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#      ~ Metal Gear Solid 3:  Snake Eater ~       #
#          Secrets And Easter Eggs FAQ            #
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#                   ver. 2.0                      #
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#           by Joe40001, copyright 2008           #
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1.  Introduction
2.  Version History
3.  Character Secrets
     A. Sokolov
     B. Ocelot
     C. The Pain
     D. Granin
     E. The End
     F. The Fury
     G. Raikov
     H. The Sorrow
     I. Volgin
     J. Eva
     K. The Boss
4.  Cutscene Secrets
5.  Title screen and intro movie extras
6.  Hidden Radio Frequencies
     A.	Radio Frequencies
     B. Fire Support Frequencies
     C. Frequencies to Call Off Alert
7.  Secret Tips and Tricks
     A. Anywhere Secrets
     B. Location Specific Secrets
     C. Armory/Resource Sheds
8.  Glitches/Goofs/Errors
9.  Secret Items
10. Easter Eggs/References
11. Special Radio Conversations
12. Things people keep insisting are secrets, but really aren't
13. Conclusion and Thanks
14. Copyrights, etc.

                            1. Introduction

This FAQ is a guide to any and all Secrets and Easter Eggs in Metal
Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. All the secrets provided in this guide
were posted in

***The Secrets and Easter Eggs Topic***

in the Metal Gear Solid 3 forum. If you have any secrets that you'd
like to add to this FAQ just post them in that topic. 

Currently all posts before 12/13/2004 7:07:05 PM have been seen and
added to the FAQ. So, if you would like to submit something to this
FAQ try to make sure that it hasn't already been posted either in 
this FAQ, or in that topic after the said post.

Unfortunately, I do have a life (albeit a pathetic one) outside
of GameFaqs, so I can not add all secrets or updates instantly. I
will try to be quick.

Also, throughout this FAQ I have ?*? this is to help me and those
helping me find the parts of the FAQ that are missing information.
As long as there are secrets in MGS3 undiscovered, this FAQ wont be
done. That said, this FAQ already has a great deal of useful secrets.

It is also worth noting that since these secrets are drawn from 
***The Secrets and Easter Eggs Topic*** they may have a more
conversational tone to them. I will try fix that by version 1.00

                          2. Version History

15-20 Billion Years Ago-
  The universe is created

7-6 Million years ago-
  The first ancestors of humanity are believed to have lived

1450 AD-
  Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press

October 12, 1492-
  Columbus discovers America

July 20, 1969-
  Neil Armstrong lands on the moon

December 9, 2004-
  Version 0.5 of this FAQ is completed
  It has the 1st 100 posts in ***The Secrets and Easter Eggs Topic***

December 11, 2004-
  Version 0.5 of this FAQ is rejected by GameFaqs for incompleteness

December 13, 2004-
  Version 0.9 of this FAQ is completed
  It has all posts up until 12/13/2004 7:07:05 PM included. It still
  admittedly could use a little cleaning up. But for the most part it
  is pretty good.

December 14, 2004-
  I slip into a coma from which I wont awaken for years.

July 28, 2008-
  Version 2.0 of this FAQ is completed

                         3. Character Secrets

3-A Sokolov Secrets
-  In Virtuous Mission, shoot some bullets in the window of Sololov's
   room will make him cry out "STOP" 

-  Then, I tried to throw a grenade in it and it kills him and gives
   me game over. 

-  Then I throw a snake in the room and he shouts "Get off me"

3-B Ocelot Secrets
-  After the cut scene where you knock out revolver ocelot in the
   beginning of the game, if you shoot and kill him the game ends and
   Colonel Campbell says you've created a time paradox.

-  When Ocelot passed out in the Virtuous Mission, carry his body and
   put him down. A mousetrap will pop out...get it ? Ocelot and a

-  When fighting Ocelot, when his men are just watching you 2 fight,
   if you dangle off the cliff , ocelots men will all start laughing
   at you!!!

-  If you shoot the beehives above Ocelot, he will spin his guns to
   swat at them. FREE SHOT! Be careful, because he will do the same,
   and his men will laugh at you then as well.

-  During the ocelot duel at the crevice, wait until he's hiding
   behind the big tree in the center, then walk yourself right up to
   the ledge in the center and stand still, without aiming your gun.
   Ocelot should see you do this, then he'll walk up as well and
   challenge you to a quick-draw duel.

-  If you twirl your SAA during the fight with Ocelot, he will be
   impressed and start juggling his own.

