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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the geko uniform?

I have beaten the game and i wanted to get this one suit but i can't find it and the gudie here doesn't help me at all

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The Ga-Ko camo is in the water sort of near the shore in the northeastern part of the Chynoryj Prud swamp. Just go all the way to the right and hug the edge, north through the water, and you're bound to either see it or pick it up without even trying.

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Its in the pond after where you fight ocelot's crew for the first time. Its on the easter side near a low water area.

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In Chyornyj Prud( The place after you battle the Ocelot unit after meeting with EVA for the first time.) Go to the east side of the map. Go into the water and the Gako camo will be around the eastern side.

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