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Can I Have More Than Three Monsters?

After I get three, it just says "it will just be saved to the book" after I try to make new ones. So does that mean I have to get rid of one to get a new monster? Can't I have more and switch them out with trainers as I see fit?

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Bass_GS_2 answered:

As long as you have an open slot with one of the trainers you can make more monsters from the book/cds/dvds. If you want more just remove one of the trainers monster and turn it a into monster disk. You can then make as many monsters as there are empty slots(i think). If you don't like the monster you get then either turn it into a disk or retire it. I'm not sure how many disks you can hold at one time. I'll check it out sometime for you.
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Fire_Queen_Kale answered:

In addition to that, further on in the game you recruit more members to your circus, allowing you to raise 4 and then 5 monsters at once.
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