-  You can shoot Ocelot's hat off during the Ocelot and Volgin

-  Equip the Crocodile Cap during the Ocelot fight and his men laugh at

-  Tranquilize the King cobra on the right side and throw it on
   Ocelot's side. It will try to attack him.

-  Shoot the goat in the background. When you look in first person
   view, it will be on the left in the background.

-  These are four outcomes of you duel with Ocelot on the WiG...

  Gun on the left:
    1. Snake shoots Ocelot and misses. Ocelot talks about how his
    luck has finally changed.

    2. Snake shoots Ocelot. Ocelot clutches his stomach in pain then
    reveals that is was only a blank.
    3. Snake doesn't fire at Ocelot. Ocelot talks about his bad luck
    and asks Snake why he didn't shoot him.

  Gun on the right:
    4. Ocelot shoots Snake. Snake winces then Ocelot reveals that it
    was only a blank.

3-C The Pain Secrets
-  In the pain fight, it makes it A LOT easier to beat him if you use
   the shotgun and shoot him while he has the bee armor on. The armor
   will disappear in 2 shots. It is much easier than using grenades.

-  If you throw a hive at around near the pain, it absorbs some of the
   hornets and it becomes tastier. Wait until the boss' hornets enter
   it. The "upgraded" hive is called "HIVE OF PAIN HORNETS" in the menu.
   It's "P.H.HIVE" (with the "R." prefix) in the field. The hive
   restores four bars of stamina (max).

3-D Granin Secrets
-  Just before entering Granin's room, stay for awhile and try to
   make noise (like shooting two lamps) and Granin will shout "QUIET"

-  Equip the Raidenovich mask outside of Sokolov's room. Try to
   enter the room. You can also call Major Tom at this point for
   some extra dialogue.

-  After talking to Granin, if you hang around outside his door he'll
   start saying weird drunken stuff. If you knock on his door a lot
   he'll get mad.

3-E The End Secrets
-  After traveling down the aqueduct, you see a cutscene where The
   End is wheeled out in a wheel chair. Immediately after the scene
   you can quickly switch to the SVD and snipe him. You see his
   chair explode (one of the wheels will fly at you), and you don't
   have to fight him later. (An ocelot unit will be in his place)

-  Use the fake death pill when The End is near you. He'll get out
   from his hiding place and check on you. He'll presume you are
   dead. Use the revival pill and try to get a free shot at him
   before he gets a shock and throws a stun grenade at you. This can
   only be done the once in every The End fight.

-  If you save & quit during the fight with The End, when you reload
   you will get a cutscene of The End sneaking up on Snake and
   knocking him out.

-  Also, if you do the same as above but wait over a week before
   reloading, you will see a cutscene of Snake sneaking up on The End
   only to find that he has died. Snake's backup support will call
   him up and make fun of him.

-  When you use the Konami code during the fight with The End, it
   shows you his place on the Survivor Map. I believe it only works
   while on the map screen.

3-F The Fury Secrets
-  You can use the combo punch on the Fury to make him fall from the
   ledge. (He flies back up)

3-G Raikov Secrets
-  In the building where you have steal the general's clothing, I
   put on the scientist's outfit (and mask) and went to the room with
   the lockers, I then proceeded to start knocking the doors off the
   lockers, I was almost finished when General Raikov came into the
   room, (the alarm didn't sound) he said "What are you doing?". I
   stopped and looked at him. He then came right up to me and
   looked at my face and said "How beautiful!", a few seconds later
   the alarm sounded.

-  Second, when wearing the general's uniform and mask, you can punch
   the guards and scientists, do it in first person view it's pretty
   entertaining. Each time you hit the guards they'll apologize, or
   even say "thank you", which I thought was odd. If you hit the
   scientists, they'll just shake.

-  Also when wearing that uniform you can enter the box right in
   front of people, if they are guards they'll look at it, lift up
   the box, see that it's the general and apologize. If they are
   scientists they will simply look at the box forever, very
   fascinated by it.

-  If you get in a fight with him he will do Raiden's punch and kick
   combo to you instead of knifing you like the regular guards do.

-  if you look at Raikov after you stuff him in the locker you can 
   see a battery pack attached to his butt.

-  If you kill Raikov (don't let the guards see you or you'll get a
   game over), you will see Naked Raiden running down the Sorrow's

-  When dressed as Raikov, you can literally run out of the building
   and into the over all base of Grozny Grad to get all the ammo you
   want (and you can hit the guards too).

