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Asked: 4 years ago

Why don't we have disc 2?

My friend bought MGS3 substance a while back. After playing for a while, he saw there was no disc 2. He went back to the store and asked about that and they acted like he was crazy. Now I bought a copy (my original MGS3 wasn't substance and broke) from the same store, and it had no disc 2. Two questions why was it left out and where can we get a disc 2.

Accepted Answer

From: Mookiethebold 4 years ago

There was a version called the Essential Collection which had MGS 1, 2 and 3 all in one package. It only contained one disc for each game. None of the bonus content from the original releases was included in this package, hence no extra discs. The store you bought it from sold the discs separately instead of as the whole box set.

You may be able to find the second disc on Ebay or Amazon. Be warned though, it is expensive. The original MGS3:Subsistence had a short print run and it became scarce and collectible very fast.

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