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My Patriot gun, and all boss camos is gone! Why?!

I already finished the game with normal level, and i played again in hard level. Then, after the movie which Snake is being knocked out to the river by The Boss (after saving Sokolov in the jungle), my patriot gun, and all boss camos is gone. Why? Can i keep them save until the end of the game?

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Oh I'm so sory there is a mistakes. I play it first with normal level and play it again with normal level again. The problems is still same. Please give me the solution.

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Mookiethebold answered:

You need to load the save file you made after completing your previous playthrough to play a new round with the camo's and unlockables you collected/earned. You cannot change difficulties either, so if you got all that stuff on Normal, you need to play a new round in Normal again to use them.
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FoxSolidTUS answered:

Is it the same save file?
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Quickill_ answered:

You can change difficulties, so you just lost all your data. =/
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Doomdome answered:

Play in the save you already beat the game in, and it should restart from the beginning.
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crazedxerio answered:

actully these guys are right if u want all of ur SAVED DATA work carried over befores almost every single gun (not including Patriot and SAA) but u got 2 LOAD the saved data if u saved it after the Credits (its not a long wait really just 2 watch them incase u didnt) but if u start on another playthrough from the VERY start without loading ur previous save u would have 2 get it all again (on another note when u complete it u cannot change Game Difficulty 2 carry it all over like MGS2 and 4)
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