-  Also interrogate major Raikov and he will say some weird stuff,
   but also give some helpful hints about beating volgin

-  An interesting note about running around Grozny Grad in the
   Raikov outfit. While none of the guards will be able to tell the
   difference, the dogs apparently know Raikov's scent and attack
   Snake if you get too close.

3-H The Sorrow Secrets

-  In the scene where Snake is patching himself up before the nuke,
   you get an R1 prompt, press R1 and look all the way at the left,
   you'll see The Sorrow's skeleton.

-  If you have shot and eaten a vulture that has eaten a dead
   soldier's body before this fight, the soldier will be either
   being attacked by a vulture or saying something like "you ate me"
   when you encounter them during the Sorrow fight.

-  When you're traveling through the river during your 'fight' with
   The Sorrow, take pictures of the bosses as they come at you with
   your camera. When you load them up you'll see the faces
   of the games developers. 

Here's which pictures show what:
The Pain: ?*?
The Fear: ?*?
The End: ?*?
The Fury: ?*?
The Sorrow's dead body: Hideo Kojima

Note: During this "fight" you will have your backpack, and all of
      your items. So you will have the camera.

3-I Volgin Secrets

-  After Snake is captured by Volgin, the sequence begins with him
   seeing only black and hearing Volgin torturing Sokolov. He then
   turns his attention towards Snake and says "but let's have a look
   at your body first." How many serious injuries you've had to
   treat determines his response.

Possible responses are:
   -You're a tough one my friend, a lesser man would be dead by now.
   -What a Beautiful Body you have, Like a newborn child
   (Maybe others)

-  When you are getting tortured by Volgin (and you still have the
   bag over your head), you can hold down L2 to open up the equipment
   menu. As long as you hold down L2 you will take no damage at all.
   But if you let go of L2 before the scene changes you will take all
   of the damage that you have "prevented" so keep holding it down
   until the next scene starts.

-  If you equip the Raikov gear in the fight with Volgin he will get
   confused at first and think you are him before getting pissed off.

-  If you threaten the Raikov, he will tell you that Volgin hates the
   Russian glowcap mushrooms. And sure enough, if you through a
   Russian glow cap on the ground during your boss fight with Volgin
   all his electric attacks will be drawn towards the glowcap,
   basically, as long as that glowcap is on the ground, most of his
   attacks don't work at all. (The glowcap does go away, after a
   little bit)

-  When in the Volgin fight, throw a tree frog( must be alive) and
   he will yell "a tree frog?!"

-  If you interrogate Raikov he will tell you the general hates
   water. Later when you fight Volgin on the bridge above you there
   are some pipes you can shoot to make water pour out.

3-J Eva Secrets
-  Looking at Eva's med record while heading to the lake shows she
   has breast implants among other humorous things.

-  EVA's food history is pretty funny too. 

-  Puke in front of Eva or throw a snake at her and allow her to see
   the snake. She'll say "Ewww!" or "What are you doing?"

-  Use the tranquilizer on Eva and listen to her while she's
   sleeping. Funny stuff. If her stamina is low she will mention food
   that she would like to eat.

-  Hide from her in a box or put on the monkey mask in front of
   her. She'll say Eva: "Do you know what you're doing," 
   "Are you stupid or something,"...etc.

-  Rotate her character model to make her puke.

-  Lay on the ground. Eva will lay down as well. Try to crawl on top
   of Eva. She'll say: Eva: "Don't touch me!" "Do you have a Death

-  Motion for Eva to come toward you and then hide from her. She will
   yell out your name when you step out into the open.

-  Punch Eva or shoot her and she will roundhouse you.

-  Use CQC on Eva. And she'll say "I can't breathe."

-  Stare at Eva for a few seconds. She'll say: "What are you looking
   at?" "Keep your eyes to yourself."

-  Lay down books in front of Eva. (I could only get a response one
   out of every four times with her, but it does work.) She'll say:
   "What's this?"

-  Use the Fake Death Pill and then use the Revival Pill in front of
   Eva. She'll think your dead. But then go "You... You're alive!?"

-  for the part where Snake and Eva are on their way to the Wig to
   meet The boss and must pass through a forest crawling with guards
   that you have to battle when they catch up to you. To prevent Eva
   from losing stamina and thereby conserving food, CQC her until she
   gets knocked out. You can drag her all through out this part. You
   can stash Eva someplace safe while you battle the guards, Eva also
   does not lose stamina while knocked out so Snake can hog all the
   food (greedy bastard!), when she awakes just knock her out again.
   ALERT NEARBY GUARDS. She doesn't moan when you CQC her. 

