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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find a lot of Lucky Clovers & Roses of Passion?

I really need them

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From: rikku32 4 years ago

They can be found in chapter 10 Rosa/Kuja Desert Flame Tortiose and Rosa/Johannaburg Fire Doll.

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Neither of them will be readily available until late in the game. The Clumpy Jrs. in the forest on Mariglenn drop Four Leaf Clovers readily. By time you get to Chapter 13, you can buy the Rose of Passion infinitely at a couple of chops.

However, if you're not there yet, the Madragoras on Jurika (sp.) have a rare drop of Roses of Passion, and the Fire Dolls in Johannaburg (not the plaza, by the house), drop both, but again, they are very rare. You'll need some patience.

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