to jump up and land for quite a bit of
damage.  Just move out of the way, then dash in to attack some more.  It
will also make the area just below him go black.  When this happens, run
again or you'll be put to sleep.  Try to attack it many times to get a
couple of Rengeki's, and it will soon fall.  You'll get a Medic Necklace
for your troubles.

Mecha Grunty:  On the Island furthest South, left-hand corner
Lucky Animal:  Tsutuga, on the island furthest South, top Right-hand corner

Lizard Hunter
Goblin Mage

Blade Thorns
Olm Shell
Jinx's Bane
Stimulant Soda
Sprite Drop
Sub Robe
Health Drink
Medic Necklace
Simple Necklace

Total Treasures: 4
Total Breakable Items: 9

After you get back to the Town, you'll see another scene with Pi and Haseo.
Although it sounds more like a warning, it does foreshadow a few things that
will happen in the course of the game.  You'll understand later.  For now, just
log out and check your mail.  You'll get one from Kuhn and Pi that you can
respond to, and an e-mail notifying that you are now Officially the Guild
Master for Canard.  Time to check out the @Home then.


Birds of a Feather:  Completing the Guild Master Test.

When you log back in, just take the Warp Point over to the Mercenary district.
Use your newly received @Home key to get to Canard, where you are informed
that the Grunty doesn't exactly approve of you.  Notice any similarities with
the attitudes of the Grunty and Haseo?

Your first assignment is to go to 3 NPC's scattered around the town to get
items for Death Grunty.  God Bless Warp Points :).

First, take the Warp point and go to the Central district.  Run through the
alley to speak with Melo Grunty, who's standing on the bridge railing. You'll
get Grunty's Shoes!  Then head down to the harbor and speak with Wise Grunty
to get a Grunty's Brush!  Finally, take the Warp Point that's here and
teleport yourself to the Alchemy district, run over the bridge to speak with
Gao Grunty to get the Grunty's Hat.

When you make it back to Death Grunty, wondering what the hell took you
so long.  You'll get some Weird Black Tea in exchange.  Now all you've
gotta do is sell that item!  It's not like you're in experienced in
selling stuff.  Still don't want to do it?  Well, this is where you get
a little explanation of how the Guild Shop works.

After putting the item up for sale, go see Gaspard at the shop to trigger
another cut-scene with Sakubo, and she'll end up buying the item from you!
Congrats, you're now the official guild master of Canard... Officially.  That
Bo character is pretty smart too, turning your own phrase around on ya.

Now, when you get back to the Canard @Home, you'll be marked with the Charm of
1000, which basically gives you access to the Steam bike, the Guild Shop, and
the books of Ryu, which helps to unlock a whole list of goodies like Desktop
themes and music, and the ability to watch some of the Cutscenes (as long as
you've seen them at least once before during the normal course of the game).
You also gain access to the Alchemy shop, which lets you fuse weapons 
together to make them stronger.

When you exit the @Home, Death Grunty starts talking to you through the
charm that he gave you.  (Either that or he has some seriously messed up
psychic abilities).  When the tutorial is finished, log out and check your
e-mails and the forums.  The official forums don't hold any keywords, but
they do have suggestions for taking out Lucky Animals.  Going to Apkallu
will get you 5 more Desktop images.  There's a topic called "Anyone Opening
Chests?" That will allow you to respond.  Just push the X button at the last
post, and choose a response.  I'm not sure if you get different responses
depending on how you answer, (probably considering its a message board...)
but I put in Area Word.  You can also respond to the 2 threads in the News
board.  For the Fun internet game thread I put "Not now", which gave me an
instant Silabus affection increase, and for "Wanna buy an M2D I put "I'm
not sure.", which did the same thing.

When you check your mail, you'll only have one, it's from CC corp telling 
you that Lumina Cloth, the area for the Arena Battles is now open again.

Now, at this point I had saved and quit, and the next time I loaded there
were a couple more messages in the Forums.  In the "Anyone opening chests?"
thread,  I got the keywords.

(Delta)  Choosing   Superior    Offerings

There will also be a couple other responses in the "News" section, just
based on whatever you responded with.  So now, Log In.  You can't invite
anyone to your party just yet, so head over to Lumina Cloth via the Chaos
Gate.  It'll trigger a cut-scene with Silabus and Gaspard.  They tell you
that the Emperor of the demon palace is going to be fighting.  Now, watch
closely at the "Emperor", does he look familiar?  That's because he's that
guy that was standing on the tree a few area's ago.  During the fight, you
see the man, Endrance, use an Avatar.  That's Macha, and you'll learn more
about her, and "She" later.

Haseo goes off to the balcony to do some reflecting, and Ovan performs his
usual disappearing act.  After the scene, make your way to the back area where
the blue circle is.  Ovan hints that you should learn how to use your avatar
as soon as possible, and then just leaves... again.  Dang that guy sure
doesn't like to stick around, huh?

Regardless, the "Saku" half of Sakubo shows up and starts being delusional
and talks about "Master En", which of course means Endrance.  As if on cue,
Endrance shows up with that gorgeous White Kitty on his shoulder.  He seems
a little surprised that you saw his avatar, but still considers you nothing
more than another face in the crowd.  And suddenly the game shifts from "I've
got to find out what the hell is wrong with this game" to "I'm gonna beat
the master of the Arena and prove to all that I truely am worthy!"

Well, you need a party.  Silabus seems willing enough, but Gaspard has more
than just a touch of stage fright.  Silabus mentions that a healer would be
good to have on your team, but the only Cleric you know just happens to be
Atoli.  The Moon Tree "Holier than thou" completely pacifistic Atoli.  When
you get control of your character again, log out and check your mail.  Gaspard
will apologize for not being able to fight, which opens up another chance to
raise his affection if you answer the right way.  (I choose Endrance as the
other choice would probably just make him upset).  You'll also get an e-mail
from Atoli asking you to join her once again.  This time, the area is  (Delta)
Blurry    Obsessive    Slacker.  Even though she probably hates things like
the Arena, she's the only Cleric you know, so you're going to have to Charm
her in some way.

Check the forums too.  There will be a couple of posts about Endrance, and
in the rumor's section you can respond to "The mystery of The World" thread.
I choose Tri-Edge, but feel free to experiment.  Lastly, check out the
Apkallu forums for 4 new Desktop Backgrounds.

When you're done checking out all of the forums, log back in.  At this point,
the only player available to you is Atoli.  Now would be an excellent time
to tackle a couple of those alternate dungeons.


At this point, there are 3 new quests, but all 3 need a full party of 3 to
be able to participate.  Don't worry, you'll soon get your chance.  Until 
then, head over to this area to gain a couple of levels with Atoli.

(Delta)  Truthful   Marble's   Bum  (Cloudy Field, lv. 10)
Area word posted on the forum by Renji.  It is a perfect area for level 10

Relatively simple area.  Make sure to take the Southern section first for a
couple of fights as well as the first Symbol Fragment and a breakable item.
This would also be a great time to get accustomed to the controls of the
Steam bike.  If you drive into enemies with it while they're backs are still
turned then you get to do a little bit of extra damage.  Follow the mini
map if you get lost, but don't be afraid to wonder off a little bit, that's
how you find the extra monsters and breakable items in the fields.

All 3 symbol fragments should be on the initial and Southern parts of the
map, but there's still 2 treasure chests to open up.  Grab them, then take
the Beast Statue, then get the hell out of there.

Mecha Grunty:  From where you start, head North East, it's just above the
               entrance to the hill on the right.
Lucky Animal:  Fate Worm, on the hill to the left of where you start.
Beast Statue:  Heaven Guard

Enemies: (10)
Lizard Hunter
Gan Bezel
Vak Fang

Blade Thorns
Aqua Board
Fire Mouse Skin
Sleeping Powder
Health Drink
Earth Spike
Simple Necklace
Simple Earth Idol

Total Treasures: 6
Total Breakable Items: 6


Alright, one level is enough for now.  (Actually, I'm just tired of carting
around only 1 player.  Besides, it's much easier to nail an Awakening with
3 guys whacking the monsters than it is with 2).  Head over to the area that
Atoli wanted you to bring her.

(Delta)   Blurry    Obsessive    Slacker (Sunny Field, Lv. 8)
Area word given by Atoli.  Head here to convince Atoli to participate in the

Atoli thanks you for bringing her here, even though she didn't give you much
time to decide.  She also brought some items.  3 Smoke Screens, and 2 Return
Feathers.  Well, it turns out she didn't bring you here to gain levels, she
just wants to spend some quality time with you.  Isn't that sweet?  I smell
a little Haseo and Shino look-alike 2:  Electric Boogaloo.

First, head North to the dead end.  Atoli will start talking about the
backstory of the world.  When you head back to the starting point, Atoli
points out a bunch of birds on an island that you can't reach.  Don't forget
to head to the Southern island to get a Symbol Fragment.

After you get the 3'rd Symbol Fragment and move forward, you'll see a Chim
Chim, and Atoli will start explaining more about the game "The World" right
before asking if he's ever had someone to "Open Up" to.  Head South of
this area to view a cut-scene with Atoli going up to a bunch of flowers,
and a GOLD BIRD!  One of.. if not THE rarest of the lucky animals.  Atoli
stops you, which means it doesn't actually count as you finding it.  Even
in my first file, I've yet to find one.  Stupid Atoli...

Anyways, head over to the Beast Statue, then when you leave Atoli mentions
how she doesnt play just to simply level up.  Haseo tries to bring up the
topic of Arena, but Atoli hates that kind of thing.  Fighting other players,
that's just wrong.  Right after Atoli bears her reasons for playing the game
Haseo snaps and says it's just a game... and many other words.  Now that
you've broken the poor girls heart, grab the Warp point out of here.

Mecha Grunty:  Near the Alter behind the Beast
Lucky Animal:
Beast Statue:  Sky Shell

Enemies: (9)
Lizard Hunter
Wild Kettle

Smoke Screen
Return Feather
Soil Bug Antenna
Poison Leaf
Blade Thorns
Turtle Shell
Rough Shell
Blade Thorns
Sub Robe
Health Drink
Sky Shell

Total Treasures: 5
Total Breakable Items: 7


Check your party screen, and you'll see that both Gaspard AND Silabus are
online, so have them join your party for the next couple of levels.  Head over
to the quest shop, and accept the Steam Scientist's Invention quest.  You're
going to have to defeat a giant robot monster.  This should be a blast.  You'll
get a bunch of wave module devices, which you're going to have to plant on
the hill tops to weaken the monsters defenses a little bit.


(Delta)   Essential   Idling    Old World (Sunny Field, Lv. 9)
Area word given by Dr. Kepel for the Steam Scientist's Invention quest

When you get to the area, Silabus will make an absolutely brilliant deduction
about Knuckleman's physical attack pattern, whereas Gaspard just can't wait
until he meets the robot.  Make your way East to grab the chest (Damn, doesn't
that just sound wrong? I love it ^_^), and make your way clockwise around
the area.  The Knuckleman is in the center area, so you're going to have to
rely on some pretty sneaky maneuvers if you want to get to all of the hills
before attacking the thing.  I suggest you DON"T use the Steam Bike, as you
might accidentally stear into the creature.

Aside from the Knuckleman itself, the enemies here are still relatively weak
in comparison to what the Arena is going to have in store for ya.  A few
extra HP's for sure, but aside from that it's nothing overly major.  Go
around defeating them all for the experience (leveling up is a major key
in RPG's, DUH!) and get a few Rengeki's and Awakening's out of it.  Try
to store an awakening for the fight against the knuckleman.

After the first Device is planted, Knuckleman's defense power will decrease.
The second one will knock down his attack power a knotch, and the last will
knock out his mobility.

Now, since you don't have Atoli as a healer, you're going to have to play
this one slightly defensively.  Rush in to attack every once in a while,
but mostly hang back and start dispensing Health Drinks and Sprite Drops
to your other party members.  It's not just important to attack this guy,
it's equally important to win.  In fact, that's the ONLY important rule
to anything in life.  You Must Win.

Knuckleman's got a shell on him that is going to weaken your attacks until
it runs out.  Not that big a deal, an awakening should almost take it out,
then just rengeki him to death.  Careful when he jumps up in the air, that
should be your cue to run the hell out of the way.  The "Memory Module"
should pop right out after defeating it.

Mecha Grunty: In the middle of the area 2 spaces East and one space South of
              the starting point.
Lucky Animal: Fate Worm, not far from Mecha Grunty
Beast Statue: None

Enemies: 11
Lizard Hunter
Zan Fang
Vak Fang

Fairy's Orb
Loose Guard
Sprite Drop
Blade Thorns
Health Drink
Wing of Lufu
Astrologer Blood
Fire Mouse Skin
Simple Bracelet

Total Treasures: 4
Total Breakable Objects: 3

After defeating the Knuckleman, you'll automatically be warped to the Quest
Shop where you recieve a Text of Power, and a request from Dr. Kepel to visit
him in his house near the Harbor.  You'll also recieve an e-mail saying that
you can now participate in the Stray Mecha Grunty campaign.  This campaign
(and the Chim's Kicker before it) require you to re-visit the NPC, and then
collect data for them.  In this case, you have to find the Mecha Grunty 50
seperate times.  In the case of Chim's kicker, you gain points for every
Chim Chim you find, with the more rare ones netting you more points, up to
a maximum of 500.  Doing these campaigns will net you a few extra healing
items and such, as well as the knowledge that you are indeed completing this
game 100% before Vol. 2 comes out.

One down, 2 more to go (plus the keywords you got from the boards about the
mysterious treasure box that won't open).  Let's try Bikman's Art Supplies
next.  Your goal is to bring back the Snow Stone back in one piece, and that
means avoiding monster contact after you collect it.


(Delta)   Creeping   Fortune's    Paradise  (Foggy Field, Lv. 8)
Area word given by Bikman for the Bikman's Art Supply quest

Pull out your map by pressing Select.  See that circular area at the bottom
right hand side of the map?  That's where you gotta go.  Now, I suggest you
just clear the area of all monsters, since that'll eliminate the possibility
of fighting one on the way back to the Platform.  BUT, if you want you can
probably just coast by either sneaking or by just eliminating the ones that
you come across on the way to that section and walking the exact same path back
to the warp platform.  Granted, you'll get a smaller rank, but in reality,
outside of the occasional keyword recieved there is absolutely NO incentive
to get S ranking on every level.

As far as I can tell, no Mecha Grunty OR Lucky Animal in this area, but
I'll be revisiting it at some point just in case, it just doesn't seem

Mecha Grunty: None (?)
Lucky Animal: None (?)
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies: (16)
Goblin Mage
Lizard Hunter

Sub Robe
Simple Necklace
Blade Thorns
Sprite Drop
Olm Shell
Cleansing Pill
Loose Guard
Smoke Screen

Total Treasures: 7
Total Breakable Items: 2

When the level is finished, rather than being teleported to the Quest shop,
Bikman meets up with you immediately afterwards.  He (she, it?) says that
he couldn't wait any longer and wants the orb right away.  When he walks away,
THEN you get teleported over to the quest shop for a Text of Sense and an
e-mail from CC corp to say the Bikman's Model campaign has started.



Only do the next Side Quest if you plan on avoiding the Area Battle's until
you've properly leveled up, (no earlier than level 35-ish).  By doing this
quest and talking to the NPC afterwards, you will open up the Blacklist of
PK'ers, which is practically suicide this early in the game.  Alternatively,
you can always do the quest first then wait until later before you see the NPC
for the campaign.

Head back over to the Quest Shop and accept the last quest that's listed.
You'll get a new set of key words and a man named Dingo comes up to you with
a very simple request:  Destroy all the monsters that guard the Alter's of
the field.  Then, and ONLY then will he become your agent in destroying the
dreaded PK'ers of "The World"

(Delta)  Dancing    Mourning    Masquerade (Rainy Field, Lv. 10)
Area word given by Dingo for the Bounty Hunter Test quest.

This stage is relatively easy.  Just follow the map to where the 3 Alters
are, and kill the monsters.  The first one is due South on a hill, and
since that's the closest one, head there first.  From there, head back
North where you came from, then head West to a blank area and South to
the next Alter.  Finally, go back to the starting point, then head North
East to get the last group of monsters.  A short cut scene will play
after each set of Alter Monsters.  Unlike the other quests, you'll have
to gate out manually.  Luckily if you followed my directions, a Platform
shouldn't be too far of where you are.

