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I can't find my snake vs. monkey minigame?

I can't find my snake vs. monkey minigame on main menu, and I've beaten the game twice (very easy mode), but it won't show up, is there something else I need to do?

Fester95 provided additional details:

Darn, because I got mine from Gamestop in The Essential Collection ( and I've been ripped off by them before when I tried to get Devil May Cry 3:Special Edition, I got the regular version instead, which was also 3 bucks less than Special Edition, and I still paid full price, AND I wanted special edition because of Vergil!) X(
But, just to make sure, can you clarify this?

Fester95 provided additional details:

The problem is, is that mine says subsistence everywhere, but I didn't get disk 2.

Accepted Answer

RGR490G answered:

(The essential collection doesn't come with disc 2)
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Kee715 answered:

I think in Subsistence it is on Disk 2.
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bigsnakeboss answered:

It is on the special edition of the game, not the regular version. The regular game is snake eater while the special edition is subsistence.
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XgunsmokeX answered:

If u have the Subsistence version which id say u do since your posting under that game title it is on disk 2
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Gamer0178 answered:

If you got the essential collection, that version of Subsistence does not come with the second disc. I have the same problem, and am currently trying to find the second disc.
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RGR490G answered:

Snake Vs Monkey is on disc 2, you probably just got ripped off.
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