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Why I don't see The Boss' uniform in my backpack?

I started a new game loading the file I finished with the same difficult level and I have allt he uniforms you get from bosses and other places, but I dont see the uniform used by The Boss. I killed her with the mossin nagant and the Mk22, so I killed her by reducing her stamina. Can anyone help me?

Zantozzzz provided additional details:

that is the name of the camo. But I didnt get it.


FoxSolidTUS answered:

You get the Snake Camo, are you looking under the right name?
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Quickill_ answered:

Its called the Snake Camo not the Big boss camo maybe thats why.
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Doomdome answered:

You have to pick the camo up after you kill her and she drops it on the ground.
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crazedxerio answered:

actully these guys are right but they missed 1 part lol if u didnt pick it up after a certian ammount of time the game carries over 2 the Ocelot part in the WIG
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j03b0b0fd00m answered:

You are not automatically gifted it. you need to pick it up right away (you have about 10 seconds before it moves on to the next scene.) In Groznyj Grad, second visit, you can find the Sneaking Suit in the locker you put Raikov in (with the red stripe). This reduces the rate at which you lose stamina, and you take half damage. Sigint remarks that it looks like the boss's suit, but Snake is the one you actually get from her.
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blood_red_laos answered:

It isn't called The Boss' camo or something. It's called Snake camo. This camo is useful in any area. Another camo that is similar to The Boss' camo is Sneaking Suit which j03b0b0fd00m mentioned Sigint says looks like The Boss' suit but isn't. It does help to reduce damage but it isn't the best choice for any area you want. Inside area's are the best place for this camo.
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O19snake95 answered:

The best place to use tha sneaking suit is in the mountains, after u kill/tranq the end or the ocelot unit. (if u kill the end earlier in tha game where he is first introduced)
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