Mecha Grunty:  None (?)
Lucky Animal:  Fate Worm, just South of the starting point.
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies: (11)
Goblin Mage
Zan Fang
Vak Fang

Astrologer Blood
Sub Robe
Health Drink
Sprite Drop

Total Treasures: 3
Total Breakable Items: 2

When you get back to the Chaos gate, you'll automatically be warped to the
Quest shop.  You'll get the Hunter's Symbol, which will open up the Bounty
Hunter campaign.  You'll also recieve a Text of Power.

Finally, before we head over to Canard's @Home, let's check out that fishy
sounding treasure chest from the area on the boards.


(Delta)  Choosing    Superior   Offerings (1 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv. 11)
Area word posted on the forums be NEMON.  There is a strange treasure chest 
in this area

Don't bother wasting a Fairy's Orb here, as it's just a straight line West over
to the treasure chest.  There are a couple of enemies on the way, but it's
nothing that you haven't experienced before.  When you get to the treasure
chest, it explodes on you!  A weird voice starts talking about how it's time
for his master's return to come, and that you have become the sacrifice
necessary to bring about his master's resurrection.  His name is Habuzi of
Decay, and you now have the Mark of Offering.

This cue's a fight against 3 Wight Ride's.  Just attack as you normally would.
Beware when the area around you goes black, that's when the enemies start a
poison attack.  You can either heal this right away to avoid any unwanted
death, or you can (like I did) just fight it out to end the battle as fast
as possible.  Defeating them will give you an Antidote Soda, as well as some
GP.  You're also hinted at not quite being finished with the sacrifice.
Just head to the Portal and go back to town.

Mecha Grunty:  None
Lucky Animal:  None
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies: (2)
Lizard Hunter
Wight Ride

Health Drink
Blade Thorns
Earth Spike
Antidote Soda

Total Treasures: 0
Total Breakable Items: 4

Rank Reward:  1st Word:  Halberd


Recruitment Drive:  Getting a 3'rd Party Member

Well, since getting Atoli wasn't a huge success, head over to Canard's @Home
to let Silabus and Gaspard know the sad news.  Silabus suggests that a request
should be made on the forums, so he goes off to post.  Don't forget to talk
to Death Grunty and get your Ryu books checked for more accessories for your
desktop.  Next, head over to the Offical Forums and check out the topic Silabus
created for you.  He made you sound all happy and joyful... completely UN-Haseo
like.  Quit the screen to check your mail, then check the same thread again for
the response.  You'll get a keyword, and you're told to go alone, so head 
over there now.

(Delta)  Gallant    Season's    Drunkard (2 Floor Building, Lv. 5)
Area word specified by a player called SAKURA.  Head here to ask SAKURA to
participate in the arena with you.

When you go to the area, you see a brief clip of Atoli saying your name.
This is a simple dungeon, but you'll probably want to get this over with as
fast as possible since you're completely alone. Just follow these directions
and you'll get to the Beast Statue without having to worry about Fairy's

1)  When you get to the first intersection, head North.  From here just follow
the path that's set out for you.  There's one more intersection, but just head
in the direction you were going in and you'll get to the next section

2) Head East into the big Square, then head South.  Follow the path until you
get the a thin strip that can go South 2 ways, one the way you came and the
other to the beast statue.  However, if you choose to take the long way
around, you won't encounter a single enemy until the home stretch.

Mecha Grunty:  None
Lucky Animal:  None
Beast Statue:  Fire Wheel

Enemies: (16)
Goblin Rookie
Vak Bezel
Wild Kettle

Rough Shell
Health Drink
Sprite Drop
Fairy's Orb
Simple Bracelet
Gun Fu Yue
Fire Storm
Turtle Shell
Fire Wheel  (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures: 4
Total Breakable Items: 12

When you get to the Beast Statue, you're ambushed by the 3-Stooges.  She's
been payed to kill you.  Sadly, before chaos insues, the "Great Sakaki" shows
up with his upity attitude, screwing up the party for everyone.  Bordeaux will
never attempt to PK you outside of the Arena now.  Also, Atoli was told ahead
of time that there would be an ambush, hence the wonderful timing.  You know,
just when I want to attack some moronic PK posers, someone has to interfere.

After all that, Atoli agree's to join you in the arena!  Haseo said it right,
this really WAS a big waste of time.  Atoli also wants to become a member
of Canard, since you can be in more than one guild at a time in this game.
Grab the Beast Statue chest, and then warp back to Mac Anu.


Log out and check your e-mails.  You can also check the forums for a couple
of Keywords.

Where can I get Olm Shell   /  (Delta)  Overjoyed    Ruined   Scud
Looking for Monster!       /   (Delta  Rough Song    Vane     Vagabond

Log back in and you'll get an inner monalogue of Haseo thinking he should go
to Canard's @Home, so head over there now.  Also, there's a new Quest in the
Quest Shop, but we'll get to that (as well as the above words) in the next
update.  After the short cutscene, you'll get a notification that you've got
mail, so log back out and check it if you wish.  You'll get an area keyword
from Silabus (again, next update), a note about Skill Levels, and Gaspard
will let you know that there's another Quest in the shop.  When you're done,
add Silabus and Atoli to your party, and head over to the front-desk in
Lumina Cloth.  Next up, you'll get a tutorial on how to fight in the arena.
Here are the basics.  Mainly, attack the Leader first, because if he dies
than you win automatically.  Use skills sparingly, as they're open for
counterattacks.  Likewise, if you see one of the opponents attempt a skill,
they will start to glow and you have about 3 seconds to hit him with one
of your own skills to perform a counterattack.  This gets pulled off as a
Rengeki attack.  Healings have half the potency.  If Atoli uses a Repth
spell, it heals 50 HP instead of 100.  Items are banned.  That's pretty
much it.  You'll face 3 Heroes, consisting of 3 level 10 competitors.
Midnight-Head, an Edge Punisher, IGA, an Edge Punisher, and Rudolph, a
Harvest Cleric.  The fight is really simple, and if you've been following
the guide then you'll probably be around 5 levels more than the opponents.


Alrighty.  Check your e-mails, and at the very least the Rumor section of the
Community Forums.  Some guy wants to speak with Tri-Edge, and he claims to be
the leader of Project G.U.  The topic creater also included which area he's
going to be heading to, so make sure to keep that in mind.

(Delta)  Hidden   Forbidden   Holy Ground  (Doesn't that look familiar?)

If you check out the Crimson VS boards, you can respond to a thread talking
about Gaspard.  I choose the bottom option and got an affection increase. Also
head over to Apkallu for 4 background images.  Now, Log-in and check the Party
screen.  Egads!  They're all busy!  It's almost like they have lives outside
of the online game!  You talk to any World of Warcraft obsessor and you'll know
that just isn't the case in real life.  In any event, head over to (Delta)
Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground.  When you arrive, you are challenged to a duel,
minus the obligatory smack in the face with a glove.

It's PIROS!  The Golden Boy Blunder from the last set of .Hack games, except
then he was green, and geekier, and he said Hark a lot.  What does Hark mean
anyways?  Regardless, he trusts your eyes (again with the eye's thing), gives
you his member address and... well, now we know what "G.U." stands for.
Graphics Unbelievable.  I'm sure there's a deeper meaning than that, but until
that deeper meaning is revealed, let's just head back to town.

When you arrive at Mac Anu, Gaspard will look depressed, but he won't tell
you why.  After the brief cutscene, you'll be notifyed that you've recieved
a couple of e-mails, so head back to your desktop and read them.  You'll get
one Keyword from Atoli, and another mail from her that you can respond to.
You'll also get a respondable e-mail from Piros.  Well, now that you've gotten
many different Keywords, lets grab Atoli and Silabus... God, I almost sounded
like Piros there for a second... wait, that hasn't happened yet.  Don't worry,
he's freaky @_@.

Anyways, add Atoli and Silabus to your party (see, that sounds better!) and
head over to those area's that were given to you.  First, the one that's
"Tough for a Level 10 character"  (I'm at 15 at this point.)


(Delta)  Upfront    Blazing    Camellia  (3 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv. 13)
Area word posted on the forum by Renji.  It may be challenging for level 10

Another one of those "Find the Statue at the end" kinda levels.  I'll describe
the fastest way down there, but as always, I suggest just using a Fairy's Orb
and exploring the entire area for EXP and Items.  Plus, now that you've got
the Ryu books to fill, more time exploring means more sections filled.

1)  Just head West and you'll get to the second section in no time.

2)  Go East until the intersection, then head North.  When you get to the
    top, head back West and you'll get to the next section.

3)  Head East as far as you can go, then head North.  At the intersection,
    go East again then keep going straight to the Statue.

Mecha Grunty: Right in front of you when you get to the second floor.
Lucky Animal: Kudan, in front of a Portal on the third floor.  Head North
              at the intersection instead of East, but turn East the first
              chance you get.
Beast Statue: Water Rasetu

Enemies: (15)
Angelic Core
Goblin Mage
Rue Bezel

The Death
Simple Necklace
Spin Rasetu
Health Drink
Tidal Wave
Smoke Screen
Simple Water Idol
Spell Xinzu
Water Rasetu (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures: 8
Total Breakable Items: 19

Just a little note:  Unless otherwise stated, I'm using Silabus and Atoli in
my party from now on.  Obviously when she's marked as "Busy" or "Offline"
you won't be able to, but that's when another one of these handy notes come
in.  All the area's listed are with that team in mind, as you'll need Atoli
for healing and Silabus for the faster Rengeki's.


(Delta)   Unseeing    Marble's    Bum  (2 floor Waterfall Cave, Lv. 10)
Area word given by Silabus.  There are some pretty good items here.

Well, another cave level.  As usual, the suggestion from me is to fight every
enemy in the section, but here's the fastest route to the Beast Statue.

1)  At the first intersection, go North.  It's a straight-forward path to the
    next section.

2)  Go all the way East and you'll get to the Beast Statue

Mecha Grunty: Right in front of the beginning of Section 2.
Lucky Animal: Ouru, in front of the Platform near the entrance to the second
Beast Statue: Poison Rasetu

Enemies: (10)
Lizard Hunter
Vak Fang
Gan Bezel

Blade Thorns
Simple Fire Idol
Health Drink
Earth Spike
Sprite Drop
Fire Storm
Smoke Screen
Return Feather
Magic Amber
Simple Necklace
Poison Rasetu  (Beast Statue)
Fire Thorns  (Rank Reward)

Total Treasures: 5
Total Breakable Items: 13


(Delta)  Rough Song    Vane    Vagabond  (Late Afternoon Field, Lv. 11)
Area word posted on the forum by Renji.  Fight Trainee Owls in this area.

Alrighty, since we're trying to eliminate all of the weaker area's first, let's
go here.  This is a defeat the boss mission, but as always try to find all of
the other monsters as well.  A few extra fights won't hurt.  Besides, you have
Atoli to take care of you.  Don't forget to go to the area North of where you
start.  Use chim spheres to power up the warp point, and go on a rampage.

Boss Strategy:  First, sneak up behind it to do some early damage.  It'll
start off by raising it's own attack rating a bit.  Just keep attacking as
at your current level he shouldn't be much of a problem.  Nail it with a
Rengeki when you can, maybe even try to earn an awakening before the fight
just to make it even easier.

Mecha Grunty:  On the North Western corner of the island you start on.
Lucky Animal:  Leviathan, right in front of the entrance.
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies: (12)
Gan Bezel
Angelic Core
Lizard Hunter
Trainee Owl

Knight Blood
Health Drink
Sub Robe
Simple Necklace
Earth Spike
Caffeine Drink
Blade Thorns
The Death
Dry Robe  (Boss Drop)
Knight Seal

Total Treasures: 5
Total Breakable Items: 6


(Delta)  Overjoyed    Ruined    Scud  (2 section Building, Lv. 13)
Area word posted on the forum by harley.  Acquire Earth Wheel from the Temple
Treasure in this area.

Another Beast Statue level.  Again, levels should be WAY stronger than necessary
but that's alright.  Again, I'll be listing the fastest way to get to the end,
and then it's one more level (and a quest) before we start in on the Arena

1)  Ignore all Intersections and head East.

2)  Head East until the intersection, then head South.  At the bottom go back
    East and you'll get to the Beast Statue.

Now, in all seriousness, avoiding all the treasures and enemies is a fast way
to go about getting through these stages, especially if you've been following
my guide the way any normal person should.  The problem is, if you want to
fill out all the Ryu books, then you might be missing some of the enemies,
and then you'll have to go back to a bunch of other area's anyways to finish
them up.  Also, now that the Guild Shop is open, you can be selling all the
useless items that you've gotten for a HUGE profit.  What's a few minutes
of cave exploring?  In another file I've got going, most of the Ryu books
are now filled (I just need to get a few items and enemies, and ONE LAST
FREAKING BIKMAN FLIER!), and I've got over 3 hundred THOUSAND GP's.
Granted, GP is pretty useless in this game (I think I've bought the stuff
at the Black Market, and maybe a few Fairy Orbs the entire time I've played)
but in the future volumes, shops might actually be useful, so what's the
harm in being prepared?

Mecha Grunty:  On the straight path just before the 2'nd section.
Lucky Animal:  Tengu, 2'nd section, along the path to the Beast Statue.
Beast Statue:  Earth Wheel

Enemies: (10)
Angelic Core

Health Drink
Return Feather
Broad Maiden
Simple Necklace
Smoke Screen
Simple Earth Idol
Spin Man Que
Blade Thorns
Earth Wheel  (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures: 6
Total Breakable Items: 12


(Delta)  Halberd    Black    Bodhi Tree  (Night Field, Lv. 16)
Area word given by Atoli.  It was given to her by Sakaki.

Finally, an area where you might benefit a little bit.  Your goal is merely to
grab the Symbol Fragments and get the item in the Beast Statue.  Seriously,
this level is fairly easy as there are only 3 Alters.  There is a section to
the East that has the Mecha Grunty AND the Lucky Animal.  

Mecha Grunty: Eastern Island, near the Town Warp.
Lucky Animal: High Wolf, Eastern Island near the Town Warp.
Beast Statue: Brave Wind Idol

Enemies: (7)
Rue Bezel
Buster Kettle

Tidal Wave
Rough Defense
Turtle Shell
Caffeine Drink
Brave Wind Idol (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures: 4
Total Breakable Items: 6

Now, here is where you can either fight in the Arena, or you can do the Side
Quest.  I'm going to do the Quest before the Arena, mostly because I always
do the story stuff last.  Isn't that the usual way you play an RPG?  I always
thought so.


They're After Me Lucky Charms!  (Lucky Animal Sidequest)

First, if you haven't saved, do so now.  (I personally frequently forget to
save while I'm in the zone, that's how I'm still busy completing the Ryu books
in my other file -_-).  Now, make sure Silabus and Atoli are in your party,
and head to the Quest Shop.  There's a quest called Animal Mania, so accept it.

You'll see a cutscene staring a guy named Dr. Pao, and he wants you to find
a certain Lucky Animal, a Black Sleipnir.  All joking aside, this is the
only time I've ever found a Black Sleipnir, so if you're looking to complete
this game 100%, then definitly do this quest.  The main problem with this
particular lucky animal is that he only appears when you defeat all the 
monsters in the area.  Lucky for me, I always do.  Unlucky for me, I usually
just go straight for the Beast Statue afterwards, so there are probably
many times I could have encountered this guy and not known it due to my own
laziness.  You get a Protective Charm to attach to it, so that the good
Doctor can track him at any time.  After a brief analysis by your party
members, use the Warp Point just in front of the Quest Shop, and head over
to the Chaos Gate.


(Delta)  Screaming    Returning    Princess  (Day Field, Lv. 13)
Area word given by Dr. Pao for the Animal Mania quest

As Silabus points out, this is a pretty small field.  Go section by section,
defeating every set of foes as they appear.  There are 2 sets on the first 
island, 3 on the next one, 4 after that (one set is on a hill), and only 2
on the last island.  The Sleipnir appears on top of the hill on the North East
island, so head over there and kick it 3 times.

Mecha Grunty:  None that I saw.
Lucky Animal:  Do you really need this?  Look above...
Beast Statue:  None.

