Question from bubblez_09

I was wondering Is metal gear solid 3 substance is the same as metal gear soild 3 snake eater?

Is it the story the same or the Characters or the whole game is the same?


Zeff_fury answered:

The main game is the same, however it came with a second disk that had a few extras including special movies, additional camoflage, a once (but now dead) online mode, and full verisions of the original 2 metal gear games, and more
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gamersdream777 answered:

The first disk, subsistence, is the same as MGS3:Snake Eater, except that it has a 3rd person camera instead of the top down view. Also, there are fewer glitches in this version. If you want the top down view, press R3. To switch back, press R3 again.
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dongsoo309 answered:

Metal Gear Solid 3 Substance includes a theatre mode when you beat the game where you can watch any cutscene that you have gotten. There is a boss duel mode where you battle the different bosses from the game. There is an online mode which is screwed up. You can play Metal Gear 1 & 2 which are the first games of the Metal Gear Series in which you play as Solid Snake. There is more camouflage to unlock.The story is the same as well as the characters.
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