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How do you trigger the cutscene when you're fighting the end called You Disappoint me, Young Snake?

This is the only cutscene I need to have them all and I don't know how to make it happen. Please help.

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DoublePie answered:

Remember how The End constantly snipes you with his tranquilizer gun? Just lose the fight. Stand out in the open and keep letting The End shoot you until your stamina bar empties. At that point, the cut-scene you need should trigger.
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garacius answered:

That, or, mid-fight, save and then come back between 1-6 days after. If you wait 7 days he'll be dead. Alternately manually change the system time.
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spardante2000 answered:

Do what double pie said, the whole wait or advance the ps2 clock one hour is only to kill him without actually fighting... but you dont get his sniper this way so.... yeah...
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