Enemies: (12)
Angelic Core

Smoke Screen
Simple Fire Idol
Rough Shell
Health Drink
Fire Mouse Skin
Simple Necklace

Total Treasures: 4
Total Breakable Items: 1

Once you kick the Lucky Animal, you'll be teleported directly to the Quest
Shop where Dr. Pao thanks you and requests that you go see him later.  This
will start up a Campaign that focuses on Lucky Animal kicking.  You'll also
get a Text of Stamina, a Blade Thread, and a Rough Shell, each has already
been customized with something.  Keep them if you wish, and use the Text of
Stamina on yourself.


Next up is the Arena battles.  Save your game again (just in case) and head to
Lumina Cloth.  What you want to do is keep fighting to raise your ranking.
Your ranking gets higher the more WP you get, not by total victories.  There
are 2 different ways of fighting in the Arena.

Survival battle will pit you against teams of varying strength.  After every 
match you'll get healed depending on how fast you beat the opposing team,
then continue fighting.  If you lose a match, you lose half of the WP's that
you earned during the previous fights.  5 Rounds.

Limit Battle will let you choose a team to go up against. It's that simple.

Listing how many WP's you get per win isn't the most possible of things to
do, as it will vary between levels.  Later in the guide is a (partial) list
of opponents that you can face, in order of Level (of the leader of course).
Keep fighting to raise your rank until Antares makes a challenge.  He spoke
to me after I had a total of 337 WP's, rank 221.  It could happen sooner,
but probably not much sooner.  Either way he gives you an area Keyword to
go to, and the story doesn't continue until you beat it.

To be ranked, you must have WP's equal to at least one more than rank 16 on the 
list.  Once you are ranked at # 16, you don't need to fight anymore.  You can if
you want, but it won't make any difference since most of the fights in the arena
are scripted anyways. (Any wrestling fans will understand what that means.  
Whatever happens in the fight, the end result will be the same, and of course
I'm  talking about any fights DURING the tournament).

Also, you have different Ranking Titles.  Of course at first you're a 
"Beginner", but eventually you move up.  You'll also be rewarded based on
what ranking you are.  Here are the rewards (I would have made a seperate
section for this, but since the Arena fights are so important to the story,
I figured it wasn't much of a sidequest, so here they are).

Bronze Rank:

Mantis Nail
Turtle Shell
Turtle Crest

Silver Rank:

Spin Rasetu
Red Sun Stone

Gold Rank:

Rough Defense


Broad Tu Wan

Once you make it up to Rank 16, there's little point in going further, so
now would be an excellent time to go to the area that Antares challenged you to


(Delta)  Lazy   Advice's   Exile   (1 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv 22
Area word specified by Antares.  Prove your powers to Antares by clearing the 
mission here.

Alrighty.  I was Level 19 when I started this area, so Level Ups are bound to
happen if you've been following me up to this point.  When you first gate into
the area, Antares sends you a short mail telling you to warp from the center
portal.  That's easier said than done, but in actuality it's not too difficult,
especially when he keeps telling which direction to go in.  

Go West of the starting point.  When you get to the next section, you should 
see a White warp orb and you'll get another short mail from Antares telling
you to keep an eye on your mini-map.  Going East will just make you go to a
Treasure chest, so if you wish to end this level early go West instead.

After hitting 2 Warp Points, you'll get a short mail from Antares telling you
to go North.  Do that.  Twice.  From here you can only go East, so head in that
direction, again 2 times.  There's some Breakable Items in the second room to
go East in.

When you get to the next room, there's a Warp point in the center, but this is
NOT where Antares meant.  If you remember, the warp point he wants is in the
center of the area, and this is North East.  Go South once, then go West once,
and THEN you'll be in the area that you need to be in.  Take the warp and grab
the Chest (I don't know why, but I love saying that ^_^).  If you don't want
to follow the guide, Antares does send you short mails telling you pretty
much the same thing.  Before you can get the treasure, there will be a brief
cutscene with Antares.

Mecha Grunty:  None
Lucky Animal:  None
Beast Statue:  Water Locust

Enemies: (13)
Spear Fish
Goblin Guard

Tidal Wave
Health Drink
Spin Corpse
Return Feather
Fairy's Orb
Water Locust (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures: 5
Total Breakable Items: 18


When you finish the area and warp out, if you've already raised your rank up
to the top 16 you'll get an e-mail from CC corp.  It says that you can enter
in the tournament, and that you have to register at the Arena Counter.  When
you get there, Sakubo shows up for a little cutscene.  Oh well.  Logout and
check your e-mail.  There's one from Silabus requesting your royal pressence
at the Guild Shop.  You know, royal like an Assclown King?  Or maybe that was
just a special e-mail based on who I am :).  Regardless, head over there now.

Just going to Mac Anu will trigger a scene with Kuhn.  After a brief chat
about your failed attempt at summoning your Avatar, he'll run off to check on
your Guild Shop.  Since that's where you were going anyways (and it's still
a cutscene and you have ZERO control of your character right now), I guess we
should go with him, eh?  Gaspard is standing there, and then he starts crying
into Kuhn's lap.  It seems that since you decided to fight in the Arena,
Gaspard and Silabus have been getting PK'ed.  It's probably because you went
and picked a fight with Kestrel.  Didn't your mom ever tell you to watch what
you say, otherwise it might come back to bite you in the ass?  That's what
she always told me... and I always ignored her too.  Kestrel is also attacking
your customers, which (from a storyline perspective anyways, nothing ever 
actually happens that I can remember) stops your steady income of extra GP
almost everytime you check the shop.  When the scenes are finished, you'll
get a new area keyword, and Kestrel's guest key.  Add Kuhn to your party and
head over to Kestrel's @Home.

(Delta)   Sneering   Failing   Empire

When you get there, Haseo will marvel at the size of the head quarters, and
a few cutscenes play out.  We learn that Kuhn used to be a member of Kestrel
and that now the 3 stooges are going to leave you, your friends, your friends
family, and your shop keepers alone until your dying day... or until they
defeat you in the arena.  (Yes that is a reference to a mission from GTA
Liberty City Stories, another guide I wrote a little while ago... you know
for those that like variety in their games the way I do).  Don't forget to
talk to the people here, as some of them are Bikman Flier worthy.  After the
scenes you'll be brought to the Mac Anu chaos gate.  Head over to Canards
@Home for another scene.  Gaspard will act all sappy and child-like.  After
the scene, you'll see another one take place outside where Kuhn requests that
you withdraw from the tournament.  Members of G.U. are going to be taking part
in the tournament in an effort to get to Endrance, and you're just going to
get in the way.  Like any opinionated person, however, Haseo refuses and
decides to enter anyways.  Log out and Check your e-mail.  There are also
a couple of updates on the Official Site and the Official Forums, so lets
check that out first.

On the site, there's a notification that the Job Extension Quest will begin
today,  The Official Forum is just a Q & A session with Gabi.  I got a couple
of laughs from it.  In your mail, you'll get a message from Antares, saying
he wants to see you at Mac Anu's chaos gate.  You'll also get an apology from
Silabus, Atoli offering her services, (You know, if this wasn't just a game
I'd almost get weird thoughts from that... Oh screw it, I get weird thoughts
staring at a bowl of oranges), and Kuhn will send you a reply-able mail
as well.  I chose the top option about Gabi.  In The World's section of the
Community boards, there will be a message you can reply to.  Confusing Event,
and it's the next stage for the Mark of Offering event.  I chose the More
Detail response.  Going to Apkallu will get you 4 more wallpaper backgrounds
for your desktop. 

When you log back in, Antares is waiting for you, advising you to take on
the Job Extension quest.  When the scene is over, check out your mail for a
message from CC Corp with the conditions of the quest.  You must be an Adept
Rogue (we didn't have much of a choice, did we?), at least Level 20 (I was
22, you should be around the same if you've been following the guide), and
you must attempt it alone.

Check out the message board for the words to the Confusing Event thread, and
a little bit of a hint on the Job Extension Quest.  Regardless, head over to
the Quest shop and accept, then head to the Chaos Gate.


(Delta)  Pulsating    Unlimited    Metal Doll  (1 Floor waterfall Cave, Lv 22)
Area word given by Ogma for the Job Extension event:  Pursuer of the Twilight

When you arrive at the area, you'll hear a voice telling you to warp from the
center of the area... but didn't you already have to do that for Antares?  If
you even need to THINK about that, then you need to learn how to pick up on
not-so-subtle hints better.  Regardless, this dungeon layout is EXACTLY THE
SAME as the one you did earlier.  The only difference is that now the enemies
are placed in a way that are slightly easier to dodge.  Hell, you even get the
same exact hints in the identical spots they showed up previously.  In actual
fact, this is probably the ONLY time I will ever suggest that you AVOID the
fights, since you are indeed all alone and fighting every single enemy in 
this area would make the level far to long than it's actually worth.  Besides,
after all this time of me droning on and on about how great I am and typing
out filler text such as this very sentance you're reading, don't you want to
try out a different weapon?  Exactly.  Here are the directions for getting
out of here easier... and yes, you COULD just scroll up and read what I typed
before, but who wants to do things the easy way?  Oh right... you're reading
a guide to help you beat the game without effort.  Hmm.  How's that for a foot
in the mouth?

The Directions are West, West, North, North, East, East, South, West, Center.

Please Note:  I just copied and pasted the enemy and item list from the level
before with Antares, this is temperary and I WILL be going through this level
again at some point just to confirm the accuracy of it.

Mecha Grunty:  None
Lucky Animal:  None
Beast Statue:  Brave Pendant

Enemies: (13)
Spear Fish
Goblin Guard

Tidal Wave
Health Drink
Spin Corpse
Return Feather
Fairy's Orb
Brave Pendant

Total Treasures: 5
Total Breakable Items: 18

After you take the Beast Statue, head to the Platform and cart yourself back
to Mac Anu.  You'll automatically be brought to the quest shop.  Watch the
magnificance of Haseo's Second Form!  You'll also recieve a Broad Legged
weapon, and the instructions to use it.  Basically, push X... a lot.  Hurrah
for Simple Battle Systems!  Hurrah for Job Extensions!  Hurrah for me never
saying Hurrah again in this Guide!  WOO HOO!

After the brief cutscene with Antares, you'll get 1000 EXP (basically an
auto-level up) and the notification that you've got mail!  Log out and check
it.  It's from CC Corp, telling you that the first round of the Tourney is
about to start.  When you log back in, only Atoli is online, so make a party
with her and head over to Lumina Cloth.  Or... lets NOT!  Problem is, in
this particular fight your opponents are MUCH stronger than you are.  Instead,
bring Atoli with you to the area with the strange voices.


(Delta)  Heartless   Starting   Pilgrim  (1 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv 21)
Area word posted on the forums by The Bangeman.  A strange voice is heard in
this area.

As you may have guessed, this is no ordinary area... but it has nothing to do
with voices.  It's another part of the quest from before, you know the one,
with the weird guy and the treasure chest?  Something about a mark of offering?
Sacrifices?  Any of this ringing any bells?  Whatever.  As long as you have 
Atoli to heal you, there shouldn't be much to worry about.  I won't do the
usual breakdown, just know that there are 4 breakable objects here, no chests
and no enemy encounters other than the one at the end of the section.

When you get to the end, you'll hear laughter from a midget who talks too
much.  WAY too much.  He'll summon 3 Poisoned Dead.  This is a great new
area to test out your new weaponry.  Defeating the 3 enemies will earn you
a few items, nothing you haven't seen before, and it will make Mr. Stretch
talk some more.  Head out of the area, there's nothing left to do here.

Preparing for the Arena.

Now that you've come this far, you may want to save.  My level at this point
was only 23, so feel free to go to a few random area's on your own, so long
as the area level isn't too far from your own.  One at level 25 should more
than suffice for the Arena Battle with Bordeaux.  Here's the one that I used.

(Delta)   Heartless   Season's   Bum  (3 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv. 25)
Area word mentioned in The Guide written by The Assclown King.  Use it to
prepare for the Arena Battles.

Like that little intro?  I should write for these games ^_^.  Anyways, of
course I want you to use this to help level up, as 23 will get absolutely
Massacred by Bordeaux.  Since it's only you and Atoli, be wary of your
surroundings, and make sure to attack the enemies from behind.  Anyways, if
I ever do a guide on the random area's of the game, I'll be sure to include
this one.  Here's the description on how to get to the Beast Statue.

1)  Just head west and you'll get there in no time.

2)  Make a U turn.  Head East as far as you can go, then go South.  Go until
    you get to the next intersection, go West here.

3)  First, go East.  From there go South as far as you can.  When you get to
    the end, go East once more and you'll be at the Beast Statue.

Mecha Grunty:  1'st section, on the way down to the second one.
Lucky Animal:  Tengu, 2'nd Section.  Instead of heading West at the first
               intersection, keep heading South until the bottom.  It's near
               the Platform on the West side.
Beast Statue:  Medic Pendant

Enemies:  (15)
Lizard Assassin
Zan Ziger

Antidote Soda
Health Drink
Gun Waves
Healing Serum
Simple Pendant
Simple Water Idol
Fairy's Orb
Blade Thread
The Devil
Medic Pendant (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures: 6
Total Breakable Objects: 20

Now, after going through that dungeon, I was at level 27 (26 for Atoli), so
if you're roughly around that level you should do alright for the Arena.


Silence of the Sheep:  Fighting Bordeaux

Add Atoli to your party (if you've removed her at this point) and head over
to Lumina Cloth.  Register at the front desk and Atoli will comment on your
character's look.  She's very nervous however.  Not that that'll effect A.I.
in a video game... just thought I'd fill you in on the obvious here.

As far as battle strategy, head straight for Bordeaux, never let her out
of your sight for a moment.  Whenever she's about to hit you with a skill,
use a Rengeki to counter-attack.  Keep your skills for when she's about to
hit you with one.  Don't use charge attacks, just attack regularly until
you can hit a Beast Awakening.  

When Bordeaux is knocked down to about 300 HP, you'll see a scene where
she beats you down.  It's here that you summon your Avatar for the first
time, and completely wipe out Bordeaux's team.  Except for the Epitaph 
users, nobody really knows what happened, except that they all think you're
the second coming of Endrance (this isn't entirely false either considering
how you win...).  What I find kind of weird is that even if you only used
Broadswords during the fight, the end of the scene has you holding Dual

A few more scenes will play out, one with you laughing like a maniac, and
another with Pi and Kuhn telling you how wrong you were in using Skeith
against your opponents in the Arena.  After the lecture... I mean cutscene,
logout and check your e-mails.  Silabus has something he wants to talk to
you about in Canard's @HOME, Phase 2 of Online Jack is up, as well as a
couple of other newsposts.  There's nothing major in them though, so just
head on over to your @HOME.

When you log into Mac Anu, you'll see Atoli running off the screen to Sakaki,
but since you aren't one to meddle in other peoples affairs (plus you can't
really find them anywhere anyways), head over to Canard where Gaspard grabs
you.  When the scene is over, you'll get more mail.  One from Silabus that
you can respond to (I chose "Atoli"), one from Gaspard (I chose "Good Luck"),
One from Piros saying there's a new quest that you and Gaspard should join 
him on, and one from Yata telling you to go to Raven's @HOME.

Since nobody else is online, head over to Raven's @HOME and speak with 
Yata.  Don't forget to speak with Gaspard at the Guild Shop to get Mucho

Yata's got a mission for you, and since Pi worships the toilet Yata craps
in, she's going to go with you.  After watching a clip of Tri-Edge getting
his freak on, Yata will say he's going to send you the Area to investigate
later.  At this point, Piros and Gaspard are marked as Online, so make a
party with them and head over to the Quest Shop.

Choose Defeat Gurugon, even though there's nothing else you could really 
choose either way.


Quest:  Defeat Gurugon

Watch the brief "story" behind the missing notes, then listen as Piros mentions
how totally un-hetero he is.  Or maybe he's just talking in character... but
how can I make fun of someone in character?  Exactly.  I can't.  So he is non-
straight for the rest of this walkthrough.  Anyways, head over to the Chaos
Gate and go to the area designated by the Quest.

