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Where can I find a Tsuchinoko??

Where can i find a Tsuchinoko? i just beat "the end". so i dont want to pass it up.

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See i read somewhere u find it in "the ends" area

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Kee715 answered:

I think you already did, but surely you can go back to the area where you fought The Fear... Anyway I forget where exactly in that area (Where The Fear was) but you place several mousetraps around a tree (I think the first tree when coming from the warehouse), then you wait about fifteen minutes or so and eventually a Tsuchinoko will appear and get caught (Alive), if not then discard the animal that is not a Tsuchinoko and try again... Once you have it then finish the game with it, you will have to catch it again when you meet up with EVA at the waterfall, just go outside and it will be crawling around, use the Mk.22 or something and re-capture it, now just finish the game. I have heard that the Tsuchinoko IS in other areas, but that is one that I am sure of. You WILL need to capture this at least once (Along with every other food/medical item in the game) if you want the EZ gun and you are not on Very Easy... Also if you shoot all of the frog toy things (Kerotans) or get no alerts throughout the game then you will also receive the Optical Camouflage. That should be everything you needed to know and you should not need to ask another question regarding unlockables. Also you could try looking in the FAQs for this info, I am %100 certain it is in AT LEAST one of them...
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