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How can i Get A pure bred MOCHI?

I dont know the technical terms for anything about this game i play it in my own way, cause the text segments are too long and boring to follow. I stopped playing a long long time ago cause i got stuck in a desert place, years later i think i got past it but then just recently i decided to restart.

the only reason i wanna play this game is for ONE species of monster, i dont know the official name for it either in the show it was the pink thing with green shell and it was called MOCHI now i have found plenty of different mochi variations in the game as far as i played when i played, but how can i get my claws on a pure bred pink lovable mochi?


Fire_Queen_Kale answered:

If you are able to get different variations of moochi, just create two saucers of two diferent variety of moochi, then combine them together through Nayuta. This will allow the option of the two combining for a pure moochi. The only other way I know of would be to stumble across a CD or DVD that gives you moochi (none of which I know off the top of my head), or pray that one shows up in a saucer shop.
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