(Delta)  Rising   Love's   Gate   (Sunny Field, Lv 23)
Area word given by Dr. Pao for the Defeat Gurugon quest

Alrighty, so you are given a field with which to level up on before heading
over to Yata's location.  Upon entering, you'll be welcomed with a cutscene
of Piros basically giving away that he works as a designer for CC Corp.

Head South to battle some enemies.  The second southern section will start
a cutscene.  Too bad dog boy's parents don't like Fruity Art types.  Hmm,
why do I get the feeling that that sentence explains a LOT?  Also, Piros
has cool music this time around.  That is all...

If you try to go West, a barrier will block you off.  Your goal is to find
a Stone.  And how do you do that?  Go to all the Altar's in this area until
you find one.  Each of the 3 southern sections have Altars, and of course
it's the Southern most one that's going to have the Stone you need.  Once
you grab it, head back to the Barrier and fight Gurugon.  If you can 
manage it, try and have an awakening saved up.  When it rears it's head
back, it's preparing for a Tongue smash attack, so get out of the way and
let Piros get smacked around.  You should beat it in no time.  You'll get
the Field Note which disappears as soon as the scenes are over and you give
it to Dr. Pao.

Mecha Grunty:  None
Lucky Animal:  None
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies  (10)
Goblin Abyss
Lizard Assassin
Goblin Guard

The Death
Earth Xinzhu
Blade Thread
Soil Bug Antennae
Knight Blood
Spin Corpse
Simple Pendant
Earth Spike
The Death

Total Treasures: 3
Total Breakable Items: 2

Rank Reward:  1'st Word:  Paling

You'll be warped automatically to the Quest shop where Gaspard steals Piros's
line, and you'll get a Text of Power.  Log back out and check your e-mails:
Antares wants to speak with you in Lumina Cloth, so head over there now.

He's standing near the chaos gate and calls you his disciple, to which Haseo
MUST defend himself being the loner that he is.  Antares wants you to meet
some people, so follow him to the Southern part of Lumina Cloth.  He'll give
you Icolo's @HOME guest key, and you make your way inside.  Sirius, some
weird Llama guy knocks Antares down a few notches.  Another "Bastard" thrown
in for good measure (this game really has some freaky "bastard" fetish this
time around).  You'll also be introduced to an Ex-Emperor who immediately
takes a liking to you.  After gripping your throat and calling you a noob,
you and Antares leave Icolo.  After he tells Haseo that he thinks it would be
interesting for him to become emperor, the scene ends and a message saying
you've got mail appears.  Log out and check it out.  It's from Yata, saying
that Pi is in front of the Chaos Gate in Mac Anu with your new orders.  You
can also check out the Apkallu boards for 2 more Desktop Images.


With Great Power Comes Great Opportunity to Abuse That Power
(Data Draining and Avatar Using)

Head over to Mac Anu, and watch a brief cutscene with Pi, where she positions
herself as your master and orders you to go to an area with her, alone.  Invite
her into your party (she's the only one online), and head over to the area she

(Delta)   Delicious   Past's   Weed Eater   (2 Floor Building, Lv. 23)
Area word given by Pi.  Head here to acquire AIDA samples.

When you first warp to the area, Pi reminds you that you MUST follow all of
her orders.  In this area, even though you're probably several levels higher
than most of your opponents, fight everything in your path. Luckily for you,
there's something slightly new to look forward to in this level.  

When you start to see weird blotchy things on the screen, kinda like what you
saw during your first encounter with Endrance near that tree, you're about to
start a batle with an AIDA.  The fight is easy:  Just keep the Square button
held down until it gets stunned, then push Circle to dash forward, and tap
X 3 times to do your attack.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  After you deal enough
damage, you'll see "Protect Break" on the screen, and you'll have about a
minute to perform Data Drain.  You do this by holding the X button and 
firing a shot at the creature.  If it hits, the Data Drain will be
successful, but if you miss or get hit while holding the X button you'll
have to charge the attack again.

After you defeat the first AIDA, a brief cutscene will present itself, and
a message will appear on your screen saying you have 3 more AIDA to defeat
in this area.  Completing this level also makes another side quest available.
Remember that sphere thing in Yata's fantastic room of shiney colors?  Well,
if you go to that sphere, you'll be able to re-fight all of the Avatar battles
you've done up to that point.  Yes, that means you have to defeat each AIDA
or whatever it is you fight in your Skeith form TWICE!  On the bright side,
you'll get a background image with each fight, as well as another one for
fighting them all.

When you get to the second floor to fight the last AIDA, Pi will get
infected by it.  Rather than listen to her instructions of getting Kuhn
to the area, you decide to fight her instead.  And can you really blame 
him?  Getting ordered around like some kind of slave or something, that's
not good for the self esteem.  And so, now you do battle with Pi's Avatar,

For the most part, just shoot and slash when Tarvos is stunned.  Dash away
from the spore attack she sends.  She will also send out some slashable
thorns, so try and attack those away before they do too much damage.
Orb of Revenge is an orb you must try to slash away from you.  The 
closer it is to you, the more damage it does.  When you do about 3/4's 
damage, she will attempt to Data Drain you.  Sadly this move is 
unblockable.  Just mash the buttons as fast as you can to end it quickly.
When you Protect Break it, it may cover itself with it's wings.  Do NOT
Data Drain at this moment, the wings protect it from the attack.

When you successfully Data Drain Tarvos, the battle ends.  You get to watch
a touching scene where it looks like Haseo tries to summon Pi as an 
Avatar... instead, she just wakes up.  What a shame.

After the cutscenes, grab the Beast Statue and head to town.

As per usual, here is the directions directly to the next sections.

Section 1:  Just follow the path.  Once you go as far South as you can, go
            West to the next section.

Section 2:  Another pretty straight forward path.  Just keep heading East.

Mecha Grunty:  None
Lucky Animal:  None
Beast Statue:  Sleep Zhen

Enemies: (13)
Goblin Abyss
Lizard Assassin

Health Drink
The Death
Fire Storm
Simple Pendant
Simple Fire Idol
Blade Thread
Broad Zhen

Total Treasures: 5
Total Breakable Items: 10

After you gate out, another brief scene will play out, then you'll be notified
of important mail, so sign out and check it.  There's one from Atoli telling
you to meet her at the chaos gate, the others are responses from mail you've
sent earlier.  Now sign back in (after saving of course) and meet Atoli at
the chaos gate.


When you meet Atoli, she proceeds to run you down about your appearance and
your attitude.  Pi shows up, and Atoli says you guys must have done something
wrong, because the leaders of Moon Tree wish to have a little chat with you.
She gives you the guest key for Moon Tree's area, and the keywords to said 
area.  Now, make a party of you Atoli and Pi, and make your way to that area.

(Delta)   Setting   Eternity's   Night Moon
Exclusive area provided by CC Corp. for powerful guilds.  Currently on loan
to Moon Tree

When you arrive, Atoli tells Haseo to apologize and they'll forgive him.  Haseo
starts to spaz out since he doesn't even know what he's apologizing for to
begin with.  He runs off, Atoli runs with him.  Go through the door in front
of you and use the warp point.  Another scene will play out.  Zelkova is
sitting down.  He's the guy that you guys saved in the cave.  He'll thank you
for saving him, and after a brief telling of who exactly is in the Seven 
Counsel, you are given a Text of Power.  After a quick verbal battle between
everybody, you learn that Matsu, the red-headed step child from hell is your
next opponent in the Arena battles.  When you get out of the area, Pi warns
you again about your Avatar, then leaves you to check your e-mails like a 
good little lapdog.


You've got Mail Genitalia (Tee hee, Family Guy ^_^)

You're first mail is from Atoli, apologizing for jumping to conclusions and
giving you a chance to respond.  I chose Matsu.  Next up is an e-mail from CC
Corp, saying that your next match is against Matsu for the Arena.  Lastly,
there will be an e-mail from Gaspard giving you an area to level up.  You
should probably go there next.  When you're done with your mail, there's new
messages in the forums and the news, although the news is unimportant unless
you've been following the forums.

Speaking of the forums, you'll get a few area keywords in them, and I'll list
them here.

Where can I get Olm Shell?  /  (Delta)  Agonizing   Friend's   Nemesis
Where Can I get Olm Shell?  /  (Delta)  Rough Song   Dusk's    Hand Song
Where Can I get Olm Shell?   /  (Delta)  Graceful    Humbling   Holy Relic

Also, if you check Apkallu, you'll get 4 more desktop images.  Respond to
Atoli's thread in the Official Forum if you wish, then head over to the
first area on the list with a party consisting of Atoli and Silabus.


(Delta)  Graceful    Humbling    Holy Relic  (Sunny Field, Lv 27)
Area word posted on the forum by Renji.  Acquire Loose Vest from the trap box
in this area.

In this area, you've got 2 goals.  The first one is to defeat the boss and 
level up your characters for the upcoming arena battle.  The second is to
find the Trap treasure chest and acquire (hopefully) the Loose Vest.  Really
though, you should already have one of these, but lets just do it anyways.

The boss is in the Northern-most section of the map, and here's the strategy.

Baz Giant Strategy:  This boss is actually quite simple.  When it lets out a
loud bellow, run as far away from it as possible, because it aims a shot in
the area around it that does quite a big chunk of area damage.  Try to have
an Awakening saved up for the beginning of the fight just to make it faster.
Most of it's other attacks don't do a lot of damage, and they're pretty slow
so you should be able to dodge them quite easily.

Mecha Grunty:  Eastern-most section of the middle island.
Lucky Animal:  Leviathan,  Southern island.
Beast Statue:  None (Boss Mission)

Enemies: (8)
Fever Horse
Baz Giant

Wing of Lufu
Health Drink
Fire Mouse Skin
Simple Gloves
Fire Legged
Simple Pendant
Astrologer Blood
Warrior Seal
Warrior Blood
Brave Pendant  (Boss)

Total Treasures: 3
Total Breakable Items: 6


(Delta)  Rough Song    Dusk's    Hand Song   (Sunny Field, Lv 17)
Area Word posted on the forum by Renji.  Acquire Calm Propeller by breaking the
Barrels in this area.

And now, for part 2 of the "lets acquire a wind resistant armor" quest... well,
not really a quest, more like a pointless fetching of items you may or may not
ever use.  Well, at least you'll fill up more of your Ryu book.

This level is another "Defeat the Boss" stage, and given the difference between
your level and the level of the area (you should be just about double it by
now), you could probably just do this level on your own.  So why don't you?
Because you need to pawn off all your extra items on Atoli and Silabus.  Plus,
with a little luck some weapon levels will go up.  The section where you start
has 5 treasure chests, so snag those right away, fighting all the enemies just
because they're there.  Next, head over to the Eastern island to defeat the

Steam Shell Strategy:  Attack.  Come on, you're level is double that of
the area's, you don't NEED a strategy, you just need to be trigger happy.

Mecha Grunty:  Near the Bridge in the Northern Island
Lucky Animal:  High Wolf, Center of the Northern Island
Beast Statue:  None  (Boss Mission)

Enemies: (10)
Goblin Mage
Buster Kettle
Steam Shell  

Sprite Drop
Smoke Screen
Simple Fire Idol
Turtle Shell
Warrior Blood
Simple Gloves
Warrior Seal
Knight Blood
Simple Earings
Damp Kimono  (Boss Drop)

Total Treasures:  5
Total Breakable Items:  6

Alrighty, just 2 more levels before you get to fight another Arena battle.
They're both actually almost a hint of a challenge now, but not too much since
you should be a master of this games battle system at this point.  If you're
not, then... are you sure you should still be playing at this point in the


(Delta)   Agonizing    Friend's    Nemesis (Sunny Field, Lv. 27)
Area word posted on the forum by Renji.  Acquire Wind Vest from the Temple 
Treasure in this area.

WOO HOO!  This one ain't a boss battle... it's a fetch quest!  Isn't that
exciting?  No?  Well too bad.  This level is essentially a straight line all
the way up to the Beast Statue, but I've listed everything anyways, just for

As if this level wasn't easy enough being one straight line, all the fragments
that you need to open the door are all on the same island as the one with
the Statue.  Convenience at it's best.

Now, this was an area with an Arena Battle, and when I did it I happened
upon Greedy Cervantes, the first of the Blacklisters.  All my characters
were at least level 30, and I still died.  If you want to chance it, go
right ahead, (I was about a hundred HP from killing him, I'm so pissed!),
but I'd wait a few more levels first.

Mecha Grunty:  Same island as the Beast Statue and it's Fragment pieces.
Lucky Animal:  High Wolf, Eastern section of the island North of the start.
Beast Statue:  Wizard Pendant

Enemies: (8)
Fever Horse

Sprite Drop
Astrologer Blood
Fire Mouse Skin
Warrior Seal
Warrior Blood
Health Drink
Sleeping Powder
Wizard Pendant  (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures:  4
Total Breakable Items:  6

Alrighty, now on to the final area before the Arena fight.  Don't forget to
pawn off all of your useless items to Death Grunty in your @Home.  Yeah, I 
know, Gaspard isn't running the shop, but oddly enoough the items still get
sold.  When Gaspard DOES come back, you should receive mucho dinero.


(Delta)  Piling    Red Plum's    Twin Rocks  (Stormy Field, Lv. 31)
Area word given by Gaspard.  An area ideal for leveling up.

The boss is at the island furthest South, but as always try to nail every
item box and enemy along the way.  Remember, the goal of this area is to gain 
levels for the Arena fight, so fighting everything in your path should be top
priority.  Unless you want to lose.  Don't forget to go to the Northern island
to grab the chest there, as well as the lucky animal.

The boss is Elder Growth, with an HP count of 1881.  This is more of an
endurance test than it is a difficult battle.  Time your Rengeki's well, don't
use your skills to liberally, and try to start the battle with an awakening.
When the screen starts to go dark around the tree, he's using a sleep 
technique, it is very advisable to avoid said darkness.  When he starts to
groan, he's about to get up on his haunches and smash the ground for some
area damage.  You have Atoli in your party, so the sleep and the damage 
shouldn't be too much of a factor, just try and make sure her HP and SP
never empties too much.  You do have the ability to heal too, don't be such
a snob.  You'll get an Absorb Defense for winning this fight.

Mecha Grunty:  A little to the right of where you start.
Lucky Animal:  Tsutsuga, the island furthest North.
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies:  (10)
Ruby Cutter
Elder Growth

Simple Pendant
Simple Earth Bell
Healing Serum
Turtle Shell
Knight Blood
Health Drink
Soil Bug Antenna
Absorb Defense  (Boss)

Total Treasures:  5
Total Breakable Items:  6

When you chop down the tree, gate out and head to the Arena (after saving
of course.)


Alright, so your next opponent is Matsu, who just happens to be an Adept Rogue
like yourself.  His 2 Tribal Grappler buddies are level 32, which are the same
levels as the characters I used in this fight.  Matsu himself is only one level
higher than that, and as always, concentrate all your attacks on him.  When
you go to start the fight, a cutscene with you and your party begins.  Haseo
tells Atoli just how whipped she is by Sakaki, and she tries to deny just how
corrupt he really is.  Problem is, he goes to far and Atoli slaps the taste
right out of him.

The beginning shows Zelkova on commentary, and Sakaki watching from the stands.
Fight the match as you always would, and about halfway through Matsu is gonna
switch weapons.  He pulls out a giant red Broad Sword, and claims that the
"Real fight is just beginning".  The sword he's using he used way back when
he was a PK'er.  It's not like it matters, you can still beat him, just
attack only him... like you should have from the beginning.  If done right,
you can probably do this without ever having to use an awakening.

After the match, there will be a cutscene between Matsu and Zelkova.  Right
afterwards, you'll see Matsu give Haseo the Flame Sword.  If you're only
level 32 as I was, then equip it right away.  It's a decent sword for now.
Atoli will run off, leaving you to check your e-mails and stuff.

The first is a response from Gaspard, and the second more important one
is from Piros.  Tri-Edge has left his signature in another area, and
he wants you to join him.  You can also check out Apkallu for 7 more
background images.


(Delta)  Hidden    Forbidden    Bulwark
Lost Ground:  Morrigu Barrow Wall.  Area word given by Piros the 3rd.