-  Look at Eva in the Cure window and hit the R2 button to view her.
   You will see her nipples. (I'd like to point out that anybody who
   is turned on by an X-ray of a video game character's nipples,
   should probably get a real girlfriend.)

-  And if that isn't enough, if you look at Eva in the viewer in the
   beginning of Zaozyorje East, she is only wearing her panties and
   bra. Also, she no longer has that wound. (I guess Kojima thought
   tree branch wounds would be a turn off) 

-  When EVA first shows up and unzips her jumpsuit, you get an R1
   prompt. Press R1 to see exactly where Snake's attention is. You
   can also do this when Snake wakes up (you'll hear the sounds of
   her getting dressed) and during the cutscene immediately before
   you fight the Ocelot unit (while she's looking out the window).

*Note: Several of these are more likely to work if Eva's stamina bar
       is above 2 bars.

3-K The Boss Secrets
-  Using the fake death pill during the boss fight will make her say
   something about knowing it's a fake before she does a flippy
   thingy and kicks you awake.

-  When fighting the boss, if you put on the monkey mask (from snake
   vs monkey). She will say something like "What the hell are you
   doing?" and stun for a while. Free hit :)

-  If you shoot the kerotan frog when fighting the boss, shoot it
   when she is next to the tree the frog is on. She will be
   distracted by the noise and you can get a free hit for a few

-  The petals change color during The Boss fight when either of you
   get hurt.

-  Throw Smoke Grenades at her. She'll say: "What's this for?"
   "A smoke screen?" and "I can't see!"

-  Hide in the flowers with the Snow camo and throw clips near her.
   She will yell out "Found you!" and shoot at the clips. I got her
   to yell out "Damn" after doing this for a while.

-  Knock her down and continuously throw clips at her. For some
   reason, she will not get up. You can actually hit her with every
   clip you

-  During the fight with The Boss, use CQC counter by pushing analog
   stick and press & hold Circle button at the same time to counter
   when she grab snake. Right after the counter, she will just stand
   there for seconds. Go near to The Boss and use push analog stick
   and press Circle button at the same time to create a blow by
   grabbing and throw her to the ground. Her stamina gauge will
   drop. By doing this until her stamina end, you will get snake

-  The Snake Eater song starts to play during the last 5 minutes of
   of the final battle with the boss.

-  during the fight with The Boss, you can find three types of
   snakes on the ground: Snake Solid, Snake Liquid, and Solidus
   Snake. They're white, and eating them gives you a full stamina

                        4. Cutscene Secrets
-  This is pretty obvious. but during the cut scenes you can push 
   triangle and camera will zoom in and then use the R stick to move
   the camera around. 

-  You can use the R1 (secret) view trick on the opening movie too,
   more precisely, when you are (halo) jumping from the airplane.

-  When The Boss throws you off the bridge. When you first use the
   Cure, and you see the cutscene. When you get the chance to use the
   R1 viewer, look to the left and you will see The Sorrow's dead

-  After the virtuous mission while being briefed by Zero: Press R1
   when you see snake in the cockpit, you can look around the cockpit
   from snakes perspective. (Look up for a hochie poster!)

-  During the cutscene where you are talking to Granin there is one
   of those Zone of the Enders robots (apparently named JEHUTY). In
   addition to that there are metal gear REX and RAY robots.

-  If you save & quit during the fight with The End, when you reload
   you will get a cutscene of The End sneaking up on Snake and
   knocking him out.

-  Also, if you do the same as above but wait over a week before
   reloading, you will see a cutscene of Snake sneaking up on The End
   only to find that he has died.

-  During the torture ocelot is leaving you with the boss,
   hold R1 and you can see the boss give him the little hand movement
   that ocelot always does.

-  During the torture cutscene when the boss gets in your face, hold
   R1 to see The Sorrow holding a sign that says "144.75" which, when
   used in the cell unlocks the door (don't use it while the guard is
   standing there)

-  When you are in jail, if you throw the food back to the guard
   through the little hole he will eat it, then after three times
   there is a cutscene and another chance to see the door opening

-  When you get out of the water after you beat the sorrow, press R1
   during the cutscene and move all the way to the upper right to see
   The Sorrow.

-  If you don't remove the transmitter after the torture scene, you
   get a bonus funny cutscene with Eva in the cave.

