Collector Chip Reward MusicDavid James Laschinger
Commentator Script WriterScott Cuthbertson
Commentator Script WriterMark Rose
DirectorChip Pederson
General ManagerDave Oxford
Graphic ArtistSean James
In-game MusicDeWolf Music
NPC Script WriterJohn Layman
ProducerAaron Thompson
Project CoordinatorMike Roska
Senior Graphic ArtistTrevor Harveaux
Sound DesignerTom Smurdon
SupervisorJason Lembcke
Tech. ManagerChris Arends
Tech. SupervisorChad Schilling
Technical Requirments GroupRasheem Harris
Technical Requirments GroupMatt McCullough
Voice (Host and Commentator)Lon McEachern
Voice (Poker Players)Jason Acquisto
Voice (Poker Players)David Anderson
Voice (Poker Players)Bob Barnes
Voice (Poker Players)Kelly Bertenshaw
Voice (Poker Players)Mark Bradley
Voice (Poker Players)Jim Craven
Voice (Poker Players)Amy Finch
Voice (Poker Players)Bart Flynn
Voice (Poker Players)Nat Fuller
Voice (Poker Players)Cathy Fuller
Voice (Poker Players)Nicholas Harazin
Voice (Poker Players)Grant Henderson
Voice (Poker Players)Catherine Johnson
Voice (Poker Players)Shira Kirby
Voice (Poker Players)Noara Long
Voice (Poker Players)Jim Miller
Voice (Poker Players)Tony Papenfuss
Voice (Poker Players)Brain Talbot
Voice (Poker Players)Shirly Verard
Voice (Poker Players)David Ward
Voice (Poker Players)Artie Widgery
Voice (Poker Players)Mick Wingert
Voice (Poker Players)Emily Zimmer
Voiceover Editing and MasteringOmni Interactive Audio
Web and Video Production ManagerTravis Grawey


Data and credits for this game contributed by Action Joe, Gbness, LordAndrew, KeyBlade999, smurdy, and oliist.