The cutscene begins with Ovan talking to Yata.  Although there's a lot of 
talking, nothing really comes of it.  Just sit back and enjoy the cutscenes.
When Piros is done talking about how long it's going to take for Tri-Edge to
make his triumphant return, head back to town.  You'll have new mails in your
inbox, so you should probably check them out now.  Antares has written to you,
saying it's urgent... but not really telling you WHAT is urgent.  Head over
to Lumina Cloth and find out what's going on.

You'll immediately be told that you're late, and be shown Alkaid, who's
walking away from you.  Time to be a good little net-stalker and find out where
she's going.  When you get to the circle, you'll see Alkaid talking to the
great Endrance.  She's clearly pissed at losing to an Avatar user, but Endrance
seems pretty indifferent.  He'll tell you that you're too weak, then Antares
will essentially tell you not to rely on your luck and pride.  After sulking
for a few seconds, log out and check your e-mails again.

First up is an e-mail from Silabus, mentioning a quest for you and Gaspard to
do called Underground Exploration.  Right above that is your notice for your
next tournament fight, and... that's right, it's against Alkaid!  Who could
have guessed that?  Finally, you'll get another leveling up keyword from 
Gaspard.  First up, lets level up a bit.


(Delta)  Counting    Wrath's    Generation  (Sunny Field, Lv 34)
Area word given by Gaspard.  Head here to level up before the match against

Usual rules apply:  Fight everything.  You've got to get stronger so Alkaid
won't laugh at you when she beats you to within an inch of your life.  The
enemies in this area aren't so much tough as they are... annoying.  Chickie
Dada's will call more of themselves into the fight if you aren't fast enough
in killing them, and I've never really liked mages all that much.  Stupid
constant spell casting.  Don't forget to kick some tree's for some chims to
get an S ranking.

Mecha Grunty:  Right behind where you start
Lucky Animal:  Fate Worm, to the right of the beast statue room.
Beast Statue:  Remedy Plate

Enemies:  (8)
Chickie Dada
Goblin Abyss

Sprite Drop
Olm Shell
Cleansing Pill
Smoke Screen
Water Baiyan
The Moon
Tidal Wave
Wizard Blood
Remedy Plate  (Beast Statue)

Total Treasures:  4
Total Breakable Items:  6


Huzzah for Pointless Fetch Quests!

(Delta)   Coiling    Destiny's    Whicker   (1 Floor Cave, lv. 32)
Area word given by Bikman for the Underground Exploration quest.

Well... not quite pointless.  Turns out our good ole buddy Matsu has decided
to take this quest as well.  Know what that means?  PAJAMA PARTY!!!... no,
just no.  It means that it's a race against time and money to make it to the
item first!  Or take your time... fight everything... your choice, since 
there's no actual timer, and regardless of what happens you'll make it 
first.  Anyways, as always use a Fairy's Orb first, just to see what's around.
I'll put the quickest way to the item at the end of all these wonderful walls
of text.

At the first intersection, head West.  There will be a cutscene, and you'll
have to PK some PK'ers.  Keep going in that direction until you get to the
next intersection.  From there, go West again, and you'll see another scene.
Matsu is about to grab the stone, when the PK'ers return with their boss...
the teamate of Bordeaux's from the first fight of the Arena.  Hand them
their asses, again, and Matsu will let you walk off with the stone.

Mecha Grunty:
Lucky Animal:
Beast Statue:  None

Goblin Abyss

Simple Wind Bell
Health Drink
Healing Serum
Return Feather
Lance Yantie
Blessing Soda
The Devil
Gun Ocher

Total Treasures:  2
Total Breakable Items:  6


Alright, it's time to fight Alkaid.  Join a party with Silabus and Atol...
wait a sec... Where's Atoli?  That's right, crying in a corner looking for a 
Bic Razor blade.  All because you made fun of evil little Sakaki.  Anyways,
grab Silabus and register for the next round of the Tournament.  Luckily,
she makes it just in the nick of time.  Supposedly, she slept on the bus in
the real world, and ended up in an entirely different place!  Sounds like an
excuse to me, but then again... I'm not a game... yikes.  Check up on your
opponents:  2 level 35 Twin Blades, with Alkaid being Lv. 36.  I was Lv. 35
at this fight, so it may seem like an uphill battle, but... well, you'll see.

As usual, aim all of your attacks at Alkaid.  Get ready to hit some counter-
strikes, and don't be too afraid to use your own skills whenever you deem 
necessary.  Atoli's there at least, so your health should be alright for a
little while.  Near the end of the battle, Alkaid gets her second wind and...
still fails.  I won't spoil why, but you'll see for yourself pretty soon.

So you get branded as a cheater (big surprise), and you'll see Kuhn and Pi
talking about his "plan".  Check your mail, there should be only one, and it's
from Gaspard.  It's about a rumor that's on the boards, that Tri-Edge was found
yet again:  back where Piros is right now!  Head over there immediately... or
read the entire story on the boards first.  

When you get to the area, the first thing Haseo does is check up on Piros
who just got hit with.... the dust from the sandman.  That dumb ox is 
sleeping on the job!  So much for worrying.  Sadly though, that isn't the
end of the cutscenes.  Next, Sakaki shows up, with Atoli close by his
heels.  She can hear something beyond the wall, but she isn't sure what
exactly it is.  Guess we'll find out later.  Log out and check your
e-mails again.  The first one says that your next opponent in the
tournament is Kuhn.  That's gonna be fun.  Silabus also writes, telling
you that he's worried about the next match, giving you another keyword area
to explore and level up.  Check the one updated thread on the boards to
get 2 other area keywords.  Now that you've gotten your next set of area's,
lets finish them up and get on with the Arena, shall we?


(Delta)  Counting    Heretic's    Frog Lake  (Dusk Field, Lv. 28)
Area word posted on the forum by AppleStar.  Acquire Water Altair by defeating
Rue Ziger

A Defeat the Boss stage.  Even though this stage is several levels below you,
this is a great time to try and fill up your Ryu books.  Whenever you're about
to come across a group of enemies, hop on your bike and ram into them.  Line
them up so that it's just a straight drive though, as the handling on the
bikes is far from perfect.  Nothing here should be too much of a challenge,
but you do have Atoli there to use for healing.  The Don Elephant has the
same basic attack pattern as the other bosses.  Groaning area damage and 
all that.  If you nab the Lucky Animal before you fight him, you'll have
a little more vitality going into the battle, but that's about it.

Mecha Grunty:  Center Island, near boss.
Lucky Animal:  Ganesha, Center island near boss
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies: (7)
Rue Ziger
Don Elephant  (Boss)

Health Drink
Tidal Wave
Sub Attire
Simple Water Idol
Olm Shell
Sprite Drop
Holy Vest  (Boss Drop)
Turtle Shell
Fairy's Orb

Total Treasures:  3
Total Breakable Items: 6


(Delta)  Beloved    Swift    Alga Grass  (2 Section Building, Lv. 34)
Area word posted on the forum by AppleStar.  Acquire Ill Axe from the Temple
Treasure in this area.

The First of 2 area's that may help out in your leveling up.  Sure, it says 
you could acquire an Ill Axe here, but Heavy Axeman are the ways of the past,
man... that and the fact that you're probably only one level above 34 anyways.
Regardless, as always I suggest using a Fairy's Orb for each floor, and finding
all of the enemies.  The choice is still entirely up to you the reader, since
I can't forcably make you fight every single monster... yet.  :)
Here is the quickest way to the Temple Treasure.

On a side note:  Another Battle Area, another Greedy Cervantes, this time
it was a VICTORY!!!  Got a Broad Tu Wan for beating him.

1'st Floor:  Ignore all intersections, and proceed West.

2'nd Floor:  Go East until the first intersection, then go North as far
as you can.  Follow the path East from there to get the Treasure chest.

Mecha Grunty:  1'st Floor, right before entrance to 2'nd floor.
Lucky Animal:  Chimera, 2'nd Floor.  Keep going East at the first intersection
Beast Statue:  Medic Water Bell  (So much for Ill Axe)

Enemies: (10)
Goblin Abyss
Fat Lancer
Chickie Dada

Sprite Drop
Spin Axe
Tidal Wave
The Moon
Simple Pendant
Healing Serum
The Devil
Water Baiyan
Smoke Screen
Medic Water Bell

Total Treasures:  6
Total Breakable Items:  11

Phew.  Last level before Kuhn and Pi.


(Delta)  Fattening    Military    Pure Bred  (3 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv. 36)
Area word given by Silabus.  Head here to level up before the match against

Alright.  Fight everything.  Use all I've taught you (which by now should be
... yuppers, absolutely nothing), compete with all your heart and soul, and
all the emotion that bland words on a white background can possibly impose.
If it's any consolation, you're just about finished the main story, almost.
STRONGLY suggested to fight everything, since you're probably gonna want to
rush through the next few fights to end the game.  In case you're already
bursting with confidence, (and pride, and ego...) here's the fastest way
to the end of the level.

On a side note:  Fought the second Blacklister, Genjyo the Fatal on the
third floor of this place, and beat him in one shot.  WOO HOO!  2 down,
5 to go.  Got an Antidote Potion this time.

1'st Floor:  Follow the path, at the only intersection keep heading West.

2'nd Floor:  At the first intersection, head South.  At the next one, head
             West again.

3'rd Floor:  At the first intersection, head South.  Then follow the path
             to the Treasure.

Mecha Grunty:  1'st Floor, on the path leading to the 2'nd Floor.
Lucky Animal:  Ouryu, 2'nd floor.  Instead of turning South at the First
               Intersection, head East.
Beast Statue:  Fire Crest

Enemies:  (15)
Zan Juggler
Chickie Dada
Holy Eater

Smoke Screen
Fairy's Orb
Lance Yantie
Simple Fire Bell
Sprite Drop
Simple Pouch
Healing Serum
Simple Wind Bell
Health Drink
Spin Axe
Gun Ocher
Fire Crest  (Statue)

Total Treasures:  9
Total Breakable Items:  17

After all that, it's time to battle Kuhn and Pi.


After going to Lumina Cloth and registering for the tournament, head over to 
the sides to check out your opponents stats.  Kuhn, Pi, and Antares!  All are
level 41.  At this point, I was 2 levels below theirs >_<, but as always, go
after Kuhn first and foremost, since he's the leader.  There will be a short
cutscene before the fight.  Silabus gets all hyped out with worry, and Haseo
reflects on what Kuhn used to tell him.  Halfway through the fight, Haseo gets
tired, even if you're beating the crap out of Kuhn, which you should be doing.
Since it's all scripted, it won't be the most sensical of cutscenes.  Haseo
gets Teen-Angsty, then summons Skeith to the fight.  Kuhn will then summon
Magus, and the REAL fight will begin.

First, Magus will summon a shield of leaves that you have to shoot off with
the Square attack.  When he uses Flash of Green, Circle Dodge out of the way
to avoid getting damage.  Magus will also send out what appears to be bullets
towards you.  Often.  Circle Dodge those as well.  When he uses Unforgiving
Bud, slash them as they get close to you.

When Magus takes about 3/4's of damage, a Cutscene will play out, showing
Haseo losing all control of his Avatar.  This is what Kuhn meant about
showing him the true terror of using avatars.  Enjoy the cutscene, then
when you can, go to Yata's room and fight it again to get a new Wallpaper.

When all the cutscenes are done, you are prompted to check your mail, so do
that.   First of all, when you've got a chance, go speak to Yata.  The others
are just responses to mails you've sent earlier.


So the conversation with Yata goes something like this:  You beat Kuhn, Kuhn
was supposed to fight with Endrance, now YOU have to fight Endrance.  In 
return for getting what you wanted in the first place, Haseo tells Yata he
wants Tri-Edge added as well, and Yata agrees.  Hurray for getting what you
want!  Now check your e-mails again.  2 New Quests and a notification that your
next fight in the arena is with Endrance.  Atoli also tells you about a weapon
that'll be perfect for you in another area.  That makes 3 area's before the
Emperor of the Demon Palace.  Do you have that much patience?


Flip it over for MASSIVE DAMAGE!  (Crab Monster Party)

With Kuhn and Pi in your party, head over to the Quest shop and accept the
Crab Monster party quest.  While technically this should be in the "Quest"
section of the guide, there really isn't any extra campaigns to go through
after this level (or the one after it for that matter), so it's in the
main-story guide, and that's it.

(Delta)  Disputing   Gray    Tiny Beast   (1 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv. 37)
Area word given by Marvel for the Crab Monster Party quest.

You know, they say it's never a real party until someone crashes it, and
damn, Alkaid fits the bill perfectly, don't she?  So, after calling you a
cheater for the billion and seventh time, she storms off hoping to finish
the quest before you do.  As usual, try to fight as much as possible, and
here are the directions to finish this up as quickly as possible.

From where you start, follow the path until the intersection.  From there,
go East and fight the Crabs, then come back out and go South.  Fight the
crabs there.  Back at the central intersection, go West this time.  Fight
the next set of crabs, then head open the door with Chim Spheres.

The next section is circular, so no matter what you'll still end up in the
same spots, and you'll still get the same crappy speach from Alkaid at the
beginning of said circle.  The next set of crabs you fight will trigger a
growl from the cave, then you'll have to fight one last crab.

After another long complain-toe-rama from Alkaid, you'll get an Amber
Dragon Eye, and a quest is completed.  You'll get a Text of Stamina
from the Quest Shop.  One down, 2 to go.

Mecha Grunty:  None
Lucky Animal:  None
Beast Statue:  None

Mad Jaws
Great Jaws

Fairy's Orb
Simple Wind Bell
Fire Storm
Amber Dragon Eye
Poison Wings  (Rank Reward)

Total Treasures:  1
Total Breakable Items:  6


"... and they all look up to me 'cuz I've got a drivers liscense."... If you've
ever seen Clerks 2, you'll understand what that quote is going to mean.  If 
you haven't seen Clerks 2, then you probably aren't old enough to be looking
at this walkthrough.  Go back to the quest shop and accept the Maze of the
Bird Monster quest.

(Delta)  Crying   Gambler's   Footsteps  (1 section Building, Lv. 37)
Area word given by Marel for the Maze of the Bird Monster quest.

Alright, for the fastest way through this level, head straight out from the
start, keep going until you come across a wall.  Then head North until you're
stopped again.  Head West from here and follow the path until you reach the

Before you can get into your first fight, a cutscene shows a solo player about
to get creamed by some Chickie Dada's.  This girl shows up 3 times.  By the
third cutscene, she finally starts talking, shocking the world that she's...
only in Grade school.  Grade 3 to be more precise.  And after Kuhn tried
so hard to be a flirty freak.

After you defeat the Scalvanger, a few more funny scenes play out.  This is
definitly Kuhn's time to shine... kinda.  I won't spoil anything here, since
it's a lot funnier if you just watch for yourself.

Mecha Grunty:  None
Lucky Animal:  None
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies:  3
Chickie Dada
Gan Ziger

Smoke Screen
Stimulant Soda
Simple Water Bell
Simple Head Band
Earth Spike

Total Treasures:  2
Total Breakable Items:  11

After the mission, use the Text of Wisdom on yourself, remove Kuhn and Pi
from your party, and add Silabus and Atoli.  One last mission before you
destroy Endrance.


(Delta)  Dawning   Kourin's    Scud  (3 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv. 43)

We're close to the end.  Can you feel it?  Can you taste it?  No?  Damnit all
to hell, I'm supposed to pump you up here!  Anyways, as always, here's the 
fastest route through the dungeon.

1'st Floor:  Head West, ignoring the intersection

2'nd Floor:  Follow the path to the first intersection, heading West from

3'rd Floor:  First intersection head South, follow the path to get the 
             Treasure chest.

Mecha Grunty:  Beginning of 3'rd Floor.
Lucky Animal:  Dark Goat, 2'nd Floor, head North from first intersection, 
               then East at the next one.
Beast Statue:  Search Watch

Enemies:  (15)
Gan Juggler
Goblin Knight

Earth Spike
Simple Earth Bell
Earth Piney
The Death
Sprite Rain
Simple Head Band
Simple Watch
Health Drink
Healing Serum
Broad Wings
Broad Wings
Healing Serum
Blade Sun

Total Treasures:  10
Total Breakable Items:  17

Now, Endrance.  Finally.


Here Kitty Kitty Kitty.