-  After the Shagohod battle (after the lightning bolt) hold R1 and
   you'll see the Sorrow, I think we are supposed to assume he
   brought the storm.

-  Press R1 after beating the Boss to see her standing there with the

-  Press R1 while the president puts out his hand in the final scene,
   look to the left and Ocelot is outside the window!

-  Also Press R1 when Big Boss is saluting The Boss's grave, his
   vison becomes blurry just like when you tear up.

              5. Title Screen and Intro Movie Extras
-  If you press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, square,
   triangle at the first konami title thing you hear a sound like
   it's confirming a code [most likely just a nod at the old code,
   not unlocking anything]

-  When both of the Konami logos pop up at the beginning, insert the
   Konami code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square,
   Triangle). Now watch the intro credits before the menu. Instead of
   showing the game staff, it shows the credit staff (people who
   worked on the interactive credits). 

-  Don't know if this was mentioned or not, but on the PS2 memory
   card browser screen the save for Snake's nightmare has the red
   flowers instead of white. 

-  In the intro music thing (when you first turn on the game, while
   it is playing the "Snake eater" song) Press R1 to hear someone
   whisper "Snake Eater" Press the L3 button to have designs fall in
   front of the scene (planes, peace signs, etc.), Move the L3 button
   around to change the direction they fall in, and press the L3
   button again to change the shape.

-  Don't know if this has been posted already, but if you've beaten
   the game, Big Boss will wear eyepatch on the title screen.

                   6. Hidden Radio frequencies 
There are three types of special frequencies:
A. Radio frequencies, 
B. Fire Support frequencies
C. Frequencies to Call Off Alert

Note: At the moment we are uncertain whether you have to obtain these
      frequencies yourself before you use them.

6-A Radio Frequencies
What it is: Music that heals your stamina when you listen to it the 
            first time

(See another FAQ)

6-B Fire Support Frequencies
What it is: A barrage of 4 or 5 grenade time things fall from the
            sky. (One time use only)

(May have others)

Frequencies to Call Off Alert
What it is: It calls off the Alert mode (One time use)

(May have others)

             7. Secret Tips, Tricks, and Random Fun

Can Be Done Anytime

-  Some soldiers will say "There are more of us up ahead" when you
   interrogate them, if you keep interrogating them (after the 3rd
   time I think) then they'll eventually reveal other soldier's
   locations on your survival viewer map. (This has been confirmed,
   but is fairly rare)

-  Sometimes when you interrogate gaurds they will give you
   passwords for Metal Gear ACID.

-  Equip the Handkerchief while in a normal camo (one that allows you
   to use CQC). Grab a guard with the circle button and Snake will
   use the handkerchief to knock him out while he is holding him.
   This does not take away from the ammo gauge for the handkerchief.

-  Equip the crocodile hat and peek your head out from around a
   corner while in crawling position, they get scared and run off. 

-  You can plant TNT on the guard's back

-  You can press triangle when wearing the Scientist uniform and
   Snake will adjust his glasses. You can also press triangle when
   wearing the Major's uniform and he will salute.

-  You can light a guard on fire using the torch. This is difficult
   but possible. Use a Fake Death Pill, or Steath camo. All you
   have to do is crawl with the torch, and if someone touches it
   for a few seconds, they catch fire. 

-  If you use the Knockout Handkerchief 3 times in a row, you'll
   knock yourself out.

-  Grab a soldier in a CQC hold and drag them until you're near an
   electric fence. Position the soldier in front of the fence and 
   push him towards it (Analog + O). Watch him fry.

-  Take out a pistol and then your binoculars, focus in on a guard's
   head no matter how far away they are now quickly press L2 and R1.
   If you did it correctly your pistol will be pointing at the
   guard's head ready to kill them. This helps when you don't want to
   waste AK or X1 bullets on faraway guards.

-  Grab a soldier in a CQC hold and drag them into a quicksand. While
   you sink slowly, the soldier sinks like a rock!

-  Put soldiers to sleep and toss them into water. Watch as air
   bubbles comes out of their mouth and they drown in their sleep.

-  Sometimes when you are in a radio call you can scroll to the right
   while you are viewing pics and you can get the personal info about
   a character that you are talking AS WELL as the real name of the
   voice actor and some other info.

-  Equip the Fly camo and get close to guards to see them try to run
   from you. If you keep close enough, they won't even try to attack.

