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Asked: 3 years ago

What animal or plant do i need to complete all 48 animals and plants to get the EZ gun?

When i beat the game i had 47 plants and animals and the cheats says that i need 48 edible plants and animals to get the EZ gun but when i printed the list of all the foods from the faqs it only had 47 plants and animals please help me get the EZ gun

Additional details - 3 years ago

But i already captured the tsuchinoco,flying squirrel,parrot ,all the mushrooms and the hornets nest but i didnt throw it at the pain or so youre telling me that i must throw at hornets nest at the pain and then i must eat a bee

Accepted Answer

From: Adam_Ace 3 years ago

The Food is a complete pain in the neck to complete given i always fall 1 short. The key ones to remember are The Pains Hornets (You obtain it by throwing a regular hornets nest at pain during the boss fight), Tsuchinoko, Japanese Flying Squirrel which is usually found on trees, The ends parrot and of course every mushroom in the game.

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