Go to Lumina Cloth.  At the very beginning, you'll see a cutscene with Endrance
and Sakubo.  She makes really creapy innuendo, and Endrance points out the
obvious.  Sign up for the Title match, and check out Team Endrance.  He's at
Level 45, and up to this point your characters are probably at around level
43.  Just because he's one character doesn't mean you should treat this any
different than your past arena matches.  Make those counter-attacks count.
This is what you've been training for.  Everyone is watching this match.  No

Occasionally, you'll see Endrance goes all Pink.  When he's like that, no
matter what you do, he'll evade your attacks.  Do NOT use your skills
unless he's about to use one of his  (it happens, but it's pretty rare).
Halfway through his health bar, Endrance summons Macha.  This entire battle
has helped lead speculation towards Endrance's true persona.  Many others
(like myself), believe that he is Elk from the original games, and although
there is no actual concrete evidence to state this as fact, this battle
does lean some reason to the theory.  I won't get into it here, as this
is supposed to be a walkthrough, but at the end of the guide (in my NEXT
update, not this one) I'll put why I think he is indeed Elk.  And no, it
has nothing to do with his clothing.  This is supposed to simulate an online
RPG, how many freaking NPC's look like Towa, eh?  They're all practically
the same, so the clothing has nothing to do with it... and now I'm rambling.

Alright, so you're fighting Macha now.  When it shoots swirling circles
at you, try and Circle Dodge.  When it prompts you to dodge, try and
get behind him as you do it, as that's the easiest way to daze him for
a few seconds, so that you can slice him with your 3-hit combo.

After the first 2 hits, there will be a cutscene.  Bolt of Love sends out
bullets after you.  They fire once, then come close enough for you to
slash away.  2 more combo's and another cutscene will show.

When Macha uses "Seductive Voice", pick a side and keep Circle Dodging
until it's over.  Bewitching Wind is pretty much like Macha's regular
attack, except now it damages you if you get too close.  Macha becomes
invincable while the red things are swirling around it, so trying to
attack it like that is futile.  Again, Circle Dodge, then shoot it
in the back to daze it.  One attack this time to cue another cutscene.  Yata
did want you to talk to the guy, afterall.

2 more combo's, and then it data drains you.  After another brief chat, 
Macha will start mixing up her moves, pretty likely that it'll hit you with
another Data Drain before you can nail it with one.  Pay close attention to
what Endrance says to the white cat on his shoulder as it fails.  ... Mia?

Either way, it's time to celebrate, you're the new Arena Emperor!


Alright.  Logout, then check your e-mail.  Kuhn will send you an e-mail with
area keywords, and CC Corp will send you an e-mail telling you about your
crowning ceremony.  Check out the boards and you'll get another keyword, as
well as 6 more backgrounds from Apkallu.  Now, head over to the docks in Mac
Anu.  Talk to the Captain of the Ship to head over to your Crowning Moment...
Pun totally intended.  You get handed a Spin Needle, and now your goal is to
talk to everyone here.  When you talk to everyone (including Piros, that sick
freaky monkey), head over to the balcony to talk with Atoli.  After a lengthy,
emotional cutscene, set sail back to Mac Anu, then log out and check your mail.
Yata will tell you to go to Raven's @Home, and you'll also get a few keywords
from the message boards.  For now, go find out what Yata wants from you.


When you log-in, you'll see Atoli in the area where you caught Piros sleeping.
I can only assume that the conversation that you hear is what Ovan was telling
her just before you spoke to her on the balcony.  When that's done and you
reach Raven's @Home, another cutscene will show Atoli touching the red mark
on the wall, and disappearing.  Your goal is to take Kuhn and Pi, and 
investigate the matter personally.  Of course, you do have other area's to 
check out as well, so when Kuhn and Pi are in your party, head over to the
chaos gate.  You'll see another brief cutscene, then you can either follow
my guide, OR you can go right away to the final boss fight of the game.


(Delta)  Freezing    Aster's    Crawl Tree  (3 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv. 40)
Area word given by Kuhn.  Invite Pi and Kuhn to this area.

Ah, so you've decided to take the longer, more rewarding, more fighting way of
rescuing Atoli?  Good.  You're better off doing the extra levels first anyways,
since you probably aren't even close to ready for the final boss yet.  My Pi,
Kuhn, and Haseo were only level 43 at this point.  Anyways, as per usual, 
here's the fastest way through the dungeon, but again as always, it's best
to fight everything here.  This time more than ever, just for the experience.

1'st Floor:  First intersection go North, then follow the path.

2'nd Floor:  First intersection head North, then keep going West until the
             next floor begins.

3'rd Floor:  Just go straight and you'll get the Statue.

Mecha Grunty:  Path just before 2'nd Floor
Lucky Animal:  Ouryu 3'rd Floor.  Go South at the first intersection, East
               at the next.
Beast Statue:  Poison Wings

Holy Eater
Lance Marine
Gan Juggler

The Death
Sprite Drop
Broad Wings
Simple Head Band
Simple Earth Bell
Healing Serum
Sprite Rain
Health Drink
Earth Spike
Tidal Wave
Spin Axe
Simple Watch
Earth Piney
Poison Wings

Total Treasures:  10
Total Breakable Items:  15

Now that you're done, dump all of your extra items in the Guild Shop (via
the Death Grunty in Canard's @Home, since Gaspard is absent again), and head
to the next area.


(Delta)  Entwined   Joyous    Venom Fang   (1 Floor Waterfall Cave, Lv. 40)
Area word posted on the forums by Bikuto.  Strong monsters populate this area.

This is pretty simple.  You could waste a Fairy's Orb here, or you could just
walk in a straight line.  This is another part of the Abyss sidequest that
will show up after you beat the final boss.  Just amble over to the end of
the area.  Not much excitement to be had, but there are some breakable items
around.  4 of them in fact.  After killing the enemies, (tough enemies my
pasty white Canadian ass) head for the exit, and to the next area.

Living Corpse

Antidote Soda
Tidal Wave
Healing Serum
The Death


Now, here is where I decided to try my luck at the final boss.  It's time to
meet..... KITE!  Or Whatever you named him in the first set of .Hack games if
you had decided to use the data from that game for the e-mails.

(Delta)  Hidden     Forbidden     Bulwark

Since this is the ending of the game (this volume anyways), I'm going to not
mention anything at all about any of the cutscenes.  Just watch, and be ready
for not one but TWO boss fights.  One against Kite (or other), and one against
Kite's Avatar (... which come to think of it, you can't exactly prepare for,
but I'm not changing my words now).

Make sure that you have a healthy supply of all the healing potions, as well
as upgraded equipment for Haseo, Pi, and Kuhn.  The first battle is more about
timing your item usage, as well as skill usage.  If you feel more violent,
have either Kuhn or Pi set to Healing, and give them most of your healing 
potions.  Be at least Level 45 when attempting this, higher would be totally
recommended.  Rengeki's occur between 25 and 30 hits, so don't use your 
skills or charge attacks too frequently.  When you defeat him, another 
cutscene is shown, and Haseo summons Skeith to fight with Kite's Avatar.

His first attack consists of hurling rows of blue fire at you.  Do your
best to dodge these without Circle Dodging, as CD'ing tends to go right
towards the flames.  Constantly shoot at him, even if it's just to 
slowly decrease his health bar.  His next attack is bringing out
3 circular objects that explode in more blue flames.  Azure Tiger Claws
is next.  He hurls red claws at you to slash away 3 times.  You will
be prompted to Circle Dash at some point, same as the Macha Avatar fight
from before, except you have less time to prepare for it this time.  After
stunning him, rush up and Slash Combo him.  The attacks will repeat now.

When you decrease his health bar to about half, his attacks start to speed
up a bit in their delivery.  He'll only send about 1 or 2 rows of flames
before the circular explosion, and the rows tend to come out slightly
faster.  When he's about 3/4's finished, he'll Data Drain you.  Shooting
While's he's prepping his Data Drain seems to be a good way to stun him for
some more Combo Slashing, but keep shooting anyways.  When he Protect Breaks,
hold the X button to charge your own Data Drain.  He will constantly send
out his Flaming Rows at you, but he will take a quick second-and-a-half
break once in a while.  That's when you should try to nail him with
Data Drain.  When he's defeated, enjoy the end of Volume cutscenes, and the
credits.  When that's done, check out the news section for another exciting
edition of Online Jack!  Nothing important in the forums, but you'll get
an e-mail about the Abyss quest if you've done the previous area's for them.
Now, go to Yata's room and re-fight any of the Avatar's that you haven't re-
fought yet, then continue on with the guide.


Congrats.  You just beat the Main Story.  There are a few other levels to
do, and there's also the attempt to get 100% of everything, (All Ryu books
filled, all side quests and campaigns defeated).  Now to the levels that I
skipped just to get the game finished.

The Lord of the Dead!

First, make a party.  I had Silabus and Pi, but you can use whoever you want
at this point (except Atoli, for reasons I'm sure you already know).  Head
over to the quest shop, and accept the Lord of the Dead quest.  There's no
cutscene with an NPC, just your character's giving their spin on the situation.
No matter, head over to the Chaos Gate.

(Delta)  Endless    Corpse's    March   (2 Floor Waterfall Caves, Lv. 47)
Area word given by the Quest Shop for the Lord of the Dead quest.

In this section, you'll fight the monsters that those three weird wizard guys
had summoned against you in previous levels.  Remember that Cernunnos guy they
said they were going to summon?  Well, if I said that they had succeeded, would
you start to cry?  Didn't think so.  As per usual, here are the directions to
the end of the level.

1'st Floor:  Go West until the second intersection.  From there go South and
follow the path.  As soon as you can go North again, do so and follow THAT
path to the next section.

2'nd Floor:  At the first intersection, go North.  At the end of that path,
go East all the way to the end, then go North again.  Follow the path to the
Lord of the Dead.

Now, the best way to deal with this guy is start out in Awakening mode.  I
unfortunately didn't do that, but if you do, you'll be able to lob off a 
bunch of health right away. Over four thousand (!) health this guy has, and
depleting it is no small feat.  This battle isn't particularly hard, but it
is pretty long, so bring along a ton of healing items.  Rengeki the hell out
of him, and it shouldn't take TOO long.  After knocking him out, you'll be
transported to the Quest shop where you'll get a Word of Vigor, Word of
Spirit, and a Text of Power.  Tah Dah, all the quests are done.

Mecha Grunty:  None
Lucky Animal:  None
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies:  (5)
Wight Ride
Living Corpse
Poisoned Dead

Healing Serum
Fairy's Orb
Sprite Rain
Fist Altair
Simple Watch
Antidote Soda
The Death
Simple Earth Bell
Spin Piney
Black Armor  (Cernunnos)

Total Treasures:  6
Total Breakable Items:  13

In all seriousness, your ranking doesn't matter for this level, as you just get
teleported to the Chaos Gate once you defeat Cernunnos.  Next up is a level
49 area.  Don't worry if your level isn't quite high enough yet, it soon will
be from the monsters you will kill.


(Delta) Protected    Cupola's    Cathedral  (Dusk Field, Lv. 49)
Area word posted on the forum by bass.  Acquire  Null Garment from the Temple
Treasure in this area.

So, when I attempted this level, I was only Lv. 45.  That's 4 level's of
difference.  You'd think that was suicide or something, but it really isn't.
You just need a plan of attack.  The first thing you need to remember is that
surprise attacks are your best friend.  So are healing items.  After every
enemy that you fight, use a healing item.  Also, fight EVERY ENEMY!  I cannot
stress how important it is to fight in an RPG.  Anyways, since it's a field
you don't need to use a Fairy's Orb to figure out where everything is, just
bring up your map, grab the treasures, then head back to the starting area 
since that's where the Beast Statue is.  I went from Lv. 45 to 49 in this
area, so if you want to level up fast, this is the place to go in this

Mehca Grunty:  North Eastern part of the Middle Island
Lucky Animal:  Malice Cat, on the Eastern side of the Middle Island
Beast Statue:  Divine Sheath

Enemies: (11)
Fate Crab
Gaze Knights

Dowsing Rod
Knight Blood
Wrath Yantie
Broad Wings
Sub Garment
Healing Serum
Mantis Nail
Simple Water Bell
Sprite Rain
Divine Sheath

Total Treasures:  5
Total Breakable Items:  6


Finally, the final level.  The tag for this is about fighting Gaze Knights...
but didn't we fight those in the last level?  Oh well, lets fight some more,
shall we?

(Delta)  Roaring    Doomed    Snow Caps  (Night Field, Lv. 50)
Area word posted on the forums by BLACK.  Fight Gaze Knights in this area.

This time around, you aren't looking for the symbol fragments, you're boss
hunting.  Levling up is also good, although it's not like you can get higher
than 50 in this volume.  Regardless, if you want to beat the boss right away,
just head East from where you start.  Here's the usual stats I put up.

As far as the boss, he's got about half the HP that Cernunnos had, so the
fight is gonna be a lot shorter.  The only advice I can give is stay away
from his head.  He's got a breath attack that's pretty strong, even at
level 50.  You'll get a Greedy Watch when you defeat him.

Now, while you're here, why not battle the Doppleganger?  Just wait around
for a few minutes without moving, without being on pause, and you'll see
a guy that looks like Haseo wandering around.  It helps if you can do an
awakening, and if you're at Level 50.  Doppleganger is always 8 levels 
stronger than you, and always regenerates health, but it's not overly
difficult if you've got an awakening saved up.  Be sure to use your
healing items, and try not to die.  You'll get an Own King for your
troubles, an absolutely useless item in Vol. 1, but it will give you
some stuff in Vol. 2 when it finally comes out.

Mecha Grunty:  Slightly West of the starting point.
Lucky Animal:  Fate Worm, in the middle of the Center Island
Beast Statue:  None

Enemies:  (9)
Gaze Knight
Fate Crab
Dryas  (Boss)

Healing Serum
Warrior Seal
Knight Blood
Simple Earth Bell
Wrath Yantie
Simple Watch
Broad Wings
Greedy Watch
Gold Snake Skin

Total Treasures:  4
Total Breakable Items:  6


Tah Dah, Main Story levels are now complete.  That's not to say that this 
guide is even CLOSE to finished, just that the story is finished.  Onward to
all the little extra's that this game has to offer!


Quest Rewards

Every once in a while, you can take a break from the usual "Save the person
from the video game induced coma" to take part in a wonderful past time known
as the Quest.  Usually it's simple, but most of the time... it's really simple.
You'll get rewarded with items of some sort or another, and the knowledge
that you wasted your time :).  Most of the time after you finish a quest,
you'll unlock that NPC's campaign, which is usually a fetch quest of some sort.
Regardless, if you want to get 100% completion out of this game, then it's a
necessary evil.  And if you DON'T want 100% completion in this game, then just
skip over this section.  Hell, I put it after the main guide anyways.

Crown Quest

Collect the crown from King Chim Chim.
You get:  a Text of Wisdom, which boosts up your magic attack, and it also
gets you the Chim Kicker campaign from the house in the Mercenary district.

Chim Kicker Campaign.

Collect Chim spheres to help with Dr. Kubo's data collecting.  The more you
collect, the more rewards you recieve, one for each goal you meet.  I don't
know the exact numbers you need for each goal, but I do know the rewards you

1'st goal met:  Life Scroll
2'nd goal met:  Antidote Scroll
3'rd goal met:  Dawn Bird Scroll
4'th goal met:  Priest Scroll
5'th goal met:  Word of Vigor


Steam Scientists Invention Quest

You have to defeat Knuckleman and retrieve the memory module.  Follow the
directions in the guide for how to defeat him.
You get:  a Text of Power, which will increase your physical attacks, and it
also unlocks the Stray Mecha Grunty compaign.

Stray Mecha Grunty

In pretty much every single area there's a metal object lying on the ground.
That's the Mecha Grunty.  Your job is to give it Chim spheres, so that it can
blast off and fail, over and over again.  (Insert cheesy, unnecessary and
predictable Team Rocket reference here).  Each time you come across it, it'll
ask you for an extra Chim sphere.  Example:  First time is 5, the next time is
6, then 7, and so on and so forth up until you find him 50 times.  Kepel's
house is located in the Harbor district.

