Question from epsilon_metroid

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find the sniper rifle after The End?

I am just about to fight The Fury and do not have a sniper rifle. I checked that cabin during the fight with The End and all I found was ammo.

Accepted Answer

From: WorldToBurn 4 years ago

You have to beat him by Stamina Depletion,and after the cutscene look to the right of where he exploded,which is not on ledge you start on,just go look on the bright patch of grass,And you'll find the Mosin Nagant,Tranquilizing sniper Rifle.

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Ponizovje West, in the small storeroom at the dock. At the end of the river with the hover guards, take the sorta-hidden left path, instead of continuing north to the Ponizovje Warehouse Exterior. However, if you're at The Fury now, it's too late to go back and get it, unless you have a save from before you climbed the really long ladder.

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