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No alerts during the game? How?


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Mookiethebold answered:

Not at all, it just takes practice. Watch some Foxhound runs on Youtube to learn some good tactics for getting through the game without alerts.
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Spinal_Feed answered:

Its hard but definetly possible. Basically use your tranquilizers and throw move the whole time, and always attack from a distance. The really crappy part about this is that it is best to fight the End on his turg instead of sniping him earlier (so you don't have to go through the Ocelot Squad) and even the worst of all saving after almost every area you go past and reseting the game every time you get cought. It sucks I know but is worth it for the stealth gear.
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dadkwashere answered:

the cheap way is to save each new area you go into. When you fail, commit suicide via death pill then when game over comes DON'T continue!!! It will count as an alert if you do! Keep practicing and try diffrent tactics and you'll eventually get the stealth camo. You just really need patience.
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