-  When you look at Snake in the X-ray viewer sometimes he'll do an
   animation that depends on how healthy he is at the moment. (For
   example: if you view the X-ray when Snake is heavily damaged, 
   you'll see him fall, then an endless animation of him failing to
   get up.)

-  Press R1 in survival view and rotate the analog sticks for a while
   after that exit and Snake will puke.

-  You can actually punch guards, scientists, etc. in the crotch.
   Instant stun.

-  Knock a guard on the ground and point your gun at him, snake will
   say freeze and the guard wont get back up, he will just lay there.

-  Do not remove bullets or arrows using CURE and let them stay. They
   will stay there for the rest of the game. (You can bandage the
   wounds and they will heal quicker, despite the fact they still
   have the projectile in them)

-  Throwing poisonous snakes, or spiders, scorpions etc at guards, is
   a great "silent" way to kill them and save ammo! you can also go
   and get the food that you get when the guards kill the snakes!
   (which almost always happens). but I have noticed that while
   throwing a spider or scorpion at them, they cant see where the
   damage came from, leaving you free to capture the critter again.

-  There is a PSM, OPM, and TIPS AND TRICKS magazine in the game, and 
   if you shoot them, you can see inside and it will look like
   whatever article the magazine did on mgs3 or mgs2. 

-  If you blast a enemy with a automatic gun or something similar
   from point blank range in 1st person mode, you will get blood all
   over your eyes.

-  This is probably common knowledge too but if you're in a dark
   area and need stamina equip moss camo and the torch to re-up it.

-  Throw something yummy at the dogs and they'll eat it then fall
   asleep, giving you the chance to sneak right past them.

-  A soldier says that dogs are afraid of alligators. If you wear
   the gator mask, dogs will bark (barking alarms guards), but they
   won't attack at all! If there's one dog he'll only bark. If there
   are two or three of them, they will bark and follow you.

Location Specific
-  During the swamp area after the warehouse ("Snake Eater" mission)
   where all the crocodiles are, you can throw any type of grenade
   inside a crocodile who has its mouth open. You can also throw
   food; even spoiled food. To do this more accurately just equip any
   thrown item and look at a crocodile in first person view. Be sure
   that it has its mouth open and look straight at it. Snake will
   automatically throw the object inside the crocodile's mouth.

-  After the shootout with the Ocelots and passing through the swamp
   full of crocodiles, you'll reach the area with the electric fences
   and claymore mines. I went to the path on the right (the one with
   the quicksand) and interrogated the guard patrolling that area. He
   said: "On an island in the Southern swamp... a bizarre crocodile"
   (This is simply referring to the crocodile cap)

-  In the compounds with helipads, If you destroy the Hinds parked
   there your trip up the mountain will be not be hampered by them.
   Flying platforms will take their places. (The is one on the

-  While moving through the forested area with all of the traps (I
   think it's Grainy Gorki South), look for a spiked log hanging
   from a tree near the northern exit. You should see a dead
   scientist who got impaled by the spikes, presumably trying to

-  In either of the areas where you must dress up as a scientist,
   while dressed up as a scientist, equip the Crocodile Cap. The
   soldiers will stop you and remove it.

-  Put on the scientist's uniform before entering the Granin
   research facility, on the inside walls. Now, get spotted by a
   guard. They will think you are trying to escape and take you
   inside to the cells in the basement

-  In the library in the Research Lab (Not In Grozny Grad , the first
   building), there are two silent hill 3 paintings.

-  If you kill a guard in the Mountain area a Vulture will come down
   and start eating him. Later during The Sorrow fight you'll see a
   guard being hassled by a vulture.

-  On the mountain if you simply shoot the pilot of the helicopters
   (probably with a sniper) they will blow up.

-  When you are behind the ruins at the mountaintop and you can see
   the base down below you can shoot guards, and explode barrels in
   the base if you use the SVD; you can even trigger ALERT and get
   heli's coming after you.

-  I don't know how I did it but when I jumped off the cliff that
   looks down on grosny grad(sp) otacon yelled for the gameover. 
   (?*? not confirmed)	

-  Also, when you come across the flame thrower soldiers, shoot at
   the lower part of there pack for some fun. BOOM!

-  In the East Wing of Grozny Grad, where Raikov is there is a
   planter by the entrance. The plants in the planter may look
   familiar. Shoot them to get styptics, C.Med, and Disinfectant.

-  There's a Metal Gear Solid 2 poster with a picture of Raiden on
   the inside of the door of the locker that Raikov is put in.

