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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find infiniti face paint ?

I caght the wired snake but ididn't get the infiniti face paint

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From: Kee715 6 years ago

Capture a Tsuchinoko, and then finish the game with it. You will lose it when you are captured, but you must go back out to the woods outside off the waterfall and re-capture it. Otherwise you get 100% no infinity facepaint, I have also heard that if you finish the game with the right statistics you will get it AND the Optical Camouflage.

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Where do u find a "Tsuchinoko"???

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There are many places you can get it. It is invisible so you can only capture it one way. The way i captured it is at bolshaya past south you have to find the circle of sunlight. in the circle of sunlight lay a mouse trap and wait a while until you hear a click than go to the mouse trap and it should be there.

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Ok i caught 1 finally where u fight the"fear" now i just hope i can find it at the waterfall now

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The one at the waterfall is no longer invisible, and is located by a log to the right side of the map (just outside the waterfall, and I recommend thermals if it gets too hard to find) (you can also find the the parrot there if you had tranqed the End's parrot and kept, and it will be in a cluster of trees RIGHT THERE next to the tsuchinoko.) (The tsuchinoko is such a cute little FAT snake!)

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