1'st goal met: Simple Steam Ring
2'nd goal met: Steam Plate
3'rd goal met: Steam Bracelet

Bikman's Art Supply Quest

Bikman is an artist, but unfortunately he's (wait for it, this may shock you
if you haven't read the title...)  OUT OF SUPPLIES!  THE HORROR!  He needs a
Snow Stone, but it'll get destroyed if you get into a fight or ride your
dreadful little Steam Bike while it's in your possession.  The solution:
Kill all the monsters before you get the orb.  Seriously, if you can kill them
all then you don't have to worry about fighting.  Alternatively, you can just
fight the ones that are on the way TO the orb, that way there won't be any
return fights and BAM, instant quest victory.  You get a Text of Sense and
the Bikman's Model quest is now open.  You can find him near the bridge in
the Alchemy District.

Bikman's Model

Probably the single most tedious of the sidequests in this game.  According
to the story, Bikman's business is slow, and you need to hand out fliers to
as many people as possible.  To me:  This is an excuse to talk to every single
person in "The World" at least one time.  Thankfully, anybody you've already
spoken with magically already has a flier, to which is NOT explained by Mr.
Hugs and Kisses himself.  There are a total of 135 characters running around,
and this just lists the characters names.  If there's a (!) next to them, it
means I've encountered them in the fields somewhere.  If there's a (&) next
to their names, it means I spoke to them in Kestrel's guild room.  Finally,
a ($) means that I spoke to them in Lumina Cloth, the Arena place.

Just a little helpful hint:  Try going to many fields, even if there's no (!)
next to the name.  To find out if you'll find someone you haven't given a flier
to yet, check out the 2 numbers underneath the area name.  The one next to a
bunch of blue-ish symbols is the total number of players on the field. The
gold line with the pink thing in the middle is the number of people you've
already spoken to.  The point of this:  If the blue number is bigger than the
golden line number, it means that you'll find at least someone who doesn't
already have the flier.  At first you won't need to worry about it, but once
you've started handing out a lot of the fliers, it gets harder and harder to
spot someone you haven't gotten already.  Everything is listed exactly the
way it is on the list in the game.

1'st goal met: Tornado
2'nd goal met: Earth Spike
3'rd goal met: Red Sun Stone


Human Male  (40/51)
Rider Chyob
Lieutenant Okada
Corporal Yano
Ookami Itto
Kunio         (field)
Encephalon    (field)
Lonely Wolf   (field)
Kazuki             (field)
Blue Eye Samurai
Wise Dragon
Battery Tomekichi
Katar           (Kestral)
Dragonfly       (Kestral)
Fang            (Kestral)
AK47            (Lumina Cloth)
Pilgrim         (Kestral)
Takowaza380Yen   (Kestral)
Ayuo            (Lumina Cloth)
Flamberge       (Lumina Cloth)

Human Female (25/40)
Wang Lin
angel hair
Heavenly Flower
Moonlight Dance
Pen Pen
Heart in Brocade    (Lumina Cloth)
Hiira    (Kestral)
Ayame    (Kestral)
Kiira    (Kestral)

Beast Male (12/19)
Seisaku             (Field)
Hideyo              (Field)
RyoTaku             (Field)
Eteman              (Lumina Cloth)

Beast Female (13/25)
Lady of the Lamp    (Field)
Florence            (Field)
(Repeated until...)
Jill                (Field)
???                 (Field)
Evil Woman

Bounty Hunter Test

This quest is pretty easy as far as tasks are concerned:  All you've got to do
is make your way to the 3 alters in the field, all cleverly marked on your map,
and kill the monsters guarding the treasure.  For the most part the monsters
are easy, just try and get a Surprise Attack to help increase your ranking at
the end.  You'll get a Text of Power, as well as the ability to start the
"Chase the Bounty" Campaign.

Chase The Bounty

The game gives you this campaign relatively early on in the game, yet you won't
be fully prepared for this until well after recieving it.  This campaign is 2
fold.  First, you need to get 50 PK's total.  Just go around looking for area's
that have Area Battles in them.  If you put Berserker as the last word when
you create a new level (you get "Berserker" from the clerks movies... oh all
right fine, I'm not funny, I get it now.  You really get the word as soon as
you open up the e-mail from CC corp), you're guaranteed at least 1 Area 

The other part is for the 7 Black-listed PK'ers.  You receive specific rewards
for PK'ing them.  Problem is, at the point in the game when you can start this
quest, it's practically suicide.  You might as well wait until you are at least
level 35, and that's if you have a ton of healing items with you.  Below are
the rewards for the goals for the 50 pk's total, as well as each Blacklister.
I'll be adding the rewards for them as I defeat them, and no I'm not going to
attempt that until much later.

1'st goal met:  400 GP
2'nd goal met:  900 GP

Black Listers

Greedy Cervantes 
From Battle:  Broad Tu Wan
From NPC:     4000 GP
              Olm Shell

Genjyo the Fatal
From Battle:  Antidote Potion
From NPC:     5000 GP
              Wing of Lufu

Fiery Genie-Five

Magical Pokotan

Garden Michelle

Poison Lei Lei

Immortal Goriki

Animal Mania

In this quest, you're out to help Dr. Pao collect data on the Black Sleipnir.
Sadly, this Lucky Animal is quite shy, and will only appear once you defeat
each and every single enemy on the map.  Isn't that what you've always been
doing anyways?  Regardless, there's     enemies here, but don't worry if
you lose track of how many you get, a brief clip will let you know when you've
got them all.  This opens up the Lucky Data Collection campaign.

Lucky Data Collection

Proving your skill at acquiring data for Dr. Pao in the previous quest, he
now wants you to kick at least one of EVERY SINGLE LUCKY (and unlucky) ANIMAL
IN "The World".  He'll give you rewards for kicking a certain number, and then
a final reward for kicking all of them at least once.  (Note:  Even in my other
file this list is incomplete, so I'm not sure if he gives you a reward for
getting them all, although I highly doubt he wouldn't.)

Here is the list of the ones that I've gotten so far (and if you've been
following this guide up to this point, you should have these as well.)  I've
also listed the area keywords for the FIRST time I kicked it.  Listing them
all would take up far too much time, and I do plan on making a seperate
guide in the future (or never at all, depends on my mood) listing every single
possible keyword area, as well as the usual info you can find in this guide.

1'st goal met:  Body Scale
2'nd goal met:  Dream Wood Leaf
3'rd goal Met:  Aqua Board

Animal List

High Wolf
Fate Worm
Malice Cat
Dark Goat
Black Sleipnir

Underground Exploration

Bikmin the flyer guy wants you to collect a Decaying Stone from the bottom
of a dungeon.  There, you'll be Challenged by Matsu, who's on patrol of the
area, and fight 2 groups of PK'ers, one of which is being led by one of your
opponents from the first round of the Arena Tournament.  The fights are easy,
and you'll get a Text of Sense for completing the quest.  Essentially, it's
just another way for you to fight a few more battles before your fight against
Alkaid in the Arena Tournament.


Area Key Words

Note:  Some of these keywords are received after being Ranked on a dungeon.
Since I'm not entirely sure about the Ranking system, I'm going to add an
Exclamation point in brackets (!) as a warning.

Also, it has been suggested that the words that you can get from the Ranking
System are somewhat unique to the area in which you get it in.  I don't really
know for sure, but in case that is true I've decided to list which area I've
gotten which words before.

First Word:
Elegant  (!)
Fly Away
Heavenly (!)
Halberd  (!)  Choosing  Superior  Offerings
Rough Song
Piling   (!)  Heartless   Starting   Pilgrim
Saddened (!)  Piling   Red Plum's   Twin Rocks
Playing  (!)  Counting    Heretic's   Frog Lake
Closed   (!)  Freezing    Aster's    Crawl Tree

Second Word:
Honor (!)
Aster's  (!)
Bustling (!)    Halberd   Black    Bodhi Tree
Red Plum's

Third Word:
Phoenix  (!)    Fattening    Military    Pure Bred
Hand Song
Pure Bred
Fast Horse
Alga Grass
Old World
Holy Ground
1000 Oaks
Metal Doll
Weed Eater
Night Moon
Tiny Beast
Venom Fang
Bodhi Tree
Snow Lamp (!)
Tide Road (!)
Frog Lake
Blue Cloud
Gold Bird  (!)  Graceful   Humbling   Holy Relic
Pinwheel   (!)
Malt Town
Ignorance  (!)  Rough Song     Dusk's    Hand Song
Snow Caps
Twin Rocks
Holy Relic
Cat's Eye (!)
Crawl Tree (!)  Heartless  Season's  Bum


Ryu Books

After you become Guild Master, the Ryu books become available.  Apart from
keeping track of your stats so far in this volume, completing certain tasks
will give you different backgrounds for your desktop, as well as different
songs.  Movie's will also become viewable in it's player on your desktop as
long as you've seen them at least once before during the course of the game,
and you'll get some nifty Greeting Cards to send out to your party members in
the hopes that you'll raise their affection levels.

Just a note:  I have this section written like every other in my guide, with
one column going all the way down.  However, for a few of the listings in the
game it has two columns instead of one.  When that is the case, I merely shift
things over a bit.


Health Drinks      Sprite Drops
???                Antidote Soda

Health Drinks
Sprite Drops
Antidote Soda

Easy enough to understand?  Excellent. On one final note, in some cases there
will be a number in brackets.  Just because I'm a nice guy, I've decided to
list my stats up to the point in the game where the guide is.  Not really
important, but I feel like sharing.  Now, we're off to the Ryu Books!

This book records your battle statistics in the following categories:

Battles Won  (455)
Surprise Attacks  (357)
Rengeki  (403)
Awakenings   (67)

This book records what you do with the other characters in the game.

Trades  (2)
Party Member   (91)
Gift   (27)
Gift Amount    (82200 GP)

This book records your treasure and breakable object stats.

Beast Temple Opened   (25)
Treasure Boxes Opened  (140)
Trap Boxes Opened  (32)
Objects Destroyed  (334)

This book records all the items you have gotten.  Now, I've
received a semi-complete list, the number in the brackets is
the number of listed items I've actually gotten at some point.
Just be warned, there's a lot of things here that haven't been
gotten yet (is that even good english?).

(In a future update, I'll add the area's to get these items)

Weapons: (34/43)

Spin Gai Gu
Spin Kouga
Spin Man Que
Spin Rasetu
Spin Corpse
Spin Locust
Spin Ban Mu
Spin Piney
Spin Axe
Spin Needle
Rippers Blade
Broad Demon
Broad Wheel
Broad Maiden
Broad Legged
Broad Zhen
Broad Tu Wan
Flame Sword
Broad Wings
Gun Steel
Gun Fu Yue
Water Bayonet
Gun Waves
Gun Ocher
Gun Hong
Blade Guifei
Blade Fern
Blade Thorns
Blade Thread
Blade Sun
Tiger Fist
Fist Altair
Golden Spear
Lance Yantie
Lance Law
Spell Xialin
Spell Xinzhu
Spell Baiyan
Spell Omen
Magic Amber
Magic Hosei
Magic Nymph
Magic Crest

Armor:  (15/24)

Sub Gear
Sub Robe
Sub Gown
Sub Attire
Sub YingYang
Sub Garment
Loose Sash
Loose Guard
Loose Kimono
Loose Vest
Loose Plate
Loose Sheath
Rough Armor
Rough Shell
Steam Plate
Rough Mail
Rough Defense
Rough Jiongjia
Steam Armor
Rough Metal
Rought Alloy
Black Armor
Steam Suit

Accessory:    (17/23)

Simple Bracelet
Simple Necklace
Seal of Ya Wang
Crown of Lu Ming
Secret News Book
Simple Fire Idol
Simple Water Idol
Simple Wind Idol
Simple Earth Idol
Simple Steam Ring
Simple Gloves
Simple Earrings
steam Bracelet
Simple Pendant
Simple Fire Bell
Simple Water Bell
Simple Wind Bell
Simple Earth Bell
Simple Pouch
Simple Headband
Simple Watch

Items:   (61/84)

Health Drink
Healing Serum
Healing Rain
Revive Rain
Sprite Drop
Sprite Rain
Weird Black Tea
Holy Potion
Antidote Soda
Stimulant Soda
Blessing Soda
Revival Medicine
Asian Mango
Caramel Sauce
Fire Storm
Tidal Wave
Earth Spike
The Death
The Moon
The Devil
Warrior Blood
Knight Blood
Wizard Blood
Astrologer Blood
Warrior Seal
Knight Seal
Wizard Seal
Astrologer Seal
Smoke Screen
Fairy's Orb
Return Feather
Fire Mouse Skin
Olm Shell
Wing of Lufu
Soil Bug Antenna
Scorpion Tail
Midoro Flagellum
Sleeping Powder
Mantis Nail
Bear Paw
Turtle Shell
Turtle Crest
Cleansing Pill
Jinx's Bane
Caffeine Drink
Poison Leaf
Curse Plant
Dream Wood Leaf
Body Egg
Mind Egg
Body Scale
Mind Scale
Fire Resist Seal
Aqua Board
Calm Propeller
Dust Proof lens
Iron Shell
Iron Crest
Red Sun Stone
Blue Moon Ore
White Star Sand
Gray Comet Dust
Gold Snake Skin
Dowsing Rod
Amber Dragon Eye
Beginners Text
Beginners Book
Text of Power
Text of Stamina
Text of Wisdom
Text of Sense
Word of Vigor
Word of Spirit
Life Scroll
Antidote Scroll
Dawn Bird Scroll
Priest Scroll
Hellfire Scroll
Tidal Scroll
Tornado Scroll
Avalanche Scroll
Chim Crown

This book records your general stats in these areas:

Play Time    (60h,19m)
Grass Field  (24)
Temple Dungeon  (9)
Cave Dungeon   (18)

This book records Arena stats.

Arena Matches   (24)
Counterattack   (41)
Winner Point Acquired   (821 WP)

This book is your Monster List  (area's included in another update)
Same idea:  Somebody else filled in a LOT of the blanks.  I also
looked in my other file to see what he might have missed.

Ogre:   (11/14)

Goblin Rookie
Goblin Guard
Goblin Knight
Goblin Mage
Goblin Mage
Goblin Sage
Goblin Abyss
Gun Giant
Baz Giant
Giga Mouth
Wight Ride
Poisoned Dead
Living Corpse

Demon:   (7/7)

Fat Lancer
Gaze Knight
Angelic Gore   
Holy Eater

Sea Monster:   (2/2)

Spear Fish
Lance Marine

Supernatural:  (6/8)

Vak Bezel
Rue Bezel
Zan Bezel
Gan Bezel
Vak Juggler           
Rue Juggler
Zan Juggler
Gan Juggler

Avian:   (4/7)

Chickie Dada
Raven Claw
Trainee Claw
Trainee Owl
Hermit Owl

Plant:  (4/4)

Onion Mash
Crumple Tree
Elder Growth

Demon Beast:   (8/10)

Vak Fang
Rue Fang
Zan Fang
Gan Fang
Rue Ziger
Zan Ziger  
Gan Ziger
Don Elephant

Mecha Beast:   (4/5)

Wild Kettle
Buster Kettle
Steam Shell
Metal Fist

Dragon:   (4/6)

Lizard Hunter
Lizard Assassin
Fever Horse
Blaze Drake

Crustacean:   (4/6)

Ruby Cutter
Fate Crab
Horned Archelon
Mad Jaws
Great Jaws

???:    (1/1)
AssClown King  (Or whatever you named the character in the first set of games,
                Kite if you've never played them or kept the name they gave.)

This book records what you do with your Steam Bike

Drive Time:   (37m,15s)
Crashes    (18)


Arena Opponents

This is a listing of the groups of opponents that you can fight in the Arena.
Granted, this is DEFINITLY incomplete, but I figured it was worth mentioning.
Also, the teams are listed in order of team leaders Level (going from lowest
to highest).  In case of a Tie (and that's going to happen often...) then it's
alphabetical order, with Capitals taking the lead over un-caps.

Now, you may be wondering why exactly did I do this?  Well, if you're playing
the game and either want a team that's stronger than you, or weaker than you,
you at least know by the name of the team what you should be looking for.  I
personally just fight whatever comes up, but other people might have their own
way of doing it, hence the list.

Did I mention that this list is incomplete?  Thought so, moving on.