-  The cell release frequency is also located in that cutscene with
   Sokolov before Volgin comes in. When it shows the chalkboard with
   the Metal Gear schematics, look in the top right-hand corner and
   144.75 will be boxed in

-  Equip the Raikov mask after snake loses his eye. the right eye on
   the Raikov mask will be shut.

-  If you save while you're in the jail cell and start over, Snake
   will have a nightmare about vampires and you will play some sort
   of vampire slaying minigame.

-  If you puke while in the prison cell, the guard will open the
   door for you.

-  After escaping from the prison cell, in the room across the hall
   from the bathroom the bed has an issue of EGM with MGS3 on the

-  When Johnny Sasaki (the prison guard) is in the bathroom,
   escape and go to the room at the bottom right of the hallway.
   It's locked. Knock on it, and Johnny will announce his presence
   with a "someone's in here!"

-  When you come to the top of the waterfalls inside the cave, the 
   first rock you see looks like one of those head statues.

-  After the scene with EVA at the waterfall, if you go back outside,
   The End's parrot is sitting on a branch in the tree closest to the
   waterfall on the east side. I captured the end's parrot during the
   sniping battle, so this might have had something to do with it I
   haven't played through again to verify. Vaguely amusing
   conversation with Para-medic about it after you capture it.

-  When returning to the weapons lab to destroy the Shagohod, there
   is a truck in the northeast section. Climb into the back of it and
   equip box B. A guard will walk up and take you right to the main
   hanger with the Shagohod in it.

-  I'm back in Grazny Grad and I'm about to go back into the main
   hanger where the Shagohod is. In front of the main hangar some of
   the guards are ordering the others to "sprint" - do exercises I
   guess. I can hear them saying "Sprint!" And "Bastard!" And their
   shooting at the soldiers. Not to kill but to make them run. I
   guess out of punishment or something.

-  During the motorcycle chase scene if you wear the COLD WAR camo
   Snake and potentially another voice can be heard repeatedly 
   saying "Damn it". 

Armory/Resource Sheds 
Throughout the game there are Armories and Resource Sheds. If you
find one and blow it up with TNT, in will affect the guards in
surrounding areas.

-  What the Armory/Resource Sheds look like:
   Basically they are a small room, and when you enter them there
   will be several boxes inside.

-  How to destroy them:
   Go inside (I always put my back against a box) and set some TNT.
   Get out of there, and blow it up!

-  What they do:
   Blowing up Armory: Guards sometimes run out of ammo 
   Blowing up Resource Shed: Guards will be complaining about being
   hungry. (They are easily baited by food)

-  You can also destroy Communications rooms with TNT too and the
   guards will have trouble reporting "Alert!". This way while on
   Alert, Evasion and Caution you'll have to face less guards. 

                      8. Glitches/Goofs/Errors
-  If you kill yourself with the F. Death Pill at the warehouse area
   where you can snipe The End and don't move from that spot you
   started out from, sometimes your body collapses in a way where
   Snake's legs stick out of the water.

-  During the fight with The Sorrow, call EVA and there was a
   conversation. She, for some reason, wants to know what a Calorie
   Mate tastes like! I can't figure out how this conversation slipped
   into the "Game Over" screams, but it was pretty funny. I would
   consider this a glitch because Snake actually talks back to her
   saying, "Geishas in Japan use Calorie Mates for dieting all the
   time!", etc. 

-  After your battle with the Shagohod, Snake takes down the RPG
   scope from his EYEPATCHED eye. (It's worth noting that there is no
   other way to hold the rocket launcher)

-  I was playing the demo, I was at the bridge area and eliminated
   every soldier but one, and that one I was torturing. There is a
   part of the bridge where there is land on three sides and water on
   the Northeastern-ish side. I threw the soldier over that part of
   the bridge, and his upper area landed on the ground, and his legs
   were hanging off of the cliff. Instead of being knocked out, he
   was dead! My theory is the game thought he fell into the river...

                          9.  Secret Items
Item: Monkey Mask
How to get it: Beat all of the missions on Snake vs Ape

Item: Banana Suit
How to get it: Beat the best time on all of the missions on Snake vs

                  10. Easter Eggs and References
-  When Snake says in the beginning "Can you hear me, Major Tom?"
   it's one of the lyrics from David Bowie "Space oddity"

-  Ocelot says "I've been waiting for this!" in the cutscene in the
   sewers kinda like Liquid in SoL..... just without the cool accent.

                  11. Special Radio Conversations
-  Call Paramedic to get biographies of your animals and they usually
   are very funny.

-  Every time you save the game and keep playing, Para-Medic will say
   something about a movie. One of them is about this giant
   plant-like thing that clones humans. BB will act all surprised
   when Para-Medic explains to him what clones are, and that someday
   the genes of soldiers like BB will be a hot commodity. BB
   dismisses it as a silly idea, and Para-Medic tells him that it's
   very possible with technology. Obviously a connection to his sons.

-  In a save conversation with Para-medic, she will start talking
   about a movie with a giant ant. She says something about
   radioactivity to snake and how if he was huge, he would have no
   hiding places. Snake says "Just like a Gurgulon(sp?)" A reference
   to Substance. (?*? not clear on what this is)

-  Call SIGNT about the Life medicine.

-  If you choose "I like MGS2" at the beginning, after the whole
   Jack thing, put the Raidenovich mask back on and call Major Tom.

-  After you beat the game equip the Tux you get and radio the boss.
   She will get pissed and say that you need to change your cloths.
   While Snake just says "I look good don't I?"

-  Call SIGNT with the patriot equipped, you get some pretty amusing

-  After you contact Sokolov (VM), Snake will call the Major, and the
   Major will ask about the sentries. There are 3 answers I have
   -  "No one saw me" if no one sees you 
   -  "I got past them" I think this happens if they notice you
   -  "I had to kill them, there was no other choice" when you kill
      some of them. 

-  Equip the crocodile cap and call Major Zero.

-  Call SIGNT with Zombie paint on, he and Paramedic will argue
   about the face paint.

-  Call Para-Medic while in the Raidenovich Mask and General Camo.
   She won't recognize Snake at first, and they have a mildly amusing
   conversation. (?*? Might not be true)

-  Collect a Spatsa mushroom and call Para-Medic. After the
   conversation, eat the Spatsa mushroom (it causes you to fall
   asleep). After you wake up, call Para-Medic back.

-  Collect a Ural luminescent mushroom. There are plenty around
   Svyatogornyi West. Anyway, collect one then call Para-Medic. She
   will mention that they should taste good. Eat the mushroom and
   Snake will yell out "Dammit Para-Medic! It's poisonous!" Call
   Para-Medic back and Snake will get mad at her.

-  Capture a coral snake alive, and call Para-Medic. When she is
   telling Snake about the coral snake he will start to nod his head
   and gradually fall asleep.

-  After catching a Tsuchinoko (it's in the area where you fought
   The Fear) call Para-Medic. The whole team will congratulate Snake
   and tell him not to eat it.		

-  Collect a Russian Glowcap, and call Para-Medic. Eat the Russian
   Glowcap and call Para-Medic again. It's similar to the Pentazimine
   conversation between Otacon and Snake on the tanker in MGS2.

-  Put on a cardboard box and call SIGNT. BEST CALL EVER!

-  Call SIGNT with ANY of the wacky or not normal stuff (AKA boss
   camos, GA-KO camo, naked, etc.) You will get humorous responses

-  The animal, fly, mummy and banana camos are all from a contest
   that Konami made sometime ago. SIGNT won't comment about those.

-  Call anybody (particularly SIGNT) after snake's nightmare, and you
   will get humorous responses.

-  Call your friends on the radio during the Sorrow's "boss fight."
   They will all respond as if you were already dead.

-  Call Eva heaps after the Ocelot fight for an interesting
   background story on Ocelot and his relationship with the boss.

-  Shoot EVA, and call anybody and they'll give you a hard time.

   12.  Things people keep insisting are secrets, but really aren't
-  If you let you stamina drop below half you will hear Snake's
   stomach growl.

-  like all of the older mgs shoot the exclamation mark over a
   guard's head will stun them.

-  When in a tree, press triangle to hang from the branch, you can now
   shoot a handgun in style.

-  If you push on the right analog stick while using first person
   mode with the SAA equipped you will twirl it around on your

-  Use a book and a soldier will immediately be attracted to it.
   From there on you can basically walk right in front of him and he
   will do nothing. Also look at his movements.

-  There are lots of Asian woman posters on the walls through the

-  When you have Snake and Eva in the x-ray view screen, L1 will
   cause the x-ray to close in from top and bottom, and L2 will cause
   it to open back up.

-  If you press X when going into deep water, you will dive in, 
   instead of just jumping in.

                     13. Conclusion and Thanks
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