Team:  Bcoz of U

Divorce Note  Lv 13  Edge Punisher
BronX   Lv 13  Shadow Warlock
Seaman Lipe  Lv 13 Harvest Cleric

Team:  Lady's Man

Sekishina  Lv 13 Edge Punisher
Kasumi  Lv 13 Blade Brandier
Hinaka  Lv 13 Harvest Cleric

Team:  qick FLEET

Rising Sun  Lv 13 Shadow Warlock
PUN-isher  Lv 13 Twin Blade
FRENCH 75  Lv 13 Edge Punisher

Team:  Rampage

Xnon  Lv 13 Edge Punisher
Chirol  Lv 13 Harvest Cleric
LAW  Lv 13 Shadow Warlock

Team: w/daddy

Kazubo  Lv 13 Edge Punisher
Kouhei  Lv 13 Blade Brandier
Kaori   Lv 13 Shadow Warlock

Team: xxx_mu-mu-mu_xxx

Mukolo  Lv 13 Twin Blade
Hurricane  Lv 13 Twin Blade
Darian Mars  Lv 13 Shadow Warlock

Team:  First Strike

Narukami  Lv 15 Edge Punisher
Prince Charming  Lv 15 Steam Gunner
Dragon Drums  Lv 15 Harvest Cleric

Team: Get Addy Later

?Peanuts?  Lv 15 Harvest Cleric
Monkey King  Lv 15 Edge Punisher
Bizza  Lv 15 Edge Punisher

Team:  Girl's Night

Black Pearl   Lv 15 Shadow Warlock
Kunoichi Ayame  Lv 15 Twin Blade
Yoshimune  Lv 15 Edge Punisher

Team:  Hamada Pro

period S   Lv 15 Edge Punisher
YOU   Lv 15  Steam Gunner
HAYATO  Lv 15 Blade Brandier

Team:  Happy-Go-Lucky

Nalum  Lv 15 Shadow Warlock
Anderson  Lv 15 Twin Blade
Johnson  Lv 15 Blade Brandier

Team:  Law of Karma

Karma  Lv 15 Harvest Cleric
NOAH  Lv 15 Shadow Warlock
Sutemaru  Lv 15 Edge Punisher

Team: Bufferine Punch

Trigger  Lv 17 Shadow Warlock
Schrodinger  Lv 21 Shadow Warlock
Wang Lin  Lv 20 Edge Punisher

Team:  Goddess's Party

Diva  Lv 17 Edge Punisher
Chamomile  Lv 17 Blade Brandier
Brown Sugar  Lv 17 Shadow Warlock

Team: Lose & Retire

F-3110  Lv 17 Edge Punisher
Hi-Risk  Lv 17 Steam Gunner
Mu  Lv 17 Harvest Cleric


Brain Muscle  Lv 17 Edge Punisher
Mikashira Bunji  Lv 17 Blade Brandier
Alkinara  Lv 17 Steam Gunner

Team:  Not Gonna Lose

NonBE  Lv 17 Twin Blade
AK 47  Lv 17 Steam Gunner
Fatty Tuna  Lv 17 Harvest Cleric

Team: Queen B

MIKIMIKI  Lv 17 Harvest Cleric
Regina  Lv 17 Shadow Warlock
Spidrow  Lv 17 Twin Blade

Team: You're All Weak

NiangNiang  Lv 17 Twin Blade
Wasted God Nees  Lv 17 Twin Blade
Suisuru  Lv 17 Blade Brandier

Team:  <3 Xcite

Quasar  Lv 18 Edge Punisher
DOMINATOR  Lv 19 Blade Brandier
Vanguard  Lv 19 Shadow Warlock

Team:  Identity: Moja2

Ninjato  Lv 19 Twin Blade
Nogmung  Lv 21 Blade Brandier
Syake  Lv 17 Shadow Warlock

Team:  TRU Beast Tail

Tanu  Lv 19 Shadow Warlock
Sagittarius  Lv 20 Adept Rogue
Nuada  Lv 20 Shadow Warlock

Team:  Yeay Workers

Oisan  Lv 19 Edge Punisher
Psyche  Lv 19 Edge Punisher
Chief Gemmi  Lv 19 Shadow Warlock

Team: Anti-Guild

Machida Man  Lv 20 Edge Punisher
Sukiyaki Song  Lv 20 Blade Brandier
MaRTiNi  Lv 20 Twin Blade


BunBun  Lv 20 Shadow Warlock
Eleanore  Lv 20 Harvest Cleric
Hornet  Lv 20 Twin Blade

Team:  Do What U Want

SUI  Lv 20 Twin Blade
dicca  Lv 20 Steam Gunner
Gomasaba  Lv 21 Harvest Cleric

Team:  Heal Dancer

Tanaka Taro  Lv 20 Blade Brandier
Sato Hanako  Lv 20 Twin Blade
Pescatora  Lv 20 Harvest Cleric

Team: It's all about $

Lettuce Taro  Lv 20 Shadow Warlock
Rental Daughter  Lv 20 Harvest Cleric
Sapphire  Lv 20 Twin Blade


Senbe- Lv 20 Blade Brandier
Mago6  Lv 22 Edge Punisher
Shouhou  Lv 20 Shadow Warlock

Team:  Mornin' Thunder

MITSUKI  Lv 20 Edge Punisher
Billy-K  Lv 20 Steam Gunner
Cactus Man  Lv 20 Edge Punisher

Team:  Rumored Three

Nuada  Lv 20 Shadow Warlock
Ninjato  Lv 19 Twin Blade
Barson  Lv 19 Harvest Cleric

Team:  STAR of ARENA

Horizanki  Lv 20 Edge Punisher
Kanarin  Lv 20 Harvest Cleric
Tea  Lv 20 Blade Brandier

Team:  ZOO train

Suzuki Pig  Lv 20 Blade Brandier
Elchika  Lv 20 Blade Brandier
Kanko  Lv 20 Shadow Warlock

Team:  Silent Butcher

Ailez  Lv 21 Steam Gunner
Dango Master  Lv 20 Harvest Cleric
Millie  Lv 21 Shadow Warlock

Team: Team Kamikaze

Lieutenant Okada  Lv 21 Blade Brandier
Corporal Yano  Lv 19 Blade Brandier
Psyche  Lv 19 Edge Punisher

Team:  Gramps & Kid

Mago6  Lv 22 Edge Punisher
Mari Arima  Lv 22 Steam Gunner
TetoTeto  Lv 22 Shadow Warlock

Team: American Friend

Rain & Sun  Lv 23 Twin Blade
Mike Smith  Lv 23 Edge Punisher
Bob Smith  Lv 23 Edge Punisher

Team: Char Member

Sour Day  Lv 23 Shadow Warlock
Nicky  Lv 23 Blade Brandier
HikiHikio  Lv 23 Edge Punisher

Team:  Gauge Feelings

Ayuo  Lv 23 Harvest Cleric
DRAKE  Lv 23 Edge Punisher
Sasami  Lv 23 Edge Punisher

Team:  Gem Sisters

Ruby  Lv 23 Blade Brandier
Emerald  Lv 23 Blade Brandier
Jade  Lv 23 Twin Blade

Team:  Ingridient: Sk8

Fish Cake  Lv 23 Edge Punisher
Emin-tan  Lv 23 Twin Blade
Toi  Lv 23 Harvest Cleric

Team:  The Storm Man

Cyclone Tree  Lv 23 Edge Punisher
Unchained  Lv 23 Twin Blade
Turbulance  Lv 23 Steam Gunner

Team: Xtreme

Flamberge  Lv 23 Blade Brandier
Pochi  Lv 23 Twin Blade
moose  Lv 23 Steam Gunner

Team:  Lord En LUUUV

Henako  Lv 26 Harvest Cleric
dr.D  Lv 19 Harvest Cleric
Psyche  Lv 19 Edge Punisher

Item Uses

These are all the items that you DON'T equip.  I listed them in a Name / Use
format, and how to obtain most of them is in the description at the top.
Also, since I also listed what items show up in the area's, I thought it would
be rather pointless to list what area you can get them in, especially since
there are so many possibilities for item drops.


Health and Status: Healing and status items are what I consider Shop Fodder.
With the right characters, you'll get automatically healed, status included.
You can find these itmes mostly in the shops and breakable items, there's
definitly no shortage if you like to hang on to them anyways.  Here is a list
of what they are and what they do. Also, I listed the Dungeon items here 
too. There just aren't enough to make a seperate section for them,

Health Drinks /  Recover an ally's HP by 100
Sprite Drop:  /  Recover an ally's SP by 50
Weird Black Tea / Recover an ally's HP and SP by 50
Antidote Soda /  Cure an ally's Poison
Stimulant Soda /  Cure an ally's Sleep
Blessing Soda  / Cure an ally's Curse
Caramel Sauce  / Recover an ally's SP by 30
Smoke Screen   / Escape from battle by becoming temporarily invisable
Fairy's Orbs   / Find out the location of objects in the area
Return Feather / Warp to the last platform in the area
Coupon      /    A discount coupon for guild shops


Magic and Boosts: These are items that you can pick up to use against other
monsters. While not completely useless, you'll probably end up using your swords
and arts more than these skills.  You can trade for these or find them in the
magic shop in Mac Anu, although I found all the ones listed here as item drops
and in-field treasures of one sort or another. Also included in this list are
the items that boost up your stats temperarily, although for the most part
I just sold them in the Guild Shop for extra cash.

Fire Storm   /   Fireball falls from the sky
Earth Spike  /   Boulder falls from the sky
Tidal Wave   /   Toss up an enemy with water
Tornado      /   Creates a tornado
The Death    /   Inflict Poison on one enemy
Warrior Blood /  Temperarily increase an ally's physical attack value by 3
Warrior Seal /   Temperarily decrease an enemy's physical attack value by 3
Wiard Seal   /   Temperarily decrease an enemy's magic attack value by 3
Astrologer Seal / Temperarily decrease an enemy's magic defense value by 3
Astrologer Blood / Temperarily increase an ally's magic defense value by 3


Customization: These are items that you use to customize existing equipment.
If a weapon or piece of armor has an extra slot on it, you can use the first
section of items to customize your equipment.  The second section is for the
various books and texts you come accross, since adding stats to your character
is in my opinion, customizing your character.  See?  I can occasionally come
up with a good idea.  It's rare, but it happens!

Fire Mouse Skin /  For Weapon Ability: fire attack
Olm Shell       /  For Weapon Ability: water attack
Wing of Lufu    /  For Weapon Ability: wind attack
Soil Bug Antenna / For Weapon Ability: Earth attack
Sleeping Powder  / For Weapon Ability: adds Sleep to attacks
Jinx's Bane     /  For Armor Ability: nullify Curse
Poison Leaf     /  For Armor Ability: Poison Counter
Aqua Board      /  For Armor Ability: water damage - 50%
Turtle Shell    /  For Armor Ability: physical damage -10%
Cleansing Pill  /  For Armor Ability: nullify Poison
Text of Wisdom  /  Increase magic attack value by 3
Text of Power   /  Increase physical attack value by 3
Text of Sense   /  Increase magic defense value by 3
Word of Vigor   /  Increase maximum HP by 25
Life Scroll     /  Learn Repth
Antidote Scroll /  Learn Rip Duk
Dawn Bird Scroll / Learn Rip Mumyn
Priest Scroll   /  Learn Rip Maj


Shop List

Ever wanted to know exactly what was in each individual shop?  Find a great
item at guild shop, but want to know if it's a cheaper price?  Check this list,
as it has every item from every shop, plus the prices for each.  Guild shops
not included as of this version, but rest assured I'll be getting to that
in the not-so-distant future.

Kiosk:  (near Chaos Gate)

Health Drink        100 GP
Sprite Drop         350 GP
Caramel Sauce       250 GP

Magic Item Shop:  (Mercenary District, right next to the Warp Point)

Trade Section:

Health Drink        100 GP
Sprite Drop         350 GP
Healing Serum       350 GP
Revival Medicine   1000 GP
Antidote Soda       250 GP
Stimulant Soda      250 GP
Blessing Soda       250 GP
Asian Mango          80 GP

Magic Section:

Fire Storm          800 GP
Tidal Wave          500 GP
Tornado             600 GP
Earth Spike         700 GP
Life Scroll        3000 GP
Antidote Scroll    3000 GP
Dawn Bird Scroll   3000 GP
Priest Scroll      3000 GP
Hellfire Scroll    3000 GP
Tidal Scroll       3000 GP
Tornado Scroll     3000 GP
Avalanche Scroll   3000 GP

Equipment Shop  (Mercenary District, slightly to the right of the magic 

Armor Section:

Sub Gear            200 GP
Sub Robe           1200 GP
Loose Sash          200 GP
Loose Guard        1200 GP
Rough Armor         200 GP
Rough Shell        1200 GP
Rough Mail         3000 GP
Simple Bracelet     200 GP
Simple Necklace     200 GP
Simple Fire Idol   2000 GP
Simple Water Idol  2000 GP
Simple Wind Idol   2000 GP
Simple Earth Idol  2000 GP

Weapon Section:

Spin Kouga          450 GP
Spin Man Que        950 GP
Spin Rasetu        1450 GP
Blade Guifei        250 GP
Blade Fern          600 GP
Blade Thorns       1400 GP
Broad Demon         250 GP
Broad Wheel        1100 GP
Broad Maiden       1650 GP
Gun Steel           250 GP
Gun Fu Yue          850 GP
Spell Xialin        250 GP
Spell Xinzhu       2000 GP
Magic Amber         250 GP
Magic Hosei        2350 GP

Material Shop  (Alchemy District, slightly North and across from the Warp 

Fire Mouse Skin    3000 GP
Olm Shell          3000 GP
Wing of Lufu       3000 GP
Soil Bug Antenna   3000 GP
Body Scale         3000 GP
Mind Scale         3000 GP
Red Sun Stone      3000 GP
Blue Moon Ore      3000 GP
White Star Sand    3000 GP
Gray Comet Dust    3000 GP

Fine Equipment  (Alchemy District, near Bikman over the bridge)

Armor Section

Sub Attire         4200 GP
Sub Yin Yang       5400 GP
Loose Vest         4000 GP
Loose Plate        5400 GP
Rough Jiongjia     5400 GP
Rough Metal        6300 GP
Simple Gloves      3200 GP
Simple Earrings    3200 GP
Simple Fire Bell   4500 GP
Simple Water Bell  4500 GP
Simple Wind Bell   4500 GP
Simple Earth Bell  4500 GP

Weapon Section

Spin Piney         3500 GP
Spin Axe           4000 GP
Blade Thread       2600 GP
Blade Sun          5600 GP
Broad Zhen         3200 GP
Broad Tu Wan       4800 GP
Gun Waves          3600 GP
Gun Ocher          4800 GP
Lance Yantie       5000 GP
Spell Baiyan       4200 GP
Magic Nymph        4000 GP

Black Market (Lumina Cloth, use the path to get behind the Counter, then keep
going until you see a woman dressed in purple)

Iron Shell        72500 GP
Iron Crest        72500 GP

WOW, those Black Market prices are steep, eh?  On the bright side, getting
either enhancement (and customizing your armor of course) will eliminate 25
damage points to either Physical or Magical damage.  That means that if the
attack would usually only deal 20 HP's of damage, it does NOTHING!  Sure
it seems like a waste at first, but when you see how little immediate damage
your arena opponents deal, you might be a little bit quicker on the 


To Do list:

Complete the Item List
Finish the Campaign Side Quests and their respective rewards.
Complete the Key WOrd list
Complete the Ryu books
Add alternate locations for existing items on the guide
Clean up sections to make them more presentable
Add theory:  Endrance = Elk

Wait Patiently for the next .hack G.U. game.


To me for taking the time to write this guide, as well as putting the effort
into creating the lists for the Ryu books and such.

To you the reader, for taking the time to read this guide.  Go ahead and drop
me an e-mail, I love being praised for my work ^_^.  Just kidding of course...
or am I?

To Gamefaqs for hosting my guide, otherwise it probably wouldn't get read at

To Shadow Prince and anbu_neji, for reminding me to add a shop listing to my

To Pinky (if you're reading this, you know who you are), for sending me my
first piece of Fan Mail.  I'm printing it out and framing it for when (if) I
become famous.

To Eric Pieper, for damn near completing the item and creature lists.  Thanks
a bunch dude.

And so ends another exciting Guide from your friends at Assclown Incorporated.
Thanks for reading, and look out for more reviews and possibly guides in the